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10 Healthy Recipes

After the excesses of Christmas there is always much talk of diets, detox and New Year’s resolutions. I’m not really a fan of any of these things especially the term diet. To me diets were invented to sell books, classes etc and the problem with them is that as soon as people come off these …

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Speedy Mediterranean Vegetable Couscous

Mediterranean Vegetable Couscous

After buying ready prepared dried Mediterranean Vegetable Couscous for a while I realised that it was a piece of cake to make my own and far more economical and more nutritious.  It was also a way of getting my family more interested in eating their pan fried salmon steaks which for years they’d had with …

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Simple Ratatouille


I went to the market the other day and there were so many cheap offers that I came home with armfuls of vegetables for a pittance.  Nine peppers cost me only £1 as did 3 aubergines and 2 giant courgettes.  I therefore simply had to make Ratatouille which my children have had a fascination with …

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5-A-Day Butterbean & Chorizo Bake

Butterbean and Chorizo Bake

Had a fridge full of various vegetables and a tin of butter beans so this is the result and I have to say that all plates were cleaned with vigour. This dish is like a rainbow and is delicious with some wholemeal buttered crusty bread.  Just scoop on and enjoy! Try this dish with your own …

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Glenda’s Winter Lentil Soup

Main meal soup

Hello fellow food lovers, this is my first ever post and I’ve no idea how this all works but hopefully through trial and error I will learn! I thought I would start with one of my family’s favourite soups. Lentils, bacon and chunky vegetables are married off with a citrus zing. This soup came from …

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