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Simple Shredless Orange Marmalade

I like recipes to be simple and straight forward and had therefore never got round to making marmalade. I had this preconceived notion that you needed muslin and Sevilles at the very least. So after a little twitter chat with Sarah Churchill over at The Artisan Kitchen (who makes the most wonderful preserves) I found …

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Instant Orange Cheesecakes

This dessert came about the other night when I was yet again posed with the question “what’s for pudding?”. I hadn’t made it to the shops, so after a rummage around the kitchen I concocted this pudding which is one step better than just having a digestive smothered in cream cheese with a bit of …

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Quick Spelt Butternut Squash Cake

Autumn, alternative to Carrot Cake, Wholegrain Spelt, Easy, Quick

Finding myself with a spare hunk of Butternut Squash the other day my husband suggested I make a cake with it. Hence I set about creating this super quick and super tasty cake which is equally good served as a dessert. To find the recipe head over to Great British Chefs and you’ll see how …

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Crispy Clementine Cookies

To me Christmas and oranges are inseparable, so when I discovered a Crispy Orange Biscuit recipe in my mother’s Super Scoff cookbook it became my Christmas biscuit and had to be cut into festive shapes. The book was a collection of peoples favourite recipes from 1970 and was sold to raise money for the Warwickshire …

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Easy Chocolate Orange Cake

Adaption of Lemon Crisp, Simple, child friendly, British, tea time

When I was at school the first all-in-one cake I ever made was called Lemon Crisp. So I thought I would re-invent the cake today by adding cocoa and changing the lemon juice for orange juice. After suffering the day from hell; having the car pebble dashed by a digger on a building site and …

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