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Risalamande (Danish Rice Pudding) with Cherry Sauce

Risalamande has been served on Christmas Eve in Denmark since around 1900. As I am half Danish I remember always feeling quite lucky as a child to have two Christmas celebrations! The first was on Christmas Eve where we had a traditional Danish meal usually with goose or duck and Risalamand followed by singing Danish …

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Chilled Picante Summer Soup

I was very excited to be invited to take part in a Virtual Blogger Come Dine With Me organised by Russell Hobbs in which I could use any of their Illumina range of products to make my course. I was allocated the starter and after unpacking all 5 of my new products which included the …

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Sumptuous Turkey Pie

I was in a quandary as to what to call this pie as Turkey, Bacon, Leek and Mushroom Pie was too long and Turkey Pie didn’t quite do it justice. So I settled with Sumptuous Turkey Pie as I think this title suits it perfectly. The rich creamy sauce marries so well with the turkey, …

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Cream of Tomato & Basil Soup

Heinz, Home-made, frugal, thrifty, easy, quick

I was very pleased to be approached by Penny of Penny’s Recipes to write a guest post for a favourite low cost and easy recipe of mine. I have been following Penny’s blog for a long time and share her ethos for thrifty and simple, good home-cooked food. I came up with my Cream of …

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Chocolate & Pistachio Mousse

I don’t know about you but I want to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible at Christmas. The two main reasons are because I want to spend quality time with my family and friends and the other is because I’m usually flagging by Christmas day. With this in mind I gave an …

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Pork in Grapes

This is a dish my mum used to make regularly when I was growing up. It then became a regular in my household and then got forgotten about for a few years. Sometimes it’s nice to give your favourites a rest and then rediscovering them makes them all the more special. When my son’s old …

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Danish Apple Cake (Æblekage)

Apples, Danish, Dessert, Traditional

It’s officially Autumn so my first recipe for Great British Chefs had to involve apples as they are so abundant right now. Danish Apple Cake (Æblekage) is more of a dessert than a cake. I’ve re-created my mother’s version of it so do go and check it out.

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Steak with Whisky Sauce + Graig Farm Organics Giveaway (closed)

This week I was lucky enough to be sent an Organic Premium Steak Box (£65) to try out from Graig Farm Organics who can be found at www.graigfarm.co.uk. The box consisted of: 4 x 225g Beef Rump Steaks 2 x 225g Sirloin Steaks 4 x 175g Lamb Leg Steaks 4 x Pork Leg Steaks Graig …

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Strawberry Choux Buns

This recipe is one that I have re-created from a one-off childhood memory of some beautiful, heavenly Strawberry Choux Buns. My mother made them for my grandmother’s coffee morning when we were staying with my grandparents one summer in Denmark. There was no actual recipe, she just put them together from her own inspiration. To …

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Tomato, Carrot and Dill Soup

Many moons ago I worked for a few months in a catering firm that was also a delicatessen.  One of the soups we made was Tomato, Carrot and Dill and it is the only flavour I can remember as it was my favourite. More than 2 decades have passed by and I decided it was …

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