Stellar Easy Lift Cast Iron Pans Review & Giveaway rrp £170 – Closed

Competition, Light, Cast IronIf you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know I’m like a magpie when it comes to quality cookware, so when I was offered the chance to review Stellar’s Easy Lift Cast Iron Fry Pan and Casserole I jumped at the chance. I am also pleased to say that Stellar kindly offered the same 2 pans as a prize for one of my readers.

Competition, Light, Cast Iron

The Prize: Stellar Easy Lift 27cm Fry Pan and 28cm Casserole

Here’s what Stellar have to say about their Fry Pans, Sauté Pans, Woks and Casseroles:

“As easy on the wrist as it is on the eye, Stellar’s much admired “Easy Lift” cast iron cookware is now available in attractive shades of glossy red and vanilla, as well as the original sleek lustrous black there’s also a new Wok with side handles.

Manufactured using a unique “thrown” cast iron technique, each pan in the “Easy Lift” range has been created with a thinner, lighter weight body than traditional cast iron cookware, while retaining the outstanding thermal properties associated with this fabulous material. Lined with durable enamel, which will last as long as you have need of your pans, the “Easy Lift” collection is free from the concerns that come with the chemical compounds of non-stick coatings. This, combined with the comfortable stainless steel handles, means that the pans are suitable for all hob types, will excel on induction – but are also oven-safe up to 240°C. To complete the package, the pans come with vented glass lids, perfect for keeping an eye on proceedings, and when the work is done they can also be popped in the dishwasher, making life that little bit easier.

Designed for longevity as well as ease, “Easy Lift” pans are sure to cook up years of pleasure. The clever combination of a flat base, for maximum heat efficiency, the bright cream, non stick enamel lining, which enhances the colours of the cooking ingredients, and the beautiful but hard wearing glossy finish provide the best recipe for good, flavour-enhancing, efficient cooking.

“Easy Lift” pans are supported by the Stellar Lifetime Guarantee. Prices Start at £52.”

Competition, Light, Cast Iron

So what did I think? Well I have to admit that I’d always been a bit dubious about getting cast iron pans as I thought they would be incredibly heavy. So I was pleasantly surprised by my new pans as they were lighter than I’d expected being only half the weight of a traditional cast iron pan. I simply love the gloss enamel finish to the Stellar Easy Lift pans and cooking in them gives me such pleasure. The casserole reminds me a of a cauldron and is great for soups and stews. The fry pan feels so sturdy on the hob and you can tell these pans are built to last.

I did find that I had to get used to cooking with cast iron as you need to cook on a much lower temperature otherwise you just end up burning your cooking fat before you’ve even started. But like riding a bike I soon got the hang of this and only had one mishap! As long as you keep the food moving and don’t walk off and leave your pan when frying, the enamel coating acts like non-stick. I also like the fact that unlike non-stick there are no nasty toxins being released while you cook. So for these reasons and the fact that every time I cook with them it puts a smile on my face, these pans get a massive thumbs up from me!

If you’d like to win the same Stellar Easy Lift Cast Iron 27cm Fry Pan (rrp £60) and 28 cm Casserole (rrp £110) then simply enter the rafflecopter below and answer this question:

What would you make first in you Stellar Pans?

How to enter:
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Instructions form part of the terms and conditions. Entries using any software or automated process to make bulk entries will obviously be disqualified. The winner will be picked at random using software and then contacted by email. If you win and then don’t respond to this email within 4 days then another winner will be picked. The prize will be delivered to the winner as soon as possible after you have e-mailed your delivery address.

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Stellar and Pam for the above prize which I also received to review, all opinions are my own as always.

Why don’t you visit my Competition page to see what  other fabulous prizes you could win?

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  1. Anna Lock

    Thank you for your reply, will try as you suggested…..

    1. Camilla

      I’ve always found them very helpful before I started blogging:-)

  2. Anna Lock

    Hi Camilla,I have a problem with my 24cm easy lift ceramic frying pan.Bought before Christmas, have used it a few times but cant stop food from sticking.I cook on very low gas and recently bought a smaller one ( different make) and have had no problems with it.I usually cook my much loved Spinach & ricotta omelette in the Stellar pan and it always sticks and burns.Would appreciate your advice.Many thanks, Anna.

    1. Camilla

      Hi Anna,I would contact Stellar’s customer services as I am not the right person to address this.

  3. Jayne B

    Thai chicken curry

  4. taja mckenzie

    slow cooked 5 bean chilli

  5. sheila

    A creamy risotto- needs a pan like these

  6. Mairi

    Slow simmered lentil soup

  7. joanna sawka

    a beef stew I think

  8. Victoria Collins

    We have had a Stellar set last Christmas this would be a lovely addition!

  9. Alisa Moore

    beef stew

  10. chirag patel

    Vegetable curry

  11. Nick Barnett

    Spanish chicken

  12. Alyn Carrahar

    Lamb rogan josh!

  13. Sarah Lewis

    Would make the Hairy Bikers Paprika Chicken.

  14. alison c

    shepherds pie which is my favourite!

  15. Caroline James

    Beef stew and dumplings.

  16. kayleigh watkins

    I would make a stir fry noodles n curry n healthy family meals

  17. Paul Reid

    Just what my kitchen needs for cooking my legendary (well in my house anyway) steak casserole.

  18. hannah massingham

    A big old chilli!

  19. George Papadache

    Stir fry

  20. linda curtis

    aa nice winter chilli

  21. Pam Whitham

    I would cook a nice stew

  22. Steve Lee

    stir fry

  23. Gary Topley

    A nice curry 🙂

  24. Ian Talboys

    Something warming for winter, such as a chicken curry

  25. sandra smith

    beef casserole with suet dumplings

  26. Julia Wulff

    I would cook a Coq au vin in the casserole pan.

  27. Angela

    A spicy lamb curry.

  28. karen hughes

    lime & honey stir fry chicken

  29. Jocelyn Clark

    Liver, bacon & Onions

  30. claire wilkinson

    a nice big soup

  31. Shirley Giles

    Mexican beef chilli

  32. Alison


  33. Femstar

    A nice stir fry 🙂

  34. James Holyland

    Chicken curry with plenty of everything !

  35. Jodie Ann Smith

    Chilli con Carne

  36. Susan Fraser

    Chicken Casserole

  37. Sarah Ballantyne

    Beef in red wine and cranberry sauce

  38. Karen Colquhoun

    sticky chicken and rice 🙂

  39. Cris Curran

    I’d make a yummy chickpea curry!!

  40. Jane Middleton

    chinese stir fry

  41. denise s

    beef stew

  42. Kerry Kilmister

    i would make a Paella

  43. kerry thwaite

    a stir fry x

  44. helenthemadex

    a boiled egg

  45. laura cassely

    Prawn stir fry

  46. sairz eastham

    chinese chicken stir fry!

  47. James Donovan

    Red Thai Curry

  48. Hazel Rush

    Chicken curry

  49. Emma Lewis

    Something easy to start with, so stir fry.

  50. Jennifer Turnbull

    Chilli because its my favourite meal at the moment!

  51. kelly edwards

    Beef stew and dumplings.

  52. Lani Nash

    a hearty winter veg stew

  53. Sarah Parker

    spag bol

  54. Lucy Wright-Booth

    Curry – my favourite food in the world 🙂

  55. Kay Perry


  56. Lora McGinlay

    leek and spring onion risotto

  57. susan willshee

    I would cook gluten free pasta with a cheese sauce and with leeks, spinach and gluten free veggie hot dog slices.

  58. Sarah Mcknight

    A lovely beef stew

  59. Laura Claridge

    Beef Stew & Dumplings 🙂 x

  60. Nicolette Walker

    A nice warming stew.

  61. Chris Noton

    A winter vegetable casserole

  62. Leigh Larkin

    A nice Spag Bol – perfect for cold nights!

  63. Jenette ogborn

    Stew Mmmmmmm

  64. Karen Lloyd

    Lamb and spinach curry

  65. Neil Hutchings

    Definately a steak!

  66. megan hughes

    eggs and bacon

  67. laura jayne bates

    A stew

  68. Artur Swiderski

    Beef Steak!

  69. Isabel Marie Baker

    I would make a tasty home made stew 🙂 Thank you

  70. casspuss

    Quick Nicoise Style Salad

  71. Sarah Mills

    beef stew

  72. paul jackson

    stir fry

  73. Diana Semionova

    Curry 🙂

  74. leanne williams


  75. Laura Whittle

    Juicy steak

  76. blueberry88

    Chicken Tikka Massala 🙂

  77. Sue Butler

    Seeing as it’s winter i’d have to warm up the whole family cooking a stew!

  78. Kelly Hooper

    a stirfry

  79. Alison Turner

    Lamb Curry 🙂

  80. Sarah mcI


  81. Vicki A Smith

    A nice hearty beef stew and dumplings

  82. Irene Mason


  83. Maureen Quinnell

    full Scottish breakfast – not had one in ages..

  84. Diane Carey

    Corned Beef Hash

  85. Kenneth Mason

    a pan of mince beef and vegatables hash turnip,leeks,onions,pieces of potatoes,celeriac,some times a hand full of frozen sliced runner beans or a bit of cabbage,couple of stock pot cubes,couple of spoonfuls of gravy granules an hour on the cooker, four small yorkshire puddings floating per person,super.

  86. Victoria Morrison

    Great big juicy stew!!!

  87. Helen Talboys

    Leek and Potato soup 🙂

  88. Nicola Dudson

    Spanish Omlette

  89. Jessica Scott


  90. chris mcmeikan

    chicken stir fry

  91. stephen holman

    a nice chinese stir fry

  92. Paul Chadwick

    A lovely juicy steak

  93. Victoria Gregory


  94. Clare F Wood

    would help with christmas dinner

  95. Philippa Eckersley

    The Rhubarb & Ginger Cake recipe sounds amazing and I intend on trying it very soon

  96. Philippa Eckersley

    A really spicy curry

  97. Andy Ferris

    Has to be a stew with dumplings.

  98. Gerald Ludlow

    A beef casserole with lots of veg.

  99. kate andrews

    A Hungarian Goulash



  101. Mary-Ann Pollard

    my special sausage casserole!

  102. Chantal

    A nice heartwarming stew

  103. Clare T

    Veggie chilli

  104. Wendy

    Beef stew and dumplings

  105. Helen G

    Steak! <3

  106. Jill Ashton


  107. Nicola

    Slow roasted lamb shanks with creamy mash and red wine gravy

  108. n parker

    Chicken Tikka Massala

  109. shell

    A beef stew

  110. christine shelley

    spagetti bolognese

  111. kirsty cooper

    satay beef stir fry

  112. TracyJo

    My favourite, beef stew and dumplings x

  113. Janet

    It would be great for a Thai green curry, leave to simmer on a low heat, no risk of burning(something I do quite a lot).

  114. Ben Audsley

    macaroni cheese – well the sauce !

  115. Dee Blenheim

    Grecian Lemon potatoes & Slow Cooked Lamb With Olive Oil & Lemon & Thyme ….

  116. Jenny

    Chicken and vegetable stir fry

  117. Anne Cater

    A blond chilli – chilli con carne, but with pork mince rather than beef – delicious!

  118. Kirsten Murphy

    probably goulash with some fried potatoes as a special treat

  119. Simona

    A bean chili

  120. Ellie M

    Prawn and pea risotto… or scrambled eggs on toast!

  121. stephen

    in the frying pan: pork chops, with a white wine and mustard sauce

    in the casserole: boeuf bourguignon

  122. Simone

    A stew

  123. michel iste

    I would cook a Coq au Vin …very nice .

  124. kelly dove

    My Homemade famous lasagne

  125. maria gill

    A lovely Vegetarian Chillie !

  126. Rebecca Parke

    Definately a big fry up!

  127. Delyth Earp

    Beef stew

  128. sarah fleck

    Bacon Butties 😀

  129. Sarah Davies

    A warming casserole

  130. Mr Michael Flieger

    Beans On Toast

  131. Debra Johnson

    Ribeye steak with new potatoes, green beans & a peppercorn sauce.

  132. Mcj

    A nice warming soup.

  133. Colin Faulkner

    Sausage casserole

  134. georgie pope

    a veggie stew

  135. Jasmina

    Ratatouille with chorizo ​​sausage

  136. Jenny Wade

    Chillie con Carne, with aubergines and a tiny bit of chorizo to make it very tasty.

  137. Hellie

    A lovely chicken cassarole with lots of veg… yum yum…

  138. sara yarnell

    I also commented on the curried root vegetable soup.

  139. sara yarnell

    My beer and beef stew with mustard dumplings

  140. Holly S

    Sausage casserole!

  141. Herbert Appleby

    commented here – Instant Orange Cheesecakes

  142. Rosalind

    Sesame Prawns

  143. JaneM

    Chicken Stir Fry.

  144. sarah brooker

    Sweet Chilli Sausage Plait – commented.

  145. Lee Pitts

    Chickpea, coconut and lemon Curry

  146. Anthony Martin

    Beef Stew and dumplings

  147. maxine goodfellow

    home made meat balls with hidden veg and yummy tomatoe sauce with pasta

  148. sam fut

    veggie stew

  149. Kirsty

    A casserole or hotpot

  150. Debbie Nichols

    A spicy sausage casserole

  151. Jessica walkin

    Definitely some halloumi!

  152. Jessica walkin

    Definitely some halloumi!!

  153. gemma blake

    a lovely spicy chilli!

  154. sharon wilson

    Bacon and egg sandwich

  155. michelle meaney

    A yummy Chicken Curry!

  156. Tom Baines

    will do a pork calavdos with shalots and wild garlic

  157. Alice Beaumont

    A nice hearty casserole

  158. samantha nickells

    spag bol..familys favourite.

  159. mandalouise

    Commented on Walnut Mocha Torte

  160. mandalouise

    A Cheese and Bacon Omlette

  161. Sue Gale

    A steak with a mushroom and black pepper cream sauce

  162. Susan Kempson

    I would make a lovely fruit omelette for my breakfast in the frying pan and in the stock pot a wholesome Staffordshire Lobby!

  163. Jasmina K.

    chicken masala

  164. Cat Williams

    A steak cooked to perfection!

  165. Helen

    I’d make a omlette

  166. Dan Murphy

    Which one?! A ham and cheese omelet in the frying pan and a hearty, autumnal, comfort foody shepherd’s pie in the casserole dish. Yum!

  167. Tanya Camilleri

    A big pot of chili

  168. vikki hamer

    Lamb rogan josh!

  169. Laura foulds

    Spicy chicken and peppers for fajitas

  170. Sue Draper

    would love these

  171. mark r

    a stir fry

  172. Nuala Rees

    steak n mushroom in gravy with dumplings like dad use to make it

  173. Nuala Rees

    steak and mushroom in gravy with dumpling topping the way my dad use to make it yummy

  174. Joan Percival

    Vegetable curry

  175. Lin Young

    lamb curry

  176. Lucy Irving

    chicken casserole

  177. gillian york

    chicken curry

  178. susaq

    frikadellar. Mmmm . .

  179. Carol Peace

    A big stew for all the family

  180. Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    My sausage, red wine and rosemary casserole

  181. Susan Mann


  182. clair downham

    lamb curry

  183. Mary Holt

    A gorgeous chicken curry

  184. Debbie Burfoot

    a huge chilli con carne

  185. Eliza_Do_Lots

    I would make an omelette. I know that’s dull but my pans are terrible and it always sticks – a decent omelette would go down a treat.

  186. Pauline Appleton

    A nice warming stew

  187. Nicola Holland

    Beef and Ale cassserole

  188. Angela Wilcox

    Beef Casserole

  189. Wendy Tolhurst


  190. adrian trevelyan

    All I can do is scrabbled egg and baked beans, however they would be the most epic scrambled egg and baked beans ever!

  191. Amanda

    A risotto

  192. Nickie


  193. Jennifer Taylor

    Beef and ale casserole

  194. Teresa Thorne

    vegetable casserole

  195. Sue Bowden

    Beef Stew and dumplings x

  196. keshia esgate

    Chicken and vegetable stew

  197. rachael jones

    Omlette !


    chicken in a white wine sauce

  199. Neil Pearson


  200. ceril Roberts

    My partner does the cooking and I would get him to cook me some Chicken Chasseur – Yum!

  201. Aileen Scott

    Slow cooked beef stew in red wine!

  202. Helen Garner


  203. Laura Oxley

    Beef pot roast.

  204. Emma Clement

    I’m a veggie – but my hubby isn’t! I’d cook in a lovely fillet steak because that’s how happy I’d be to have won 🙂
    Emma xx (@beachpebble)

  205. Jane Brown


  206. Cath Joyce

    A curry

  207. Emma

    A delicious slow cooked beef stew with dumplings!


    A curry

  209. Mia Clarke

    Chicken Curry

  210. Kane Casburn

    Would love this

  211. Louise A

    A proper fry up..a real treat in this house

  212. cathyj

    pesto chicken

  213. Paula Phillips

    A risotto

  214. Gilla01

    Left a comment on Blackberry and Apple Jam.

  215. Gilla01

    My first dish would be chicken rissotto – made with home made chicken stock and lots of veg. Perhaps not a ‘proper’ rissotto, but very tasty.

  216. Isabelle Smith


  217. Jill Mann

    I’ve commented on the Walnut Mocha Torte. Looks sooooo yummy x

  218. Jill Mann

    Beef casserole and herby dumplings x

  219. Lily Bowers

    casserole and pancakes

  220. Kieran


  221. Annie Costa

    a hearty stew,with seasonal root veg and chunks of pork

    1. Annie Costa

      I’ve left a comment on “Croquiches”

  222. Clint Howat

    These look amazing for casseroles

  223. Deborah Wheeler

    A curry

  224. John Smith

    These look amazing for casseroles

  225. stephanie lovatt

    spagetti bolognaise

  226. Starry (@Orangeblossom78)

    Think I’d go with a casserole

  227. Dawn Wilkinson

    Would be scrambled eggs

  228. Daniel inglis

    beef madras

  229. Hazel Christopher

    A nice curry

  230. sarah pearce

    have commented on your rhubarb and ginger cake,sounds lush x

  231. sarah pearce

    chilli con carne x

  232. yolanda davis

    i commented on kransekage mummies

  233. Kerry Dobson

    I’d cook a hearty stew and dumplings – fab food on a cold winter night

  234. Rachael Barratt

    Chicken in black bean sauce with egg fried rice, yum!

  235. Elizabeth Smith

    stir fry

  236. Gillian Holmes

    chicken stew

  237. Lancashire Food

    A great stew

  238. lynne newton

    i would cook the perfect scrambled eggs

  239. Ema J Lowe

    I would cook a nice chicken curry

  240. C Parkin

    I’ve commented on the Quick Spelt Butternut Squash Cake recipe

  241. C Parkin

    I’d cook beef stirfry


    Beef stew with lots of vegetables and some chilli.

  243. cookiemonster40

    Yoghurt and parmesan chicken breasts. Going to try this recipe 🙂

    Jacqueline Cook

  244. Jacqueline Cook

    I’d cook a big pan of scouse and serve it with beetroot and crusty bread. Mmmmmm 🙂

  245. Kathryn Salmon

    Beef stew

  246. kellyjo walters

    a seafood risotto

  247. Becky John

    A chicken curry

  248. Marge

    A Chicken Curry

  249. Richard Turner

    a stir fry

  250. Veronica Therawati

    chicken curry


    also commented on the Damson Jam post


    would cook a paella!!

  253. Lauren

    I would make a nice full english breakfast, not had one of those in ages! xx

    1. julie gunn

      such amazing kitchen ware. I could conjure up many a tasty meal for my family using them.

  254. Chrissie Owens

    A chilli.

  255. samantha price

    a lovely beef stew ready for these cold nights in

  256. Susan Elaine Carter

    I have commented on the Mixed Tomato Chutney recipe.

  257. Susan Elaine Carter

    I’d cook up one of my hearty bean & whatever’s lurking along with the lentils veggie stew. The enamel finish will stop the barley striking o the base.

  258. lindsay

    These are beautiful, perfect for making nice winter comfort food.

  259. Mrs T

    Stir fry – chicken and veg, would be amazing in one of these.

  260. Jules

    I’d cook a tasty chilli chicken noodle soup to warm me up on a cold winter’s evening 🙂

  261. Jennifer Shewan

    We’re going through an ‘Italian’ stage so definitely pasta!!

  262. michelle rogers

    Would love to rustle something up with this winning prize

  263. Ruth Baker

    a fluffy omelette

  264. Chloe Metcalf

    chicken casserole yum 🙂

  265. Mary Baldwin

    In this cold weather, french onion soup to warm me up.

  266. Ann Furey

    A rich beef bourguignon with the best Scotch beef and burgundy wine.

  267. Julie Howarth

    I would cook my hubby and my favourite – Chicken Tikka Masala 🙂

  268. Beverley Cousins

    Pans of my own,YEAH! Only i am a celiac and need to keep my food separate from wheat,barley etc.
    No more arguing over pans anymore.

  269. Natalie

    I would make a scrummy quorn chilli

  270. Alexandra

    I would slow cook a delicious beef casserole!

  271. jennyminch

    Would cook a lovely warming steak stew n dumplings

  272. zoe lucas

    I would cook my husband a thai green curry 😀

  273. Katie Boyd

    Beef and ale stew!! Always a winner in the winter months!!

  274. Joanne Gaylor

    I would get my husband to make some of his lovely chicken curry. After all, I’d’ve done the hard part, winning the pans! 😉

  275. emily greentree

    I think I’d cook my favourite meal – red pepper and lentil chilli

  276. 2580j

    good old sausage casserole lol

  277. Sarah B


  278. Esme McCrubb

    I would make a nice curry slimming world style

  279. Elaine Ner

    fresh eggs from my hens

  280. euphoriabuzz

    Love the retro shape of that casserole dish.

  281. carolyn

    I would make some sweet sauce with chilli and spices to pep up chicken.

  282. Al MacInnes

    spag bol

  283. Solange

    Vegetarian stir fry

  284. kirsty parry

    great comp

  285. tracey l

    a lovely hot and spicy curry x

  286. Lucy Zelazowski

    Lamb tagine – I beat that it would come out beautiful!

  287. Katie Evans

    Paella 🙂

  288. Steve

    A huge curry for the family

  289. Catherine V

    Chinese chicken & noodle Strir-Fry 🙂

  290. Harriet Ennis

    beef stroganoff I think. love it!

  291. Ruth Harwood

    The first thing i would cook would be a Spag Bol 😀

  292. nat thomason

    coq qu vin.

  293. Jan Beal

    Lamb Shanks with lentils and redcurrant gravy

  294. Donna Kitching

    Beef bourgignon

  295. Caroline Bromle.

    My favourite aubergine, mushroom and potato curry!

  296. Jessica Cocks

    A client of mine told me about an amazing dinner she had in Greece – fresh chopped up tomatoes cooked in olive oil, onion and basil and lastly an egg cracked on top. I break the yolk but you can have it unbroken – place a lid on top and allow the egg to cook, then serve with crusty bread for dipping, it’s FANTASTIC!

  297. mrs linda gill

    the biggest bolly !

  298. Stephanie Whitehouse

    a beef stew with dumplings. I already have a shallow one of these pans so i know how good they are

  299. Choclette

    Oh an omelette in the fry pan – I need a pan I can put under the grill to finish off the top. As for the cassarole, a great big winter veggie stew with dumplings.

  300. Galina V

    Chicken and prawn jambalaya

  301. Claire Toplis

    herby scrambled eggs

  302. michele prest

    would love to win

  303. Susan Ellams

    a great big stir fry

  304. Lorraine Gregory


  305. rosemary wright

    Ratatouille my favourite

  306. Georgina Ball

    Baked beans lol

  307. natalja p.

    pea and bacon soup

  308. Darius Dragasius


  309. Aimee R @ Wallflower

    Some spicy curry 🙂

  310. Miss Helen Southam


  311. Christine Richardson

    Chilli Con Carne

  312. tracy baines

    it would have to be a good old fry up, sausage, bacon, eggs and hash browns

  313. Robyn Clarke

    A curry

  314. Lexi Davenport

    My grandma’s chicken stew.

  315. Herbert Appleby

    I’d like to cook chinese spair rib soup and a sea food special noodles

  316. Brooke Ritchie

    Oh yes this would be christened with stew & dumplings

  317. Melissa Kelly

    My Grandma’s famous fried potatoes with onions.

  318. Alison

    A beef stew

  319. Bernhard Maier

    a curry!

  320. Jenny Silver

    Probably a stir fry x

  321. mark wiggins

    Thai Chicken

  322. Kyomi Johnson

    I would make a home made curry with a range of different spices and special fried rice.

  323. l thomas

    tarte tatin

  324. Iona Cornish

    Beef Stew

  325. Vanessa

    Chicken tikka

  326. Judy Monti

    A lovely stir fry with chicken, beansporuts, carrots, baby sweetcorn and waterchestnuts, with a honey, soy and chilli sauce. Mmm…tasty, healthy, colourful and crunchy!

  327. Jo Maxted


  328. Hannah Ellis

    beef and ale casserole

  329. Charlotte


  330. ruth steel

    Tomato soup

  331. laura townsend

    A lovely warming shepherds pie for the autumn/winter months.

  332. janine atkinson

    Spaghetti Bolognaise

  333. Andrew Rowlands

    Lamb stew mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  334. Hazel Hulson

    I would cook pasta and meatballs in tomato sauce.

  335. Lyndsey B


  336. Tam B

    A prawn stirfry

  337. Graham Ross

    A nice hot curry

  338. Gaynor Ann Grant

    Great comp.

  339. Thomas Williamson

    Ohh a good bolognese i think would be first

  340. Vanessa

    Friday night curry.

  341. Ali Thorpe

    A very red, rich bean stew with a hint of chilli.

  342. Honora Livesey

    Carrot & coriander soup 🙂

  343. Tommy

    A Curry

  344. Louise Hart

    a hearty veg chilli

  345. Samantha Borley

    Pad thai

  346. Angela butcher

    I would make beef stew with dumplings every week

  347. Su Tyler

    bolognaise sauce cooked long and slow to enrich the flavours.

  348. Susan Taylor

    Chicken casserole

  349. Kristy Brown

    A lovely home made beef stew

  350. Jen @ BlueKitchenBakes

    I’d make a huge pot of spicy chilli con carne in the casserole and an indulgent fry up in the frying pan

  351. Jackie ONeill

    Lamb Stew with Dumplings

  352. kelly

    Stew with dumplings 🙂


    It would have to be a nice warming stew 🙂

  354. Helen Thurston

    curried veggie lentils and sweet potato mash.

  355. Courtney Renee

    My chicken stir fry.

  356. caroline

    Ohhhhh decisions decisions…….think I would go for a homemade stew & dumplings 🙂

  357. tony allan

    a vegi and bean casserole

  358. Tracy Klein

    I would cook a Greek dish called Stifado, Its slow cooked veal with baby onions in a tomato and red wine based sauce, delicious

  359. Julie Davies

    I would make a fabulous chicken curry


    its cold and miserable outside so some comfort food like beef stew and dumplings or a chilli con carne

  361. Rebecca Phillips

    commented on Warm Chicken, Bacon and Tarragon Salad for Fathers Day

  362. kar26

    Spagetti Bolagnese

  363. Em Shears

    A cassoulet

  364. Lauren John

    Pancakes nom nom!

  365. Anne Wallwin

    i commented on spelt danish apple ring

  366. Patricia Wiffen

    Sorry to be boring but it just has to be spag bol!

  367. Katy

    I would cook a lovely warming curry! 🙂

  368. Abena

    Full English Breakfast – The whole shebang!

  369. Brian

    A good beef casserole

  370. Lisa Catalano

    Beef bourguignon 😉

  371. Debbie Timms

    Traditional Irish stew, perfect in this cold weather!

  372. David Collins

    Beef & vegetable stir-fry

  373. Jay Scales

    Sweet & Sour chicken with tons of crunchy veg 😀

  374. Gale Grant

    Nick Nairn’s quick chicken curry

  375. faye huntington

    a chicken dish!

  376. SARAH rees

    spag bol

  377. Chris Reid

    Spag Bol 🙂

  378. angela sandhu

    chicken curry

  379. Helen Humphries

    An autumnal comforting squash risotto

  380. Richard Rowley

    Chilli con carne


    I would cook a beef stew, with winter vegetables and dumplings in rich gravy

  382. victoria thurgood

    chicken soup

  383. Janette Arnold

    crepe naughty but a nice treat

  384. Susan Hall


  385. Lauren aroundtheworldin80bakes.com

    I would love to make a big pot of winter stew with lots of barley bacon and veg. 🙂

  386. Tamsin Dean

    Chilli (hot, lol) con carne

  387. John Seaman

    Penne Arrabiata

  388. Mickie Bull

    Lamb & Mint Casserole

  389. Barbara Webster

    I would cook in my Stellar pan a Mustard chicken with winter vegetables.

  390. Allan Smith

    A lovely stew!

  391. foodjam.co.uk

    A lovely oxtail stew with creamy mash pototato

  392. Catharine Rice

    I’d cook myself some yummy pancakes!!

  393. Polly davis


  394. Danielle Graves


  395. caroline scott

    a lovely rich venison casserole, perfect for the cooler. darker nights of Autumn

  396. Katherine L

    I’d love to make a big chilli with these pans!

  397. Anne Wallwin

    either beef stew or steak

  398. Ritakd

    I’d love to cook a hearty winter stew.

  399. Bev Brown

    Where to start?! I think I’d try out some of our favourite Indian vegetarian dishes.

  400. Sandra Oliver

    I would use these beautiful pans to cook a creamy mushroom risotto stand and stir it to get the greatest benefit and enjoy the whole cooking process…….Love these pans

  401. Jayne Sullivan

    Comment made on Danish Apple Cake

  402. Jayne Sullivan

    A wholesome vegetable stew for those cold winter evenings.

  403. Zoe Howarth

    Chilli con carne

  404. Lisa Collins

    A cooked breakfast

  405. Caroline Clarke

    A lovely beef madras with pilau rice. Mmm.

  406. Natasha Stehr

    I’d slow cook a pulled pork dish…

  407. Chloe Metcalf

    Chicken Stir Fry 🙂

  408. ashley smith

    chicken curry 🙂

  409. Tim Bain

    Beef stew and cabbage

  410. Penelope Harper

    I love the idea of being able to caramalise my chicken on the hob, add vegetables to my casserole, stick it in the oven in the same pan and go off and do something interesting – and only one great pan to wash up too!

  411. Pamela Savage

    I would make Scouse the famiuly love it

  412. sian hallewell

    a rosemary lamb casserole

  413. Chris Davies

    Will be great for chilli

  414. katrina walsh

    blackberry jam – I picked loads and froze them this year

  415. Stephanie Tsang

    Chicken korma

  416. Adele Hill

    beef stew and dumplings

  417. angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

    Chicken Apple one of my favourite dishes


  418. jennifer thorpe

    a risotto

  419. Ann Gwillim

    A large casserole for the dark winter nights ahead

  420. Heather T


  421. Heather Cain

    I would love t win this pan to cook all my ingrediants in ready for my cottage pie

  422. Andy D

    Beef Stew

  423. Hilda Hazel Wright

    I’d cook my lovely lamb stew with rich rosemary and garlic gravy and new potatos.

  424. Heather Walsh

    Veggie Stew

  425. Annabelle Taylor

    I’d cook an enormous pan of mince and then split it for Bolognese sauce, Ragu and Chilli. In these heady days of high power bills and fuel poverty I try to do as many batch cooks as I can, it doesn’t cost that much more to cook a large casserole, curry etc than a small ‘one meal’ size.

    These pans are a v desirable prize for cooks. Good pans are like good husbands, if they’re good quality, they’re with you for life!!!

  426. Laura H

    A yummy warming chicken casserole…..

  427. ValB

    A lovely beef pot roast with winter casserole vegetables

  428. John Massie

    A nice Chicken Curry

  429. Sarah Fawcett

    I’ve commented on the Tomato Chutney recipe and retweeted it too

  430. barbara shaw

    I would cook a lovely Irish stew – yummy

  431. Helen

    If I won the pan, the first thing I would cook is a nice hot chilli con carne, my family’s favourite

  432. Isobelle Forde

    I would make a beef and chorizo chilli, nice and smokey with lots of beans and chunky veggies

  433. Val Swift

    A Chicken casserole

  434. Caroline H

    I’d make a lovely pan of pumpkin soup.

  435. Joanne Mcgawley

    My favourite ~ Lamb Karahi with extra chilli 🙂

  436. Alfie Davidson

    A lovely thick chilli

  437. David Paterson

    Beef stew

  438. JO JONES

    A beef stew as it is getting chilly weather now

  439. JoJo Young

    I would cook spag bol, a nice easy family favourite!

  440. Kieran Walsh

    good old stable British fav (do not tell Doctor), Bacon Eggs, Sausages

  441. Mark Barlow

    A nice Chicken – yum! Fingers crossed, and good luck folks

  442. Roger Bufton

    Rabbit stew

  443. Roger Bufton

    Love Stuffed Turkey Breast Steaks in Blankets!

  444. justine meyer

    A beef stew

  445. Victoria Easton

    In the casserole dish I would pre cook a sausage casserole then put it in the oven. In the frying pan I would cook a stir fry.

  446. sharon mead

    atm poached pears in red wine as we have lots to use up 🙂

  447. Linda Macdonald

    I would make peach chutney in the large pan, as I don’t have anything big enough at present.

  448. Emily Jayne Phipps

    A huge chilli!

  449. Andrea

    A casserole as the weather is getting colder.

  450. Sarah Prightingale

    Sausage casserole – one of our favourites

  451. Tracey Belcher

    A nice beef casserole and dumplings 🙂

  452. tracy steer

    chicken hotpot be great

  453. Lynsey Buchanan

    chicken casserole

  454. Kate Marsden

    A fried egg. What could be nicer that a freshly cooked soft egg

  455. Amy Ripley

    A lamb curry!

  456. melanie stirling

    Lamb casserole

  457. Mat

    I would cook all of the food, but mostly stew.

  458. Judy

    I would make a curry and fluffy rice.

  459. Darren Collins (@bigdc76)

    um a nice stew and dumplins 🙂

  460. clare leahy

    it would have to be a proper heart warming
    beef stew and dumplings 🙂

  461. Dave E

    Chicken stir-fry

  462. Sarah Morris

    A spicy spaghetti bolognese

  463. Libby Alexander

    I’m just starting to learn the joys of slow cooking, so would probably make a beef casserole and dumplings. I’ve found that even I can’t go wrong much with this.

  464. Chris

    chilli con carne

  465. Rachael G


  466. Michaela Kelly

    A huge stew to share with friends

  467. Alison Smith

    Spaghetti bolognese mmmm 🙂

  468. Ana stimpy

    I’d cook a lovely sausage bake …. Even if the kids would moan !

  469. deedee

    Chicken Casserole

  470. lyn burgess

    Spoon lamb, braised in a very low oven for 5/6 hours, till it can bs served with just a spoon.

  471. Irene Wright

    Would probably just drool over them for a while and then cook whatever is in the fridge at the time when I get motivated.

  472. Laura

    A Roast Chicken Dinner with all the trimmings

  473. Angela Walton

    A lovely lamb hotpot

  474. Jill Webb

    Suasage apple and oinion caserrole

  475. Hannah Bee Griffin

    It would have to be a Jambalaya with home-made American biscuits

  476. Sandra Clarke

    Spaghetti Bolognese, my favourite.

  477. Jayne T

    A veggie hot pot.

  478. Linda Hobbis

    A fabulous stir fry with egg noodles, chillies, ginger and salmon.

  479. Kat Lucas

    Beef Stew & Dumplings

  480. Claire Bodin


  481. Gavin

    Beef Casserole with dumplings

  482. Val Hartley

    I would cook a roast dinner with all the trimmings.

  483. Mary Chez

    Chicken casserole

  484. Elaine Savage

    trusty old spag bol I expect!

  485. Melanie Gardiner

    Jamaican Pepperpot stew

  486. Karen Barrett

    A beef stir fry

  487. Linda C

    A lovely beef casserole with dumplings

  488. Matthew short

    A runny egg with soldiers for my little boy. Yes men can boil an egg!

  489. Hannah ONeill

    Probably a curry

  490. hannonle

    chicken casserole

  491. Rob Griffiths

    A beef caserole

  492. carol egan

    A lovely beef and guinness casserole

  493. Victoria

    chicken curry 😀

  494. jen english

    A heart warming stew because the weather’s getting cooler and we’re craving that home made taste.

  495. lynn lewer

    Beef Stew and Dumplings

  496. Nikkii pellow

    a nice roast beef!

  497. Katie Last

    A big old batch of beautiful Mexican bean chilli.

  498. Megan Bayford


  499. foz

    I would make a chicken biryani

  500. Sylvia Witham

    A chicken casserole

  501. Barbara daniels


  502. Ursula Hunt

    A big family Rissotto

  503. san

    vegetable stew

  504. Lauren Pilkington

    id cook chilli

  505. Graeme Macmillan

    An omelette

  506. Lara

    Ooo a warming veggie sausage stew, with some herb dumplings. And the frying pan would have to be used for some bubble and squeak patties, fried tomatoes and eggs.

  507. sam schofield

    id do a nice stew gonna need it way weather going!!

  508. Andrew Petrie

    Lamb curry

  509. sandra b

    Beef stew and Dumplings..:)

  510. Priscilla Stubbs

    A Winter vegetable soup, leeks, carrots, butternut squash and parsley

  511. Chey Dakota

    i would use both pans to make Mediterranean bean stew with potato griddle cakes

  512. Kimmie Alex

    An omlette!

  513. simone lee


  514. David Vessey

    Got to be a lovely fry-up!

  515. Winnie

    steak 🙂

  516. Hassni

    A spicy vegetable casserole.

  517. Margaret

    My favourite vegetarian casserole 🙂

  518. Hannah Lawrence (Lewenstein)

    A delicious veggie stew with dumplings 😀 Nommy!

  519. katrina day-reilly


  520. Dyana Rose

    I’d do a slow cooked leg of lamb.

  521. Amelia Avossa

    a seafood stew or a Paella! 🙂

  522. Anna

    My mum has had Stellar pans for years and they are still brilliant. I’d make a hot chocolate while I looked through all my cookery books for things to try.

  523. A Benson

    Spaghetti Bolognese – family favourite, nice & easy for first try in new pan

  524. elaine dale

    a cheese omelette

  525. Susan Crosswaite

    A risotto

  526. Beky Austerberry

    A stew or cassarole – our families faves

  527. Joanna Coleshill

    I’d cook a nice beef casserole.

  528. Mary Heald



    staffordshire lobby

  530. S Edwards

    A Nice Stew

  531. Steve

    Seafood Paella and lots of it !.

  532. Heather Haigh

    A Moroccan spiced casserole.

  533. Joanne Mapp

    As the weather is turning colder, I would cook a beef stew with herb duplings

  534. Phil Darling

    I’d cook a Lamb curry

  535. Sarah Fawcett

    Risotto mmmmmm

  536. Joseph Watson

    Boeuf Bourguignon

  537. Claire Smith

    A fabulous Beef Stifado

  538. Kelly Koya

    a spicy curry

  539. Peter McCormack

    I feel a pot-roasted leg o’ lamb (Le Gigot a l’Aveyronnaise) comin’ on!

  540. nicola

    I’d cook a chilli – my husbands favourite

  541. Linda spevick

    Salt beef in the oven

  542. Emily

    Spanish omelet – sounds easy but needs a great pan to make it!

  543. Claire C

    Lamb Hotpot 🙂

  544. Dee Dmonte

    My first dish would be a good old fry up on a Sunday morning.

  545. Mark Whittaker

    Slow cooked lamb stew with rosemary dumplings

  546. Zoe G

    I would cook Chilli Con Carne

  547. Penny Hannibal

    A lovely Thai curry 🙂

  548. Sue Harrison

    Fancy trying a paella

  549. Paula

    Beef stew and dumplings

  550. J. Tingay

    A spicy goulash would be first on the list.

  551. Rachel Smith

    a tasty home made steak casserole slowly cooked

  552. Sarah Benn

    Chicken chasseur

  553. euphoriabuzz

    The pans look so well made and sturdy. I would make beef stew and dumplings in the cauldron style casserole pot.

  554. nik mccormick


  555. Luke

    A vege casserole for me!

  556. Jazz

    the perfect fried egg!

  557. Hadriana

    A spicy pork bean and vegetable Stew

  558. Karen Davey


  559. Lynn Savage

    As we’re coming into autumn I would cook a nice casserole proaly with my favourite meat lamb and veggies. Summers finished – enough salads.

  560. Carrie Ashton

    A chicken casserole

  561. Samantha Holloway

    This may sound silly, but pancakes as for the pass couple of years the kids have been unable to enjoys a good pancake as my pan always sticks and it turns out like a scrabbled pancake concoction.

  562. Rebecca Phillips

    irish stew

  563. Eleanor W

    Probably a frittata as my non stick pans have lost their ‘non stick’ so I can’t make it at the moment.

  564. Sue Stevenson

    These could be very useful;

  565. Sue Stevenson

    These would be very useful

  566. chris hunt

    I would cook my husband a lovely warming winter stew.

  567. Bernadette Blundell

    i would cook up a nice corned beef ash now its getting abit colder

  568. Clare Webb

    Pasta – the kids love it and my eldest *has* to have it every day!

  569. vandervaulk

    A nice chicken tikka curry

  570. Michelle Bosomworth

    fab giveaway

  571. Karen Scammell

    chili con carne!

  572. Anna Myszak

    A soup

  573. Tanya Hindes

    I would first cook an Omlete packed with mushroom, peppers and onions. Yum Yum Yum

  574. Helen Simpson

    Hmm, I’d make a big batch of jam with the surplus from my allotment!

  575. Maggie Coates

    Probably a beef stew and dumplings

  576. Lorraine Tinsley

    A nice big beef stew for the whole family 🙂

  577. conrad edwards

    I would make a bolognese

  578. glenn hutton

    A stir fry

  579. Svetlana Lemantovic

    mushroom risotto

  580. Katherine Adams

    I would cook an omelette

  581. Kelly Harper

    a spag bol

  582. Rebecca Maddocks

    Prawn stir fry

  583. melanie harbor

    quorn chilli

  584. Christina Macey

    Chilli con carne.

  585. melanie harbor

    quorn chilli!

  586. Francesca Tuck

    I would cook a celebratory coq au vin.

  587. Tracey Peach

    They look very strong & durable. I have also stayed away from cast iron thinking they would be too heavy like you. I am pleased they are not as heavy as you thought they would be. I would give them a good test & fry some egg’s in the frying pan as I have yet to find one that the egg’s don’t stick to & cook a lovely stew in the casserole dish & see if it comes up clean.

  588. Gill Bland

    Hopefully paella

  589. Alison Wright

    Absolutely beautiful looking pans – fabulous prize draw.

  590. Vanessa Cox

    I would cook a delicious Beef Bourguignon!

  591. liz denial

    I’d make a veggie chilli

  592. Hazel Rea

    I commented on this recipe: https://www.fabfood4all.co.uk/brunch-quesidillas/#comment-248660

  593. Hazel Rea

    Turkey casserole because now the weather is getting colder we’ll be having it more often.

  594. Frances hopkins

    Spag Bol

  595. Ashleigh Allan

    I would do a sausage casserole

  596. laura banks

    sausage casserole

  597. Sarah

    I’d make a spaghetti bolognase

  598. Mike Martin

    Chicken chasseur

  599. Janice

    I commented on Danish Apple Cake

  600. Denise Slater

    I left a message on the Blackberry and Apple loaf 🙂

  601. Janice

    oh I love a cast iron pan! I would make a lovely slow cooked pot roast in the casserole dish and some French toast in the frying pan.

  602. June Etherington

    The 1st thing I would cook will be a good old fashioned stew. Made with loads of fresh vegetables.

  603. Denise Slater

    I would make a Cullen Skink

  604. shaheen

    Mixed tomato chutney

  605. kim plant

    a chicken stir fry xx

  606. shaheen

    A vegetarian casserole.

  607. Tracy Nixon

    Specunana Chocolate Brownies – commented

  608. Tracy Nixon

    A nice Roast Beef and Yorkshire Puddings Sunday Dinner!

  609. Emma

    I’d make a big family hot pot to share.

  610. Emily


  611. Chas Gilbert

    Probably a simple stir-fry

  612. Deirdre

    I would make a heart warming vegetarian sausage casserole for my oh as a special treat.

  613. Lynne OConnor

    spanish omelette

  614. tracey gwynne

    I would cook some salmon – it would be a good test to see how to get lovely crispy skin with ease and not leave a mess in the pan that is impossible to wash off!

  615. Phil Holland

    I cook my favourite everyday dish at the moment – catalan chicken with chorizo, paprika, onins and chopped tomatoes

  616. Sharon Hingley

    I’d cook my scrummy Seafood and Vodka sauce and homemade ravioli.

  617. Karen Whittaker

    Stir fry

  618. Hele R

    Lamb curry

  619. Maya Russell

    Commented on ‘Simply Delicious Spaghetti Bolognese’.

  620. Maya Russell

    I’d make a chicken curry in the casserole dish first.

  621. Kay panayi

    Prob a nice curry

  622. Nikki Hayes

    Pork and apple in cider with sautéed potatoes ;o)

  623. Phil Reeves


  624. Paula Harvey

    I would cook an Irish Coddle!

  625. prwilson

    Commented on Walnutty Wholemeal Bread

  626. Jean Bolsover

    In the casserole I’d cook a nice warming beef stew and dumplings. In the fry pan I’d cook a bacon and cheese frittata

  627. vivian allman

    damson jam…. we have loads this year

  628. Paul Wilson

    A nice beef stew.

  629. Jane Willis

    I’d cook a casserole because I could start it on the hob then move it to the oven without having to change pans

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