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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Sadly I have had to pass on the reigns of CREDIT CRUNCH MUNCH as I just don’t have the time  to devote to it any more. The good news is that the lovely Michelle of Uttterly Scrummy Food for Families is going to take over from me! The current challenge can be found HERE.

Credit Crunch Munch - Fab Fod 4 All

Credit Crunch Munch is a joint challenge run myself and Helen at Fuss Free Flavours.

Credit Crunch Munch, from Fuss Free Flavours & Fab Food 4 All!

Credit Crunch Munch (previously known as Frugal Food Friday) is all about saving some money, whilst still enjoying great food.

To take part, blog about a food related money saving idea and add your post to the round up Linky.

Please use the logo and also link to this post and Helen’s Credit Crunch Munch page.

Money saving topics could be:-

  • Dishes using cheaper ingredients – cheap cuts of meat or vegetarian
  • Meals using leftovers
  • Meals using up the ends of packets
  • Substitutions of cheaper ingredients
  • Packed lunches
  • Meals that use less energy to cook
  • Pressure cooking
  • Slow cooking
  • Faster cooking – less oven time for example
  • Batch cooking for the freezer
  • Sustainable foods
  • Food you have grown yourself
  • Meals from reduced food in the supermarket

The list is endless!  Feel free to suggest and we’ll add them in!  Helen’s current money saving idea is to get through all her non perishable foods, and not spend more than £3 a week on anything that is non perishable.

By request we are also expanding this to include frugally styled food photos.  You know – no ribbons, no baubles, no artfully placed crumbs.  Just plain photos of great food.

Hopefully it will become a great money saving resource!

Anyone is welcome to host!   Mail me if interested! camilla at fab food 4 all dot co dot uk





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