Review of Oxo Good Grips Roller Mop & Microfibre Extendable Duster

Roller Mop

Oxo Good Grips Roller Mop

I was really pleased when I was asked if I would review some cleaning products for Oxo, indeed I was like kid in a sweet shop trying to decide what I’d like to review! In the end I plumped for the Roller Mop because although I do like my current one it’s heads seem to wear out really quickly as the sponge is so open and porous. Then, as I have lots of hard to reach places that I end up having to use the vacuum cleaner on, I chose the Microfibre Extendable Duster. So then I had to find a way of conveying the usage of these items as snap shots were not really going to cut the mustard with a cleaning review, so I decided to make a video – yep sacrificing my dignity for the enhancement of your knowledge, I hope you appreciate my selflessness here as I do hate the sound of my own voice contrary to my family’s belief!

Oxo Good Grips Microfiber Extendable Duster

Oxo Good Grips Microfiber Extendable Duster

The Roller Mop features non-slip handles for easy wringing and can absorb 450 mls of water. There are scrubbing stips on the mop head which look really robust and there is also a bulit in antibacterial treatment to stop bacterial growth and odours. Durable rollers squeeze the water out of the mop and to change the head you just push the wringing handle forward. The mop retails at £25. I found the mop much lighter than my current mop even though it is bigger, due to the aluminium pole. The mop head is also bigger and therefore the time spent cleaning the floor is reduced. My only niggle was that the floor didn’t seem as dry after washing with my old mop but I probably didn’t plunge the wringing handle enough to fully dry the mop head (I was making a video after all!) I do think that the mop head looks like it will last much longer than my old mop head and the scrubbing strips were really good on stubborn stains on the floor. The Microfibre Extendable Duster has an aluminium light weight body and a 270° lockable angled head so that you can dust on one side and when dirty flip over so that you can use the other side. You can lock the duster in the vertical position to clean ceiling vents or at a right angle to clean on top of book shelves etc. The microfiber duster is detachable and washable in a washing machine but I think a good shaking outside will suffice for a long time! I loved using this duster to getting in between the struts on my staircase and is excellent for skirting and all the hard to reach places that otherwise only a vacuum can reach. Having put my back out once using my mother’s vacuum cleaner to vacuum her cornices, I think this telescopic duster with its reach of 137 cm/54″ is a god send. It’s like a feather duster only it absorbs the dust rather than spreading it everywhere! The duster is priced at £15.


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  1. Sohadre Anirood

    This will make my chores easier

  2. Lynda Sanderson

    I am vertacally challenged so this would be ideal for me

  3. christine burton

    i hate cleaning never ever done

  4. Dkp

    I hate dusting. Even after I clean another layer seems to settle. I need some kind of extractor fan that sucks in dust in a room

  5. S. Harper

    There’s quite a few I hate! Cleaning bathroom tiles and the kitchen bin

  6. Jenny Rogers

    I hate dusting – it doesn’t last for long enough when you have done it.

  7. Suzy Turner

    Cleaning windows….aaaargh… hate it!! Luckily, I have a husband who does them for me!

  8. Angie Hoggett

    I agree with defrosting the freezer, hate it!

  9. Paula

    does this come with a demonstration and a naked cleaner? lol

  10. sue walsh

    defrosting the freezer


    Yes please need new ones x

  12. Sarah Parker


  13. Zoe G

    The oven is the worst for me, it takes so long to clean especially the roof

  14. Rosie D

    Cleaning the oven! How does it get into that state? And the smell from heating up curries in the microwave! ewwwe

  15. Victoria Peake

    the worst chore in my opinion is definitely the manual cleaning aspect of cleaning surfaces and bathrooms! i would invent some sort of auto scrubber!

  16. Joanne

    I hate dusting – wished my husband would do it instead.

  17. Antonia Rookley

    Erm… housework… all of it!! Especially cleaning the laminate floors and windows too!

  18. Charlotte r

    I hate the ironing

  19. Anne-Marie Taylor

    I want a hoover that can get UNDERNEATH all the furniture to save me from moving it!

  20. Claire slater

    Dusting without a doubt, its all back as soon as youve finished its never ending

  21. Renate Kriegler Edwards

    worst place in my house to clean is my desk! not just untidy but filthy. UGH. always leave it till last; often never get to it… :-/

  22. Emma Smith

    I absolutely detest changing the beds, especially ours as the duvet is super kingsize – why did I buy that?!?!?!

  23. JAH

    I need a robot to clean the kitchen. Hate it!!

  24. Alison

    Ironing, there are always piles of it

  25. Debbie Timms

    Cleaning the oven, worse household chore ever! x

  26. Helenthemadex

    I hate changing the bed, its superking size so the bedding is heavy I need to climb straight into bed after making it Im so tired

  27. Tim millington

    11 royal park terrace

  28. Paula Phillips

    Cleaning the oven.

  29. Jeremy Hards

    Cleaning out the cats litter tray

  30. kellyjo walters

    my entire house is natural original floor boards that are varnished so needs to be moped every day to keep up the shine!

  31. Alison Turner

    Ironing I hate it it’s a very naughty word in my household. 🙂

  32. Karen R

    I hate ironing – why have we invented clothes that need ironing anyway???

  33. Claire Appleton

    Cleaning the oven

  34. Lisa Wilkinson

    I’m an oven-cleaning hater too.

  35. sue cornish

    oven cleaning

  36. rachel

    Cleaning all the nooks and crannies in the kitchen. So much fiddly stuff to move.

  37. Ceri Sell

    I’d like a gadget that will follow my children around, picking things up as they drop them and putting things away when they’re finished with them! Would make my life much easier!

  38. Kathryn S

    Ironing! A washer/drier/ironer would be amazing!

  39. Maria Turner

    I hate dusting – its an exercise in frustration as it just reappears so quickly!

  40. Jane Middleton

    cleaning under the fridge

  41. Mich K Becker

    Cleaning the oven. God that is THE most time consumming, grotty job ever.

  42. Ursula Bingham

    cleaning the ovens

  43. Paul Witney

    The toilet is the worst for me – surely there should be a self-cleaning option?

  44. shane weir

    oven cleaning, think they should invent cleaner that works lol

  45. Stuart Payne

    cleaning the bath – all that bending and scrubbing

  46. Ali Roberts

    Changing the bedsheets – I can never get the duvet to sit evenly in the bedding, it’s so frustrating!

  47. Sharon V.

    Cleaning the bathroom …it doesnt seem to stay clean for 5 minutes

  48. Isabelle Smith

    washing up robot

  49. Danielle Graves

    I hate vacuuming the stairs!

  50. Natalie Loan

    I hate hoovering the stairs as I have a dog and the hairs seem to collect there!!

  51. Ruth Grover

    Dusting..for some reason I hate dusting. You know once you have it looking nice..it won’t last !

  52. Stu W

    Cleaning the Bathroom / Oven

  53. alison

    dusting – mainly cos I hate the smell of polish!

  54. Rudy Roversi

    For me it’s ironing and we difinitely need an automatic shirts-ironer!

  55. Emily Hutchinson

    Cleaning the bathroom has got to be the worst chore – it just takes too long

  56. Tammy Tudor

    ironing! There needs to be a machine where you put the clothes in one end and they come out ironed out the other end – if only!

  57. kirsty lane

    has to be the toilet 🙁 i hate hate hate cleaning it

  58. Avvie Cunnington

    I hate hoovering! We need a robot to do all chores!

  59. Danielle Woodman

    I hate folding and putting the washing away

  60. jo glasspool

    Ironing, I just hate it! x

  61. Katie Harmer

    Cleaning the fridge – I hate it! Someone needs to invent a self-cleaning fridge. Oh, and a proper self defrosting freezer. I have one of the those and it absolutely does not.

  62. Susan Bowe

    I hate cleaning the bathroom 🙁

  63. Emily Clark

    I HATE cleaning the shower. There should be a ‘shower bomb’ you can place inside, close the door and wait for the cleaning power to explode all over the place instead of having to scrub and scrub for hours on end!

  64. Susie

    Ironing is the worst by far. Especially items with sleeves or legs.,

  65. Laura Cooper

    I hate dusting – its just so fiddly!

  66. Joanne Mapp

    I always wear gloves when doing the household chores. I would love someone to invent a pair which were breathable, waterproof, thin and extremely hard wearing. Is that too much to ask? And as for jobs I hate, it has to be the washing up as it’s never ending

  67. Teresa Lee

    Cleaning the oven is the main chore I hate

  68. Vicky Carter

    The Hoovering, why does it take so long and hurt my back so much!

  69. sarah pearce

    anything that involves grease/oil,hated it since i was pregnant with my eldest 15 years ago!!!!

  70. dolly

    cant stand the smell of polish 🙁

  71. Sarah

    I don’t like doing the bathroom floor 🙁

  72. michelle muirhead

    I loathe cleaning the oven…pah!!!!

  73. Joanna Sawka

    I hate windows cleaning and would really appreciate a clever robot to do that

  74. Janine

    I hate cleaning full stop

  75. Sarah Benn

    I hate cleaning the cat litter tray

  76. Sophie Hedley

    I hate hanging all the washing up!

  77. Ironing, Could someone invent an automatic ironing system please?

  78. jacqueline johnson

    I need both of these!

  79. Tina Holmes

    Hate washing up! Lol

  80. Jean Bolsover

    Cleaning the oven, ugh!

  81. Alice Beaumont

    Changing the beds!
    I’m short so I struggle to make it look neat and tidy without having to get on the bed!

  82. Jane English

    IRONING! I hate it.
    My mother in law used to iron the towel, socks everything & I always felt intimitaded by this, My husband, used to, expect all his underwear ironed – he soon got the idea that that was definately a no no unless he was going to do it himself! LOL

    I wished I lived nearer my daughter as she loves ironing & I’d gladly pay her to do ours.

  83. Susan Hoggett


  84. maddalena dalton

    cleaning kitchen cubboards

  85. Beky Austerberry

    i hate cleaning the oven or defrosting the freezer!

  86. Diane Carey

    I hate cleaning the oven and don’t do it as often as I should

  87. sweetpea65

    The ironing

  88. Lucy Irving

    cleaning the oven

  89. Sarah Corbett

    Ironing is my pet hate too. There should be a new gadget to Iron shirts – they are the WORST!

  90. Michelle Best

    Cleaning the oven – always put it off for as long as I can!

  91. Kevin Dooley

    A robot that does the washing up for you.

  92. Sarah Birkett

    cleaning the kitchen floor, I probably forget to do it more often than I should

  93. SW Lee

    I hate cleaning the bathroom – a lot of bending over so not good for my back, and I just don’t like touching the toilet, even with rubber gloves on!

  94. Lee campbell

    cleaning the toilet , really hate it

  95. Christine Lockley

    There are two jobs I absolutely detest doing at home and they are the ironing and cleaning the windows, hubby has bought a window vac so has declared the windows are his, now if I could find a way to convince him to do the ironing too that would be great. I tend to watch a crime/thriller/drama while ironing to make my time go quicker – makes it seem like less of a chore if Im watching something good.

    Thanks for the chance to win x

  96. Mummy of Two

    I hate cleaning the bathrooms – hair everywhere not to mention whatever else lurking!

  97. Mickie Bull


  98. Jackie ONeill

    I hate cleaning the toilet, apart from getting someone else to do I’m not sure what gadget could do!

  99. Sue Bowden

    I really, really hate cleaning the oven.

  100. Shelley Jessup

    I dislike cleaning the oven, my head isnt made for sticking in an oven & scrubbing at the same time!!!

  101. Nazrana

    Has to be ironing!!

  102. BoostieBoo

    I absolutely hate cleaning the toilets, especially the kids ones!

  103. Maz T

    Cleaning the toilet is the worst.

  104. kiran parry

    Ironing is the worst with house chorse

  105. Jane Watson

    I hate ironing really hate it great comp xx

  106. Clare Webb

    I absolutely hate trying to dry the clothes! Love washing, love having washing on the line in the nice weather, but during the winter and miserable days there is washing drying all over the house and I hate it! I actually get excited when the sun is out because it means I can dry stuff outside!!

  107. Maggie Coates

    Celaning the oven is my most hated chore

  108. Fran Light

    I hate ironing. I’m tall, and even though I have a special ‘extra high’ ironing board, I find my back aches after just five minutes ironing – I’d LOVE a gadget that you could put clothes in and seconds later they’d come out crease free!

    1. Camilla

      Sit down and iron like I do!

  109. Lucy robinson

    Cleaning the bathroom.

  110. Euphoriabuzz

    Cleaning the toilet is the worst chore for me by far. A self cleaning loo would be a real winner.

  111. Euphoriabuzz

    I use the hoover to keep dust at bay but it is heavy so this may well be an option for someone like me with poor grip.

  112. lyn b

    cleaning the oven is a real chore!

  113. cathyj

    cleaning the bathroom especially the toilet

  114. Annamarie Riddiford

    I would like self carrying carrier bags

  115. Alice B

    My hatred is spread evenly between cleaning the oven, and emptying the bin

  116. Rachel Williams

    Vacuum cleaning the stairs. It takes too long!

  117. Amy Ripley

    I hate emptying the bins!

  118. Leanne Timmins

    I hate dusting

  119. paul baker

    i hate having to scrub the mould from our damp walls we have to do it on a monthly basis and its a nightmare 🙁

  120. Lese

    Cleaning out the cat litter tray

  121. Dawn F

    I really think there should be a machine that irons and folds clothes for us.

  122. Winnie

    i hate cleaning the shower – some one should invent a self scrubing machine 🙂

  123. tinkertink2010

    Ironing! Its soooooo boring and time consuming! xoxo

  124. Julie Picton

    I hate cleaning the bathroom. Especially when some one has just had a shower and its wet

  125. Sarah Mcknight

    I hate cleaning the toilet, yuck!

  126. Becky John

    The bathroom is the chore I hate most

  127. Nicole

    I absolutely hate the ironing!

  128. Lora

    yep cleaning the over does it for me too. It would be nice if they invented a super spray that actually worked like the adverts show, where all the grease just wipes away with one quick little spray.

  129. Susan Hoggett

    i hate cleaning the oven

  130. Laura

    Worst household chore is fish tank cleaning, I would like an automatic cleaner and water changer!

    1. Camilla

      I’m with you on that one!


    I hate ironing

  132. teressa oliver

    I really hate doing laundry

  133. Judith Eddington

    i hate the ironing

  134. Aimee R

    I hate cleaning the toilet, so any gadget that would make that easier and less off-putting, I would buy it!

  135. Sophie Buckle

    I hate ironing!

  136. Marina Frow

    i hate ironing! i need an ironing board that is taller!

    1. Camilla

      I sit down to do mine, it’s the only time I get to properly watch the TV!

  137. carol egan

    I absolutely hate doing the ironing

  138. Solange

    I hate cleaning the toilet

  139. Catherine Reynolds

    I hate folding the clothes and putting them back into the drawers nocely. Weird as I don’t mind the washing, drying, ironing part!

  140. Eleanor Wigmore

    I hate nearly all of them!! Cleaning the kitchen floor probably!!

  141. Caroline H

    I hate vacuuming. I didn’t mind it at all with our little old basic model but when it died we splashed out on an expensive new one which I find heavy and awkward and I hate it (but having spent all that money I can’t justify getting rid of it!).

  142. jennifer thorpe

    I hate ironing

  143. Joanne thomas

    ironing, it always seems neverending

  144. Caroline Cambridge

    I hate ironing – as soon as I’ve done one load, there’s another load waiting to be done!

  145. Gary Topley

    I pretty much like doing all household chores I am too stubborn to give in lol

  146. helen atkins

    hate ironing sooooooooooooo boring

  147. Sarah Parkin

    My worst chore is the hoovering

  148. Nina McFadden


  149. ashleigh

    I hate ironing

  150. mrs susan martin

    it has to be cleaning the loo

  151. claire fawkner

    Cleaning the oven – never gets done!

  152. Andy D

    Hate Washing up

  153. Mandy

    I hate ironing!!!

  154. Arabella Bazley

    I think the “gadget” that needs inventing is the man who cleans!

  155. Alison Wakefield

    Hate cleaning the oven and my hubby always does it for me

  156. esther james

    It has to be dusting, It is just so tedious

  157. sian hallewell

    Ironing, so happy with my tumble drier which makes ironing almost non exsistant these days

  158. Karen Smith

    Removing limescale

  159. Allan Smith

    Washing the dishes

  160. Fiona

    I dislike all chores but ironing is the biggest drag.

  161. Tink Rhonda Lee Mse

    I hate all chores, that’s why I get my boyfriend to do them hehe.

  162. angela sandhu

    i hate cleaning my cooker and oven. i need something to make that easier

  163. Hilda Hazel Wright

    I don’t dislike any cleaning job, I think of it all as a free workout without having to pay for gym membership…and the more effort I have to put in the more calories I’m burning! I suppose the only thing I dislike is having wet hands for too long as my skin is terrible and I’m not struck on rubber gloves.

  164. Susan Crosswaite

    I absolutely hate changing the bedding – although I love sleeping in clean sheets!

  165. Paul Wilson

    Ironing – a robot ironer would be brilliant.

  166. Paul

    Personally I find cleaning the bathroom the worst.

  167. larry gerrie


  168. L Bunning

    I hate cleaning the vacuum cleaner filters!! Mine are supposed to be gently tapped outside to remove dust etc….the reality is that I get covered in muck!! No idea how to get over this other than to buy another vacuum to clean the filters…and the cycle begins again…aaaggggg.

  169. Angie Allen

    Hate ironing

  170. Debbie Stanley

    Hoovering, I really hate it, dragging the hoover all over the house and up the stairs and back down again

  171. sophie

    really need a decent mop 🙂

  172. anthony harrington

    Ironing! I am useless at it, everything looks worse afterwards!

  173. Myra Wilson

    I have a large kitchen and would love the mop to help with the cleaning

  174. Alfie

    I hate cleaning the kitchen & bathroom floor

  175. Maxine

    cleaning the cellar with all the dusty cobwebs – yuck!

  176. Gina Haines

    Mopping the floor as I hate getting wet socks

  177. Emily Jayne Phipps

    Cleaning the oven!

  178. Beverley Marsh

    Cleaning the bathroom and toilet 🙁

  179. rachel ringwood

    I really do not look forward to cleaning the windows the most and also trying to battle to reach the cobwebs on the staircase as the ceiling is soo high up and nothing i buy is long enough to reach 🙁

  180. Tracey Peach

    I hate Ironing, I would rather clean the toilet!

  181. Louise G

    My worst chore is the ironing, however I do use it as a chance to catch up with TV programs I haven’t been able to watch during the week

  182. tracy horrex

    Has to be cleaning the toilet.

  183. valerie mccarthy

    I hate ironing and dusting. Ironing is back breaking and tiring. I wish there was a machine to hang clothes on a hanger that steams out the wrinkles for me. I don’t like dusting because I have asthma and sometimes when the dust flies in the air it hits me in the face which can trigger an attack. I wish there was a system that would collect all the dust in a vacuum system around the house for me.

  184. C Hui

    Ironing is just irritating



  186. Hollie Adlam

    Has to be ironing.. i really dislike it!!

  187. Natalie Clark

    I hate ironing, it’s so tedious…lol

  188. liz denial

    I’d love someone to invent a stepstool which starts off on the ground then elevates mechanically as I’m disabled & cant step on a normal stool to reach my cupboards

  189. Hayley Fountain

    cleaning the bathroom

  190. justine meyer

    Worst chore has got to be cleaning the windows I usually get my husband to do them!

  191. Katherine L

    I don’t really enjoy dusting … It’s hard to get it all and it flies everywhere even with the best of tools!

  192. Jules

    I hate cleaning the oven. I’m considering paying a professional to clean it for me.

  193. claire Toplis

    Ironing is hell on earth

  194. Marie Clifton

    My worst chore is definitely washing up. I just find it boring and it seems to take me forever

  195. Rebecca U

    Cleaning the bathroom tiles / grout – eerrgghh!!! x

  196. hannah massingham

    Cleaning the oven!

  197. Carol Bevitt

    I hate dusting and the aching arms trying to reach difficult spots. That extendable duster with the ability to angle the head would reach all those awkward places I currently need to use the hoover’s extension tube for. But anything that makes cleaning easier, I’m in favour of.

  198. tracy s

    Cleaning mirrors and the inside of my windows, two jobs I really dont like doing!

  199. Anne-Marie Carlin

    Cleaning the toilet seat…especially with 2 boys in the house. They need to make a self-cleaning toilet seat!

  200. Jane Adams

    I don’t enjoy cleaning mirrors because they always seem to streak no matter what I use to clean them.

  201. Donna Sadler

    Cleaning the loo frustrates me! lol Everyone now has to spray cleaner and wipe the bowl every day! I occasionally wretch when cleaning just thinking about it lol we need to invent a self cleaning loo please! lol

  202. Jane Townson

    cleaning the oven

  203. Rebecca Phillips

    Cleaning out the kitchen sink. Someone puts food in it and it gets stuck!

  204. Fridge Forager

    The chore I most despise is ironing, and it is the reason I buy clothes that don’t need ironing. Second to this is dusting the bookcases; removing 900+ books, dusting and replacing.

  205. Emma T

    Any cleaning chore is horrendous in our house – toilets (because we agreed they’d be OH’s job when I moved in, but I still seem to do them even though he’s the one that’s messy in the bathrooms), vacuuming would be ok although as soon as I do it, there’re bits from the farm & wood brought in.

  206. Mary Ballard (@yellowcumbrian)

    Hate cleaning the kitchen floor so glad to see a solution to make it easier

  207. Janine Phillips

    I hate ironing x

  208. terina davidson

    there is 2 i can’t stand ironing & cleaning the oven

  209. Shona

    Ironing, can’t stand it!

  210. Simon C

    Cleaning the bathroom. 🙁


  211. Janice

    Fun to see you doing your housework and hear your voice. I agree about the duster, it’s a gem with the angled head. I’ll not enter the giveaway as I have the duster and my husband likes to clean the wooden kitchen floor with a cloth – so I let him, ha ha!

    1. Camilla

      Oh my goodness, your husband cleans the floor, I’m so jealous! The duster doesn’t know what it’s in for I’ve spotted lots of dust on the edge of my kitchen cabinet which I’m going to tackle next:-)

  212. dominique

    cleaning the bathroom is just so grim

  213. laura banks

    the ironing i hate it but has to be done

  214. kim plant

    putting the clothes away in wardrobes I try and leave it to the hubby x

  215. katie skeoch

    putting the clothes away after the washing, drying & ironing!! But I suppose we have it easier than our mums & grannies 🙂

  216. melanie stirling

    I hate ironing!

  217. Tracey Belcher

    Cleaning anything greasy – spillage in the cooker or the fryer! hate it – really need a cloth that cleans in one sweep lol

  218. Nathalie Taylor

    Dusting – I hate it !!! x

  219. Patricia

    Cleaning the windows. I never seem to get a perfect result.

    I watched a demo at an Ideal Home Exhibition of a magnet double sided window cleaning gadget . The demonstrator showed how it magically glided over the window and there wasn’t a streak to be seen. I paid my £20. Well a) the magnet is so strong it could easily break my clumsy fingers in a second and b) what a Wally I am – I forgot we have decorative lead strips on the outside of the windows – guaranteed to prevent any glide!

  220. olivia kirby

    I hate cleaning the windows, always looks worse when I’m done!

  221. Louise

    I hate all cleaning – mopping in particular

  222. Sally Poole

    Dusting, I have dogs and as soon as I have done it it needs doing again..

  223. Suzanne Cooke

    I hate and detest ironing

  224. Hazel Rea

    I hate ironing (and cleaning the oven!).

  225. Jo Hutchinson

    I hate ironing a ironing robot would be lovely

  226. Lynne OConnor

    I hate cleaning the bathroom. In a family of boys with a poor aim, the area around the toilet is not a pleasant experience.

  227. Corina

    Cleaning the cooker.

  228. tamalyn roberts

    i hate cleaning the bathroom and cleaning the oven, an oven blaster would be fab, like a little bath bomb that you threw in and it disintegrated all the dirt lol

  229. Rebecca U

    I HATE cleaning the tiles / grout in the bathroom! x

  230. Lorraine Carter

    cleaning the oven/grill pan -hate anything involving greasy gunk and try to avod it , which probably is why iy gets left till it really needs doing!

  231. angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

    Tiles in the bathroom, being on the short side I absolutely hate cleaning tiles although I love to see them shine and limescale free.


  232. Jane Willis

    Ironing, I thoroughly detest it

  233. Roger Bufton

    Love dusting, but this will help get rid of the cobwebs

  234. Wendy Barbe

    I go with oven cleaning too. Hate it with a passion. Something should be invented where you can heat a pan of something in the oven and it will clean ALL the gunk and fat off everything inside, i.e. racks, walls, elements and glass door. Now wouldn’t that be great??


    oven cleaning, think they should invent cleaner that works lol

  236. Georgia McAllister

    I hate cleaning windows.

  237. Gillian Holmes

    Anything involving bathroom gunge, I think the underside of the toilet seat is the one I approach with least enthusiasm

  238. Gerri Tennant

    A large bag like a suit carrier where you can hang clothes press a button and steam makes the creases drop out. Simplifies ironing – especially the fiddly bits.

    1. Camilla

      That sounds like a very do-able invention!

  239. Tracy Hanley

    cleaning the toilet , really hate it

  240. Helen Dickinson

    I HATE ironing! It frustrates me so much!

  241. Alan C

    I hate dusting. One of the worst chores there is

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