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Easy Blackberry Curd

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a freezer full of blackberries that you foraged for earlier this summer. I realised it was high time I used up my blackberries so I decided to make some Easy Blackberry Curd. Why not a pudding or a pie I hear you cry! Well hubby has never been keen …

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Old Fashioned Lemonade – refreshingly simple!

Well it was the hottest day of the year yesterday and so I thought it was high time that I made this Old Fashioned Lemonade that I first made at school. The recipe has been in my Home Economics index box along with all my other school recipes for decades and I had never revisited …

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Summer Fruits Jam

It’s that time of year where gardens, allotments and fruit farms are heaving with all manner of gorgeous summer fruits. With this in mind I have developed Summer Fruits Jam. Everyone in my family loved this jam as the combination of strawberries, cherries, blueberries and rhubarb complimented each other beautifully. In fact I had wanted …

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Cherry Jam – simple and delicious!

Ever since I made my first jar of jam a few years ago I became hooked on jam making and have gone on to win a couple of 1st prizes at our local parish show. So every summer I look forward to gluts of fruit that seem to come my way. Sometimes it’s from family …

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Easy Seedless Raspberry Jam – so quick to make!

I’ve been making jam for over 3 years now but have never made a seedless jam much to hubby’s disdain as he just doesn’t like seeds (but he’s still been eating my jams). I think the thought of sieving a large vat of jam had just put me off and I’m all about no nonsense, …

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Grilled Seabass with Lemon Garlic Butter Sauce and Colcannon

If I asked you where all the ingredients for this Grilled Seabass with Lemon Garlic Butter and Colcannon came from I’ll bet not many of you would say Iceland but that’s exactly where I bought them! Having been challenged to “Go Frozen with Iceland” I couldn’t wait to visit my nearest store and see what …

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Simple Fig Jam

When I think of Cyprus I associate it with lots of delicious food and produce including figs and lemons, so when Expedia asked me to take part in the World on a Plate Challenge I knew what I had to make, a simple Fig Jam. My husband lived in Paphos for a year as a …

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Easy Roasted Celeriac Soup

I recently bought a 1p celeriac on one of my bargain shops and put out a call on Facebook to see what ideas I could glean from my readers. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d bought a celeriac so along with ideas for things like Remoulade the one that jumped out at me was …

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Rhubarb & Strawberry Jam

My daughter has nicknamed me ‘The Crazy Jam Lady’ and I have to say that suits me fine as I absolutely adore making jam. In the last 3 years I have gone from complete novice to having won 2 1st prizes for my jams at the local village show. So in that time and with …

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Smoked Mackerel Pâté

I’m always trying to make sure my family gets a weekly dose or two of oily fish as they are said to help protect us against cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer, age-related vision loss and dementia. Oily fish are a good source of vitamin D, protein, some B vitamins and selenium. They’re also a rich source of omega-3, …

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