Chia & Sesame Seed Crackers – simple & delicious!

Chia & Sesame Seed Crackers - so easy & delicious! @FabFood4All If you’re anything like me you’ll have a bucket list of things that you keep meaning to make and never seem to get around to doing. So I’m very pleased to say that I made these Chia & Sesame Seed Crackers this week as I’d never made crackers before. I found a recipe in Cooking for Geeks by Jeff Potter which I’ve adapted here.

Chia & Sesame Seed Crackers - so easy & delicious! @FabFood4All

One of the reasons I’ve wanted to make crackers is because my kids get through so many of them and the seeded ones are so expensive. So after a rummage in my cupboards I found chia and sesame seeds which worked really well together. Best of all my kids loved my Chia & Sesame Seed Crackers as well as hubby and they had a great snap to them.

Chia & Sesame Seed Crackers - so easy & delicious! @FabFood4All

If I’d know it was so quick and easy to make crackers I don’t think I’d have left it this long to get around to making them. Unlike cookie dough the cracker dough is much easier to handle and more akin to rolling out puff pastry. The trick is to roll it out really thinly and prick over well with a fork to stop the crackers puffing up in the oven.

Chia & Sesame Seed Crackers - so easy & delicious! @FabFood4All

I paired my Chia & Sesame Seed Crackers (which are suitable for vegans) with some houmous but they’d be great with cheese or any other savoury dips. You might like to pair them with the following:

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For more cracker recipe inspiration check these out:

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Chia & Sesame Seed Crackers
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Chia & Sesame Seed Crackers are perfect for uses with your favourite savoury dips or topping with cheese!
Recipe type: Snack
Cuisine: British
Serves: 40
  • 140g white strong bread flour
  • 2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 2 tbsp sesame seeds
  • ½ tsp freshly ground sea salt
  • a few grinds of black pepper
  • 2 tsp cold pressed rapeseed oil
  • 80 ml water
  1. Preheat oven to 200ºC and line 2 large baking sheets with baking paper.
  2. Place all the dry ingredients into a bowl and mix thoroughly.
  3. Add the oil and water and mix to a dough with a fork.
  4. Bring together with your hand to form a ball and knead in the bowl for a minute.
  5. Split the dough in half and place one half on a lightly floured surface.
  6. Roll out the dough as thin as you can get it (there will be a lot of spring in it), about 2mm.
  7. Use a 6 cm cookie cutter to cut out circles and place on baking sheet.
  8. Prick the dough circles all over with a fork to prevent them rising.
  9. Bake at the top of oven for 11 - 12 minutes or until edges turning golden and cracker is crisp.
  10. Repeat the process with the other half of the dough.
  11. Place baked crackers on a rack to cool.
  12. Keep in an airtight container.
  13. Makes 40.

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Chia & Sesame Seed Crackers - so easy & delicious! @FabFood4All

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  1. Lyn

    Hi Camilla….I love the sound of these crackers and can’t wait to make them but is there an alternative to the rapeseed oil? Could I use something else.

    1. Camilla

      Thanks, yes, you could use any oil you like, olive oil would be great too-)

  2. I Charlie Mace

    Ooh Camilla – these look divine! I love a homemade cracker – and anything with sesame seeds in is a real winner in my book – I’m sure the sesame with the tahini in houmous worked incredibly well. Your houmous looks crazily good too. I MUST give these a go asap, perfect for a wine and cheese night with friends – they’d be super impressed if I’d baked the crackers myself. You’ve inspired me! Charlie x

    1. Camilla

      Thank you Charlie, they were fab crackers, really need to bake some more:-)

  3. Janice

    They look super professional, Everyone loved the Caraway Seed crackers I made, I really should make more crackers too, maybe as a special treat for Christmas!

    1. Camilla

      Thank you Janice, yes crackers for Christmas sounds like a great idea:-)

  4. Cathy @ Planet Veggie

    I keep meaning to make crackers and I have all the ingredients for these, so no excuse not to now!

    1. Camilla

      Sometimes you just need a push don’t you:-)

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