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Chilled Picante Summer Soup

I was very excited to be invited to take part in a Virtual Blogger Come Dine With Me organised by Russell Hobbs in which I could use any of their Illumina range of products to make my course. I was allocated the starter and after unpacking all 5 of my new products which included the …

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Simple Pork Fried Rice

Chinese New Year falls on 31 January this year and marks the start of 15 days of celebration. This year is the year of the horse which is said to bring prosperity and wealth (well I think we could all do with some of that)! We have been lucky enough to be invited to be …

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Cream of Tomato & Basil Soup

Heinz, Home-made, frugal, thrifty, easy, quick

I was very pleased to be approached by Penny of Penny’s Recipes to write a guest post for a favourite low cost and easy recipe of mine. I have been following Penny’s blog for a long time and share her ethos for thrifty and simple, good home-cooked food. I came up with my Cream of …

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A Big Night In (& an easy Salad Dressing)

Balsamic Salad Dressing, 70's Party Night

MoneySupermarket recently launched a competition for bloggers to show just how much fun you can have staying in with the help of £50. They will also be choosing one random blogger to win £500! Nights out on the town aren’t cheap these days so I leapt at the chance to have my ideal night at …

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Leftover Winter Vegetable Soup

I made this soup just before Christmas as I’d made a glazed gammon joint and therefore had lovely gammon stock and vegetables left over from it. I was also very aware that like most Brits I’d over bought on the sprout front and had a bag I needed to use up before the big day! …

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Brunch Quesadillas

Just before Christmas one of our neighbours kindly had another Christmas get together and on the invitation it stated 6-8pm. As my family had got up late that day it was too early to eat before we went out so I decided we were going to have Filipa from Gourmet Mum’s Quesadillas with cheese and …

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Avocado with Prawns and Balsamic Dressing

  When I lived at home my mum would always make a starter of halved avocado filled with prawns and a garlic French dressing for special occasions. I decided to bring this starter up to date by fanning the slices onto a plate and using Balsamic instead of white wine vinegar and walnut instead of …

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Yogurt & Parmesan Chicken Breasts

Those of you who read my blog will know that I came into a lot of Greek Yogurt recently and had to drum up all sorts of ways of using it apart from just eating it! Some of my trials have been a bit hit and miss or need tweaking but this dish was a …

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Garlic Mussels on Toast

I’ve been eating this dish since I was a child. My mother would always serve mussels in this way and hers were probably from a tin. Cod roe was another thing she used to slice and serve fried on toast. Hence I don’t know if I’m alone in having this as my mum is Danish …

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