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Strawberry Jam

Probably the best strawberry jam in the world.
Servings 2 .5 0.5lt jars
Author Camilla


  • 900 g / 2lb Strawberries
  • 700 g / 1 ½lb Preserving sugar
  • 1 Large lemon juiced + skin
  • 10 g / ½ oz Butter


  1. The night before you need to pat the strawberries clean with a damp kitchen towel – do not wash or the jam will not set. Discard any bruised ones.
  2. Layer the strawberries in a large heavy based pan with the preserving sugar and give a gentle stir before you go to bed. This helps firm up the strawberries.
  3. The next day put 10 small strawberries aside and then using a potato masher crush the remaining strawberries gently.
  4. Put 4 small plates in the freezer (to test for the set later).
  5. Put the 10 strawberries back into the pan and gently heat the pan to slowly dissolve the sugar. Check with a spoon that all crystals have dissolved.
  6. Now bring the pan to a rolling boil and add the juice of a lemon and ½ the skin (washed if waxed).
  7. Time for exactly 8 minutes then take off the heat.
  8. Put a teaspoon of jam on the plate and allow to cool completely.
  9. Push the jam with your finger and if it crinkles, sits proud and doesn’t ooze liquid then it is set.
  10. If not, boil for another 3 minutes and retest and so on until set.
  11. Stir in the butter which will help to remove any foam.
  12. Pot up the jam into the hot jars using either a sterilised jam funnel or I used a sterilised small fruit ladle which worked well holding the jars with a small oven proof square or a folded tea towel.
  13. Put lids on immediately or use wax discs and cellophane lids with elastic bands and allow to cool before labelling.