Egg & Prawn Open Sandwich with Lemon Mayonnaise


Egg & Prawn Open Sandwich with Lemon Mayoannaise - Fab Food 4 All

Being half Danish I regularly put together Danish open sandwiches (smørrebrød) on traditional wholegrain rye bread but am aware it’s not to everyone’s taste. So when my mother told me about this particular Egg and Prawn open sandwich that she makes all the time, I thought it would be ideal to share during British Sandwich Week which takes place from 11 – 17 May. The sandwich is made on crisp white toast which contrasts well with the soft egg and prawns that adorn it. It’s simple to make and great for a bite to eat at lunch time. The important aspect of this sandwich that all your ingredients are completely dry, so no soggy lettuce or prawns please!

Did you know that “open sandwiches” date back to the Middle Ages when thick slabs of coarse bread (called tranches by the French & trenches by the British) were used as plates. When the diner had finished his meal he would either eat the trencher, feed it to his dog or save it for a beggar! So the open sandwich really came about because of the need for a disposable plate!

Egg & Prawn Open Sandwich with Lemon Mayoannaise - Fab Food 4 All

I think the beauty of open sandwiches is that you get a far better ratio of nutritious topping to the bread – there’s only so much filling you can put in a sandwich but open sandwiches can be piled high! I also think they make you eat slower as you have to use a knife and fork to eat them and consequently you must use up more calories (well there’s that cutting action)! Open sandwiches are definitely the healthier option when it comes to sandwiches, so what are you waiting for – go thaw some prawns and start boiling an egg!


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Egg & Prawn Open Sandwich with Lemon Mayonnaise
Prep time
Total time
The most delicious Danish open sandwich!
Recipe type: Main
Cuisine: Danish
Serves: 1
  • 1 Slice white buttered toast
  • 2 Lettuce leaves (or enough to cover bread)
  • 1 Hard boiled egg, halved
  • 50g Frozen prawns, thawed & patted dry with kitchen paper
  • 1 tbsp Mayonnaise
  • Good squeeze of lemon juice
  • A few drops of milk
  • Slice of lemon, cut into middle
  1. Cover buttered toast with lettuce.
  2. Place egg halves on lettuce, side by side.
  3. Mix mayonnaise with a good squeeze of lemon juice and a few drops of milk to make dressing.
  4. Spoon over egg halves, covering completely.
  5. Scatter prawns and put on top.
  6. Garnish with lemon slice.
  7. Squeeze lemon slice over prawns just before eating.
  8. Makes 1 open sandwich.

Egg & Prawn Open Sandwich with Lemon Mayoannaise - Fab Food 4 All

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  1. Leila Benhamida

    Nice and simple. Love a salad with eggs as it is really feeling.

    1. Camilla

      Thanks Leila:-)

  2. Wendy

    Looks delicious – really like a little nordic twist to food 🙂

    1. Camilla

      Thanks, it is really lush:-)

  3. Alica

    Oooh these look amazing!

  4. Ursula Hunt

    Nearly summer time again and picnics!

  5. Paul Wilson

    A classic with a twist, I like it.

  6. David C

    Sometime basic simple method is the best way to do! Yummy 😛

  7. Anne Dalzell

    Thought i’d stick with the sandwich theme today. My sandwiches look so boring by comparison

    1. Camilla

      Well now you know how to give them a make-over Anne:-)

  8. Margot @ Coffee & Vanilla

    I don’t really eat prawns but lemon mayonnaise always taste good with seafood… must try to make it sometimes myself, thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  9. bev

    It certainly looks more attractive than a normal sandwich!

  10. Geoff Clark

    It looks great, perfect for a summer’s day

  11. Heather Haigh

    Sounds like a lovely, light, summery dish.

  12. glenn hutton

    Visually, that looks perfection… Love prawns, not the cheap ones though which today, are tasteless.

    1. Camilla

      Aah, thanks Glenn and you’re right some prawn just aren’t sweet and delicious!

  13. Bev

    Looks really tasty – yummy!

  14. Judith Luscombe

    This looks delicious, prawns are my favourite snack.

    1. Camilla

      Thank you, it is a winner:-)

  15. Ursula Hunt

    This picture always makes me hungry

    1. Camilla

      Thank you:-)

  16. Paul Wilson

    I love anything with prawns.

  17. Tracy Sinclair

    I love prawns and egg and this looks so delicious, so much nicer than a sandwich, which, I agree can be quite soggy. I’ve got all the ingredients so thats lunch for me tomorrow, thankyou

    1. Camilla


  18. Stephanie Coals

    So easy yet so tasty! Looks delicious and such a light lunch

  19. jannette roden

    Prawn sandwiches are my favourite I will definitely be trying this out x

    1. Camilla

      I’m sure you’ll love it then:-)

  20. Ursula Hunt

    lunch today sorted x

    1. Camilla

      Fab, hope you enjoyed it Ursula:-)

  21. Maya Russell

    A much more elegant way to eat a sandwich.

    1. Camilla

      Yes, there’s that too:-)

  22. Ursula Hunt

    Gorgeous sandwich for a hot summers day

    1. Camilla


  23. Miss. Lucinda Fountain

    I have never herd of an ‘Open Sandwich’ before! It sounds really scrummy & i love prawn coctail and so this would be an ideal alternative…perfect for summer.

    Your recipies are truly inspiring! x

    1. Camilla

      Have Danish open sandwiches passed you by? I must do some more then:-)

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