GreenPan Venice Wok and Saucepan Review & Giveaway rrp £105 – Closed

GreenPan Venice Wok and lIdded saucepanIt’s not often that a kitchen product comes along that ticks all the boxes but that’s exactly what the Venice pans from GreenPan do. They are eco-friendly, high performing and easy to clean. GreenPan use a PTFE free ceramic based non-stick coating called Thermolon. Unlike standard non-stick coatings Thermolon they can withstand much higher temperatures (450°C) and won’t release toxic fumes which are detrimental to health. The pans themselves are made from upcycled stainless steel for the handles and upcycled aluminium for the body and are oven proof up to 250°C or 220°C if using a lid. Another fab fact is “that less energy is used when Thermolon  is applied on GreenPan  products, which means 60% less CO2 emission compared with the production of PTFE-coated pans”. The pans are aesthetically pleasing and ooze quality with their beautiful polished handles and heavy gauged aluminium bases. The Thermolon coating provides better heat conduction than conventional non-stick and most cooking can be done on a low to medium heat. The heavy gauge aluminium bases also provide extremely good heat distribution for even cooking results.

GreenPan Venice features

Like all non-stick pans you need to preserve the scratch resistant Thermolon by only using wooden or plastic utensils, although according to GreenPan the pans are still safe to use even if you do accidentally scratch them! I find the pans a joy to clean as very little food residue seemed to be left in the pan after cooking and a light wipe with a sponge in warm soapy water leaves the pans gleaming in seconds. In fact I normally have to wash up my wok when making several different dishes in the same pan but just a quick wipe over with some kitchen roll is that’s needed. It’s quite a amazing!

GreenPan Venice Handle

I love the polished stainless steel handle!

I have ruined so many non-stick pans in the past by accidentally over-heating them and dread to think what toxins have been released into our food in the past. I recently had a pan cull and threw out all the discoloured and pitted non-stick pans from my cupboards. I have high hopes for my GreenPans and I see they come with a 5 year guarantee.

GreenPan have kindly offered a Venice Wok (rrp £60) and an 18cm Venice Lidded Saucepan (rrp £45) as a prize for one lucky reader! If you’d like to win these superb pans simply tell me why you’d like to win them in the rafflecopter below.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and conditions:
Only open to UK participants over the age of 18.
There is 1 prize of a Venice Wok (rrp £60) and an 18cm Venice Lidded Saucepan (rrp £45). There’s no cash alternative and the prize is not transferable. No part or parts of the prize may be substituted for other benefits, items or additions.
Instructions form part of the terms and conditions. Entries using any software or automated process to make bulk entries will obviously be disqualified. The winner will be picked at random using software and then contacted by email. If you win and then don’t respond to this email within 7 days then another winner will be picked. The prize will be delivered to the winner as soon as possible after you have e-mailed your delivery address.

Disclaimer: I was given my pans by GreenPan (many thanks to them and Stacey), all opinions are my own and I was not paid for this post.

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  1. May @EatCookExplore_

    Tried to join this giveaway but it seems to have stopped receiving entries early ? Love the idea of a pan that is easy to clean, non stick and green too.

  2. Margaret Glasby

    For better cooking

  3. Anna Van der post

    I would love these for my son who is at university and his current set have been scratched and ruined by fellow students! 🙁

  4. Christina WC

    My pots and pans are still usable. Having an extra set would be ideal when having guests over. I can cook few dishes in one go.

  5. Femstar

    Because my current ones are struggling! :p

  6. denise s

    decent pans are a dream, fed up with pans that stick.

  7. michelle hamilton

    with these fab pans master-chief here i come.

  8. Chantal

    I’d like the pans as I want to start cooking healthily & these would be great for cooking up wonderfully easy & healthy stir frys & rice!

  9. jennie

    of course i want to win one!!! 🙂

  10. Sarah Ballantyne

    I am trying to lose weight and get a bit healthier to set a better example for my girls and teach them to cook/eat well. One of the things I am doing is trying to cut down on fat and find better ways of cooking but my pans are rubbish and everything sticks – these pans would be a HUGE help.

  11. lois levy

    Quality pans help produce quality meals so happy cook and happy family x

  12. Lesley Cohen Wright

    great quality, easy to clean and dishwasher safe

  13. Jane Middleton

    Because I need some good quality cookware as I’ve tried many but they always start to deteriorate very quickly.

  14. Joanne Blunt

    My pots and pans have seen better days and keep burning the food (though that could be me!) I would love to know if good pans really make a difference when cooking.

  15. Samantha Wastell-Clark

    I would love a new set of decent pans! Sick of buying rubbish that doesn’t last – I cook way too much and would love these 🙂

  16. Hazel Rush

    All my pans have lost their non stick and I’ve been looking for some good new ones as me and my partner love cooking from scratch!

  17. Harry Letham

    My pans are the opposite of non-stick, anything immediately sticks to them.

  18. Scott Caldon

    After 42 years of stunning service, my parent’s wedding present pan set have finally given up

  19. Holly Detre

    To make some great stir frys.

  20. Joanna Sawka

    I need to replace my old ones

  21. matthew collins

    I’d love these as I always love trying new things in my kitchen

  22. Jayne B

    Hubby loves to cook but often over does it until the food is glued to the pan!

  23. Sarah R

    I only have a few pans, and always seem to need more than I have, so extras would be great!

  24. jimmyadon05

    I am constantly cooking, and a wok is my weapon of choice.
    I love how easy they are to fry food in. Due to the constant use on the wok, a new one is now required, this would be ideal

  25. Claire Slater

    They are all new ans shiney

  26. chrriss

    My wok is old and needs replacing this one looks wonderful!


    I have never been able to afford,a full pan set.

  28. Helen

    These pans will make a beautiful addition to my kitchen with their sleek ergonomic design.

  29. Attachment Mummy

    To give to my best friend as a house warming present – her current pans are ancient and pretty useless!

  30. Stu W

    Would be great to do some curries and stir frys in these, rather than my old pans

  31. Rod Curtis

    These pans are very appealing to me as you state they are really easy and quick to clean, As a chef I use loads of pans and would love to give these a go!

  32. Gemma Poulding

    I would love to win these pans as we have one already and they are wonderful to cook with ans so easy to clean. Would love to add to my collection

  33. Tim

    Perfect need some high quality pans – mune are getting a bit old now

  34. Ursula Hunt

    I haven’t got a wok and would love this prize to start cooking:)

  35. Helen Atkins

    would love to win

  36. Christina Hall

    After 40 years, my poor old saucepans really need renewing with something more up-to-date and unbattered.

  37. Louise A

    I’ve never had good quality cookware and I will be moving out soon so would like something to last a long time.

  38. tracy horrex

    My pans are old and have seen better days these would look so stylish in my kitchen

  39. Becky Shorting

    My OH and i both had the same set of cheap pans when we moved in together! Tesco value! the handles are getting loose now and some even have rust on, it seems every day we are throwing one away but we dont have to money to replace them so our fingers are tightly crossed for this comp!


  40. Kim H

    I have one picky son and a picky fiancé so I often end up cooking two or more meals. Me and my other son are happy to eat the same thing so thankfully I don’t have to cook different meals for everyone in the house but I sometimes end up using every pan I have and they are getting pretty worn out, new pans would be a great help.

  41. Andrea Grandson

    As a nutritionist I know that good pots and pans are just as important as good ingredients! Its so important that you avoid the harmful chemicals that are found in regular nonstick pans. The repellent coating that keeps food from sticking to nonstick pots and pans contains PFCs (perfluorocarbons), a chemical that’s linked to liver damage, cancer, developmental problems and, according to one 2011 study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, early menopause. PFCs get released and inhaled from nonstick pans in the form of fumes when pans are heated on high heat. Likewise, we can ingest them when the surface of the pan gets scratched. On a happier note, I am glad to see that Fabfood4all have created this wonderful safe range of cookware.

  42. Lynda Sanderson

    I would love a new pan just like this

  43. Mary Chez

    Because my present pans are old and worn and I need some new ones

  44. kerry sullivan

    I cook a lot of stir -fry’s so a good quality pan would be a huge bonus instead of the cheap and nasty ones I usually have to get

  45. Michaela (ScottAlexas Mummy)

    id love these pans because im poor and only have one pan at the moment!!
    Would be great to have such good quality pans

  46. Sarah Mc

    As I always burn my noodles to the bottom of my non stick old wok and it’s looking a bit poorly!

  47. Lisa Ellison

    When I married my husband I had a nice set of saucepans for a wedding present but 18 years on I think they need to be replaced, so if I won I’d give them to my hubby for his anniversary present (September) to make up for him buying me a toaster for christmas.

  48. Janice Smith

    Really need some nice new pans and these look really sturdy and I have never owned a wok!!

  49. sharma gaskill

    I would love these as we have just moved into a new house and it would be lovely to cook up something scrummy to christen our new home.

  50. Alison

    My pans are looking a little batttered and these look wonderful

  51. Mark Palmer

    Would love pans of this quality.

  52. Jamie

    Our pans are getting old now and starting to make it harder to cook so would be great for trying old new things 🙂

  53. phillippa lee

    I would love these pans because My own are battered and looking very sorry for themselves.

  54. Jenny Rogers

    It would be great to have quality pans – it might improve the quality of my cooking.

  55. Paula Phillips

    I think some new pans might help my cooking taste a bit better.

  56. elisa wright

    I’d love this as my wok has gone rusty!

  57. Jane Callan

    I desperately need some new pans, and these are amazing!

  58. Veronica Therawati

    I love cooking and would love to have this great product!

  59. Stuart Payne

    Would make cooking such a pleasure rather than a chore

  60. Pamela Gossage

    Would love these as need some new ones

  61. Kelly Hooper

    I would like these pans because I have to cook all our dinners from scratch every evening due to a coeliac son and me with more food allergies than anyone should have!

  62. Julie Hoggy

    My pans are well and truly passed their sell by date…. they constantly stick and I think now i have probably had them around 10 years.

  63. Celia West

    Because I’m hoping some really good quality pans like these will reflect on my cooking!

  64. Dee Dmonte

    My son burnt my wok and daughter stole a load of my pans when she went off to uni. I could use these 🙂

  65. Karen Harrison

    My son is about to start up in a home of his own and these would give him good start.

  66. jackie edwards

    A girl cant have enough pans but these sound and look the top of the pots :))

  67. vandervaulk

    They would compliment my Kichen to the best. my kitchen is all in stainless steel and black and they would match perfectly, plus I could do with some new pan’s for my husband has been having a go a cooking and my pan’s are not in that good of condition anymore

  68. Glynis O'Halloran

    I’d love these pans because my daughter and son-in-law are setting up their first home together and they would just love these.

  69. Helen Atkins

    Carnt Beat a good quality pan, which i really need

  70. Fiona Maclean

    because I want them!

  71. katharine williams

    i need a new wok, my other one got burnt!

  72. katharine williams

    this is a great prize, please be lucky!!

  73. stephen holman

    my girlfriend does most of the cooking as im rubbish at it, hopefully she wont mind as much if i win these nice pans 🙂

  74. Sarah H

    My daughter is going to Uni next year and needs to take kitchen bits n pieces so these would be perfect (although these look a bit too nice for uni so may keep them for myself & she can have my old ones lol)

  75. Diane Carey

    Apart from my steamer and griddle pan, I don’t own any good quality non stick pans

  76. Susie

    I’d love them for my new house

  77. Dorothee77

    Because my pans do never age well!

  78. munchieloves

    My pans are really old and crummy, these would be amazing

  79. Isabelle Smith

    i only own the cheapest pans at the moment

  80. Janice Street

    My existing saucepans are old and need replacing. These pans look amazing and appear to be so versatile.

  81. L Bunning

    I love good quality things but sadly my present pans are any thing but good quality! These would be the best Pans I have ever owned.

  82. Maria Turner

    I love to cook and would love to have more really good quality cookware items to use. I’ve been disappointed by so many supposedly good non-stick pans in the past and would love one that doesn’t disappoint.

  83. Lisa Bradley

    In need of a new wok so my bf can cook his delicious chicken chow mien.

  84. Liz Marriott

    How lovely to get a new set like this – usually have to make do with second hand!

  85. Hazel Rea

    I cook from scratch every day so my saucepans take an awful beating!

  86. Kimmie Alex

    I want to experience cooking with gorgeous pans instead of my inherited rubbish ones!

  87. Catherine Thorp

    I would have to raise the level of my cooking skills if I had such good pans!

  88. Rebecca Maddocks

    I would love to win as my pans are rubbish and can’t afford decent ones.

  89. Sandra Clarke

    I like all the features of these pans which my rather aged pans don’t have.

  90. Joanna Sawka

    I need to exchange my old ones.

  91. Clare Bartlett

    I would love to win these pans as they l would look fantastic in my kitchen and I would be able to create amazing culinary delights with them!

  92. Melanie C

    I would like to win so I could give them to my Stepdad as he’s a massive fan of cooking a range of foods from around the globe and if I gave him these, he’d have to try them out which means lots of extra meals for us! x

  93. liane

    great prize

  94. Tracey Belcher

    Never owned some good quality pans before

  95. Danielle Askins

    Mine saucepans etc all have wobbly handles now as they are very cheap ones!

  96. Lisa Wilkinson

    My pans are really old now. Need to update 🙂

  97. Colin Faulkner

    The pans look amazing, fingers crossed. Love the site, I have got some great recipe ideas from it.

  98. Julestar

    To make cooking so much more enjoyable!

  99. Susan Carter

    I would like to win these because they are made of high quality materials with low cost to the environment. The fact that they will cook on a low heat would save me money on my gas bill and I particularly like the fact that they are easy to clean. My veggie food tends to stick to the base of my current pans – particulary my tofu.

  100. Helen Gardner

    I have ruined my old pans by not paying enough attention….that has changed so some nice new ones would be lovely

  101. Jennifer Carroll

    I would like these pans for my parents as they have spent so many years and so much time feeding the family that it’s time that they had some new pans and try new dishes out with them 🙂

  102. ellen darlington

    These would be perfect for my son as he has just moved into his own house…. 🙂

  103. tina edwards

    these would make a fab gift for my daughter who is just in the process of buying her first home so will be moving out of the nest soon

  104. Lynne McEvoy

    I’d like these pans as a wedding present for my niece.

  105. Faye Huntington

    To give to my mum for her birthday as she has really been getting into cooking recently! With love, Faye x

  106. Claire Wilkinson

    in desperate need of new pans mine are rubbish 🙁

  107. Kenneth Brehaut

    I spend most of my day cooking and baking for the family,these would be so helpful.

  108. Susan Hoggett

    look like good pans

  109. Karina

    Nice set, mine are ruined and need a replacement!

  110. Amy Jacobson

    I love to cook and some of my pans are getting a bit worn out

  111. sallyann Johnston

    I have had mine since I got married so 20 yrs and they really need replacing now

  112. linda ryan

    Cooking is my passion and I would love some top quality pans to play with!!

  113. Michelle Clarke

    Bought cheap pans to start with. Now I need good quality ones

  114. Amy Ripley

    Because my daughter has wrecked mine!

  115. Sonya Ritchie

    my pans are old and very rusty, need some new ones so my dinners are lustworthy…

  116. Chris Reid

    because I need all the help I can get in the kitchen.

  117. Nicola Reynolds

    I’d like these pans because all my others have seen better days!

  118. Sarah B

    Because mine are in serious need of being replaced!

  119. Rosemary Emery

    They are just so stylish and look like they are of a great quality. Who wouldn’t want them? 🙂

  120. Phyllis Ellett

    Hubby the cook in our house, so would love these to give him as a present to say thank you.

  121. Simon C

    I could relegate my age old pans to spares!


  122. Diane Wareing

    I would like them because after 17 years, although they have been good, they have seen better days and need replacing.

  123. Kate O'Neill

    Because that way I can give my old ones to my son when he heads off to uni in September

  124. Steven Bufton

    These look like some great products, I would really like to test them to there limits, what a great competition.

    Thank you fabfood4all and thank you Camilla for this great competition : )

  125. Maggi

    I love to cook and this pan will enable me to cook some delicious meals for my family

  126. ritah hodge

    these are Eco-friendly and seem non-sticky.x

  127. stephanie lovatt

    My pans are 12yrs old think i deserve some new ones now 🙂

  128. Kate Edwards

    i’d love a decent wok its no mean feat cooking for a family of 6 i need something good!

  129. Baig

    I like to cook in GreenPan Venice Wok and Saucepan

  130. katherina

    me and my boyfriend just moved in together and these would so come in hands 🙂

  131. Lucy Taylor

    These pans are great because they avoid the horrible chemicals used in normal non-stick coating.

  132. Zoe Howarth

    I desperately need some new pans and these look great!

  133. mcfcwoody

    I’m definitely in need of new pans, or should I say, my husband is, as he does most of the cooking!

  134. Georgina Ball

    For my 1st home!


    My pans need replacing as they were cheap ones brought for when I went to University many, many years ago. Some don’t even have their handles anymore!

  136. lynn lewer

    Because my pans are in desperate need of replacing

  137. zahra heena

    because I dont have many , and the ones I have are old xxx

  138. laura meg miller

    just redecorated my kitchen.. my fiancée burned my new pot 🙁 so these would be awsome

  139. Hester McQueen

    A decent wok to use would be a pleasure to use.

  140. Al MacInnes

    Just fitting out a new kitchen, it would be great to have new things to fill it 🙂

  141. Peak Lee

    I would love to try these eco-friendly pans

  142. Kirsty Norton

    I would like these pans because the ones I have currently are hand-me-downs!

  143. Jeremy Andrews

    Last week I dropped my favorite pan and its dented. I need a new one

  144. princesspamma

    I live these pans because i can use them in a proper cheffy way and go straight from the hob to the oven!!

  145. abigail edkins

    To replace the ones I took from home when I moved out, they are tatty and peeling

  146. lizzie9876543

    I love these because they will last you a life time!

  147. Ella

    Need new pans!

  148. garry

    I definetly could do with a new wok. Our one has been used so many times the handle is almost falling off.

  149. verity

    At 31, I still have the same Ikea saucepans as I had as a student – I need an upgrade!!

  150. Susan Hoggett

    my pans need renewing as they stick

  151. John Mousley

    My current pans are in a real state and I’m trying to be better cook!!

  152. kirstie kenton

    My old pans are well past it.need these to Brigten up my kitchen.

  153. Vanessa Miller

    The coating is peeling off mine

  154. Ann Weir

    because i’m trying to update all my kitchen items as most of them are a few years old or got given to me when I moved it

  155. Sarah Morris

    I am trying to update all my kitchen equipment as its all a bit old and knackered, these would be great.

  156. Lyn Bosomworth

    My pans are really old so these would be great

  157. Dawn Chapman

    I really need a good versatile pan.

  158. Natasha Male

    I am in need of new pans & these look fantastic!!

  159. Christine Dodd

    All year I’ve been trying out new curry recipes and a couple of new pans could really up my game!

  160. Paul Green

    Our pans have seen better days and these great pans would be ideal

  161. justine meyer

    I’d love to win these as i have 2 pans and they are both from the charity shop

  162. Dee H

    because mine are so old and wrecked by teens that they desparately need replacing

  163. Hong

    because I love to wok n roll in the kitchen

  164. Frances Dunn

    I just really need to start replacing my old battered ones, plus I haven’t had a decent in wok for years 🙂

  165. Mark Gilchrist

    My pans stick

  166. Samantha Vass

    Because my pans are not only old, but they are real cheapies!

  167. Larley Haylar

    I’ve just had a new kitchen fitted so some nice new pans would look great

  168. Kate Marsden

    Because I haven’t got any decent pans anymore. My children and husband burn drop and abuse them until they are no longer usable. Please can I win

  169. Phil Rice-Grubb

    yes please!

  170. Sylvia Witham

    I would like to win these pans for my daughter who has just moved into a new home

  171. Elaine Savage

    Because this kind of quality is long-lasting, I can see that the handles will not come loose like the ones on all the pans in my cupboard!

  172. Mary Heald


  173. Amy

    Because it says easy clean and I hate washing pans

  174. susie70

    Because I’ve gone cooking mad and just don’t have the tools for the job! These pans look great.

  175. Lorraine Crighton

    My son has “borrowed” my wok for his stay at Ini – Don’t think I’ll see it again

  176. Kay panayi

    Because my pan used to be my mums

  177. moira stewart

    great prize

  178. sus

    a lidded wok would be great – at the moment I need to use a plate as a lid over my old frying pan! – and these look classy

  179. Sean Hubbard-read

    great looking pans, great addition to replace my old ones

  180. Hannah Whitling

    Mine are old, and stick more than they non-stick, so can ruin food if i’m not careful. To have some decent pans would make life so much easier, and tastier!!

  181. cathyj

    i have had my saucepans since I got married 20 years ago def in need of a change lol

  182. emma weaver

    I need these, mine are so old the handles wobble and food is forever sticking in them.

  183. Deborah Bird

    My pans are old and battered, could really use some new ones!

  184. Megan Davies

    I would love these pans as I am currently using some old, dishevelled ones at the moment!

  185. Diana

    Because it seems that they are perfect! Would love to have and use them in my kitchen :}

  186. sjscott1977

    All my current pans are warped and dont sit flat on the hobs!! 🙁

  187. James Holyland

    Because if a things worth cooking its worth cooking well!

  188. Ailie

    They look supurb quality 🙂

  189. kelly

    Love these pans! Fingers crossed 🙂

  190. C Youngman

    Because mine are really old and I can’t afford new ones!

  191. Natalia

    need a new wok, definitely

  192. Leanne Timmins

    Mine are close to throwing out so these would be fab!

  193. caroline scott

    the majority of my pans used to belong to my nana and are about 50 years old. They’re strong, sturdy pans but the lack of non-stick coating means I’m sometimes tempted to make a microwave meal rather than cook anything, just so I don’t have to spend an hour scrubbing them clean afterwards! Having some new pans would encourage me to cook from scratch more often and hopefully help me to lead a healthier life.

  194. Catherine Sage

    Sick of tightening up the handles of my old pans, one day it will go and my spuds will be all over the floor

  195. Sylvia Burrows

    would be able to improve my cooking with some decent pans

  196. Mark Rayner

    I would like them as my ones are on there last legs.

  197. Because mine are old and knackered and it’d be nice not to have food sticking all the time!

  198. Is

    I’ve had my wok for 20 years, it has seen better days. I love to stir fry so would love to win these.

  199. Julia Gray

    Because I love cooking and this wok and pan are really good quality and of such advanced technology. I had no idea about the transfer of toxins into food from cooking equiptment and with a new baby in the house, using such safe and good quality products would be a real boost and help ensure that the little one doesn’t end up consuming any nasties when he’s moving onto solid foods.

  200. Danielle Graves

    I’d like to win because when we first moved in together my partner and me bought a cheap starter pan set – one of those £12.99 3 pan sets with supposed non stick coating that’s actually just black paint and has mostly peeled off. So at christmas I asked for some pans and got 3 stainless steel saucepans which I love but I love to cook and tend to batch cook so three pans doesn’t really suffice.

  201. Frances Fox

    I would really like these gorgeous great quality pans.

  202. Galina V

    They are eco-friendly and easy-clean, that ticks two boxes for me. Plus all my own pans are rather antiquated.

  203. Gilla01

    I love kitchen gear. My pans are rather old and past their best, so these would be fantastic.

  204. Richard

    Wow nice pans puts our hodge podge collection of tat to shame, lovely!

  205. Jaymes Glew

    Being a rubbish (“beginner”) cook I like to blame shoddy pans for my rubbish cooking. Now my husband only lets me buy cheap ones so they can be thrown out. A fancy pan might encourage me to do better. And, I always like nice things.

  206. Dawn Wilkinson

    These pans could even stand up to my cooking!

  207. Sarah Tilley

    My pans are starting to show their age and I’d really love some shiny new ones 🙂

  208. tinalawton88@gmail.com

    I’ve just started eating healthily and need as many great cooking tools as possible to help me with all the fab new recipes I’m trying!

  209. Darren Johnston

    Had my pans for about 15 yrs now and they have been good but now worn out! Need some new ones and decent ones as I have tried a few others and they were rubbish

  210. Priya

    The coating of my existing non stick pans are coming off. I have herad they are toxic. I want to cook food for my little kids in these beautiful pans

  211. Therese

    I would love some new one to my kitchen.

  212. Debora Hercock

    my main wok / pan is looking worse for wear and needs to be replaced as it’s not non-stick anymore.

  213. Vohn McGuinness

    I’d love these pans as they look to be such good quality. My own pans look a bit worse for wear, as I always spend any spare money on food!

  214. amanda nutbean

    nice pans i could do with them some of mine dont even have handles

  215. Cristina McDowall

    I like to see what I’m cooking!

  216. natalie holland

    I’m a very keen cook but my pans aren’t great quality – I think my wok is about 10 years old and is actually bent now as well, my saucepans are old and most of the non-stick has come off. So, it would be wonderful to win these pans – I also love asian cooking, so my wok is used a lot!

  217. sarah pearce

    my ones have lost the non stick and the handles keep needing to be tighten,so definately need some new ones!!!!

  218. Haley Redshaw

    In desperate need of none stick pans!

  219. Kat

    These are gorgeous, I have been dying for some good quality pans for ages!

  220. Stephanie Lear

    I would love to win because I love cooking, my granddaughter is due inn6 weeks so would be lovely to have brand new quality pans.

  221. Laura Costello

    I have just moved into my first place with my bf and these wold be great to replacemy second hand ones xx

  222. Honora Livesey

    I’d love some quality pans to get better results with my cooking. Technology has improved so much and these would be a real encouragement

  223. raj sandhu

    it would encourage me to cook more

  224. michelle hall

    i’ve recently moved into my first house and this would be a nice addition to my pots and pans 🙂

  225. Serena La Pietra

    Need these pans as they are gorgeous and well made, just right for my kitchen needs.

  226. colleen

    perfect for my new student home!

  227. marchez50

    because the ones I have are old and need replacing


    These pans look fab – you need to have a good set of pans so many these days are made with throwaway quality and not made to last. i like to feel a good pan in my hands

  229. Susan Ocock

    Regretted giving my wok away in a moment of generosity and my saucepans look worse for wear

  230. Amy P

    I’m a stir-fry addict, but don’t own a wok! I have to use a frying pan and I’m in real need of a good wok! This would be absolutely perfect 🙂

  231. Carrie Talbot-Ashby

    Being very much still a newly wed 🙂 dosh is tight! So most everything I own is second hand and bought from car boots or charity shops, as I love browsing them and of course, it keeps the pennies down. But I know my husband would love some new pans, as he loves to cook and try new ideas, it would be brilliant to be able to give these to him and let him run wild in the kitchen! 🙂 Thanks!

  232. Sarah-Louise Brady

    I’m in need of some new ones like these!

  233. kim

    great prize!

  234. SW Lee

    I could really do with a new set of pans and these look great quality

  235. collovescake

    perfect for pancakes

  236. Linda Thorn

    good pans is what I need
    to make me cook with greater speed

  237. sarah houlden

    I have never had good pans (always passed down, would love a brand new set) and I need to replace my mine that I have inherited.

  238. Sumayya

    You can never have too many!

  239. Rachel

    I’ve never owned decent pans – all the coating is coming off mine and looks really shabby! 🙁

  240. Katie Harmer

    I’d like the wok.

  241. Sian OBrien

    These would look absolutely fab in my kitchen!

  242. Kat Glynn

    I’d love to win as the handle has fallen off one of my favourite pans 🙁

  243. Janine

    I really need a new wok as the handle is about to come off my 11 year old wok that I’m still using and the other pan looks great for stews ans curries. Overall the Green option is the way we as a family are trying to be. A great green giveaway.

  244. Andrew Petrie

    I like the depth and the lid which will be perfect for my curries.

  245. Ashley Hughes

    Lovely pan 🙂 would be well used in my kitchen

  246. Susan Hoggett


  247. Lani Nash

    My pans are completely battered !

  248. Jo Maxted

    Id love to win these as i have literally just had to bin some of mine x

  249. Emma Clement

    Ohhh lovely! These would go well with my organic food obsession! Plus my current pans are beyond tired!
    Emma xx

    (@beachpebble http://emmainbromley.blogspot.com)

  250. KARA_70

    I could definately do with these. Great prize! 🙂


    Great prize. I could definately do with these! 🙂

  252. Agata Pokutycka

    this pan look fab and I bet cooking on it would be a pure pleasure

  253. Joy Dehany

    it’s a proper all round sturdy long lasting pan. And mine are 15 years old and way past it.

  254. Ali Parry

    my pans are about to give up… can no longer retighten that loose handle

  255. Ursula Bingham

    Mine are rather ancient and could do with replacing.

  256. S

    Although I’m generally a pretty good cook I seem to have developed a habit of getting distracted and burning my pans! I let one boil dry and the lid handle melted clean off – oops! I’m in dire need of some new pans, especially good quality ones 😀

  257. vikki sanderson

    ’cause i to cook

  258. di dilly

    I would love to own some posh pans. Have only ever bought cheap.

  259. Sarahann Tonner

    These pans look amazing and mine are in desperate need of replacement!

  260. Patricia Mccaffery

    I’m looking for a placebo effect, hoping it may improve my cooking skills!

  261. Tasha Corder

    I am in need of some new ones and these look fab!

  262. Kenneth Brehaut

    What a fantastic prize, I would really love to win this.

  263. Joanne Mcgawley

    Because cooking is my passion and I promise to give them the love and the use that they deserve. I think them and my hob would be very happy together 🙂

  264. Lynda Avery

    I would love to win these pans as mine are on their last legs, my husband then used a metal spoon or a metal fork to stir things in the one good pan I had left, and the big pan has a broken handle, so these scratch resistant pans with the polished stainless steel handle would be ideal.

  265. Hazel markland

    Like many people my pans are old now, new ones would be FAB xx

  266. Elaine Dale

    I’d love these, our pans are a bit past their sell by date..also not averse to burning some as well..lol

  267. Katrina

    I’d love these pans as my hubby has ruined my pans using forks to stir things!

  268. Pinner Vanilla

    I have never cooked with a wok, and would really like to try one!

  269. Susan Hoggett

    looks like a great pan

  270. Sarah Mccaffery

    To see if it can last tje pace on my electric hob.

  271. olivia kirby

    We own 2 pans and they are rubbish!

  272. Victoria

    my pans are very sad nowadays!

  273. Hazel Rea

    I cook everything from scratch due to family allergies so my cookware gives up with exhaustion after a while – these look like they could stand the pace!

  274. Janine

    I’m about to graduate and could do with a new set of saucepans which have not been ruined by careless housemates!

  275. yumcoconut

    A great pan-acea for what ails my current set – ie scratches, dents and loss of non stick

  276. Stephanie Burchatt

    Ahhh I’d Really Like a Wok but can’t afford one! 🙁

  277. Philip Hall

    I like the fact that they are eco friendly

  278. Sue Obrien

    They look really tough and good quality.

  279. Kip

    Even if I don’t win, I need desperately to buy some new cookware! I’d prefer no teflon, so will look into these further. Thanks!

  280. Jo Taylor

    I am still using saucepans I had when I was 18 and I am now 50 so they are looking a little used! My frying pan is a recent purchase but I would give the frying pan to my son who has just moved into shared accommodation and could do with his own.
    Also I am an absolute sucker for anything eco.

  281. Catherine Doran

    My non-stick pans are a disgrace, and I promise to look after these ones!


    Fabulous prize especially due to them being more Eco friendly

  283. leanne williams

    ’m a bit rubbish and tend to wreck pans. So mine are not as spiffing as they should be.

  284. Rebecca Woodroof

    my current ones are really old so these would be a great replacement for them plus they would look great in my kitchen.

  285. Margaret Mccaffery

    I keep leaving them on the stove after I’ve finished cooking, forgetting the hobs stiil warm, wrecking many in the process.

  286. Colin Bowett

    Because my pans were salvaged from the Titanic!!!

  287. Susan Hoggett

    great pans to cook good food

  288. Pete

    I could make a great curry in these. Fed up with cheapie ones that don’t last 🙁

  289. Maddy

    Great quality pans for making some great meals! We love healthy stir fries without too much oil, so need a decent pan.

  290. Anthony Webster

    these pans are of awesome quality and style.

  291. Olga

    These wonderful pans will be a great help to me in my cooking for my husband ))) My frying pan is quite small, lacks a lid and isn’t very good quality

  292. esther james

    because I’ve had my current ones ten years!

  293. Rahela Uddin

    They look gorgeous, would love them so I could try some of your yummy looking reciped

  294. Wendy Lewis

    It would be great to have such stunning pans to go in my nice new kitchen

  295. Charlotte

    Ah cooking my stir fry is this new wok would be an absolute delight.
    And lovely new sauce pan for boiling up some of my 5 a day.
    I would appreciate and use these pans with so much love and care.
    Behind every great cook, there has to be great equipment!
    I Love Cooking 🙂

  296. mazcompy

    I’m not a bad cook but it would be brilliant to use some decent pans for a change! 🙂

  297. lauren

    my wok is broken and I really love to use it

  298. kayleigh beirne

    I’d like these pans as my current ones are older than some family members of mine :o)

  299. Amanda Richardson

    I’ve just had a new fitted kitchen which is all lovely and shiny, but my pans are nearly 20 years old and well and truly scratched and battered. Would love to win these nice shiny new ones!!

  300. tracy baines

    these pans looks great really durable and my current set have seen better days and are not non stick so a nightmare to clean

  301. Kelly Tobin

    I’ve only ever had cheap pans and would love some decent ones for a change!

  302. Renate Kriegler Edwards

    I would like these pans because I am sick of flaking teflon and the fear of cancer! I am over the moon to learn of a new safe non-stick product PHEW!

  303. Taylor J

    I would like these pans because as a student I can’t afford good quality pans but I love to cook

  304. Susan Hoggett

    love these pans as i love cooking

  305. Kerry-Ann Pope

    I would love a new set of pans as I have always had inexpensive sets, but they never last – only a week ago the handle of my frying pan came off in my hand. They have an awful lot of use though, as I m always entertaining our family and friends and having two little boys I am always trying new recipes to get as many fruit and vegetables in their diets (often without them realising) so I really cannot complain about my frying pan going but I would love a good quality set that could keep up with my lifestyle and that I could be really proud to cook with.

  306. Karen Whittaker

    Because I’m still using pans from my student days (30 years old!) and I think it really is about time I replaced them!!

  307. Milli

    Eco-friendly, easy to clean, well-designed,power-saving, Green!

  308. Paul Witney

    As a family we love to cook our meals from scratch and our wok is the pan we use most often. This has now seen better days so it would be lovely to have a new one.

  309. Mark Mccaffery

    There’s a crazy woman cook in my house who likes to whisk in the pan with a fork.

  310. Tim Bain

    I’d like these pans because mine met with a nasty accident and have no handles ..and of course they are top quality tools any cook would love to own.

  311. Yvonne Brownsea

    They look and sturdy and I could really use some new pans!

  312. Steven B

    My pans need replacing because the non-slip material is pealing and spoiling the food 🙁

  313. jd5761

    they are super shiny looking 🙂

  314. fjk42

    I’d love to give my newly married daughter some good quality pans like these. She is currently using some old pans of ours so it would be lovely for her to have brand new pans.

  315. miss j howard-simpson

    Would love to have these pans, look fantastic

  316. Joanne Darnell

    would smarten up my kitchen

  317. Jayne Sullivan

    A real quality pan. So much better than the supermarket bought one that I currently own

  318. Guy

    Just started experimented with cooking (it’s about time I’m 32) but lack the necessary tools – this would come handy


    i could really do with some decent, good quality and long lasting pans.

  320. Susan Lawn

    Oh how I love you Greenpan
    I really am your biggest fan
    with this saucepan and the Wok
    all my meals would really rock !

  321. herbertappleby

    because we eat a lot of stir fries as my wife is Chinese I want to reduce our oil/ fat intake drastically. I think these pans will do a great stir fry with a very small spoon of oil instead of the load we currently need to use.

  322. Andrew Rowlands

    I never have any luck with cheap pans,if i had some good quality pans i might become a better cook???????ha

  323. Michael Ambler

    I would love these pans because the handle of our “Life Time Guarantee” pan has just dropped off.

  324. John Taggart

    Non Stick is essential – I burn everything 🙂

  325. RenaPlumrudge

    I’d love to win they may help improve my cooking!

  326. Taz

    I’m thinking bubble and squeak for Sunday morning with that pan… yum!

  327. Anthony Gonsalves

    Sooo desperate for this new pans and these non-stick ones look great.. Would love to win these to put some enjoyment back in my cooking.


    Why should i win them ?
    Because i LoVE them and also because …… ive had an operation – so has my partner and my mum is my rock but now shes got a verruca were all depressed
    My frying pan is 82 years old and my husband has just been fired so we could never afford new ones and blow me down now my little kitten has gone missing but if she finds out i have won these she will definitely come back home and this would make my little ones so happy and id fry pancakes in them to celebrate and they’d be the best pancakes in the world 🙂


    You really dont know how much I need these pans!!!!

  330. Dave

    Always looking to improve my culinary skills so great pans are essential, these look great and should fit the bill nicely.

  331. Farhana Haque

    Mine could do with replacing!

  332. Ami Love

    can do with a new set of pans, new husband, new baby, new pans, lol

  333. Alison Johnson

    Mine are looking a bit tired now so new pans would be fab!

  334. Tom

    Throw in a cooker and I can eat!

  335. Rachel Blackburn

    I’d love them because they look great and I desperately need some new ones.

  336. Phil Bass

    Look like good pans – would enjoy putting them through their paces

  337. elaine robinson

    I would love these pans to replace my old ones

  338. Xin Bao

    My old pan is sticky when I cook meat and fish, I really need a new pan to make delicious food.


    I love the pans, I love the colour and I would just love a new set of pans!

  340. terina davidson

    i’d love a posh set ,my cheapies are always having to have the hands screwed back on

  341. Louise Grant

    These look like really good quality pans

  342. Pete

    They look nice and sturdy. I keep having to tighten the handles on my current pans.

  343. Petr

    I’d look damn cool!

  344. Jane Heenan


  345. Audrey Tebbs

    I would love this set of quality pans.

  346. sue

    I need new saucepans, I’ve lost one of mine! No idea how you can lose a saucepan but I’ve managed it

  347. Caitlin Howes

    Me and my husband have just bought our 1st flat and need cookware 🙂

  348. Christopher Powell

    I would love to win these as my pans are well past their prime, it would be nice to have a good quality one as cooking would be easier and shinier.

  349. Julie Dee

    they look real quality, and you can never have enough pans!!

  350. Daniel lee

    these look fantastic

  351. Sue Cook

    Just retired and would love this prize.

  352. MS P J PORTER

    I SOOOO want a new wok and need a new frying pan that isn’t too heavy!Easy clean PLEASE!!!

  353. NDM

    I’d like to win these because our pans are showing their age.

  354. Esme McCrubb

    I would love these – I am not a great cook but have started to make things from scratch – these would make it so much easier for me.


    I Loved it if i get it.

  356. hayley cooper

    I have the pans that my nan used to have so definitly need an upgrade!! lol

  357. Richard Whillock

    WOuld make a wonderful moving in present for my first house!

  358. Samantha J

    Would be great to have some good quality pans to cook our food in

  359. Steve L

    Great Saucepans My other half is a great cook and these would be be great to use !

  360. H Cameron

    They are beautiful and have great ECO credentials – make sure I don’t poison my family with bad cooking and/or terrible non stick coating from alternative products.

  361. Becky John

    Would love a set of quality pans, especially as they are easy to clean!

  362. David Munro

    I simply don’t possess any quality cookware.

  363. Paulina

    Love usin woks and big pan like this as i love rice dishes perfect

  364. Sara B

    look like they’re great quality – would love to win them

  365. Sean Hoggard

    because I use my current pans as an excuse not to cook

  366. silviaz80

    I love to cook and I love pan!!!

  367. Sean L.Lee

    High time I had decent pans again,last ones left behind when I moved out.

  368. Sharon roberts

    I love cooking, and what better way to cook than use the best pans for the best results.

  369. Hannah Irish

    For a present for my partner 🙂

  370. Jim Kerr

    The ‘non stick’ is unsticking from my current pans, too cheap! These on the other hand look quality, for my health I need them.

  371. Dorothy

    need new ones burnt all mine

  372. S Edwards

    because we have cheap old ones

  373. David Page

    These would be perfect for my partner

  374. Emma Harkness

    My boyfriends excuse for not cooking is that he doesn’t like the pans….No more excuses for him if i win 🙂

  375. Jun Ren Lim

    The non-stick pans of some other brands that I am using now are all badly scratched, I wish to win this quality pan!

  376. Mr Danny Cox

    It’s exactly what we are missing.

  377. Frank Roberts

    My pans are scratched. Would love to win! yeah

  378. Debbie

    My husband lived and worked in Hong Kong for years, his wok and it is his! is black and in need of replacement,
    He showed me how to make a non stick surface on a pan using boiling hot oil… al a bit frightening, he still reproves this wok… so a non stick would be safer and less smelly!

  379. james jordan

    Non stick and easy to clean, fabulous

  380. Laura Jeffs

    What a great giveaway! I’d love to win this fantastic pans 🙂 xx

  381. Stephanie

    These pans look awesome!

  382. Anne Wallwin

    because i’m a terrible cook and need all the help i can get!

  383. I would love to win these.

  384. GeorgeW78

    I need some new pans because we cook everyday and seem to go through so many, especially the frying pan which we use a lot to make stir-fries, a wok would be great! I have heard good things about GreenPans and am keen to try them.

  385. Choclette

    Oh boy, why do I want these? They are green which gets many points and they are non toxic too. I’ve never used non-stick pans because of this, but these sound excellent.

  386. Amy Ripley

    Mine are awful – they need replacing but we can’t afford it!

  387. Darius Dragasius

    Look nice and eco-friendly.

  388. Kelly Harper

    I would love to win one as my wok Has seen better days

  389. Tina Budge

    Shiny, new kitchen stuff, lovely! And I really want a wok with one long handle – so much better than my one with 2 little handles – it annoys me every time I use it.

  390. simone1

    love to win this so my food taste more original so it should be just like the chinese

  391. Teresa Lee

    because they look great and sound like real quality

  392. kristy brown

    I’d love to win as I don’t own a wok anymore after the last one died and hubby won’t let me buy a new one

  393. hannonle

    because mine are shamefully old and shabby (and losing the non-stick)

  394. Lancashire Food

    Mine are a bit long in the tooth

  395. Gillian Holmes

    Mine are overdue for recycling.

  396. L A Young

    would love this pan – i wouldnt pay this amount myself as i have other pressing priorities but in a perfect world i would – thanks for the chance

  397. anniemee

    Would love these pans – mine are so ready for replacing – got as wedding present 14 yrs ago !!

  398. Sarah Benn

    Non stick and easy to clean, fabulous

  399. tim

    Because my trust wok is on its way to the kitchen in the sky through overuse

  400. lyn b

    My wok is decrepit. Some of the non stick has decided it quite does like to stick, but to the ladles etc, rather than staying on the wok.

  401. Lucy S

    Amazing pans! Would love to cook in these as opposed to my old pans with nearly-flaky non-stick!!

  402. Emma wrenn

    I love cooking and teaching my children to cook

  403. Penny Crumpton

    I love to cook, I also teach it too! These would be fab to try out all the new recipes I find. Mine are also a little worse for wear!

  404. Laura Broadley

    Basically because mine are old, cheap and falling to bits!

  405. Melanie Edjourian

    I would love these pans 😉

  406. Dawn Costen

    I would love these pans as I have never had a decent wok and they are such a versatile pan to use…not just for stir frys, all sorts of dishes! One more reason is they sound just amazing! I love the fact that they take very little washing up! 😉

  407. Aimee Swift

    Would love to cook with a better quality pan like this,

  408. michelle bennett

    Easy to clean, stylish can withstand the battering im likely to give it! Im a terrible cook and need all the help i can get. My food tastes ok but actually cooking it is a different story. I have a very tight budget so tend to get what i pay for really, im still scraping melted cous cous from the bottom of a pan i boiled it in 6 months ago 😀

  409. Richard

    To replace old pans which are no longer in good condition

  410. John Steady

    Ooooooohh very nice pans!

  411. Solange

    To cook lovely meals for my family

  412. Sarah Parkin

    I would like these pans to give to my husband to encourage him to cook more!

  413. S. Harper

    Our current wok has somehow become ‘wonky’ and doesn’t sit flat on our hob which makes things a tad difficult when making a stir fry, lol

  414. claredavies

    ive never had new pans! always had old cast offs so some nice shiny pans would be fab!! x

  415. Lauren

    I’d love these as my current set is getting on a bit!

  416. Diana Cotter

    They look really good quality with proper heat distribution – goodbye to hot spots!

  417. Sophie Foulds

    I really need to upgrade my current pans!

  418. Karen Mitchell

    A birthday present for my husband as revenge for buying me an iron and ironing board 🙂

  419. katrina walsh

    Me and my partner are planning a family dinner party to announce our engagement – these would be great for it x

  420. Jo Chester

    The Wok & pan set would make cooking a healthy meal much more enjoyable *fingers crossed* 🙂

  421. sarah brooker

    these pans look great and i haven’t replaced mine for well over 10 years so badly need new ones.

  422. carol egan

    Maybe my dodgy culinary skills would improve if I had some decent pans!!

  423. Tammy Tudor

    i love cooking

  424. Ruth G. Grover

    Green, attractive and easy to use….would love them. Good pans are so important and when you find them you look after them and they last a very long time…which is why I would like these. My daughter in law is Thai and has been teaching me to cook Thai food ! I’m not great..but getting better. Such flavours and so quick to make.

  425. Adele Hill

    I would love to try these fantastic sounding pans.

  426. Tammy Clipson

    Good quality pans make it easier to cook up a good tasty meal, I need good quality pans to make my meals even tastier.

  427. anne nash

    Great prize thank you

  428. S Barry

    Running low on pans Just chucked my pan in the bin after failed attempts to clean burned food 🙁

  429. Sarah Morris

    I have really started to take an interest in cooking (previously my cooking skills ran to a couple of fish fingers with chips, and I was lucky if I didn’t burn them!!) and have started to realise that good cookware is essential if you want a dish cooked well, this looks great.

  430. Ceri Sell

    Fab prize – I desperately need new pans so fingers crossed!

  431. sian hallewell

    I know you should buy good quality pans, especially if you want them to last. Unfortunalty I’ve never been able to afford them, so this win would be a great start to a new set of pans.

  432. Louise Comb

    Because I’m rubbish at buying things like this and it would be lovely to have some quality pans to use 🙂

  433. Vanessa

    My pans are 15 years old and not non-stick. Need I say more!?

  434. Ali Thorpe

    I love cooking but my equipment is quite old and some of it is tatty. It wild be nice to start a new collection with some top quality items.

  435. Heather Tuby

    I use my wok to cook all the time but I don’t have a saucepan with a lid.

  436. Rob Griffiths

    I’d love the pans as a present for my Ma.

  437. Dawn F

    My pans are so old and horrible. These look really nice and quality.

  438. Su Tyler

    My wok is getting tired and worn out, I could really do with a new high quality one!

  439. Milko Tuski

    I always wondered what a quality pan had to offer and how it would differ from the very regular pans I am using now. If won, that could very well happen. However, I’m sure if I did use a quality pan, I would find it VERY hard to revert back to the regular ones so I do have mixed emotions about this one.

  440. Veronica Still

    love the pans look great quality

  441. stacey green

    Stir fries and flash fry curries are much loved mid week stand bys for me but my current wok has almost given up and leads to stuck on nasties and makes a huge ol’ mess. Even if I don’y win I am inspired, a new wok will save on washing up time!

  442. Megan Bayford


  443. Katherine L

    I don’t own an oven proof pan … and there are so many fab recipes out there that call for one! i’d love to win this 🙂

  444. Anna

    I’m still using my student house pans from 9 years ago, and they’re a bit tired!

  445. Alfie Davidson

    Would be perfect for my healthy stir fry creations

  446. Rebecca Allen

    We’ve been thinking of investing in a new set of pans for ages, these would be a great start to our collection

  447. Stephanie Tsang

    I’d love to win these because they are excellent quality and my current pans are old.

  448. Alana Walker

    I can only afford cheap pans at the moment so would love to treat myself to some long-lasting, quality ones.x

  449. Maureen Quinnell

    because my other pans are done in

  450. Hannah Oneill

    Because mine are starting to get old!

  451. Mrs Claire Smith

    I would give them to my son who is at university in an attempt to get him cooking!

  452. Mandy Seymour

    I really need new/modern pans, I think mine are older than my kids!

  453. Joanne Mapp

    My current pans have definitely seen better days and these pans sound fab, especially the Thermolon coating. I always worry about the health effects of non-stick, but I would no longer need to with these.

  454. Karen Barrett

    I’d love to win :0) I have a set of Prestige Lifetime pans that I have had since we got married, 36 years ago, they now look like I do!

  455. christina brown

    Because I’m finally moving out! 😀
    Much better than my cheap low quality pans that I’ve just bought!

  456. Caroline H

    I’d love these as we’ve just replaced our ancient oven and hob and our old, battered, scratched and tarnished pans look awful beside the shiny new appliances.

  457. Kate Marsden

    Because they are beautiful

  458. Shazia khan

    My pans are so old they are antique!!!

  459. Helena H

    My pans are really old and worn out so these would be amazing and inspire me to cook new fantastic dishes.


    I’ve had my current pans for 17 years now and my wok has certainly seen better days. As one of my most used pans, I’d love a new one to replace it.

  461. Vicky Blyde

    I’d love to win these – I’m just about to move out of a shared house, and all my pans have interesting shaped dents in from being used by my various housemates over the past few years!

  462. Jen Schofield

    Mine need replacing so these would be perfect!

  463. Clara Taylor-Gallop

    I’m really enjoying cooking for my little man after successfully weaning him from 4 months old. We all love to eat together and I would be able to cook in style with these pans 🙂

  464. Helen-Marie

    Nice pans, would love to win xx

  465. Sonia

    They look wonderful pans and mine are a getting a little (a lot) worn now so it would be fab to get some new ones 🙂

  466. Allan Smith

    Because of the non stick coating.

  467. Beth Norfolk

    We need new pans because my Mum always burns them – she even managed to burn some boiled eggs the other day!

  468. Julie E Henderson

    to give to my step daughter when she moves into her own 1st home

  469. Margaret

    My pans are old and practically falling apart.

  470. Kieran

    to replace my existing ones

  471. sarah birkett

    I am using a beautiful set of pans at the moment, but I had them 16 years ago for a wedding gift, and I think they could do with replacing

  472. mark r

    because i havent got a pan with a matching lid 🙁 and stir frys in a deep frying pan just gets messy :0

  473. Jill Webb

    Because mine are old and worn out

  474. Jen Rogers

    Pots & Pans over 50 years old now – bought in the time of ‘wok & roll’ Ha Ha!

  475. Anne Thompson

    Have tried non stick but it is no longer non stick as they are a few years old.

  476. Rachel S

    Our cookware could really do with an upgrade!

  477. Susan Crosswaite

    My pans are looking very sorry for themselves so I would love to win some fab new ones

  478. Jamielee Norris

    Id love these as they look alot better quality than the ones i own 🙂 plus they look so posh xx

  479. jennifer thorpe

    I would love these because my pans are nearing their used by date! 🙂

  480. Alison Joyce

    I’ve never had a set of good quality pans and mine are in dire need of replacing.

  481. angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

    Like many people I can not bring myself to pay alot for saucepans, which I know is false economy for something that is used almost every day. So some new ones would be a treat


  482. Laura Harris

    My current pans are for the scrap,
    Cheer me up – send these, they’re fab!

  483. jane greenfield

    I really need some new pans mine are rubbish

  484. kellyjo walters

    I bought my first set of pans 16 years ago, they are so worn out now that 1 of the glass lids blew up last month!.. seriously would love new pans

  485. Emily Jayne Phipps

    Because they are wonderful! Good quality and hard wearing.

  486. Fiona

    I’d like them because of the prestigious and durable quality

  487. jenny halliday

    oooooh these look fab, mine are awful cheapies, definitely could do with an upgrade!

  488. Paul Wilson

    My current pans are on their last legs.

  489. Lynne OConnor

    I bought my pans when I was at university and that was over 30 years ago. Need I say more!

  490. Phil Darling

    I’d like these pans as I’m sure they would make me a better cook – my old pans seem to burn everything

  491. foz

    My current pans are in dire need of updating

  492. Jacqueline Fawcett

    The pans I have right now are a little… rubbish? 😀
    These would make great additions! Out with the old. xx

  493. Laura

    I’d like to win the pans so that we can replace our old and no longer non-stick pans which making cooking good food difficult let alone the washing up!

  494. garry bboton

    Our pans are in real need of an upgrade and these great pans would be ideal

  495. Eleanor

    I’d like the pans because the ones I have are from my uni days and that was a long long time ago!

  496. angela sandhu

    Perfect for fajitas and other bits as it has non stick coating

  497. David Paterson

    Mine are falling apart

  498. Hilda Hazel Wright

    A nice new wok for sweet chilli stir fry and a nice new pan for soup…2 of my main healthy eating evening meals! All my kitchen stuff could do with replacing, it would be a great start!

  499. Andy Thompson

    All my pans have seen better days definitely time for some new ones.

  500. Beky Austerberry

    Because I burnt my fave and most used pan yesterday! Not because I am a bad cook but because i was distracted with 2 hyper kids and a poorly unmobile hubby!!

  501. Zoe G

    I like the fact that you can use these to withstand high temperatures and not having to worry about the toxins, my pans are dire, I have owned them for the last 10 years at least and they are used every day.

  502. Lisa Williams

    I would love to win these to replace the pans that I have that are the same age as me 🙂

  503. andy harris

    my old pans are a disgrace but i can’t afford new ones, so this prize would be awesome

  504. Paul Green

    I am really needing new pans and these look great!

  505. Alison

    I would love to win the pans because Im always burning things and ruining them by getting things stuck to the bottom and your review makes them sound like they’d be the perfect pans for me!

  506. sharon keane

    ive been diagnosed as diabetic! i am now cooking fresh food from scratch. new pans would be lovely to cook in

  507. Holly Smith

    Because they are good quality and the one’s I have are Supermarket Value Brand and don’t last very long 🙁

  508. Janice Davison

    Mine desperately need replacing

  509. Louise Smith

    I’ve had my pans 11 years and they were good until my husband managed to burn the lids, I could do with some good quality ones.

  510. Alex Cuckson

    Aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean, these little beauties will turn me into a cooking machine!

  511. Val swift

    I currently don’t have a wok I do all my stir-fry’s in. Frying pan so I would love a new wok especially from GreenPan, they sound so much healthier!

  512. C Hui

    Really need to replace my current set – everything is sticking!

  513. Claire Willmer

    Wow these sound and look amazing. Would be great to have some pans that can withstand everyday home made meals for my family and not wear down so quickly, and loose their non stick after a few washes. Needless to say with a family of four my pans are looking worse for wear and it would be amazing to have some great ones that wont let me down especialy on homemade pancake days 🙂 And to create some yummy healthy stir frys that are quick and easy meals in the wok would be great. 🙂

  514. Charlotte Clark

    I could do with these pans for the next year of university! Mine are rubbishy cheap ones. thanks xx

  515. J. Tingay

    Quality pans like these would encourage me to cook more often and be a bit more adventurous in the kitchen.

  516. Rachael G

    I would love these because the non-stick has worn off all of my pans and all I am making in them currently is a mess!


    to replace my extremely naf pans that are definitely not non-stick

  518. Gary Topley

    I love experimenting when I am cooking and love to cook food i.e. Indian, Chinese, etc, so these would be great.

  519. Angie Allen

    I really need new pans & these would be perfect

  520. DanielP

    I’m fed up of cheap pans and the cleaning that goes with them!

  521. Clare Woodman

    All my pans are scraped and battered, I could do with lovely new ones!

  522. David Vessey

    Could use some new kitchenware so this would be great.

  523. claire bodin

    Really could do with new pans

  524. S Edwards

    To give to our son who is leaving home

  525. Tracey Peach

    Because mine are old & scratched inside

  526. liz denial

    My current pans have seen better days so I could really do with these as I love to cook from scratch

  527. Gemma Mills / Chamberlain (MyMillsBaby)

    We’ve just donated all our old pans to my little brother who just moved into his old flat. Our cupboard now looks so bare!!!

  528. Lorna Ormiston

    I have to keep screwing the handles back on my pans everytime they come out of the dishwasher! Think it’s time for some new ones….

  529. Janine Phillips

    I love cooking and mine are all getting old, so some new ones would be fab x

  530. Eileen Teo

    Need to change my pans

  531. Wendy Smith

    Nice looking pans which would look lovely in any kitchen

  532. Sarah

    I have always wanted a set of Greenpans! It’s the sort of thing I’d put on my wedding register if I was having a wedding, but as I’m looking at setting up house completely on my own (after 13 years of sharing – and I’m still doing the sums to get out on my own) this is exactly what I need. I want everything in my new home to be sustainable but the costs mount up…

  533. Maxine

    I think that a non-stick wok should be an essential addition to everyone’s kitchen (and one I don’t have!)

  534. Nicola Hoare

    I would love these pans because my Dad refuses to get rid of his years old silver ones!

  535. anna

    cos mine are old and need replacing!

  536. tracy sinclair

    I have had my pans for years, never get round to buying new ones, so it would be lovely to win these!

  537. Victoria Lee

    Because I’ve had the same set since I was at university, and they were hand-me-downs from my Mum! So I think at the age of 29 I should have my own nice new set pretty please! 🙂
    The Pantry Door

  538. hannah massingham

    my cooking is not the best – I need all the help I can get!

  539. Janice

    I must admit my pans have seen better days and my wok is losing it’s non-stick, so these would be ideal

  540. Susan Ellams

    mime are old and scratched would love some new ones

  541. Jo Orr

    My son has just trained to be a chef and when he cooks at home moans about my pans and my knives! Now if I won, perhaps he’d be willing to cook for us and share his skills!!

  542. Patricia Owen

    Easy to clean sounds great to me especially as scrambled egg is one of favourite foods. The loist of advantages to trhese pans is long but I also like them because they are good to look at.

  543. Helen G

    My fella has just started a cookery course so this would be a fab treat for him. 🙂

  544. katie skeoch

    I think there’s a crack in one of my saucepans!! sigh** would love some new pans

  545. Alan C

    I like the fact that they are eco friendly

  546. Clare Webb

    In the 12 years since I moved out of my parents, I’ve never had new pans. Would love these as they would last years!

  547. tamalyn roberts

    i love cooking chicken stiry frys for my family, at the moment i have a cheap non stick wok from asda which is fab and does the job great but i realise a more expensive wok would make my stiryfrys even nicer and easer to cook.

  548. helenlt

    I love cooking with my wok – but it is looking well past its best and is probably due to be ‘retired’…..

  549. laura banks

    we are always making chinese and we don’t actually have a decent pan to make it in

  550. darren l

    need to replace my worn out asda price one’s 🙁

  551. Frances hopkins

    I’m certain that these fantastic pans would make my food taste so much better

  552. Penelope Harper

    My pans are old favourites, battered and stained, but they’ve stood the test of time. To replace them I would only consider the BEST. GreenPan have got such good reviews that I’ve been swayed.

  553. Jen @ BlueKitchenBakes

    I could really do with a decent sized pan that I can put in the oven so these would be great for me.

  554. Winnie

    nice prize! i have just damaged my hubby’s pan by scrubbing :O so need to get a new one

  555. Darlene Taylor

    I’d love these quality pans. Have been using the same cheap set for way past their dump date and cant afford to splash out on a decent set :S

  556. Helen Moulden

    I’d love them as mine are knackered and need replacing!

  557. Fran Harrod

    EVERY non stick wok I’ve ever had has let me down, and pretty quickly too, so when I threw away the last one I said never again. Would be good to try out one that actually does *ahem* wok!!

  558. Eleanor W

    I know it’s a boring answer but I’d like these pans because the ones I am currently using are either cheap and rubbish or old and need replacing!

  559. Jayne T

    I need some new pans and these sound fantastic.

  560. Barrie Phillips

    I would love to replace my old pots and pans.

  561. Jessica Cocks

    I’d love these pans as I’m starting to gather things for my own home and these would be a great addition to my ‘kitchen trunk’ 🙂 x

  562. Kaley Redmond

    non stick pans are definatly the best to get. Especially in my house if im not cooking they get burnt lol.

  563. StaceyD

    Looks lovely and durable 🙂

  564. Iris B.

    My old Ikea wok isn’t of much use anymore. I’m starting to seriously consider the idea of getting a new one – and this one looks just like what I need. I bet it’s great for curries!

  565. Hannah Moody

    I’d like these for my fella – so he can cook me lovely things like he used to 🙂

  566. Corina

    My pans are getting old so I’d love some new ones.

  567. corinne wright

    handles are falling off mine, these would be great xx

  568. Helen Dickinson

    I would love these pans as when I moved into my house I had cheap ones which are rubbish! These would be a godsend 🙂

  569. ashleigh

    I am really needing new pans and these look great!

  570. Jane English

    I’d love these pan as mine where all in herited from my mother in law 30 years ago apart from the wok. As much as they are great pans for the era, now pans are easier to use & are not full of 40+ years worth of cooking!

  571. Lucy Mayer

    Mine have been with me for years, through 4 house moves and 3 countries – they’re looking a little bit tired!!

  572. Maya Russell

    I’d like to win these pans because they would put my mind at rest. I’m always worried about bits of toxic pan non-stick material coming off into the food. With these I wouldn’t have to worry.

  573. Tracy Nixon

    They would be perfect for my fajitas and stir fries! Non stick are the best!!

  574. Jane Willis

    I keep buying pans with insulated handles and then realising I can’t put them in the oven – so I really NEED some with stainless steel handles and these look tough enough to stand up to life in my kitchen

  575. Gill Bland

    I’m a bit rubbish and tend to wreck pans. So mine are not as spiffing as they should be.

  576. Heather Haigh

    I am keen to replace my non-stick coated pans. The coating is peeling off and I am becoming concerned about the health implications. I also just love nice kitchen equipment.

  577. Annie Costa

    My pans are knackered and have well and truly served their purpose.I could do with some new ones as the black is starting to peel off them

  578. maria molly taylor

    These would be perfect for my partner who cooks all the meals – luckily its his birthday in June

  579. Diane pearce

    wow..nice pans!!! mine are shamefully on there last legs really need a quality set

  580. mellysocks

    My pans are really old and I’ve never had really good quality pans.

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