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Chocolate Cupcakes

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I don’t about your children but whenever mine want to bake it invariably has to involve chocolate! Well I say that, my son has only ever baked one cake at home (chocolate) for a science lesson, but my daughter is a very keen baker and if it doesn’t involve chocolate she’s not happy! With the …

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Easter Chocolate Granola Cakes

Feeling the urge to do something Eastery with a packet of chocolate mini eggs I had, I pondered upon what I should do with them. The old faithful cupcake sprang to mind but aware of the abundance of recipes for egg adorned Easter cupcakes I wanted to do something a bit different. Then the classic …

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Blueberry, Banana and White Chocolate Muffins

In honour of Mother’s Day I thought I would bake these muffins which having had a road test in our house, went down very well (even with a certain person who says they don’t like blueberries like them). I always think if you can put fruit like bananas and blueberries in cake then you don’t …

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Slow Cooker Double Chocolate Speculoos Puddle Pudding

Well there’s a name that trips off the tongue easily! I could also have mentioned that this pudding is eggless, but I think that would have been a step too far! I used dark and white chocolate but if you wanted to make this pud suitable for a vegan then you could just use dark …

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Chocolate Chip Marmalade Cakes

When a little bird told me that it was National Marmalade Week this week (1 – 8 March) I immediately thought of my grandmothers Marmalade Cakes. As a child the cake stand would always come out when we visited and often there would be home made Marmalade and Butterfly Cakes on it. I know I …

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Chocolate & Pistachio Mousse

I don’t know about you but I want to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible at Christmas. The two main reasons are because I want to spend quality time with my family and friends and the other is because I’m usually flagging by Christmas day. With this in mind I gave an …

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Chocolate and Pistachio Wreath

Being a food blogger isn’t something I can ever fully switch off from. So when I found myself sitting in a hospital waiting room the other day, I made a bee line for the only food supplement in amongst the magazines. I wish I could tell you which one it was but maybe you can …

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Neapolitan Marzipan Chocolates

I came up with these chocolates after being inspired by a story from my mother’s childhood. I think homemade edible gifts are the most thoughtful ones to give and receive at Christmas. Spending quality time with your children making treats is what Christmas is all about to me. Better still you can make something that …

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Food News – November 2013

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Hotel Chocolat It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas so where better to start than with The Festive Wreath from Hotel Chocolat. This milk  wreath contains caramelised almond florentines, cocoa biscuits, cocoa cookies and shortbread biscuits. The milk chocolate is made from 50% cocoa so has a really intense cocoa flavour making it almost …

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Walnut Mocha Torte

To celebrate Chocolate Week I took a little inspiration from Nigel Slater and decided to go all out and make showstopper cake – my whole family were in foodie heaven! To find out more head over to Great British Chefs!

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