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Rhubarb & Blackberry Spiral Cobbler

Sometimes I see a recipe and I just want to tweak it to my own taste. This happened recently when I saw a Rhubarb Spiral Cobbler (with ginger) in my copy of The Ultimate Healthy Eating Cookbook (Index 1999). With some bargain rhubarb and a booty of frozen blackberries in the freezer (foraged of course) …

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Rhubarb and Marzipan Cake

I was chatting to my mum recently when she told me about some Rhubarb and Marzipan Muffins her sister had been baking. Well there was a flavour combination I hadn’t thought about and having plenty of marzipan and rhubarb the other day I decided to make a cake based on these 2 ingredients. I based …

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Neapolitan Marzipan Chocolates

I came up with these chocolates after being inspired by a story from my mother’s childhood. I think homemade edible gifts are the most thoughtful ones to give and receive at Christmas. Spending quality time with your children making treats is what Christmas is all about to me. Better still you can make something that …

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Sweet & Savoury Filled Croissants

This is not so much a recipe but  just a simple way of jazzing up a plain croissant dough. Having woken up late today it was nearer to lunch time than breakfast so I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to try out my idea for Cheese and Ham and Almond Croissants. What could …

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Cherzipan Cake

I’ve had a block of Danish Anthon Berg marzipan in my cupboard for some time and decided that I really needed to find a good use for it. (Bit of a marzipan addict)! I had also seen many cherry cakes on the internet that I liked the look of. Therefore, when a pack of Supersweet …

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