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Hazelnut Chocolate Banana Delight with Meringue

It’s many years (actually decades) since I had Angel Delight but it came to my notice recently that it’s still a very popular dessert amongst adults – I think we all hang on to our childhood food in some form or other! So when I came up with this super quick dessert combo the other …

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Rhubarb Compote with Vanilla Greek Yogurt & Meringue

It’s rhubarb season and after making the recipes that I posted last year and a failed attempt to make a crumble with cinnamon which got rather drowned in the stuff I decided it was time to strip everything right back. Hubby and I love rhubarb and I think sometimes the subtleties of it can get …

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Apple Meringue

  Last night I wanted to use up some egg whites I had leftover from my weekend dalliance into ice cream making. I also remembered I had some Bramley apples in the fridge and therefore the obvious solution was Apple Meringue. It’s such a quick and easy pudding that I first made it a school. …

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Diamond Jubilee Pavlova

I was so very heartened by the popularity of my Diamond Jubilee Cupcakes that I thought  that I would adapt an old favourite to give it a patriotic makeover so here is my Diamond Jubilee Pavlova! Chopped bananas hide in the cream and compliment the fresh regal fruits above. I have adapted a Pavlova recipe …

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