Review of Bodum Bistro Double Wall Thermo-Glass Mugs & Competition (closed)

Bodum Bistro

I’m always on the look out for well designed and practical products so when my sister reported that she’d had ice cream served to her in a restaurant in a double walled glass which wasn’t cold to touch, I had to find out more. After a quick google I showed her that the manufacturer must be Bodum and she confirmed that yes these were the same glasses that she’d seen. Well being half Danish I had to find out more and contacted Bodum who are a Danish manufacturer known for their stylish and functional products which improve everyday life. They have a vast range of double wall glasses and mugs in all sorts of shapes and sizes as well as a whole host of other products. The lovely people at Bodum asked me which product I would like to try and I knew immediately. Once I’d read that because of the double wall you never get condensation and therefore no ring mark on your surfaces, it had to be the Bistro Double Wall Thermo-glass Jumbo Mugs which have a capacity of 450mls and also come in two smaller sizes. We drink a lot of tea in this house and my husband is forever needing refills but most importantly he seems to always miss the coasters that I leave around and makes marks on my glass table tops. These design award winning mugs are made to keep hot drinks hotter for longer and cold drinks colder for longer without the outer wall becoming either hot or cold to the touch! As well as the double wall of thermal glass these mugs also have a hydrophobic silicone vent in the base to allow the air pressure between the two glass layers to be constantly equalised with the outside air pressure. Hence these mugs are happy to be put in a dishwasher too. I think it’s so cool when science and aesthetics come together and to not only look good but solve problems as well.

Bodum double wall thermal mug

Hot Chocolate – hot on the inside, cool to touch on the outside!

So how did we get on? Well first I made hot chocolate which was great for checking out the outer temperature of the mugs which was amazingly neutral in temperature on the outside even though the drink was piping hot on the inside! I always have a problem passing a mug of tea to my huband and one of us ends up holding a piping hot mug which is not nice to say the least. So it was such a pleasant change to no longer have that problem as this mug can be handled all over with no fear of any burning fingers!

The next morning my husband made tea for us and as he’s such an early riser I normally end up with a luke warm cup of tea waitng  for me in the kitchen. So it was such a joy to come down to a Bistro mug of tea that was still hot – these mugs really are like magic.

Bodum Double Walled Jumbo Thermal Glass Mugs

Iced Tea – not a spec of condensation to be seen!

Next I thought I’d try out some cold drinks with iced tea and cordial. Again there was no unpleasant freezing cold glass to hold as the double thermal wall kept the chill away from our fingers! Plus there was no condensation on the outside of the glass mug so no annoying ring marks to be had. I had a mug of cordial with my lunch and as usual being a slow drinker hadn’t drunk most of it; an hour later when I returned there were still remnants of ice cubes in the mug and the cordial was still chilled – pretty amazing even allowing for my cold kitchen!

Bodum Double wall thermal glass mug

Iced Cordial – stayed chilled an hour later!

I really do think the whole range of double wall thermo-glass products that Bodum have invented are so brilliant and I love it when form and function go hand in hand. To overcome the problems of condensation marks and too hot to hold mugs in one go is pure genius in my book! My husband got so used to drinking from these gorgeous mugs that when I handed him a tea in one of our conventional mugs he moaned “no special mug then”!

So now I’ve whet your appetite I simply had to give one of my readers the opportunity to win a set of these Bistro Mugs which retail for £37 a pair. To enter the giveaway simply enter the rafflecopter below and tell me what would be the first drink you would make in these mugs?

How to enter:
Complete the Rafflecopter form below to confirm your entries made via blog comments, Twitter, etc.
This giveaway will close on 25/03/2013.
Please read the Terms and Conditions below.
Winners are announced on the Rafflecopter form after the prize has been claimed by the winner.
First timers: Please watch how Rafflecopter works (video)! It is 46 seconds long. It explains everything.
If no form is showing, hit refresh and it should appear.
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Mandatory entries need to be completed first – so leave a blog comment before you try and complete any of the other methods of entry.
Do you want more chances to win? Come back daily after tweeting about the giveaway and fill the form in again.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and conditions:
Only open to UK participants over the age of 18.
There is 1 prize of a pair of Bodum Bistro Jumbo Mugs. There’s no cash alternative and the prize is not transferable. No part or parts of the prize may be substituted for other benefits, items or additions.
Instructions form part of the terms and conditions. Entries using any software or automated process to make bulk entries will obviously be disqualified. The winner will be picked at random using software and then contacted by email. If you win and then don’t respond to this email within 5 days then another winner will be picked.
I am running this giveaway on behalf of Bodum who will be responsible for sending the prize to you if you win. Their decision is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.
Please don’t say you have liked the post and followed me on Twitter and Tweeted if you haven’t as I will check and fairness is my middle name!

NB: All the views in this post are my own and I have not received any payment from Bodum.





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  1. paul baker

    I think it would have to be a nice glass of winter pims with all this cold weather at the moment

  2. Antonia Rookley

    Hot chocolate with all the trimmings for me!

  3. Kevin Dooley

    Cup of peppermint tea

  4. Gary Martindale

    Hot Chocolate

  5. Annamarie Riddiford

    A delicious cup of tea which would not go cold for once, I make lots of cups of tea and leave many when they are cold. What a fantastic looking product.

  6. Lani Nash

    Some ice tea

  7. Megan Adams

    Tea! 🙂

  8. Megan Davies

    I would make an Irish coffee

  9. Denise S

    hot chocolate

  10. Ellen Stafford

    A nice cup of tea

  11. Ralph T

    Invisibility Potion

  12. charlotte r

    earl grey tea

  13. amanda pickering

    definately tea or coffee

  14. kerry

    Hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream and chocolate shavings:)

  15. Rachel Blackburn

    a lovely cup of tea

  16. Ali Thorpe

    Hot chocolate with marshmallows!

  17. @Morrighani

    I’d treat us to a gingerbread hot chocolate

  18. jayne underwood

    it would be a lovely milky coffee

  19. sarah fleck

    Hot chocolate with little marshmallows

  20. Lesley Bain

    A lovely creamy scalding hot latte…..would be lovely to be able to drink it right away instead of waiting ages before I can touch my usual tall glass mug 🙂

  21. Victoria Smith

    A lovely latte with my new coffee machine – heaven!

  22. Jenny Rogers

    Hot chocolate with all this snow around.

  23. Diana Cotter

    Coffee for me and tea for my mum

  24. Joanna Smith

    My specialty Baileys Hot Chocolate with chocolate straw and liquor soaked marshmallows! Oooh I’m salivating now!

  25. Jamie

    Hot Chocolate ?

  26. sairz eastham

    cappuchino! these look perfect for my tassimo machine!

  27. rachel

    A nice black coffee

  28. Paula Phillips

    A nice hot chocolate.

  29. Leanne Bucknall

    Hot Chocolate as it goes cold too quickly in normal mugs 🙂

  30. Stuart Dunlop

    Hot Choc

  31. Kelly Hooper

    A nice cuppa

  32. Ruth Grover

    A lovely refreshing cup of Earl Grey Tea….my favourite on hot or cold days….

  33. mummyand her kids

    Like most people it would have to be coffee. I have to have two cups of coffee before I can do ANYTHING!

  34. Katie Harmer

    I would make hot chocolate – and I would be able to see whether it’s mixed thoroughly too!

  35. Adele Hill

    Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows

  36. Jeremy Hards

    A cup of freshly ground Cuban coffee. Black with 2 sugars

  37. Celia West

    A skinny latte

  38. jellie

    hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows

  39. sheila

    A macchiato. it would stay hot and i could see all of the layers!

  40. Diane Carey

    Coffee. These would be great for me as I take ages to drink a cuppa

  41. Katherine L

    I have a lovely French Earl Grey tea I save for special occasions .. this would be one of them 😉

  42. Alison

    Hot chocolate

  43. Emily Fraser

    Hot chocolate! : )

  44. Rhoda K

    A cup of freshly ground black coffee

  45. Euphoriabuzz

    My first drink would be a lovely hot cup of coffee, I never finish my coffee because I don’t like it once it has gone lukewarm, so these would enable me to be so much less wasteful, and less thirsty too

  46. Euphoriabuzz

    Simple, stylish and effective, what more do you need?

  47. jennie jackson

    A nice strong cup of tea

  48. Anne McCutcheon

    A nice cup of black coffee

  49. Christine Mutter

    A nice baileys coffee

  50. Tina Budge

    Strong, black coffee.

  51. BinkyPower

    A yummy hot chocolate. great idea as there’s a good chance my drink would still be warm when i come out of book land!

    I get so absorbed in my books that I usually end up with a cold drink – even though it started off warm – there’s no way I’m going back down stairs to make a fresh one!

  52. Sue Ovens

    Coffee for me. I may be vertical on rising but need my caffeine fix to function properly. By the time I’ve fed the cats and sorted out breakfast my first coffee is going cold so these would be ideal.

  53. tamalyn roberts

    cup fo tea

  54. Nataliejane

    Hot chocolate with squirty cream and marshmallows 🙂

  55. carol egan

    As a total coffee addict it would have to be coffee!!

  56. Stu W

    A hot Chocolate for the wife

  57. Isabelle Smith

    ginger beer

  58. Sarah Benn

    A cup of tea

  59. Blake Ahearne

    hot chocolate with cream

  60. Kirsty Fox

    A nice cup of tea

  61. Nicole Melainie Squires

    A hot chocolate with cream on top.

  62. Tasha Corder

    A lovely cup of tea!

  63. Lynne McEvoy

    A cup of Earl Grey tea

  64. Lisa Wilkinson

    A nice, warming hot chocolate 🙂

  65. Winnie

    a big mug of green tea 😀

  66. Ursula Bingham

    Hot chocolate with extra cream and chocolate sprinkles on top

  67. Sophie Hedley

    hot chocolate 🙂

  68. Jen Schofield

    English Breakfast Tea!

  69. Susie

    Belgian hot choc with cream and a flake

  70. Shelley Jessup

    A nice refreshing hot berries herbal tea.

  71. Jan Davies

    Sorry, it escaped before I finished! These look really good and I’d love to have my first tea of the day in one

  72. Jan Davies

    These look really good!


    hot chocolate

  74. Esme McCrubb


  75. Lorraine Crighton

    Lemon and ginger tea with a touch of clover honey for me. Just finished one and could do with another

  76. angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

    A cup of coffee, I’m going through a coffee phase at the moment

  77. katie skeoch

    a fab chai tea

  78. Rebecca Cawte

    I would make a Latte Coffee

  79. Sean Hubbard-read

    Great looking cups

  80. margaret whalley

    A nice peppermint tea

  81. emma

    a lazy sunday morning coffee

  82. Caroline Hammond

    Ice cold Cranberry

  83. Sarah McIntyre

    Hot chocolate!!

  84. sarah pearce

    i would have a nice creamy hot chocolate,to warm me up before bed

  85. Avvie Cunnington

    Hot chocolate with marshmallows 😀

  86. teressa oliver

    mulled wine

  87. Rebecca Woodroof

    Hot chocolate

  88. Maggie Coates

    The way I am feeling today, it would probably be lemsip. Normally, coffee.

    1. Camilla

      Hope you get better real soon!

      1. Maggie Coates


  89. djstanley

    Coffee with cream floating on the top and a shot of vodka

  90. justine meyer

    It would have to be tea for me

  91. SW Lee

    I would make a hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream on top. Possibly with added marshmallows! They look so much nicer in a glass rather than a mug!

  92. Teresa Lee


  93. Catharine Rice

    A caramel latte!!

  94. Becky John

    Hot Chocolate

  95. Sarah mcknight

    I would make a cup of tea, i love the stuff.

  96. Amy Compent

    Surely the answer is always tea? Would experimen afterwards, but really, priorities!

  97. Karen R

    I’d make a mocha for me and my daughter

  98. Morena

    Peppermint Tea

  99. Laura

    Hot Chocolate with Cream and Marshmallows

  100. Jocelyn Clark

    Coffee, Taylors Italian ground

  101. Sarah Redfern

    A hot chocolate, with cream 🙂 x

  102. Janis Stogden

    My first drink would be a mug of tea to enjoy the amber beauty of it through the glass.

  103. Ali Roberts

    My favourite chai latte

  104. sandie a

    It will be gardening weather soon and would be great to make a lovely cup of tea in it . I would be lovely to take sips imbetween the back breaking work knowing it was keeping warm and would put an end to me drinking cold tea 🙂

  105. cathyj

    hot chocolate

  106. Clint Howat

    A nice hot cup of tea 🙂

  107. Tracey Belcher

    Hot Chocolate! yummy

  108. Rachel Coombs

    Literally addicted to tea! Some people like their cuppa to cool a bit before they drink it but I like it super hot straight from the kettle – these mugs would be perfect for keeping my whole brew steaming hot 🙂

  109. ClairejB

    I’d make a cup of tea as I love a nice cuppa but I always leave it until it gets cold as I get distracted by my computer etc and when I go to drink it realise it’s cold. 🙂 These mugs sound amazing!

  110. Deborah Wheeler

    Hot chocolate with cream on the top

  111. tracy

    Oh Gosh, these are gorgeous. I love my coffee so that is the first drink I would make in them.

  112. Danielle Woodman

    I would have a scrummy hot chocolate with whipped cream chocolate sprinkles, yum yum!

  113. Christine Lockley

    The first drink I’d enjoy in these mugs would be a lovely Mint Hot Chocolate

  114. Amy Ripley

    OOH a cup of tea!!!

  115. alana walker

    a lovely cup of tea

  116. Jackie ONeill

    hot chocolate

  117. chirag Patel

    green tea

  118. esther james


  119. rachel humphries

    It would be coffee, the mugs are amazing. My coffee always goes cold in the morning whilst I’m getting the children ready for school 🙁

  120. foz

    i would make a hot chocolate

  121. Jean Bolsover

    Coffee, to keep me awake!!

  122. H Cameron

    Oh how to make two busy office happy? A whole hot cup of tea perhaps? Some of the best things in life are within our grasp!

  123. Fran Light

    Early Grey tea … black!

  124. Mickie Bull


  125. Rachel R

    some freshly ground coffee

  126. Emma Lewis

    It would have to be a steaming hot cup of strong black coffee

  127. jo hutchinson

    lemon tea


    A latte though I doubt it would look like its meant to!

  129. Fridge Forager

    Oh, the first thing I would make for these mugs is a blueberry, lacto-free ice cream smoothie. I’ve been wanting to do one for ages, but because it includes ice cream I have to drink them slowly. Unfortunately, this means they warm up but … with these Bodum Double Wall Thermos Mugs, that won’t happen. Joy!

  130. Jane Townson

    Hot chocolate.

  131. Gillian Holmes

    Lemon Tea

  132. Leanne Timmins


  133. Emma Holness


  134. Helen

    A caramel latte

  135. Caroline H

    A lovely mint tea made with mint from the garden.

  136. Christine Johnson

    A cup of frothy coffee, seeing the froth inside the cup would make it such a relaxing drink

  137. Suzanne

    Definitely a luxury hot chocolate, my childrens’ favourite.

  138. Kirsten Barthy

    A delicious hot chocolate

  139. Philip Hall

    It would be a hot chocolate. My treat for the day

  140. Arabella Bazley

    My morning cup of coffee… then I could tell how it compares to my normal mug 🙂

  141. maria molly taylor

    a nice punch with fruit pieces – would be cool to see thru the glass

  142. Janine

    Mocha with whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkles

  143. Kerry Pope

    I would definitely have a lovely Hot Chocolate with cream and marshmallows as my first drink in my new mug, but I know my husband would have a Latte in his.

  144. Andy D

    A nice Mocca

  145. Sarah P

    In this weather definitely a Hot Chocolate 🙂

  146. Anne B

    A lovely creamy latte – my favourite drink of the day!

  147. Jan Wroblewski

    Coffee + milk + dab of drinking chocolate (just great for the cold weather).

  148. Julie Picton

    Hot Chocolate

  149. Rachel Sanders

    It would be a hot chocolate.

  150. Emma H

    The first thing I would make would be Hot Chocolate with marshmallows. 🙂

  151. Susan Greig

    Coffee – is there any other drink our there 🙂

  152. angela sandhu

    tea for me

  153. Shauna Ferguson

    Tea, its the first drink I make in any mug!

  154. Vanessa

    Fruit tea – either red berry or lemon & ginger.

  155. Sue Tyler

    A cup of Camomille Cosy Tea


    A coffee

  157. kirstie kenton

    My first Drink in these mugs would be a hot chocolate with melted marshmallows on top.

  158. Joanne McGonagle

    Hot Chocolate

  159. shane weir

    Hot chocolate with cream and marshmellows

  160. Deborah Munn

    Hot chocolate for my lovely teenager daughters

  161. Joanne thomas

    a cup of tea for my hubby who is busy fitting our heating in all his spare time x

  162. christina brown

    Some iced elderflower cordial or some hot and yummy pineapple and grapefruit green tea 🙂

  163. Beverley Marsh

    A lovely mug of hot chocolate.

  164. Aimee Wright

    Tea. I have a habit of forgetting about my tea and then half of it goes cold, so these would be perfect!

  165. Solange

    Hot Chocolate

  166. Annemarie Dobson

    I dont know if its the cold weather but when i make my wake me up cuppa in the morning, its warmish ….ughhhh
    i have tried many mugs, china cup, so i think the bodum cup would be ideal,
    so i would use the fab mug to have my HOT TEA that is the only thing that wakes me up, so rather than me walking around in a cold tea state of mind….i would be my usual buzzing self!!!!
    nothing worse than a luke warm cuppa …….

  167. jemma price

    a lovely healthy green tea

  168. John Mousley

    A nice warm rekorderlig cider

  169. Kieran


  170. stephen

    great product… love a cup of hot choc

  171. laura jones

    a nice cup of tea!

  172. Jill Webb

    A nice cup off hot chocolate

  173. Ohmite Hudson

    Milky coffee

  174. Hannah ONeill

    hot chocolate

  175. Kerry

    Loving my hazelnut flavoured coffee at the moment so would have to be that!

  176. Amanda Hurst

    The perfect mug for the best cup of ‘Mrs H’s finest’ (Tea that is)

  177. Helen-Marie

    Hot chocolate 🙂 xxx

  178. conrad edwards

    iced tea

  179. laura banks

    it would have to be a nice coffee

  180. Sarahann Tonner

    Hot chocolate with whipped cream, marshmallows – all topped off with a Flake!!!

  181. ros easton

    Jasmine Tea – with jasmine pearls

  182. Samantha Trimby

    Frothy hot chocolate

  183. Joanne Mcgawley

    Peppermint Tea 🙂

  184. Sarah Edwards

    caffè frappé!

  185. Marie Clifton

    I’d make some redbush tea 🙂

  186. John Tingay

    Very, very strong black coffee in one mug, and icy cold water in the other. If you haven’t ever tried it this way you are missing a real treat.

  187. jennifer thorpe

    definitely a milky coffee

  188. Keran

    A lovely cup of Twinings tea!

  189. Paul Wilson

    A nice cup of tea.

  190. Elisabeth Aldred

    Lemon tea

  191. Sarah Smith

    Latte (decaf – im pregnant) 🙂

  192. Charley Foulds

    a nice cup of tea!

  193. fran hopkins

    Hot chocolate with cream on top

  194. anthony harrington

    one of my fav cappuccinos!

  195. Wendy Lam

    Ooo…I recently bought these chia seeds and these mugs would be great to make a hot fresh lemon and honey drink with some chia seeds in it. They call it Chia Fresca but I make a hot one due to the cold weather.

  196. Zoe G

    A cappuccino

  197. Gavin

    Proper coffee, black, colombian and strong

  198. Suesy Q

    Like my tea piping hot so this would be perfect.

  199. Janice Davison

    Can’t beat a mug of breakfast tea

  200. Gary Topley

    I would make some hot chocolate 🙂

  201. Kate Schofield

    Mmmmmm Coffee

  202. Andrea MacLeod

    Tea! 🙂

  203. Lisa Williams

    I would make some tea I have always wanted these something about watching the te brew in a see through mug is hypnotising as crazy as that sounds 🙂

  204. Ellie B

    oooh i would love these. in the 1970’s my gran used to have one of those smoke coloured glass cups and we loved them because you could see the tealeaves in the tea! lol

  205. C Hui

    I think a hot chocolate

  206. Barbara daniels

    hot chocolate

  207. Phil Darling

    A nice cup of Green Tea

  208. Bryan

    A hot cup of green Gunpowder tea, an explosive start to the day!


    Strong, black coffee

  210. L Bunning

    A naughty Hot Chocolate…mmm.

  211. liz denial

    A lovely frothy cup of cappuccino

  212. Catherine Reynolds

    First thing I would do make green tea. <3

  213. Laura Costello

    A nice Mocca would go down well xx

  214. Anne-Marie Taylor

    I would have a lovely chocca mocha with marshmallows and extra cream!

  215. Sally Lea

    Nice cup of tea.

  216. Laura Harris

    Steaming, frothy hot chocolate with whipped cream! Yum!

  217. Tracey Peach

    Nice mug of steaming coffee

  218. Michael Broad

    Has to be hot chocolate mmmmm

  219. Ruth

    No more lukewarm drinks- bliss!

  220. shazah

    a nice cup of cappucciono o r latte in these would be cool

  221. David Farrell

    Black Coffee

  222. Jules

    I’d make a caramel latte

  223. Bhanu Rana

    Jamaica blue mountain coffee

  224. Alison Johnson

    Hot chocolate

  225. Drew Dibble

    JD and coke with ice!

  226. Mr Danny Cox

    Hot chocolate please!

  227. Claire C

    Mine would be my first drink of the day iced OJ, it’s the drink that wakes me up.

  228. Dora Botta

    Hot Chocolate and Coffee !!!

  229. Xin Bao

    I would like a cup of chocolate.

  230. Audrey Tebbs

    A lovely cup of tea

  231. Averil Lea

    Cappuccino…I love coffee!


    They are wonderful

  233. Colin Faulkner

    A lovely cup of tea

  234. debbie davies

    a nice proper cup of coffee :o)

  235. Claira

    A choc hotlate!

  236. Ms C Bryan

    Hot chocolate with squirty cream on top and shavings of dark chocolate

  237. Sue Bowden

    A lovely cup of TEA.

  238. R. Dixon

    My husband’s homemade decaf vanilla latte

  239. Sophie

    A cup of kenco Millicano coffee yum yum!

    1. yourcoffeehit


      still available for only £2.00 a tin at Asda http://tinyurl.com/p9n6sg5


  240. justine meyer

    tea for me

  241. Linda Thorn

    tea is the best for me
    with biscuits dipped in my tea

  242. Catherine Halloran

    tea tea tea tea

  243. stephen holman

    during the day a cup of tea, at night nice hot chocolate 😀

  244. Daren Strevens

    Wobbly Coffee’s for my Wife and I (Coffee with Baileys), which we start the weekend with on Friday evening.

  245. Angela Poppleton

    How could I not
    Enter for these,
    Make mine a
    lovely coffee please.

    Keeping it hot
    longer for me,
    whether it’s choccy
    or a cuppa tea.

    These are perfect
    I have to say to you,
    To enjoy, for longer,
    my favourite brew!

  246. Zeny

    A cup of indian tea and one for the mrs

  247. Simon C

    Mug of Green Tea


  248. anna

    think I would go for hot chocolate first
    have to say – these look great! first time i have heard of them

  249. Rhia

    I always have a hot earl grey tea with soya milk in the morning, so I guess it would be that! Although a glass mug? I guess I’d have to see where you can get those pretty flower teas! They always seemed a bit pointless in a ceramic mug!

  250. terina davidson

    it would be my wake up cup of coffee,the most important drink for me,so it would be wonderful to drink my coffee from such a stylish cup

  251. sgough

    Hot chocolate and mallows

  252. sarah clarke-feltham

    tea or coffe for me depends on the mood of the day

  253. Shaun

    Chilli Hot-chocolate

  254. Elaine Savage


  255. Hannah Irish

    Hot chocolate with full fat milk 🙂

  256. thekitten63

    mmm cadburys hot choc 🙂

  257. Bruce Peddie

    It would have to be my favourite Sunday morning coffee

  258. Keith W

    Hot Vimto

  259. sue

    green tea with lemon

  260. Keira Dempsey

    A Frozen Strawberry Margarita – yum!

  261. Sara B

    I’d make a delicious hot chocolate with the last of the chocolate we bought back from the bruges christmas market.

  262. Neil grindrod

    Jack Daniels. Honey lemon and hot water lush. Mmmm might have one now.

  263. barbara mcgibben

    one cup of tea is never enough

  264. jon ridehalgh

    coffee plain and simple

  265. Amanda palmer

    My first drink would be hot chocolate with marshmallows

  266. Steven Youngson

    It would have to be a strong latte

  267. Alison Milner

    I’d have a coffee – Hopefully it would stay hot in spite of my two year old twins interference!

  268. Jim Kerr

    I would brew some green tea

  269. andrea clowes

    tea, yum

  270. Nikita Hopkins

    I’d make a horlicks! My fave!!

  271. Christopher Powell

    I work outdoors a lot and my tea is always getting cold, winning one of these would help me keep it warm and make me really happy.

  272. Tony Greenwood

    Got to be tea

  273. Peta Cutts

    Would have to be a hot chocolate

  274. Amy

    Definitely a cup of tea

  275. Adam

    A warm ribena, yum!

  276. Laura

    Either warm Apple Cider Vinegar with Manuka Honey, or maybe I’d try out the homemade White Hot Chocolate recipe I just found over on Pinterest!

  277. Laura Clarke


  278. miss j simpson

    Hot chocolate

  279. Raymond Butler

    A nice cup of weak black tea

  280. Zsolt Nagy

    Hot italian coffee

  281. Sam Strange


  282. terry mealing

    tea of course

  283. Kevin

    Vimto Hot or Cold

  284. Alice bolton

    would be fabulous for hot toddies and irish coffees .nom nom

  285. neil davies

    beer. stupid question

  286. Craig Charlton

    A nice hot chocolate with mint

  287. Greg

    quality coffee



  289. Richard Whillock

    Some delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows!

  290. Mary

    a nice cup of tea with a bisuit

  291. Peter Wright

    yummy in my tummy favourite, Horlicks!

  292. Tom Parsons

    Anything but hot chocolate looks wrong in a glass mug…

    but hot chocolate looks so good, it sort of makes up for it!!

  293. Susan Ocock

    Nice hot coffee – I hate it when it gets cold

  294. COREY


  295. James


  296. Petr

    some high-quality coffee

  297. Andy

    warm apple cider with cinnamon, nutmeg & slices of orange

  298. A Stordy

    Hot Chocolate – with marshmallows


    The first drink would have to be a good hot cup of tea. Can’t be beaten:)

  300. Anton

    Great looking mugs.

  301. Alison

    Got to be tea and i like it very hot!

  302. Mariel Pereira

    I would love these for Hot Chocolate–they look so lovely and warm and inviting…!

  303. kim neville

    i would have hot chocolate with marsh mallows and cream

  304. Keith Reid

    A lovely steaming cup of tea

  305. julie kenny

    Tea! But I only like my tea hot hot hot – so these would be perfect as I always get distracted having my cuppa and then get a mouth full of cold tea – yuck! x

  306. Roger Bufton

    Tea, I seem to drink a lot

  307. Christine Dodd

    Every night I make a proper hot chocolate – real cocoa powder, hot milk(and if v naughty a chocolate to accompany it. These mugs look just the ticket.

    I’m on twitter as @flowerpowerlife

  308. Alan C

    A nice cup of tea

  309. Gill

    Hot cocoa. I’ve recently discovered that a teaspoon of cornflour mixed in makes it deliciously thick

  310. Hayley F

    hot chocolate x

  311. kim plant

    ice tea very lush x

  312. Jan Fisher

    Hot chocolate that would indeed be ‘hot’ when I drank it and not lukewarm!

  313. Helen Jones

    I love a hot cup of tea…and it goes cold always before I’ve drunk it with my two kids pestering me!

  314. Stephanie

    Hot choc 🙂

  315. Janice

    Nice cup of tea, I don’t take milk in my tea, so it would look like amber in the glass mug.

  316. Maz Tacey

    Coffee. I hate when it goes cold before I’ve finished.

  317. Emma Hobson

    I think we’d break open the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee that someone bought us for Christmas and which we’ve been saving for a suitably grand occasion. Special mugs for special coffee!

  318. melanie stirling

    Coffee,I drink loads!

  319. Jacqueline @How to be a Gourmand

    I have to say – mugs that don’t leave ring marks on the table sound pretty nifty to me. All power to you for trying the iced drinks in the middle of winter – my teeth are chattering just thinking about them 🙂

    1. Camilla

      They are so clever! I don’t mind ice in my drinks even in winter especially if you don’t have to hold a cold glass:-)

  320. Lynne OConnor

    It would have to be a cup of tea for my husband. I’ve lost count of the number of mugs of tea that have gone cold and had to be reheated.

  321. Tracy Hanley

    Hot chocolate with cream and marshmellows

  322. Rebecca U

    Raspberry tea

  323. Helen Dickinson

    Chocolate Milkshake!!

  324. eliza burke

    hot chocolate

  325. Choclette

    The mugs sounds amazing and I desperately want some now. Tea gets cold so quickly in our house. A nice hot cup of matcha would be the first thing I’d make and I might just let CT have one too 😉

  326. Sharon Hingley

    I would make my favourite Orange hot chocolate , would keep me toasty warm in this freezing cold weather.

  327. Jen @ BlueKitchenBakes

    I’d swap my office mug for one of these so my tea would stay hot for longer whilst I’m working

  328. Jay Scales

    Tea! I’m a complete tea addict, but nearly always end up with a lukewarm cuppa cos I get distracted after I;ve made it & forget to drink it! This would be the perfect mug for me if it can keep it hotter for longer 🙂

  329. Lucy R

    Mine would be an ice cold lemonade. Even in the freezing cold, I still find myself wanting an ice cold summer drink but my poor fingers just can’t handle it! This would keep me refreshed and still with fingers 😉

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