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Yorkshire Puddings with Ice Cream & Golden Syrup

Since 2008 the first Sunday of every February has been designated British Yorkshire Pudding Day and this year falls on 3 February. I have to admit that I mainly make Yorkshire Pudding batter for my Toad in the Hole recipe and tend to chicken out of making actual Yorkshire Puddings. So when Mermaid sent me …

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Chocolate Puddle Pudding

I have had this recipe from a newspaper clipping for 6 years and only got round to making this wonderful pudding tonight. It had been posted on a notice board at my daughter’s playgroup and when Lulu (who ran the group) saw me starting copy it down, she unpinned it and gave it to me. …

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Rhubarb Pudding

I was looking for a recipe to use up the rhubarb I had and stumbled upon this recipe from my very old (1981) and falling apart St Michael 1,000 Recipe Cook Book.  With the weather showing no sign of cheering up I have been cooking a lot of comfort food recently.  This pudding was yummy …

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Quick Apple Puddings

  I bought a supermarket low fat apple pudding many years ago and really enjoyed it both for its taste and its virtuousness.  I never saw it on the shelves again and thought it was so simple that I could easily re-create it.  Well a decade on and after all the over indulgence over the …

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