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Spicy Bacon & Baked Bean Casserole

  Sometimes we make a dish so often that we overdo it, put the brakes on and then we completely forget about it. That was the case with this dish which I adapted from a recipe card my mother once had. I seem to have a new love affair with the humble baked bean and …

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Flavours of Brazil Turkey Burgers with Bacon & Pineapple

Part of why I love being a food blogger is being challenged to do things I would never think to do myself and trying out new ingredients. So when Unilever Kitchen came to me with the idea of doing a Brazilian themed post (I believe the World Cup is being hosted there) using some of …

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Sumptuous Turkey Pie

I was in a quandary as to what to call this pie as Turkey, Bacon, Leek and Mushroom Pie was too long and Turkey Pie didn’t quite do it justice. So I settled with Sumptuous Turkey Pie as I think this title suits it perfectly. The rich creamy sauce marries so well with the turkey, …

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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 DVD Giveaway + Hippo-Potatomus Recipe

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is out on Blu-ray and DVD 17th Feb and to celebrate I have a 3 DVDs to give away to 3 lucky readers. I can also share with you the specially created recipe for Hippo-Potatomus a great dish to make with the kids during half-term! The movie picks up …

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Bacon & Potato Layer Bake

This is another dish that I grew up eating and it’s totally yummy and a great hit with the whole family. Over the years I’ve tweaked the method as the potatoes always had a habit of not cooking and having to spend longer in the oven. To get round this problem I now par boil …

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Warm Chicken, Bacon and Tarragon Salad for Fathers Day

My mum seems to be a never ending resource of recipes and one will just pop into my head from time to time and a quick phone call later I have the bones of one of her old dishes which half the time she’s forgotten about herself. As the recipes are all stored in her …

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Chilli, Bacon & Chickpea Pasta – a Signature Dish

I was recently invited by Sainsbury’s to share my Signature Dish as they are running a Kitchen Heroes competition where “by Sainsburys” staples come to the rescue. I am the world’s worst meal planner and although I can see 2 or 3 days ahead after that I just tend to wing it; thats when I …

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Turkey, Bacon & Leek Pie

British Pie Week

Did you know it’s British Pie Week between 4 – 10 March so in its honour I thought I’d try out the Mermaid Round Pie Dish that was sent to me recently. When I worked in caterers/deli briefly many moons ago we made pies most days but they were always in ceramic with just a …

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Bacon Roly Poly

I was recently sent a Mermaid Pudding Sleeve and discovered that there weren’t that many recipes mentioning how to use one. I had never made a roly poly style pudding before and suet never features on my shopping list. This called for some old fashioned British cookery and I knew just the place to look, …

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Bacon-wrapped Salmon

Having had it drummed into me during Home Economics lessons that you should eat at least 2 portions of fish a week and one should be oily, I do try to stick to this! Hence I normally cook Salmon or Trout once a week and was running out of new ways to serve it. Then …

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