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Gooseberry & Apple Jam & my feature in The Sun

It’s been a very exciting old time lately what with having been short listed in the MAD Blog Awards for Best Food Blog and then last week I was featured in The Sun (a secret ambition) which came as a huge shock as I just expected a few of my tips to be used in …

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Apple & Marzipan Dumplings

I have many fond childhood memories of Peter’s Tea Room and Baker’s Shop in Weybridge and all the cakes and delicacies are etched in my memory. One such treat I remember seeing in the window and occasionally having at home was their Apple Dumplings. Louise Johncox has recreated her father Peter’s recipes in her book …

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Apple & Chocolate Spelt Swiss Roll

When I discovered some Bramley apples in my fridge the other day I suddenly got the urge to re-create a Swiss Roll I remember my mother making once when I was a child. Since my Apple and Chocolate Spelt Swiss Roll is low fat and contains healthy spelt flour, apples, walnuts and dark chocolate I’m …

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Halloween Chocolate Apples

Every October the shops are filled with toffee apples for Halloween and Bonfire night but it’s never these that interest my kids it’s the chocolate ones! I did make toffee apples many years ago and after 1 you really don’t want to eat any more and I made masses! So with this in mind I …

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Blackberry, Apple & Speculaas Muffins

What a bumper year for blackberries we’re having, I have a freezer drawer full of them and have been enjoying coming up with new ways of using them. I developed these Blackberry, Apple and Speculaas Muffins as a healthy treat for my family and therefore packed them full of fibre and fruit. They have the …

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Wholemeal Apple Hot Cross Buns

  I’m feeling a bit tired and dizzy today as I was up until 1am last night! No I wasn’t out clubbing but was perfecting my recipe for Wholemeal Apple Hot Cross Buns. I’m not much of a one for planning, indeed I’d intended to make a Hot Cross Bread & Butter Pudding this week …

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Apple, Grape and Kiwi Quencher

Juice, fruit cocktail, healthy, nutritious, high in vitamin C

After hearing that the third week of January was the time that most people give up on their New Year’s Resolutions I thought I really should post this juice recipe. I didn’t make any resolutions as such, just a vague idea of eating healthier after the excesses of Christmas and to try to stay positive …

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Plum & Apple Jam

Receiving a glut of plums from my mum and having windfall Bramleys in the fridge it didn’t take me long to decide to make some more jam. My husband paid me the biggest compliment the other day telling me I was truly a jam expert after tasting this latest creation. I’m not sure about that …

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Apple & Pear Cider Spelt Soda Bread

With the fabulous abundance of British apples right now I was sent a voucher by Sainsbury’s to buy myself some. My personal favourites are Coxes with their intensely sweet flavour so these are the ones I plumped for. I ummed and aahed as to what I should make with my apples and after a rummage …

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Spelt Danish Apple Ring

I was flicking through my mother’s old recipe folder the other day when a recipe I’d never made had caught my eye (it translated to White Cake with Apple). I realised the only reason I’d never made it was because it had a type of flour in it called “Grahams Mel” which is Danish and …

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