Review: Brabantia 3 Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Non Slip Base + Giveaway – Closed

I was recently lucky enough to be sent this set of 3 bowls and was just told to enjoy them by Brabantia. Well, enjoy them I have, as you can see from the pictures below, they have had lots of use since they arrived. My existing bowls were all made of glass or china and were looking a little worn and were heavy to fish out of the cupboard every time I needed one.

Cake making.

Biscuit making.

Daughter’s bread making.

The Brabantia set of Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls come in 3 really handy sizes, 1, 1.6 and 3 litre and have really useful ml measurement markers down the inside. I’ve never had that in a bowl before! The ultimate improvement over a glass bowl is the fact that these all have non slip bases so no need to secure with a damp cloth, these bowls stay put. This non slip base is also gently curved for the optimal mixing position. I also love the fact that I can remove this set of bowls from my cupboard with one hand instead of the usual crouching two handed affair that I had with my glass ones! I notice that they can also go in the dishwasher which I was surprised about but then it says on the side of the box that they are heat resistant to 220°C so putting hot ingredients in them is also no problem. Is there nothing these bowls cannot do! I made a cake the other day in the 3 litre one as I couldn’t be bothered to get my stand mixer out of the cupboard. I did think twice about putting metal mixer blades in a metal bowl and was worried about ruining it. I then persuaded myself that I was being ridiculous and sure enough the bowl looked as good as new after I washed it up – (“oh ye of little faith” I thought to myself). They come with a 5 year guarantee too!

I notice on the packaging that they can also be used as a serving bowl at the table, which I hadn’t thought of but will now do as they are so pretty to look and I constantly have a smile on my face when using them! It’s like being able to run for the first time when I only knew how to walk, these bowls really have improved my cooking experience so I would thoroughly recommend them. My mother was green with envy when she heard about them and asked if I really needed all of them – hands off mum!

The rrp on these bowls is £55 on Brabantia’s web site but I notice they are on special offer at Argos (online only) for £45.95 (not sure for how long though). So, if you need a Christmas or birthday present for the special foody person in your life I think this would make a lovely gift, as I know if my husband had bought them for me, I would have been over the moon.

Now I’ve whet your appetite, I thought it would be extremely selfish of me not to go back to Brabantia and ask for a set of bowls to give away to one of my readers. Being the lovely people they are, they said yes.

For your chance to win simply fill in the Rafflecopter below.

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Instructions form part of the terms and conditions. Entries using any software or automated process to make bulk entries will obviously be disqualified. The winner will be picked at random using software and then contacted by email. If you win and then don’t respond to this email within 7 days then another winner will be picked. The prize will be delivered to the winner as soon as possible after you have e-mailed your delivery address.
I am running this giveaway on behalf of Brabantia who will be responsible for sending the prize to you if you win. Their decision is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.
Please don’t say you have liked the post and followed me on Twitter and Tweeted if you haven’t as I will check and fairness is my middle name!

NB: All the views in this post are my own and I have not received any payment from Brabantia UK.



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  1. Alexandra McGahey

    I would love to win these bowls as I’m ashamed to say I don’t have any mixing bowls anymore! I had one large pot mixing bowl left up until a couple of weeks ago when one of my little ones knocked a pan into it and unfortunately, it cracked right down the middle. I must admit, it’s usually me who breaks dishes at home as I’m ever so clumsy sometimes! I’d love a set of stainless steel bowls to prevent breakages! Me and my eldest child love baking cakes and making food together so these would be really handy in our home and much easier all round than mixing in our dessert bowls as we are doing at the moment!

  2. Alisa

    I really need some bowls with a specific functional use like these…

  3. Jayne K

    They’re very durable with useful assorted and stacking sizes

  4. Lesley Bain

    These bowls sound fantastic. Brabantia is a great make and I know they would last forever. At the minute when baking with my children we have to share two old cracked casserole dishes for the mixing hehe, these would mean we could have one each – and for the first time a bowl that is made for the purpose! :)

  5. Scott Caldon

    You can never have enough mixing bowls. These look fantastic quality and will be exceedingly durable

  6. Jenny Rogers

    This is a quality product and would be a great addition to any kitchen.

  7. Margaret

    At the moment my only mixing bowl is an old-style glass one. Its served me very well for several years and I would actually be a bit sad to replace it (is it wrong to get attached to a mixing bowl lol!) but my 5 year old has started ‘helping’ me in the kitchen and I do worry about it being too heavy for her and smashing if she drops it.

  8. Angie Hoggett

    I can never find a mixing bowl when I need one so these would be brill!

  9. Deborah Bird

    I would love to win these bowls as i love making cakes and i have some really cheap plastic mixing bowls at the moment, would love to replace them with these, they look fab!

  10. emma perry

    these look wonderful! I need these so much as the only mixing bowl I had cracked all along the bottom because it was plastic and I used a metal fork for whisking…bad move!

  11. Charlotte Manning

    I would like to win these they are perfect.

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  1. Anonymous

    […] Fabfood4all.co.uk – The foodie blogger gives our Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with non-slip base a big thumbs up in her review here. […]

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