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Picnic food, Cross between Croque Monsieur and Quiche Lorraine

Did you know it’s National Picnic Week between 17 – 23 June? Well nor did I until I was invited to take part in a Picnic challenge by Unilever Kitchen. I received a lovely hamper full of products from Hellmans, Colmans, Maille, Knorr, Flora and Bertolli and all I had to do was come up …

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Za’atar & Olive Focaccia

In honour of National Bread Week I am posting Focoaccia which I have been meaning to make ever since I saw Paul Hollywood making some on the Alan Tichmarsh show a couple of years ago! I was recently sent a box of goodies from Steenbergs one of which was za’atar (which is popular in Syria …

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Spooky Yogurt Scrolls

This recipe was born out of guilt for not having blogged anything for Halloween and out of my not wanting to waste any of the lovely Greek yogurt that Total so kindly sent me. Having seen all the beautiful creations already on the web I knew that my limited cake decorating skills were not going …

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Walnutty Wholemeal Bread

When we decided to have homemade soup for dinner the other night my husband suggested I also made some bread. Hence I decided it was time to introduce my daughter to bread making as this is something children can do with little or no intervention. I was just going to rely on the recipe on …

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