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Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Pancakes – incredibly delicious!

Today I’m bringing you my Gluten Free Chocolate Chip pancakes. I had never used gluten free flour before so spent the weekend experimenting after picking up a bag at the weekend. My soda bread experiment turned into something more akin to a concrete frisbee, edible straight out of the oven but not a few hours …

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Egg, Leek and Potato Curry

Last night I went to cook some pork chops but inspired by Jacqueline of Tinned Tomatoes, hubby said he wanted to have a Meat Free Monday. Well, only too happy to oblige I went to the fridge for some veggie inspiration. There were lots of leeks in the fridge as well as eggs and potatoes …

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Spelt Banoffee Flapjacks with Dark Chocolate

It was my mother’s birthday last week and one of the home baked treats we had was a lovely chocolate flapjack. I came away with the recipe (it was one from her head) and decided to give it a makeover. I was toying with adding apple but on seeing a very ripe small banana in …

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24 Cracking Egg Recipes

With Easter just around the corner I’ve been thinking a lot about eggs (and maybe the odd chocolate one) as not only do they signify new life but they are one of my favourite versatile foods. With this in mind I thought I’d ask some fellow food bloggers for their “eggcellent ” creations which will …

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Vegan Banana Cake

Seeing a drawer full of over-ripe frozen bananas in the freezer the other day I decided that it was high time that I put them to use. As we’re trying to have a “healthier” January I decided against any of my usual Banana Cakes and set about searching for something suitable. After a quick flick …

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10 Healthy Recipes

After the excesses of Christmas there is always much talk of diets, detox and New Year’s resolutions. I’m not really a fan of any of these things especially the term diet. To me diets were invented to sell books, classes etc and the problem with them is that as soon as people come off these …

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Easy Cheesy Chilli Cob

It was Sunday morning and I just had the urge to make some flavoured bread to go with the soup we were going to have for dinner. It didn’t take me long to decided to make a cheesy chilli loaf as I’d recently received a lovely delivery of Gran Luchito smoked chilli products to try. …

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Banocolate Chip Muffins + Oxo Hand Held Mixer Giveaway – Closed

In honour of National Baking Week I thought I would post my latest creation which was born out of frustration and a touch of laziness, if I’m honest! I came across a Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffin recipe recently and immediately wanted to make them. My children have started to have packed lunches so I …

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Diamond Jubilee Pavlova

I was so very heartened by the popularity of my Diamond Jubilee Cupcakes that I thought  that I would adapt an old favourite to give it a patriotic makeover so here is my Diamond Jubilee Pavlova! Chopped bananas hide in the cream and compliment the fresh regal fruits above. I have adapted a Pavlova recipe …

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Diamond Jubilee Cupcakes

Yes it’s time to get all patriotic again, dig out the bunting and be proud to be British and no I’m not talking about Eurovision (but actually these cakes would be equally good at your Eurovision party!). As a child the Silver Jubilee was an incredibly exciting time and now as a parent it is …

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