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Carrot & Coriander Soup

Today I decided I wanted to give the family a healthy low fat lunch and spotting a large bag of carrots and some leftover coriander in the fridge it didn’t take me long to decide what to make. I’d been out to the dentist and buying last minute school stationery with my daughter this morning …

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Slow Cooked Pulled Lamb with White Wine & Root Vegetables

One of our favourite dishes (from a supermarket) is lamb shanks which I have never made at home but really ought to! With this in mind my husband suggested that rather than roasting the leg of lamb we had, why didn’t I slow cook it to replicate the lamb shanks we both love. As I’m …

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Simple Pork Fried Rice

Chinese New Year falls on 31 January this year and marks the start of 15 days of celebration. This year is the year of the horse which is said to bring prosperity and wealth (well I think we could all do with some of that)! We have been lucky enough to be invited to be …

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Cream of Tomato & Basil Soup

Heinz, Home-made, frugal, thrifty, easy, quick

I was very pleased to be approached by Penny of Penny’s Recipes to write a guest post for a favourite low cost and easy recipe of mine. I have been following Penny’s blog for a long time and share her ethos for thrifty and simple, good home-cooked food. I came up with my Cream of …

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Lentil & Ham Soup

I hope you have all had a really good Christmas and managed to stay dry and well! My part of the world was struck by all the flooding which caused many roads to be closed and meant that my husband had to take his mother home via a 10 mile trip instead of the 2 …

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Chicken Casserole & Cheesy Herb Dumplings

What an inspiration Twitter is! I do love this form of social media as I have made some wonderful friends from it and have also engaged with some wonderful brands through it too! The other night I put out a tweet for a recipe to slow cook my chicken thighs as so far I’ve been …

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Curried Root Vegetable Soup

#cutfoodwaste, Meat Free Monday, healthy, Love Food Hate Waste, Vegetarian, winter

After a run of baking and eating things that just aren’t healthy I decided to make a warming winter vegetable soup for dinner and added some curry spices to it. I’d bought one of those stew packs which included a swede, carrots, onions and parsnips to which I added some potato and garlic. I have …

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I really wasn’t sure about blogging this as perhaps everyone knows how to make coleslaw. So maybe this post is more about reminding you how easy and cheap it is to make and far tastier than the stuff you can buy in the supermarket. There seem to be two types available, the one where the …

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Leftover Winter Vegetable Soup

I made this soup just before Christmas as I’d made a glazed gammon joint and therefore had lovely gammon stock and vegetables left over from it. I was also very aware that like most Brits I’d over bought on the sprout front and had a bag I needed to use up before the big day! …

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Tomato, Carrot and Dill Soup

Many moons ago I worked for a few months in a catering firm that was also a delicatessen.  One of the soups we made was Tomato, Carrot and Dill and it is the only flavour I can remember as it was my favourite. More than 2 decades have passed by and I decided it was …

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