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Banocolate Chip Muffins + Oxo Hand Held Mixer Giveaway – Closed

In honour of National Baking Week I thought I would post my latest creation which was born out of frustration and a touch of laziness, if I’m honest! I came across a Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffin recipe recently and immediately wanted to make them. My children have started to have packed lunches so I …

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Easy Chocolate Orange Cake

Adaption of Lemon Crisp, Simple, child friendly, British, tea time

When I was at school the first all-in-one cake I ever made was called Lemon Crisp. So I thought I would re-invent the cake today by adding cocoa and changing the lemon juice for orange juice. After suffering the day from hell; having the car pebble dashed by a digger on a building site and …

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Diamond Jubilee Cupcakes

Diamond Jubilee Cakes

Yes it’s time to get all patriotic again, dig out the bunting and be proud to be British and no I’m not talking about Eurovision (but actually these cakes would be equally good at your Eurovision party!). As a child the Silver Jubilee was an incredibly exciting time and now as a parent it is …

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Banana Cake

Banana Cake

This is the best banana cake I’ve ever had and my mother has been baking it since I was a child. Scribbled on a slip of paper the original source is long forgotten.  Many other banana cakes were tried over the years but none of them ever came close to this one. For some reason …

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