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SPAM® Potato Rosti, the SPAM® Can Tour & a Giveaway!

In association with SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham The world’s most iconic meat is celebrating 80 years as a global brand this year and what better time to celebrate than with the official SPAM® Appreciation Week, 6-12 March 2017, a time when SPAM® fans can come together and their share their stories. SPAM® Chopped Pork …

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Wholemeal Bread & Butter Pudding – a healthier alternative!

In association with a2 Milk So Christmas is over, I hope you all had a great time and got through it without too much exhaustion (tell me it’s not just me)!! Today I’m bringing you my Wholemeal Bread & Butter Pudding made with a2 Milk. After the excesses of the festivities I thought it would …

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Macabella Croissant Pudding – full of chocolatey, macadamia yumminess!

In association with Macabella I have great pleasure sharing my Macabella Croissant Pudding with you today. When I was asked by Macabella (which has just been launched in the UK) to develop a recipe using their delicious cocoa and macadamia spread my taste buds immediately thought of croissants and then to a bread and butter …

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Easy Blackberry Curd

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a freezer full of blackberries that you foraged for earlier this summer. I realised it was high time I used up my blackberries so I decided to make some Easy Blackberry Curd. Why not a pudding or a pie I hear you cry! Well hubby has never been keen …

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Oreo Brownies – indulgent and delicious!

It was my daughter’s 13th birthday last Sunday and she knows what she likes when it comes to cakes and sweet treats, so this year she decided she’d like me to bake some Oreo Brownies for the occasion! It was lucky that I’d decided to bake them on the Saturday morning because later that day …

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Lemon & Elderflower Curd Cupcakes

After making my Lemon & Elderflower Curd recently I knew the next step would be to make something with it so today I bring you my Lemon & Elderflower Curd Cupcakes. The curd is mixed into the cake mix and also spooned on top of the cupcakes before they are baked. As the cupcakes bake …

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Veggie Frittata plus 9 quick & easy egg dishes

In association with British Lion Eggs I don’t know about you but sometimes meal times in our house have to be a really quick affair. There can be a spate of school meetings etc that all seem to occur bang in the middle of dinner time so a quick solution is needed! This is when …

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Cheesy Courgette Omelette

Today I bring you my Cheesy Courgette Omelette, something I often make at the weekend for our lunch but had never thought to post until one of my Facebook followers asked for the recipe! But before I get onto omelette I just want to say sorry for the unscheduled break from posting! After taking a …

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Monster Pancakes

To celebrate the release of Hotel Transylvania 2 which is out now on Digital HD and on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray & DVD 15th February I was asked to create a pancake recipe for Shrove Tuesday, so I came up with these scary Monster Pancakes. If you’d like to know more about the film here’s a …

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Golden Syrup & Clotted Cream Croissant Pudding

So it’s January and the trend is that everyone tries to eat healthier after the indulgence of Christmas! Well I’ve never been very good at trends and with this cold snap we’re having at the moment I do think a comforting pud is just what’s needed right now! With all my bargain shopping I sometimes …

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