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Banana, Honey and Walnut Shake

My daughter loves bananas and she loves milk so that’s how the Banana, Honey and Walnut Shake came about! Now I didn’t know whether to call it a “Milkshake” or a “Smoothie” and after researching the subject felt none the wiser as my milky drink didn’t really fit into the description of either camp, the …

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Hazelnut Chocolate Banana Delight with Meringue

It’s many years (actually decades) since I had Angel Delight but it came to my notice recently that it’s still a very popular dessert amongst adults – I think we all hang on to our childhood food in some form or other! So when I came up with this super quick dessert combo the other …

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Banana S’mores

After a recent chat with Christina from Christina’s Cucina we got talking about S’mores, a term I have seen crop up so many times on Twitter courtesy of all the American food bloggers I follow. I always wondered where the word originated from and whether it was a take on the Danish word for butter …

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Blueberry, Banana and White Chocolate Muffins

In honour of Mother’s Day I thought I would bake these muffins which having had a road test in our house, went down very well (even with a certain person who says they don’t like blueberries like them). I always think if you can put fruit like bananas and blueberries in cake then you don’t …

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Banana Pudding

Over ripe bananas, food waste, frugal, easy, comfort food, simple, thrifty, dessert

Do you ever let more than just the odd banana get over-ripe? If so then this is definitely the recipe for you! Saving your bananas from the compost heap and feeding your family a delicious, comforting pudding ticks all the boxes for me. In fact this pudding is so good it’s worth buying extra just …

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Specunana Chocolate Brownies

Speculoos, Banana, Dark Chocolate, white chocolate Brownies

A while ago I bought some Lotus Biscuit Spread which on the continent is known as Speculoos. I’d seen much hype about this product on twitter so my curiosity got the better of me and I bought some. We’re big fans of Lotus Biscuits in this house. I have many fond memories of trips to …

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Spelt Banana Bread

I was completely blown away by this recipe today and have to say it’s the best Banana Bread I have ever tasted. I have never used spelt flour before and have heard so much about it and yet knew nothing about it until now. Last weekend I read with great interest an article in the …

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Blueberry & Banana Pancakes (American Style) + Mega Oxo Good Grips Giveaway & Review

As a blogger for Oxo I am privileged to receive products which often push me to make things that I haven’t ever thought to make before. So when I received a kit for making pancakes (items actually sold separately) I wanted to do something a little different and inspiration came from watching “This Morning” when …

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Banocolate Chip Muffins + Oxo Hand Held Mixer Giveaway – Closed

In honour of National Baking Week I thought I would post my latest creation which was born out of frustration and a touch of laziness, if I’m honest! I came across a Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffin recipe recently and immediately wanted to make them. My children have started to have packed lunches so I …

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Strawberry Banocolate Muffins

Recently my daughter had a cake bake at her school and one of my friends had a minor meltdown when her Strawberry Muffins failed 3 times the night before the bake.  I thought I would google to see if there were any recipes for these in cyber land as she had just swapped the blueberries …

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