Win! A Donald Russell Classic Summer Selection of Luxury Meats worth £74.50 – Closed

Summer selection cropped

Gourmet, online butcher Donald Russell is helping you enjoy Summer fun with the family this year by giving away one of their fabulous, Classic Summer Selection packs of delicious, meaty treats.

From fantastic, Fillet Steaks to juicy, mini burgers for the kids, the Classic Summer Selection has something to tempt everyone out into the sunshine for a family friendly BBQ. This mouth-watering selection serves up to 12 people, so it’ll be enough to cater for even the largest family… or the hungriest!

Donald Russell fillet-steak

The box contains:

  • Two individually packed Fillet Steaks
  • Two individually packed Pave Rump Steaks
  • 4 Classic Steak Burgers
  • 8 Pork Sausages
  • 12 Mini Steak Burgers
  • 1 jar of THE Perfect Seasoning

Donald Russell is uncompromising when it comes to the quality of their meat so you’re guaranteed only the best flavour with this great prize. The beef is all grass-fed and naturally reared. Steaks are hand cut and trimmed by their master butchers, who also create the delicious, handmade sausages.


All this lovely, BBQ-ready meat can be further enhanced with some of THE Perfect Seasoning, guaranteed to make all meats taste even better! This natural and special blend of herbs and spices can’t be found anywhere else and comes beautifully presented in a re-useable PET jar. What’s more, The Perfect Seasoning is suitable for vegetarians, coeliacs and vegans so everyone will be able to try this flavoursome BBQ addition. Try it on grilled halloumi as a perfect, vegetarian option.

DONALD-RUSSELL-logo-small (Custom)

To cook this delicious selection of meats to perfection, follow these seven steps for BBQ cooking:

  1. Cook on a clean, pre-heated BBQ.
  2. Allow meat to come to room temperature for 20 minutes and then brush with oil.
  3. Sprinkle with The Perfect Seasoning just before cooking.
  4. Cook steak slowly until brown, turning once with long handled tongs.
  5. Cook meat for 60% of the time on the first side and 40% on the other.
  6. Check thicker cuts of meat with a thermometer to see if they’re cooked through.
  7. Rest meat on a rack, covered in foil for up to 20 minutes after cooking to allow it to become warm, moist and tender all the way through.
Donald Russell Meat Box

Donald Russell’s meat comes well packed in dry ice to keep your delivery frozen on arrival!

Now we’ve got your tastebuds working, make sure you read on to see how to enter for the chance of winning this great prize!

All you have to do to enter the competition is fill in the Rafflecopter below and answer the question: What’s your favourite BBQ food? Remember if you don’t answer the question your entry will be void.

How to enter:
Complete the Rafflecopter form below to confirm your entries made via blog comments, Twitter, etc.
This giveaway will close at midnight on 17/08/2013.
Please read the Terms and Conditions below.
Winners are announced on the Rafflecopter form after the prize has been claimed by the winner.
First timers: Please watch how Rafflecopter works (video)! It is 46 seconds long. It explains everything.
If no form is showing, hit refresh and it should appear.
Complete the form – or your entries will not go into the draw.
Mandatory entries need to be completed first – so leave a blog comment before you try and complete any of the other methods of entry.
Do you want more chances to win? Come back daily after tweeting about the giveaway and fill the form in again.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Terms and conditions:
Only open to UK participants over the age of 18.
There is 1 prize of a Donald Russel Summer Selection rrp £74.50. There’s no cash alternative and the prize is not transferable. No part or parts of the prize may be substituted for other benefits, items or additions.
Instructions form part of the terms and conditions. Entries using any software or automated process to make bulk entries will obviously be disqualified. The winner will be picked at random using software and then contacted by email. If you win and then don’t respond to this email within 3 days then another winner will be picked. The prize will be delivered to the winner as soon as possible after you have e-mailed your delivery address.

NB: This is a commissioned post.

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  1. Galina V

    Hi Camilla! Who is the lucky winner please? Would like to see the name displayed on the widget. Thank you.

    1. Camilla

      Published now:=)

  2. Jackie Allum

    Venison Burgers

  3. Kirsteen Mackay


  4. Stephanie Acton

    Corn on the cob with loads of butter

  5. catherine killen

    Really nice sausages especially cooked to perfection- had a BBQ yesterday and they were fantastic!

  6. charlotte thornton

    Chicken Skewers with vegatables

  7. Rey Chunara

    Lamb chops

  8. Ms colleen Thomas


  9. Tony Metcalf


  10. Donna Baxter

    Good quality burgers with blue cheese

  11. vicky varley

    lamb steaks yum

  12. Gale Grant


  13. sarah robertson

    I love Chinese Pork Chops or a piece of fillet steak

  14. Catherine White

    Shellfish, Lobster (Although only for VERY special occasions) Prawns

  15. Charlotte Hoskins

    I love a good, 100% meat burger 🙂

  16. Naomi Buchan

    Chicken Kebab skewers x

  17. shirley evans

    favourite barbecue food is steak

  18. Patrick Kamau


  19. Cheryl

    Mixed chicken and steak kebabs on skewers with mixed peppers … mmm mmm mmm.

  20. Eleanor Powell

    A succulent medium rump steak with homemade coleslaw

  21. Emma Price

    Newly discovered chorizo burgers! The king of all burgers!!!

  22. Alice Megan

    I love making skewers especially with chicken and peppers

  23. Becky John

    Homemade lamb burgers with sundried tomato and basil

  24. Sarah

    Kebabs 🙂

  25. Rochelle Lear


  26. pauline hill


  27. Sam Furniss

    Jerk chicken wings

  28. Leanne Knapman

    Sweet chilli chicken kebabs

  29. yvonne hayes

    My favourite is a well seasoned juicy steak

  30. Ian Campbell

    I’m a traditionalist at heart, I’ll say Beefburgers 🙂

  31. Lydia Graham

    Home made burgers made from Aberdeen Angus beef

  32. dawn

    chinese style steak 🙂

  33. Dawn Totton

    BBQ burgers.

  34. sairz eastham

    Chicken – diced with veges on a skewer 😀

  35. Colin Chapman

    Fresh Fish

  36. Chris Jeans

    Chicken Wings ! 🙂

  37. Claire Appleton

    Pork, red onion & pepper skewers! 🙂

  38. Mark Rayner

    A good Steak

  39. Petra

    Chicken kebab

  40. Andy Grant

    Homemade flatbreads with mixed kebabs

  41. Pat Stubbs

    Venison sausages

  42. Alison clark

    You can’t beat a good burger with salad homemade garlic mayo and bacon 🙂

  43. Amy McGregor

    Lamb skewered with vegetables

  44. Janice Street

    Steak, pre marinated in stout. This helps to ensure the meat is tender but also adds a superb flavour.

  45. Sylvia Burrows

    corn on the cob

  46. Rebecca Lis


  47. sara

    Venison burgers

  48. Alison Macdonald

    Salmon kebabs 🙂

  49. Julia Morris

    My fav bbq food is seared tuna steak that’s been marinated in chilli and lemon! Has to be pink in the middle!

  50. Denise S

    sticky marinated chicken

  51. Linda Hobbis

    Chicken, with a spicy barbecue sauce.

  52. Jane Ritchie


  53. June Gaynor

    Lamb Kebabs

  54. andrew reed

    scottish meat best meat in the world

  55. Vicki A Smith

    Chicken kebabs

  56. Cheryl O'Sullivan

    Good quality burgers or sausages. Love Donald Russell food!

  57. matt allison

    Spatchcocked chicken

  58. Karen Baxter

    I love to cook corn on the cob on the BBQ wrapped in foil.

  59. Kristy Brown


  60. Lydia Houghton

    Good quality sausages.

  61. Amanda Richardson

    Marinated Salmon Fillet with Jacket Potato

  62. Jayne K


  63. sarah


  64. Jo-Anne holton


  65. Maria Clarke

    Chicken kebab

  66. Rona G

    Sausage for me .Steak for Hubby

  67. Kelly Hooper

    chicken and pepper skewers

  68. Kirsty Brown

    Lamb on a skewer with vegetables.

  69. janet humphrey

    Homemade beefburgers with a cheesy filing

  70. Danika Lloyd

    Kebabs 🙂

  71. SJS


  72. Sylvia Paul

    Home made burgers.

  73. Phil Y

    Burger with Ketchup

  74. angela edmonds

    chicken fillet drizzled with olive oil

  75. Sheri Darby


  76. Angela Kelly


  77. Julia Wulff

    I like to barbecue whole fish stuffed with herbs.

  78. katherine b

    Grilled fish with salad or lamb chops

  79. nicola james


  80. bethslamin

    Hard question to answer as I love loads but I’ll go for steak

  81. Gillian Holmes


  82. Samantha Atherton

    King Prawns

  83. Julie Howarth

    Spicy Chicken Fillets 🙂

  84. Ellen Stafford

    Has to be burgers for me.


    Homemade Beefburgers

  86. Elizabeth Williams

    I love a good burger

  87. Donna Gilligan

    Chicken Kebabs

  88. Keith Hunt

    Chicken Drumsticks

  89. angela cringle

    Love a good quality staek

  90. Clint Howat


  91. Jill Marshall


  92. Joanna Sawka


  93. Peter Davidson

    top quality beefburgers.

  94. Mary Baldwin

    A lovely juicy steak is my favourite – charred on the outside and rare on the inside.

  95. Mark Palmer

    Burgers and sausages

  96. Karen Harrison

    Homemade burgers

  97. mike wells

    I love chicken skewer kebabs with baby mushrooms and pineapple on

  98. Judi

    Lamb chops

  99. Steven


  100. Marc Barnes

    has to be chicken with garlic and herbs

  101. Katherine Coldicott

    Sticky ribs

  102. fay davies

    I love chilli salmon

  103. lynsey poole

    lamb or prawn skewers

  104. michelle pierce


  105. Paula Phillips

    Chicken kebab

  106. Vicki Morris

    Chicken Tikka Kebabs

  107. Sarah Pybus

    Lamb Leg Steaks

  108. Lyndsey Beckford

    Homemade burgers made with steak mince

  109. Mark Whittaker

    Really good bbq smoked sausages

  110. Vera Bahounkova


  111. Angela Spicer

    I enjoy chicken kebabs

  112. Michelle R

    A delicious, juicy BBQ’d steak.

  113. Mark Chamberlin

    Huge tiger prawns!

  114. Sheila Reeves

    A really good quality burger

  115. Heather Knotts

    Lean fillet steak

  116. Stephanie Whitehouse

    Sticky smoky ribs.

  117. Karen R

    I love the burgers 🙂

  118. Lorraine Polley

    love sausages on the bbq

  119. Sue Stevenson

    Lamb Fillet or Salmon;

  120. Diana

    Grilled lamb 🙂

  121. Caroline Anne Bellamy

    can’t beat a good quality burger 🙂

  122. Jamie

    Burgers 🙂

  123. Claire Marsh

    Veggie kebabs

  124. Hannah

    Burger and pineapple

  125. Fran H

    A big, thick steak burger 😀

  126. tracy baines

    has to be a good quality sausage

  127. barbara madden

    i love bbq have been invited to my sons he does the most tasties burges i dont know what he cooks them in but they are super delious

  128. janet brown


  129. Kevin Minihane

    Home made beef burger

  130. cat

    I love burgers

  131. Laura Cooper

    pork kebabs

  132. Anthea Holloway

    I love sausages – very well done though, verging on burnt!


    Lamb burgers

  134. Lisa Wilkinson

    Chicken Drumsticks 🙂

  135. ralph Barber


  136. Jackie O'Neill

    Jack Daniel’s Ribs

  137. Emily Fowler

    Hot dogs!

  138. Nancy Bradford

    Really nice burgers x

  139. vicky collins


  140. Amy Beckett

    Garlic and Chilli Prawn Skewers

  141. Tessa Robinson

    Spicy chicken kebabs

  142. Fiona Mallard

    A good quality homemade burger

  143. Karen B


  144. Emma Farrell

    Burgers and chicken

  145. Stewart Biddle

    Cant beat a bit of steak or chicken on the barbie

  146. Milly Y

    Venison burgers

  147. leanne williams

    Lamb kebabs, Greek style

  148. Clare Harris

    Really good pepper steak

  149. Jen Webb

    Chicken and halloumi kebabs

  150. Alison Turner

    Minted lamb chops 🙂

  151. Thomas L

    Charcoaled Chicken.

  152. IZZY


  153. Kerry Pool

    Steak 🙂

  154. Caroline Virgo

    I love a good BBQ’d steak with lashings of onions on the top. Delicious.x

  155. Sue Obrien


  156. Anthony Webster

    Hotdogs and beefburgers with pulled pork in bbq sauce mmmmm

  157. Liz Marriott

    Sausage and grilled tomato

  158. Susan Clayton

    Lamb kebabs, Greek style

  159. christy beckett

    I love smokey barbecue sausages x

  160. Bonnie King

    When I’m feeling fancy, a slab of steak will do. Otherwise, a really meaty burger.

  161. Diane Carey


  162. Alexander Winton


  163. Susan Williams

    A nice, juicy steak with the wonderful flavour of prime meat cooked on a barbecue.

  164. Kay Broomfield

    Hot dogs!

  165. paula marriott

    lamb chops

  166. John Gregory


  167. Nigel Greaves

    Burnt sausages & undercooked burgers!

  168. Sally Allsopp

    mini burgers

  169. Joy Lawson

    cheese burger

  170. Victoria stockley

    Bbq ribs

  171. pamela hamby


  172. jimmy paton

    has to be chicken for me

  173. jen jackson

    chicken kebabs

  174. karen hutchinson

    sausages and fried onions

  175. tinam1

    Has got to be sausages x

  176. Sarah-Jane Laycock

    Premium Sausages!

  177. nicole squires

    I love sausages :0

  178. mandi


  179. Janice Mackin


  180. catherine plant


  181. Sarah

    I love steak 🙂

  182. Michael Cannon


  183. Christine Caple

    Steak or chicken

  184. Amanda k

    Love abit of marinated chicken

  185. Richard Randall

    Grilled aubergines.

  186. jackie curran

    minted lamb chops

  187. greig spencer


  188. Eleanor Wigmore


  189. Rachael Barratt

    Got to be a good old burger

  190. sara

    succulent delicious Donald Russell Fillet steaks yum scriddlydum!!

  191. amy skinner

    Sausages!!!! The blacker the better, loads of ketchup and in a roll

  192. Helen Metcalfe

    Im traditional, like chicken and steak on BBQ!

  193. Michael Rattray

    Beef Burgers

  194. sarah pearce

    babybel burger

  195. Sean Hubbard-Read


  196. Richard Evans

    Steak (of course!!)

  197. David K

    Chicken fillet with bacon and cheese

  198. Ellen Nixon

    burgers and lamb kebabs

  199. Becka

    Halloumi kebabs and pulled pork!

  200. jodie yorke

    bbq chicken

  201. RoyDavis

    i would love to try these wonderful looking meats

  202. karen hussain

    chicken tikka

  203. Cat

    BBQ short ribs with curried slaw!!

  204. sian hallewell

    Lamb steaks

  205. Anna Markwell

    Seared tuna with coriander sauce

  206. Lulu Lumsden

    home made sweet chilli beef burgers

  207. Danielle Baczewski

    My Favourite BBQ food is Tasty LAMB chops, Pork BBQ ribs and never have a BBQ without Halloumi & Pastourma its my absolute favourite

  208. michelle tearall

    Oh those steaks look fab, I’d have to have those for a special birthday dinner for my husband and make my special horseradish butter to melt on top. Yummy, I can taste it now!!!!

  209. zoe

    beef ribs yum 🙂

  210. Gill Thom


  211. Samantha B

    You can’t beat a bit of steak.

  212. Carolyn Clapham

    Homemade spicey lamb burgers

  213. Karen Lowe

    oops meant to say love the classics of sausages and burgers!

  214. Karen Lowe

    Fab prize! Love a good bbq.

  215. Kathleen Bywaters

    Sticky BBQ chicken wings!

  216. Mary Chez

    lamb kebabs

  217. K. Alman

    burgers and chicken. yummy

  218. Phil tyler

    chicken kebabs

  219. Constance Mack

    Chicken with a sweetcorn relish and barbecued corn on the cob on the side. Yummy!

  220. Karina Barker

    You can’t beat a juicy, barbecued burger with onions, cheese and brown sauce!

  221. Sarah B


  222. Simon

    Has to be sausages.

  223. Tiffany Oconnell

    A good old Burger for me

  224. Anne

    Has to be Sausages!

  225. Bethanie Harrison


  226. Louise Comb

    Lamb chops 🙂

  227. Ellie Wilde

    ooo it has to be the most succulent minted lamb steaks from our local farm shop! They always go down a treat. Mouth is watering just writing this!!!

  228. Rebecca Woodroof


  229. Sarahann Tonner

    Chicken skewers

  230. angela sandhu

    lamb kebabs

  231. Jessica Powell


  232. kim neville

    Chicken kebas with peppers and onions

  233. Kirstin Lydon

    Greasy cheeseburger with onions.

  234. Christine Lewis

    Retweeted and followed, very sizzling prize, hope I win

  235. Catherine Harper

    Vegetable kebabs yummy

  236. philip hall

    Favourite has to be spicy chicken drumsticks with a side of corn on the cob

  237. Rebecca Cheung

    I love thin steaks marinaded in olive oil, garlic and herbs

  238. Sophie Foulds

    Lamb burgers 🙂

  239. Victoria Langley

    Quorn burger in bun boring sorry lol

  240. Miriam

    Jerk Chicken!

  241. Sarah Davies

    Homemade kebabs

  242. Mo Ade

    barbecued sausages for a tasty hotdog

  243. Michael Robbins

    Love a good pepper and chicken skewer on the ole barbie

  244. Sammy Sugden


  245. Dilip

    Spare ribs

  246. Denise Whiskin

    Banana in its skin with some condensed milk poured on it when it’s peeled and in the bowl.

  247. Solange


  248. Lisa Ellison

    Oooooh. Yes pleaase!

  249. Sharon L Johnson


  250. Karen M

    Burgers with fried onions and loads of ketchup

  251. Maria Blythin

    lamb kebabs x

  252. Irene Wright

    fish parcels – I get sick of just chops, sausages, chicken legs, etc so love to make up some fish parcels. Fresh fish (whole trout is especially nice) tomatoes & garlic, etc wrapped in tinfoil that has been ‘painted’ with olive oil. They take only 10 – 15 minutes to cook and make a nice change with a salad.

  253. Teresa Lee


  254. Becca Staples

    Minted lamb steaks are my favourite x

  255. Emma Walton

    It has to be ribs – I can eat them until the cows come home lol!

  256. Carly Ann


  257. Anthony G


  258. Carolin

    Whole beef loin, in a home made marinade 🙂

  259. Christine Mutter

    Whole tail prawns grilled with lemon and a nice juicy steak


    i love sicky ribs on the bbq

  261. David Paterson

    Chicken kebabs

  262. dorothy cavender

    marinated chicken

  263. Kelly Dudley

    Steak – black and blue!

  264. Emma H


  265. Chloe Metcalf

    Cheese burgers and fried onions 🙂 yummmmm!

  266. helen jones

    lamb and pepper kebabs

  267. Paul Witney

    Good quality burgers

  268. lynn savage

    No BBq is complete without good quality sausages

  269. Zara Hazler


  270. Barbara Handley

    Hot dogs without relish or onions!

  271. David

    I’m not entirely sure how this competition entry thing works. I clicked ‘I commented’ then I think I am supposed to comment, so here it is! Very complicated

    1. Camilla

      Hi there is a link to a vdeo on how Rafflecopter works in the competition information at the bottom of the post. You normally comment and then go back and confirm that you have commented.

  272. Sue Cole

    Has to be Halloumi

  273. charlotte wills

    minted lamp steaks 😀 😀

  274. katrina walsh

    fruit kebabs

  275. Eve MUrphy

    My Fav BBQ food has to be hotdogs! Nothing else like it!

  276. Sue Harrison

    Great sausages

  277. Helena


  278. Leighanne M

    Has to be burgers

  279. chris hunt

    Kippers – I am a bit strange.

  280. kazza ham

    my home made sausages

  281. Angela butcher

    Sausages and frayed onions yummy

  282. joe

    Medium rare steak for me! Mmmmmmmmm….

  283. Elizabeth (Liz) Briggs

    Burgers and Meat Skewers

  284. Cristina McDowall


  285. janet brown

    oh yes please

  286. Susan Joyce Rogers


  287. Keshia Esgate

    Lamb kebabs

  288. Emma Baker

    Just give me some pork and apple sausages!!

  289. Maggie Coates


  290. Louise A

    chilli chicken kebabs

  291. Tracy Newton

    BBQ bananas with chocolate and cream

  292. Tracy Newton

    Grilled bananas with melted chocolate and cream

  293. Lynda Brown

    Good old sausages!

  294. Julie

    Lamb kebabs

  295. Louise Smith


  296. Angela Webster

    I love shrimp

  297. Diane Jackson

    good quality sausages

  298. Amy Ripley

    BBQ Ribs!

  299. jennifer thorpe

    bbq sticky ribs

  300. Melanie Edjourian

    medium rare fillet steak, it’s delicious!!!! great with a big salad 😉

  301. lyn Burgess

    butterflied leg of lamb

  302. laura jayne bates

    chinese pork loin skewers n peppers yummy

  303. Stacey Melia

    Halloumi all the way!

  304. Peak Lee

    Barbecued chicken wings

  305. Nat Thomason

    BBQ ribs

  306. Emma Harris

    Chicken marinated with homemade BBQ sauce

  307. Peter Hewitt

    Butterflied leg of lamb

  308. Janet Dring

    I love lamb steaks

  309. Rob Griffiths

    Lamb Kebabs

  310. Tammy Tudor

    sausages mmm 🙂

  311. Laura Baker

    Caramelised onion burgers

  312. Lisa Collins

    Lamb kebabs

  313. Simone W

    Lamb burgers

  314. Susan Ocock

    Good sausages

  315. Amanda Hattie

    Sirloin Steak

  316. Zoe G

    Chinese Chicken is my fave

  317. Pia Stephens

    Steak (medium done), corn on the cob and kebabs yummy!

  318. K Beer

    Delicious Steaks

  319. Gilla01

    Burgers and fried onions.

  320. Tasha Corder

    Mmm! Sausages!

  321. Sarah Morris

    Burgers, in big fresh buns with lots of salad and mayo on top, yum!

  322. tom buchanan

    hotdogs with fried onions, mustard, ketchup and pulled pork.

  323. Carys Jones


  324. Rachel B

    I love a good meaty burger 🙂

  325. cecelia allen

    Spicy sausages with onion

  326. phil swan

    Chicken thighs marinated. Followed by bannanas stuffed with chocolate wrapped in foil

  327. Kelly Harper

    Burger with Gherkins…yummy

  328. samantha swain

    Chicken kebabs marinated in lime marmalade

  329. Selina Jefferies


  330. Martine Halls

    Yum yum yes please x


    Home made Hereford Beef burgers

  332. Jo Richards

    Chilli Sausages

  333. Gill Gaffney

    Good quality steak (love the Pave Rump Steak from Donald Russell!)

  334. sarah birkett

    lamb kebabs, chicken breast marinated in garlic stuff

  335. Amanda

    I LOVE BBQ’s soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hard to pick just one food but I would probably say chicken and pepper kebabs on skewers healthy and tasty!! Thanks for such a great comp! xXx Amanda

  336. Chloe Elphick

    a nice home made burger!


  337. Christina Brown

    Burgers!! 😀

  338. Val Swift

    Spare ribs

  339. Anthony Bravender

    Homemade burger

  340. Amanda Milton

    Chinese flavour Ribs

  341. Val Hartley


  342. christine shelley

    Home made classic burgers

  343. Emma Nixon


  344. Nino Amoroso

    A nice juicy steak!

  345. Chris J


  346. Matt Atherton

    Has to be BBQ ribs:-)

  347. sandra rubery

    rib eye steak done for a minute each side

  348. Allan Smith


  349. Frances Heaton

    Juicy steaks

  350. Mike Smithson

    That meat looks so excellent

  351. JO JONES

    Love cooking steak for BBQ’s

  352. Su Tyler

    BBQ ribs

  353. Gemma Snell

    Ribs yum 🙂

  354. Jane McColl


  355. Chris E Andrews

    What’s your favourite BBQ food?
    chicken……………..but l usually end up with burnt sausages lol

  356. Chris Northrop

    sausaged (hotdogs)

  357. julie laing


  358. Gemma Surtees

    Chinese Chicken

  359. Chris Davies

    Ummm has to be sausages! 😀

  360. Leah Wheatley

    Beef Burgers

  361. dean willoughby

    Homemade Burgers with homemande relish

  362. C Kennedy

    Steak burger topped with haloumi mmm

  363. John Massie

    You canna beat a burger

  364. Amy


  365. william rutherford

    belly pork

  366. Ashleigh Allan


  367. scottC

    Steak – medium rare

  368. Vicki Macdonald

    steak !

  369. Stephanie Tsang

    My favourite bbq food is sausages

  370. tracey redfern-jones


  371. kelly

    Minted lamb chop!


    fav bbq food is burgers but will happily tuck into them all.

  373. Kelly Koya


  374. Debbie Davies

    Jerk chicken

  375. claire sen

    a rare steak with wholegrain mustard. Delicious!

  376. olivia Kirby

    Fish or sausages!

  377. Patricia Whittaker

    I love fillet steak with sweet peppers and onions.

  378. Paul Emmerson

    Garlic Burgers

  379. sarah brooker


  380. Hannah Lord

    I love chinese style pork steaks

  381. Graeme Ferguson


  382. Graham Chealehay


  383. Susie Wilkinson

    King Prawn Kebabs <3

  384. Tanya Hindes

    My fav is hot dogs with loads of burnt onions.

  385. gemma coultrip

    a nice hotdog

  386. Catherine Culmer

    My husbands home made Aberdeen Angus burgers

  387. Chantele

    I adore minted lamb!!

  388. Helen M

    Those curly sausages, and halloumi cheese too

  389. Stephen Lee

    Any BBQ meats, at al, but I like to cook some good, rich hot Chilli to go with it. Try chilli burgers. x

  390. Clare

    Lamb kofte kebabs homemade


    Anything with meat

  392. Anthony Martin

    sticky BBQ spare ribs

  393. Polly davis

    Juicy burger

  394. Anne whitburn

    Steak and chips

  395. Claire C


  396. Nicki Evans


  397. David Hopwood


  398. Paul martin-lawrence

    thick rib-eye steak covered in black pepper.

  399. Debby

    Melt-in-the-mouth lamb chops on a plate of savoury rice with corn-on-the-cob and fresh leafy salad

  400. pete c


  401. Jez Weatherly

    Home made cheddar filled burgers.

  402. joanne darnell

    love chicken

  403. Averil Lea

    STICKY RIBS….delicious!

  404. Colin

    Skirt Steak RARE .

  405. Chrismuk


  406. robert white

    quatar chicken

  407. Kiran Parry

    Beef burgers are my favourite

  408. Jane

    Definitely burgers! 🙂

    Jane x

  409. Pam Lawrence

    Boerewors – I lived in S Africa for 5 years in my teens, and fell in love with anything Brasov me is a related, but boerewors most especially … Mmmmn dit is sommer lekker!

  410. Kenneth Thomson


  411. kellyjo walters

    bananas injected with rum or vodka

  412. Andrew Rowlands

    a med rare steak mmmm

  413. Marianne Pierce-Saunderson

    Favourite BBQ food has to be medium rare steak – love the flavour that cooking on a BBQ gives. 🙂

  414. Nicola

    Steak Medium Rare

  415. C Carr


  416. Angela Wilcox

    minted lamb

  417. Debbie Creasey

    Homemade burgers, with barbecue relish.

  418. Julia Nicholls

    Grilled Halloumi cheese

  419. linda mccaig


  420. Ruth Harwood


  421. Dawn Henson

    Hot and Spicy Chicken

  422. Leona S Fisher

    Sausage in a finger bun!

  423. catsbig200


  424. rebecca whale


  425. Beverley sanders

    I love sausage and steaks

  426. michael

    fillet steak yum yum

  427. Tamsin Dean

    BBQ CHICKEN yummy yummy

  428. Charlotte T


  429. Clare Webb

    I love BBQ chicken! Ooh and steak kebabs. And corn on theccob!

  430. Alexandra Blue

    sausages, lots of sausages

  431. Emily O'Mara

    Chargrilled chicken

  432. Janet Thornton


  433. Laura Prisk

    Steak! All the way! yummmm


    A big juicy sirloin steak, mmmmm

  435. Ann Pierce

    Chicken Pieces

  436. Lorraine Crighton

    homemade burgers that have a centre core of cheese mixed with fried onion & fried mushroom served with potatoes cooked in cream, Parmesan & garlic.

    Fry onions & mushrooms mix with grated cheese (raclette is good)
    Form two burgers and sandwich the cheese mix between them sealing the edges grill to taste

    Cube or slice potatoes & boil til just fork tender
    Drain & place in foil tray, add cup of cream, 1-2 cloves garlic minced , a tablespoon of grated Parmesan and season to taste – you can also add any fresh herbs you like
    loosely cover to allow some steam to escape & place on grill while meat is cooking
    The cream & cheese forms a nice coating for the potatoes and is great served hot

  437. Marion Weir

    Burgers cheese and sweet corn relish 😀

  438. Ashley Wright

    Minted lamb

  439. ashley smith

    corn on the cob

  440. ryan

    sausages and burgers

  441. Fiona Paley

    Sausages, preferably just a little bit burnt.

  442. silvia zimbone


  443. fiona waterworth

    stuffed peppers

  444. Tracy Sinclair

    Home made burgers

  445. Patricia Avery

    I love the traditional hot dog with loads of onions 🙂

  446. Diane Wareing

    Ginger and lemon Barbecued tuna steak.

  447. clair downham

    steak and corn on the cob

  448. Angela Walton

    Sausages, closely followed by chicken drumsticks

  449. David Collinson

    Lamb chop

  450. Sand Henderson

    Halloumi cheese on the BBQ is fab but i also love big juicy prawns and i always have to have lamb in some shape or form!

  451. Lisa Mundy

    Steak. Medium rare

  452. Jane Davies

    Steak xxx

  453. Audrey Tebbs


  454. Karen Whittaker


  455. Galina V

    Chicken drumsticks, marinated overnight with lots of garlic, herbs and lemon zest/juice.

  456. Tom E

    Minted Lamb and for luxury, salt marsh lamb


    corn on the cob is y favourite

  458. melanie stanbridge


  459. grandee2

    I’ve tried the pulled gammon quiche lorraine and found it quick and easy and very tasty! Definitely a recipe to go back to!x

    1. Camilla

      Thanks, it’s a favourite here too and if I don’t have pulled gammon I’ll use fried bacon or ham:-)

  460. Ellen H

    I love sticky pork belly – yum!a

  461. Natalie Crossan

    Sausages 😀

  462. Angela McDonald

    Has to be corn on the cob! With added butter of course!

  463. Ruth


  464. Amy Warwick

    Burnt sausages!

  465. Lorna Craig

    Homemade steakburgers with loads of cheese and fried onion, fabulous!

  466. Katherine L

    A juicy ribeye steak!

  467. Gemma Clark

    ooh I think ribs!

  468. Hazel Rea


  469. Terry Buchanan

    I like Tomato Sausages but can’t get them anywhere, look’s an excellent prize to win.

  470. Marie Evans


  471. Amanda Sandercock

    My favourite BBQ food is BBQ ribs

  472. Andrew Halliwell

    cumberland sausages

  473. Laura Pritchard

    Good quality burgers

  474. adrian knox


  475. Jennifer Toal


  476. kerry lynn

    burgers – definitely!

  477. simon reilly

    Jerk chicken

  478. Mr Kevin McGovern

    Pork Souvlaki

  479. Alison M

    A good quality steak

  480. Rebecca Gregory

    Pork and Chorizo Sausages.

  481. Karen Louise wright

    Burgers x

  482. emma falvi

    homemade cheese burgers

  483. Kieran




  485. claire griffiths

    a burger

  486. Jackie Tuck

    I love chicken which has been in a marinade overnight and then put on the BBQ – delicious

  487. Helen Battle

    smoked sausage

  488. laura miller

    BBQ chicken breasts

  489. Andrew Robeson

    Chilli burgers

  490. Andrew

    T bone steak

  491. Paula Readings

    Minted Lamb chops.

  492. Erica Price

    A nice juicy burger.

  493. Chas Gilbert


  494. Hester McQueen

    Steak but all Donald Russell products are ACE!

  495. Maureen Williams


  496. Angie Hoggett

    melting middle burgers!

  497. janetbennett

    sausages and burgers

  498. Mark Milsom

    Piri-Piri style Chicken thighs

  499. Rich Tyler

    Sticky Peri Peri Chicken!

  500. David Taylor

    tandoori chichen

  501. sue emmington

    pork and apple sausages well cooked but not burnt. yummy!

  502. cathy c

    I love proper thick sausages done on the bbq

  503. Kat Tew

    BBQ bananas

  504. Suzie Q

    Lamb leg steaks, cut into chunks and threaded onto skewers with chunks of veg in between. Brushing with marinade during cooking to keep it all moist.

  505. Nickie C

    An all-beef hot dog

  506. sharon smith

    sausages and burgers

  507. Chris Davies

    Juicy pork sausages

  508. Eve Kempgee

    Minted lamb chops

  509. Winnie

    spicy chicken wings



  511. Donna B

    A big rib eye steak, medium rare 🙂



  513. Tracy Klein

    Homemade lamb burgers with tzatsicki

  514. KA

    Lamb and apple sausages

  515. Angela Wheeler

    cajan chicken and veg kebabs

  516. pat

    my marinated steak mmm

  517. linda parker

    We like well seasoned steak and some good quality sausages to make hot dogs with.
    We always BBQ some pineapple slices or maybe some fruit skewers too.


    Good old British Banger

  519. sarah burchell

    I love marinated chicken

  520. taja mckenzie


  521. Adrian Crook

    Lamb kebabs

  522. Jane Willis


  523. Karen Bynoe

    love filet steak, am hungry now!!

  524. iain maciver

    Chinese chicken

  525. judith ridehalgh


  526. leanne tobin

    Peri Peri Chicken 🙂

  527. Alison Johnson

    Hubby flavours some very tasty Jamaican chicken. Mmm

  528. janet matthews

    Its got to be barbequed trout

  529. Amanda Steel


  530. Dee Dmonte

    Can’t beat a quality sausage!

  531. Annette Brampton

    All that meat looks lovely.

  532. Emma Ferguson

    A good quality sausage


    A really good quality beefburger for me.


    A nice juicy burger.

  535. Mark Whitmore

    Pork tenderloin

  536. Sarah

    My favorate has to be minted lamb chops.

  537. Chrissie Curtis

    I love BBQ Chicken – This would be perfect as throwing a BBQ Party for my Fiance to celebrate his Birthday!

  538. keren mary curran

    BBQ ribs

  539. Gavin O'Shaughnessy

    Has to be a burger with mustard 🙂

  540. Melanie McNair

    Steak, pepper & onion kebabs

  541. bev

    JD marinated steak

  542. David Haig

    Pork and Apple sausages dipped in honey! Yummy!

  543. Bex Smith

    Has to be hot dogs

  544. Georgina

    Any kind of lamb. Definitely. Yum!

  545. Yet Another Blogging Mummy!!!


  546. Leanne Lunn

    Chinese chicken

  547. Lynsey Buchanan


  548. Sharon Hingley

    Sirloin steak .

  549. David Funnell

    A lovely thick juicy steak.

  550. zoe goodwin

    A steak cooked medium rare

  551. Petra Beck

    Lamb kebabs

  552. Jennifer Bailey

    Seasoned chicken steak.

  553. Juliet Kavanagh

    Looks lovely

  554. Matthew

    Beef Burgers

  555. Rebecca Beesley

    I love burgers – simple but scrummy x

  556. Pamela Savage


  557. Graeme Hill

    Gotta be a side of salmon

  558. Jed Harper


  559. Romana Richards

    Pork Sausages. Nice and quick to BBQ and as long as they are juicy and flavoursome.

  560. Corina

    A homemade burger.

  561. Fay Mudd

    Corn on the cob or jacket potato!

  562. melanie stirling

    Sausages and fried onions.

  563. Judith Allen

    I like a burger, fairly thin. Or steak, then sliced up with salad in a pita bread.

  564. laura banks


  565. Kat Fensom

    chicken, peppers, onion, mushroom and tomato kebabs

  566. Iain Coull

    A really nice steak

  567. Janice

    It has to be marinated steak.

  568. sharon roberts

    Pork ribs” love to slow cook them on a BBQ

  569. Lynne OConnor


  570. Mark

    Pork bangers

  571. Kevin Cooper

    My favourite BBQ food is meat.

  572. Geoff clark

    thin sirloin steaks is my bbq fav with Mexican soft tortillas

  573. Nigel

    Spare ribs (yummy)

  574. Nadia

    Ribs and chicken wings

  575. Edward Guerreiro

    I want to say BBQ Ribs, as I love those. But, thinking twice, a great BBQ has to have Lamb, ideally Shish Kebabs.

  576. Penelope Harper

    Got to be the humble beefburger – not too thick, well cooked, bit of cheese and a crusty roll. Yum!

  577. Hayley Thomson

    My favourite bbq food is sausages! Even better if they’re a little burnt!

  578. john

    This would be sooooooo coooooooool to win

  579. Danielle reason

    Ooooo nom nom meaty times!! Fab giveaway!!

  580. John Jones

    I love marinated steaks MmMmmMM

  581. Mark Cameron

    Flank steak, marinated for 24hrs then done medium rare.

  582. MrsNotgotalot

    Rib-eye steak with mini corn on the cob, served with a fresh green salad

  583. Ellie

    Good old beef burger, Homemade if i can 🙂

  584. Herbert Appleby

    My favorite BBQ food is lamb cuts marinated in chilli and cumin.

  585. laura jones

    sausages of all shapes and flavours

  586. Michael Jinks

    My favourite BBQ food is homemade duck and pork sausages and burgers.

  587. Michael Jinks

    Yummy yummy in my tummy, hope I win this lot of finest cuts of meat, could do with some luck .

  588. Julie D

    got to be a good meat burger everytime!

  589. arthur humphreys

    great products, so inviting

  590. Emily

    I love interesting burger flavours, rump steak or a nicely seasoned fish wrapped in foil. Mmm!

  591. david colfey

    Jerk chicken

  592. Judith Lightfoot

    Fillet steak just love them. Your steaks look wonderful but I an a little concerned about ordering meat without seeing it,

  593. Sally Collingwood


  594. Emma Davies

    My favourite BBQ food is probably fillet steak (med/rare) or a delicious juicy burger…yum!

  595. June Etherington

    Boneless Pork chopswith a sprinkle of cinnamon. Delicious

  596. Ursula Hunt

    I love sausages, nice and crisp then in a roll with onions and tomato sauce

  597. Heather Haigh

    Sausaged – love sausages.

  598. Tracey Peach

    My Favourite BBQ Food Is Burgers

  599. karen

    Fillet steak, Steak Burgers, Sausages and juicy chicken Breasts with lots of grilled onions, peppers and mushrooms

  600. Gary Smedley

    Fillet Steak of course medium rare with fries! 🙂

  601. Greg


  602. Csilla

    I love grilled vegetables

  603. Sue Cook

    It has to be burgers.

  604. Andrea park


  605. Bruce



    corn on the cob picked from the garden

  607. stephen

    steak; with a pepper sauce and crisp green salad

  608. Paul Robinson

    Favourite BBQ food? – It has got to be Steak

  609. Andrew Petrie

    Rump steak.

  610. Vohn McGuinness

    I still drool over my childhood favourite – bananas & chocolate buttons, wrapped in tin foil and thrown on the barbie for about 10 minutes. Delicious!

  611. Heidi Cooper

    My favourite bbq food has to be a nice juicy burger 🙂

  612. John Rutland

    steak and sousages

  613. Mr Danny Cox

    I love chicken on the BBQ, tastes so good, brings out the flavour!

  614. Tracy Nixon

    Chicken kebabs with red peppers, red onions, tomato on and sprinkled with a garlic and pepper!

  615. Bethan Palmer


  616. Alison


  617. Paulina

    German sausages

  618. Kevin Kusman

    Best products ever

  619. Gillian Tarry

    A really good barbecued sausage is my favourite.

  620. sarah lambert

    A big fat juicy steak!

  621. felicity smith


  622. Paul Smith


  623. samj

    Beef burgers

  624. Ruth Carson

    Steak with my homemade BBQ sauce

  625. William Critchlow

    Jerk chicken

  626. Sandra Jo Jo Siddall

    Buffalo wings!

  627. melanie allen

    100% pure meat no plumped up produce ideal for anyone with allergies

  628. james jordan


  629. Jan Beal


  630. Jen Price

    Favourite has to be spicy chicken drumsticks with a side of corn on the cob

  631. frances hopkins

    Trout x

  632. Roger Bufton

    Lamb chops

  633. Kat Lucas

    BBQ chicken wings

  634. Tressa Lapham-Green

    My favourites are posh sausages! Have discovered pork & apple variety that are lovely 🙂

  635. Daniela James

    Any, really lol My husband is The BBQ Master chef – he makes mouth watering steaks, burgers, drumsticks, ribs, veggies … It is our family summer Sunday treat <3

  636. Sally Lea

    Minted lamb chops, preferably Barnsley chops at that, delicious.

  637. lisa sargent

    Lamb kebabs

  638. elaine dale

    steak and sausages

  639. Rachael Barnard

    burgers – so many different variations to choose from

  640. Nicola Lynch


  641. Geraldine OGorman

    Looks absolutely Fab!, Top quality meat! I love burgers on a bbq, Yum!

  642. Caroline Clarke

    Ribeye steak and corn on the cob.

  643. Jean Bolsover

    Chicken is my favourite

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