Zing Silicone Kitchen Utensils Competition rrp £51.95

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Ever since I found out about the Zing range of silicone utensils from Premier Housewares I’ve been singing “it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that Zing”. They say that colour can have an effect on your mood and I must say that using my 5 new gadgets has been a joy and they do put a smile on my face when I use them! The other major plus point for me with the Zing range (which comes in 8 colours and 24 different kitchen tools) is that it’s so visible. How many times have you looked in your kitchen drawer or cupboard not able to find what you are looking for? Up until now the only coloured objects in my kitchen drawer were my scissors and tin opener but everything else just got lost in a sea of black and silver. So there’s another plus point the Zing range will save you time!

Zing Silicone Kitchen Utensils Competition

From the range I chose a Paring Knife (£4.49) which is really sharp and excellent on tough skinned things like tomatoes and peppers. The Measuring Cups (£8.99) are fabulous as they fold down on themselves and fit easily in my drawer. The Collapsible Strainer (£17.49) is so clever, the handle dropped off my metal one recently but with this one that could never happen and if you’re short on kitchen space (aren’t we all) it’s a doddle to store and works brilliantly. My daughter was really impressed when I asked her to punch it open in order to rinse some strawberries! The Spatula (£6.49) is a good size and does fab job. The Rolling Pin (£14.49) has a lovely action to it and is a luxurious change from my traditional block of wood one which I have used for the last 20 yrs!

I should also mention that the range is durable and heat resistant to 240⁰C meaning it looks good and performs better for longer plus its stain and odour resistant. The Zing range is currently stocked in BHS, Trago Mills, Amazon and many other independents (both high street and online).

Zing Silicone Kitchen Utensils Competition

So having picked out what I think are 5 really useful kitchen utensils, the lovely people at Premier Housewares would like to offer my readers the chance to win the same 5 Zing items as a prize. All you have to do to enter the competition fill in the Rafflecopter below and tell me why you’d like to win this prize! Remember if you don’t answer the question your entry will be void.

How to enter:
Complete the Rafflecopter form below to confirm your entries made via blog comments, Twitter, etc.
This giveaway will close at midnight on 24/07/2013.
Please read the Terms and Conditions below.
Winners are announced on the Rafflecopter form after the prize has been claimed by the winner.
First timers: Please watch how Rafflecopter works (video)! It is 46 seconds long. It explains everything.
If no form is showing, hit refresh and it should appear.
Complete the form – or your entries will not go into the draw.
Mandatory entries need to be completed first – so leave a blog comment before you try and complete any of the other methods of entry.
Do you want more chances to win? Come back daily after tweeting about the giveaway and fill the form in again.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and conditions:
Only open to UK participants over the age of 18.
There is 1 prize of an 5 Zing Utensils: Small Knife, Measuring Cups, Collapsible Strainer, Spatula and Rolling Pin rrp £51.95 (colours may vary from those shown). There’s no cash alternative and the prize is not transferable. No part or parts of the prize may be substituted for other benefits, items or additions.
Instructions form part of the terms and conditions. Entries using any software or automated process to make bulk entries will obviously be disqualified. The winner will be picked at random using software and then contacted by email. If you win and then don’t respond to this email within 5 days then another winner will be picked. The prize will be delivered to the winner as soon as possible after you have e-mailed your delivery address.

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Feeling lucky why not check out my Competition page for other great competitions.

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Premier Housewares and Pam who sent me the Zing utensils and offered the prize to my readers, all opinions are my own and I was not paid for this post.


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  1. Janet Bennett

    great giveaway, love these for my new kitchen, would look wonderful

  2. Alisa Moore

    As we lack some decent looking utensils

  3. Natalie Crossan

    this would really brighten up my cooking x

  4. Jayne B

    I love to cook and these might help me make something decent

  5. Holly Boyd

    All my utensils are at the end of their life. These would really brighten up the kitchen.

  6. Tracey Brookshaw

    I’d love to win these for my children – they love cooking and I would like to give them their own cooking utensils.

  7. Jo Glasspool

    All mine are falling apart and need updating x

  8. Kerry Locke

    Love to win to add a touch of colour to my rather bland kitchen

  9. sarah williams

    I would love to win these as I need some new utensils in kitchen for all my baking and cooking for my parties

  10. sara

    I need some replacement kitchen utensils as mine are quite old and these look so colourful

  11. antonia richardson

    my kitchen utensils are past it

  12. Maddy

    Love the colours, so vibrant and fun!
    Plus I had a bit of an incident with my silicone spatula so need a new one… No further details forthcoming 😉 LOL!

  13. Polly Bastow

    My kitchen needs some more colour and these utensils will definitely do that xx

  14. Karen Lloyd

    I would love to win because I love to spend time in the kitchen but my utensils really need updating.

  15. Gillian Hutchison

    My Husband melted my strainer last night while trying to help by making dinner so it would be very useful to win. I love the bright funky colours!

  16. Bianca Franks

    Because my kitchen is in desperate need of a little colour! x

  17. James Holyland

    Lovely bright colours

  18. Kirsteen Mackay

    I love the colours and I’ve always wanted measuring cups.


    because im trying to build up a nice set of utensils for my son to use in the kitchen as he loves to cook now hes a teenager

  20. Julia Wulff

    I’d like to win these because my current utensils are all pretty battered.

  21. Emma Price

    I’m without a job from the end of the week and would love the chance to take the opportunity to do some baking and general cooking 🙂

  22. Janet Rumley

    Hope to get my kitchen done soon and will be in need of some colourful modern utensils.

  23. Anne

    I really need a colander!

  24. Aaron Milne

    Just love winning

  25. Gail Bennett

    I would love to win … our kitchen utensils are a bit on the tired side and could do with replacing and love these really colourful ones 🙂

  26. Sam P Toms

    I desperately need new kitchen utensils and these look fab!

  27. jayne underwood

    I’m in need of some new kitchen utensils!

  28. Lani Nash

    My whole kitchen needs an overhaul, these would be a start.

  29. Colin

    Soft, easy clean and colourful

  30. Patricia Avery

    Most of my kitchen tools were wedding presents. I celebrate my sapphire anniversary (45 years) next month. Need I say more?

  31. Sharon L Johnson

    i would love to make a massive omlette x

  32. Amy Jo McLellan

    Because my Mum does so much cooking for me (sorry Mum!), I’d love to win these for her.

  33. Emily Hutchinson

    My kitchen is very old and dull, it needs brightening up!

  34. Jo-Anne holton

    Some new kitchen utensils would be great mine are so old and have seen much better days!!!

  35. Emily Knight

    I’m a massive fan of cooking, and these would add a splash of colour to my kitchen!

  36. katherine b

    I love the colours and design x

  37. Lisa Rhodes

    need to brighten my kitchen up

  38. Sarah Lewis

    Never got round to buying some proper utensils since I moved into my own place 5 years ago!!

  39. helen Jone

    Would love to win as my kitchen needs some zing and colour it is too bland

  40. Stephanie Acton

    They’re lovely and colourful and would brighten up my kitchen.

  41. aisha

    i would like to win this prize as it would be a great little starter for my flat im looking to move into in the very near future

  42. Keith Hunt

    Looks good for my small motorhome

  43. Julia Morris

    I’ve just moved in with my boyfriend and he has very little kitchen utensils, I think he’s been eating takeaways instead of cooking! This prize will help get him cooking up a treat instead of phoning for pizza! 🙂

  44. Katherine Coldicott

    Love to win because they’d add a bit of colour to my cooking.

  45. trevor linvell

    Because my kitchen utensils have all seen better days and new ones are badly needed!

  46. Susan Pringle

    I’d like to win because you can never have too many utensils!

  47. Nancy Bradford

    That gorgeous pink rolling pin was made for me.

  48. Monika S

    I love baking – I do a lot of measuring and stirring in the kitchen

  49. Jennifer Rhymer

    I would love to win as these are so colourful and & I have had my old utensils forever!

  50. Simone McDonald

    My kitchen sure could use a bit of zing-spiration

  51. IZZY

    im moving house x

  52. Kristy Brown

    I would love to win as I do #ThursdayTreatDay every week for my husbands office but my equipment is getting a wee bit past it now

  53. jackie curran

    I would love to win these , my kitchen utensils are all old and these are so colourful and modern .

  54. Sarah Bates

    Because I love a bit of baking!

  55. Laura Murray

    I’ve had my kitchen utensils for years and years – they really could do with being replaced with something a bit more modern like the Zing range!

  56. Sheri Darby

    I would love these because most of my utensils are both old & Value – I would love new and top of the range

  57. janine atkin

    they would brighten up my kitchen

  58. Claire Barker

    All my utensils are more worn out than I am! I love the zingy Zing colours too.

  59. Michael Rattray

    I love all the funky colours

  60. clare d

    would love some bright and colourful things in the kitchen to brighten it all up! x

  61. Jayne K

    It’s a cheerful and useful bundle

  62. Vicki A Smith

    I’d like to win because I could do with replacing my old kitchen utensils!

  63. Sarah Ridgeway

    I would like to win because it would brighten up my kitchen

  64. Laura Carroll

    I’d like to win because the colours would brighten up my day when I used them!

  65. Helen Lloyd

    Because I’,m sure they will help me cook better!!!

  66. Gabriella Smith

    I’d like to win these to inspire me to get back into the kitchen

  67. sam bailey

    Well, its like this, boring but true but this is how it is…

    4 months ago i met my fella and he is a bit of a whizz in the kitchen, however when he comes to visit me he moans that i have wooden and metal utensils and that i should be using,,, silicone! So I figure to keep the chap a tad happy, i need to replace what i got in the hope he will continue to cook in my kitchen! Help me be a kept lady 😉

  68. Lorraine Polley

    i would love to win as my kitchen has just been painted in purple and these would look fab

  69. Sarah Hurrell

    So my kids cannot break anything whilst cooking.

  70. Sarah Hurrell

    Because it is always handy to have these to help me bake with my two children, knowing they cannot drop them on the floor and break them.

  71. Jill Ashton

    Wonderful bright colours. Would motivate me to bake more!

  72. michelle banks

    because i love baking with my grandaughter and could do with some new utensils x

  73. Cathy O

    These will brighten up anybody’s kitchen 🙂

  74. Tamsin Dean

    these would ace for when we go camping, bright colours so easy to find, compact to fit with every thing and durable

  75. Rachael

    They look much nicer than the very old utensils I have now!

  76. Kirstin Lydon

    New colourful utensils might motivate me to bake a lot more.

  77. Rachel B

    I’d love to win as they look really nice and I like the innovative space saving ideas.

  78. Elizabeth Williams

    I would love to win to be able to replace our old kitchen utensils with some fab new ones.

  79. Paul Humphriss

    Would be a great addtion to our kitchen

  80. Amy J

    Im moving out from my parents and need some more stuff of my own!

  81. Merry

    It’ll make a fab addition to my kitchen!

  82. Hannah

    We always need utensils that squash into small spaces

  83. Eleanor Powell

    I love baking anyway but these are pretty and would make it all a little brighter and a lot more fun

  84. Edward Guerreiro

    I just wanted to inform you, I recently changed my name on Facebook (The name I used previously was just a placeholder while I got the hang of it).

    So if for any reason you decided to check to see if I have participated in the ways I have claimed to (which I have), could you look for my surname only with regards to Facebook, as it’s the same in both names.

    p.s. I went from ‘E.a MSE Guerreiro’ (This is the name I used in the Rafflecopter) to ‘Eddie Guerreiro’.

    p.p.s. This is true for all of you Rafflecopters, but I don’t want to post this in each comment section.

  85. Jill m

    Ours r so old & need replaced

  86. Amy Skinner

    My son and I have just started baking together, this would come in really handy

  87. Janet Higgins

    I SO need more colour in my kitchen!

  88. Helen Belton

    I inherited my kitchen utensils from my mum (I’m 40 now!), so they really could do with being replaced by some fab new ones 🙂

  89. almonds

    All the utensils make me smile – what a wonderful start to my day.

  90. Maria Blythin

    I would love these for my kitchen x

  91. felicity smith

    stunning colours!

  92. Christine Caple

    My kitchen could do with brightening up!

  93. Anthony G

    To make the kitchen experience more bright & colourful! 🙂


    these are great gadgets and really colourful too.they would be a perfect colour match for my other gadgets ive got

  95. Laura Costello

    these would really spruce up my dull kitchen!! xx

  96. Lauren W

    My boyfriend is a chef and complains how old all my utensils are.

  97. Holly Edmundson

    Because it’s a great giveaway and would be great for when am cooking up a storm in the kitchen 🙂

  98. Bethan Palmer

    I love how colourful these utensils are!

  99. Samantha Atherton

    Because I’m Kitchenalia mad & I need a rolling pin, I’ve been using the roll of cling film but it leaves me with lumpy biscuits.


    wonderful kitchen utensils

  101. Monika

    I love having colour in my kitchen, but I suspect these may end up in our funky caravan if I win.

  102. faye huntington

    relatives have just got a new kitchen so this would be a nice new gift for them! faye x

  103. Helen Hyde

    I love things for the kitchen


    I am trying to do more cooking and baking but my utensils selection make it so hard sometimes

  105. Pat dougan

    Because I love cooking!

  106. michael boothby

    to have in my kitchen so cool

  107. Karin Hall

    These are made from great materials, and kitchen space in my kitchen is really tight!!

  108. Jack Baker

    Just moved house – I NEED EVERYTHING I CAN GET!!!

  109. Diane Jackson

    I love cooking, but most of my kitchen equipment were wedding presents, 21 years ago – so it could do with a replacing

  110. philip hall

    I would like to win this prize because I like quality & colour in my kichen. Great prize lets hope

  111. Alexandra Blue

    because I love colourful kitchen kit

  112. laura jayne bates

    so i could whip up some fantastic creations

  113. Tracy Sinclair

    I’d love to win these as I don’t have a rolling pin or decent strainer, so really need these and its always good to have the other items handy too!

  114. gaby

    cause i love anything to do with kitchens!

  115. Rachel Craig

    Would be a great gift or a friend who loves baking. A Thank-you for the baking provided for the family

  116. Katherine L

    all my kitchen utensils are so outdated! I’d love these new ones to snazzy up my kitchen and make cooking fun!

  117. angela sandhu

    make my kitchen brighter

  118. Amanda

    What a great competition! These are STUNNING! I would like to win as these are nice and bright and my kitchen is very dark and these would totally brighten it up!! Thrilled to have discovered your blog! xx

  119. Chloe Elphick

    My kitchen utensils are very old, I still have the same ones from when I moved into my first home so would love to replace them with some colourful new ones.


  120. Keshia Esgate

    To make kitchen life easier!

  121. Christina Brown

    I’ve just moved out and I currently have nothing apart from plates and cutlery!!

  122. Solange

    These utensils would really brighten up my kitchen

  123. Catherine Culmer

    I’ve love to win these to brighten up my drab kitchen

  124. Chantele

    We are moving into our first home this month, so they would be really useful!

  125. Hannah Lord

    I love cooking 🙂 and have been trying out the rainbow diet, so these would be the ideal kitchen utensils for me

  126. Kiran Parry

    When cooking I always like to cook with new equipment and not with equipment that has been in the kitchen for years and is not in good condition.

  127. Christine Lewis

    Retweeted and followed, love this practical and colorful kitchen prize.

  128. Teresa Lee

    Love the bright colours, I’d be happy to have them in my kitchen

  129. Anthony Martin

    because I love the kitchen, love cooking, and love kitchenalia x

  130. chris nichol

    I would never have thought to use these fantastic utensils to brighten up my boring kitchen.

  131. Jocelyn

    My daughter would love these to take to uni.

  132. Rob

    I would love this prize because my kitchen is all white and needs some bright colours!

  133. Angela Wheeler

    I’m trying to inject some colour into my kitchen and this would be a great start

  134. Marianne Pierce-Saunderson

    I’d love to win this prize as the gorgeous colours would brighten up my kitchen! 🙂

  135. julsey

    I love kitchen gadgets, and these are so colourful

  136. Diane Carey

    I want to start and do more baking and cooking so some new utensils would be handy. I can’t see a thing without my specs nowadays so the bright colours would help.

  137. Leona S Fisher

    I’ve really gotten in to cooking this past year and I’d love some new utensils so I can try new things.

  138. catsbig200

    I so love cooking and so would love to with these ,many thanks for doing a super comp

  139. Hannah Ingham

    So I can do more in the kitchen!

  140. lisaannsands

    Some new utensils would brighten up my kitchen no end 🙂 x

  141. kelly

    They look so pretty and would be mega useful!

  142. Kat Tew

    Because I’m fed up with dropping things in wile cooking that ends in a clang.

  143. Louise Smith

    It would brighten up my kitchen and I badly need new utensils

  144. foz

    The bright colours would look amazing in my kitchen

  145. kazza ham

    These are great – would love them 🙂

  146. Helen M

    To brighten up my kitchen

  147. Paul Witney

    I love cooking and I love gadgets – so this prize is right up my street

  148. Priscilla Stubbs

    These would brighten up my kitchen which is looking rather drab and be really useful tools to have at hand

  149. Priscilla Stubbs

    This would brighten up my kitchen, which is looking a bit drab and they are all very useful tools ot have at hand

  150. Ruth Harwood

    I love the bright colours and desperately need new utensils!

  151. dorothy cavender

    because they are so desirable and look fantastic to use

  152. Chris Davies

    Who wouldn’t! 😛

  153. Matt Froggatt

    Because I keep trying to use my hands but I just keep burning them….

  154. Laura Pritchard

    My kitchen utensils are old & boring, these would liven up my kitchen!

  155. tony allan

    I like winning 😉

  156. emma falvi

    as my utensils are so old

  157. Rich Tyler

    To make my kitchen amazing! 🙂

  158. Melanie McNair

    Cause I reckon even my hubby would want to cook then

  159. Michelle - Very Hungry Explorer

    What a gorgeous looking set of utensils!

  160. Angie Hoggett

    I have utensils that really need replacing this would be fantastic as I love baking

  161. emily omara

    This would bring some fun back into my kitchen!

  162. Cheryl Kean

    Who wouldn’t want to win? there quirky and funky!

  163. Sheila Evans

    I just love the bright colours! My kitchen is rather dull so this prize would make such a difference!

  164. Sue Stevenson

    I would love to win these to replace my old very much loved and used kitchen utensils;

  165. David Hopwood

    Enjoy cooking, these would be a welcome addition.

  166. Suzanne Drummond

    would love these for my new kitchen

  167. pete c

    having just got my first home, the kitchen is short of a few things and these accessories would come in really handy – they look great too!

  168. Angela Walton

    Lovely bright colours would brighten up my day as well as my kitchen and make the cooking turn from a chore to something I adore

  169. Ann Pierce

    Great useful items,to brighten up my kitchen

  170. Zara Hazler

    to give to my mum as she spends alot of time in the kitchen

  171. Hazel Rea

    would be so colourful in my kitchen – and I really need the measuring cups!

  172. Helen Battle

    I’d love to be able to find what i want straight away when i look in my drawers

  173. Jan H

    I am always looking for good quality utensils, mine just don’t seem to last

  174. sarah birkett

    I love cooking and baking I’m just not very good, maybe these would help.

  175. Alison Johnson

    Although I still use them my baking utensils are looking a little old & past it now so some nice new ones would cheer up my kitchen – and me!

  176. joanne beale

    Love the colours and I need new utensils as mine are old

  177. Peter Wilkinson

    Looks really useful for my limited culinary skills.

  178. Jen Shearer

    They utensils just look so funky, so much more fun that the stuff I currently use.

  179. iain maciver

    it would cheer up my old kitchen

  180. ZARA

    I’d love to win this giveaway because I’ve just started having a passion for cooking and baking but I’d love to make my first “debut” with some state of the art cooking utensils 😀

  181. Jayne Sullivan

    The colours are so bright and beautiful. They would really brighten up by drab white kitchen. I also need to replace my colander/strainer too, it has seen better days !

  182. Ellie Jones

    A lot of my kitchen utensils are over used or cheap ones, really need new ones. I agree with a few people, it would really brighten my kitchen up 😀

  183. Debbie Davies

    i would love to win because my kitchen utensils are very old and worn out. i have never even owned a rolling pin i always have to borrow one if i ever make pastry. i love the look of these ones they look so bright and cheerful.

  184. Jean Cass

    Lovely and bright kitchen utensils would brighten up my day and my kitchen!



  186. Andrew Rowlands


  187. Lulu Lumsden

    to add some light-hearted colourful fun to my kitchen & hopefully to all my cooking too

  188. Pat Stubbs

    Just love the colours and I need to update / add to my collection of utensils

  189. Linda spevick

    They are so colourful they would brighten up my day

  190. Chris Hughes

    Cos I love em

  191. Denise Slater

    I love the feel of the materials, and love the colours

  192. Caroline H

    These are so colourful – perfect to perk up my monochrome kitchen. Plus, silicon being non-stick means it makes everything so easy to use and easy to clean.

  193. Paul Rogers

    Free winning is delicious!

  194. Paul Robinson

    Would love to win this, it will protect my non stick pans.

  195. A Webster

    The colours would brighten up my kitchen, and that little knife looks great for fruit! I like that the items are heat resistant, I’m always burning myself 😀

  196. ryan


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  197. ryan gerrish

    all my old kitchen stuff got ruined so this would be very useful

  198. Nino Amoroso

    perfect housewarming pressy!

  199. Cyril Rowlands

    I have to do the cooking in our house, because of our shift patterns, this lovely prize would help me immensely,as regards to cooking different meals ie: fish, meat, vegan.

  200. Jan Wroblewski

    Love to modernize the standard kitchen utensals

  201. Jill Webb

    Because my stuff is old and falling apart, and that looks great

  202. joanne darnell

    to jazz up my kitchen

  203. sue remmington

    would definitely brighten up the kitchen, non stick and the most useful of items………. doesn’t get any better than that.

  204. Rosie d

    Looking for something ‘original’ for my son to take to uni in September. I just worry so much that the boy wants to go self catering but will neglect the healthy diet options. I feel this might just keep in the kitchen more than in the kebab shop!

  205. Tracy Newton

    We need some new kitchen utensils and because these are bright they will be great to use when cooking and baking with the toddler.

  206. Emma Harris

    Because they are just what i need and great colours too.

  207. Hayley

    I’d love to win so I can brighten up my kitchen!

  208. C Kennedy

    Just moved in with my boyfriend and we’re running dangerously low on utensils

  209. ali thorpe

    I’m always cooking so appreciate any new kitchenware and I love the grip that silicone items provide.

  210. kris

    because they would look fab in my kitchen

  211. Sharon Terry

    Fab prize….could do with some new bits and pieces 🙂

  212. Sandra Clarke

    They are all useful items and I could use some in my caravan.


    I’d love to win these because the fun colours would encourage the youngsters to cook.

  214. christine shelley

    I have one spatula of this sort and it is brilliant and there is no wastage of ingredients when I use it , so would love some more

  215. Jane Willis

    These would really brighten up my kitchen, it would be great to introduce a splash of colour.

  216. Angela Webster

    I would like to win to bring a little colour to my kitchen and make cooking fun.

  217. chris mcquillan

    I would Like to Win this prize as my kitchen could go with a splash of colour and i love the space these would save in my kitchen.

  218. Felicity Kelly

    I need to stop scratching my saucepans with metal utensils!!!

  219. Jayne Steele

    That pink rolling pin is truly fabulous! The perfect accessory for my kitchen. I love baking!

  220. Jessica Wilde

    My kitchen needs an update with some fun and funky accessories!

  221. portlandbelle jay

    Love the colours x just the thing for my new flat xxx

  222. Tammy Tudor

    it is very useful prizes but also they would bring colour, brightness and overall happiness into my kitchen! 🙂

  223. Clare Webb

    I would love to win as these are lovely and brightly coloured – just like my kitchen!

  224. Susie Wilkinson

    The strainer looks great because I live in a very small place, and because it collapses, it’ll save space, as well, I can never find my boring spatula in the cupboard, so a nice colourful one should be easier to find.

  225. Pam Hubbard

    would love or my daughter

  226. Hannah

    I’d love to win to brighten up my grotty kitchen!

  227. Elizabeth (Liz) Briggs

    I love the Fun and Zingy Colours 🙂

  228. Julie Roo

    They look cool but would be so useful when camping as they fold up small.

  229. Danielle Rankine

    I love baking and my boyfriend and I have not long moved into our new home so these would be a great excuse to bake a cake or two! X

  230. Samantha

    Lovely bright colours to enjoy whilst cooking and easy to find in the utensil drawer.

  231. Amy

    It’s a useful kit that would brighten up the kitchen!

  232. jennifer thorpe

    I would love to win these because they’d be perfect for taking camping with us

  233. Janine Houghton

    Would love this for my son who’s training to be a chef

  234. Christina Curtis

    We are soon to buy our first home and would love to win these goodies for our kitchen.

  235. Charlie Wand

    I would make a special meal for my wife on her birthday. It would probably we chicken and gnocchi soup because that is her favourite

  236. adeinne tonner

    I would like to win it so i could give it to my mum as she loves cooking

  237. Emma

    gives a burst of colourful explosion in my kitchen

  238. hannonl

    because I love the bright colours and the space-saving concept is brill!

  239. lorna kennedy

    to help me cook more and make my kitchen more colourful x

  240. Charlotte Foy

    I’d love to win this prize because my kitchen needs sprucing up with some colour. Most places you can buy from in the high street are too boring or too expensive, meaning my kitchen is missing some TLC

  241. Pete

    Love It!!

  242. jackie Chapman

    I love to cook so my utensils which were all bought around the same time are now looking a bit worse for wear. I would really love some new bright snazzy ones!

  243. Emma Nixon

    Useful. But also to jazz up the kitchen

  244. Victoria

    These look fab, and very space saving.

  245. simon reilly

    I’d like to in this to protect my non stick pans

  246. Deborah Munn

    They are so colourful

  247. handbar

    I live in a sheltered scheme and we all have had new kitchens so I need to have something special to make mine more attractive and different. These would do nicely!

  248. Heather T

    I’m moving home and would love new bits and pieces for my new kitchen.

  249. Lynne Durkin

    Love silicone utensils and most of mine are very old and worn out and need replacing x

  250. Louise

    I already have some silicone bakeware and these would be a brilliant addition!

  251. Katie W

    we are moving soon and my husband needs some new equipment, my hubby does all the cooking as i burn everything and has a habit of setting things on fire.

  252. Maggie Coates

    a lot of my kitchen equipment is on its last legs

  253. Lisa Everaert

    Alot of my utensils were given to me by my mum when i got my first place. Its about time i replaced some x

  254. Amanda Hattie

    Because I’m having my kitchen redecorated & these would go perfectly with my new décor

  255. andy

    A prize to make anyone’s kitchen smile with colour.

  256. Mark Witherington

    Looking to move to our first home so would be ideal for my kitchen

  257. liz denial

    I love cooking from scratch & baking so this is perfect for me

  258. Alison Joyce

    I need these because all my utensils are old and tatty

  259. Lorraine Tinsley

    I’d love these to brighten up my kitchen

  260. Lynda Brown

    These utensils are so fun! Love the labels too! Might make being in the kitchen more enjoyable for my partner! here’s hoping!

  261. sandra b

    Because they look so cool compared to my boring utensils

  262. claire woods

    Because they are coloured and will be easy to find when I’m in a rush to cook dinner.

  263. Emma H

    Because I love cooking

  264. john hatrey

    Would to win to make cooking and baking more colourful and fun with my daughter

  265. lucy Jacobs

    My daughter is leaving us and setting off to university in September, she needs as much cutlery and cooking equipment as she needs! Will miss her loads, this would be a fab and helpful prize x

  266. maureen findley

    these would make cooking more fun

  267. Suzanne

    These would brighten up my kitchen in a very practical way by replacing tired old utensils.

  268. Zoe G

    I am in the process of redecorating the kitchen and updating everything, these would be really useful and look great

  269. Amy Ripley

    the colours would look great in my kitchen!

  270. Elaine Savage

    I really must care for my non-stick cookware better!! And these are gorgeous fun items!!

  271. claire nutman

    I totally love rustling up a good meal for the fam…………….x

  272. sian

    to make my kitchen a brighter place to cook.

  273. Richard Randall

    They would make a welcome addition to our kitchen.

  274. Kate Marsden

    So that I can have something worth having in my kitchen. It’s empty at the moment as I’m just moving in

  275. Bruce Kennedy

    I’d love to win these so I could give them to the wife! The colours would look great in our kitchen and I’m sure she would love them 🙂

  276. Kelly Koya

    I recently upgraded all my pans and now need to sort my utensils.

  277. kayleigh Bates

    They look really cool

  278. Bex allum

    I can never find any utensils in my kitchen my partner always moves them. I would claim these as mine and for nobody to touch them 🙂

  279. Hayley Wakenshaw

    Those colours would really brighten up some of the less thrilling cooking tasks.

  280. Monia

    Every time I’d look at them, I’d rush to bake something 🙂

  281. Ashleigh Allan

    To brighten up my kitchen!

  282. Kelly glen

    I am just decorating the kitchen and these bright colours would go so well.

  283. Anna

    My son is in his final year at university and will soon be moving to an unfurnished flat and so he needs to accumulate some decent kitchen equipment and this would be a welcome start

  284. Lynsey Buchanan

    love the vibrant colours a must have for any kitchen

  285. Susan Woodward

    I love the colours of these! Hope I wine

  286. lynn savage

    I would like to win for my daughter as she has just moved into her first home and loves to cook

  287. Carys Jones

    I would like to win because the bright colours would lift my monochrome kitchen.

  288. Julie D

    great items!

  289. tamalyn roberts

    iam always cooking so these would be a fab addition to my gadgets

  290. Leanne Lunn

    I would love to win as these would really brighten my kitchen up.

  291. June Etherington

    I’d love to win this prize as I like quality & plenty of colour in my kitchen & these certainly tick the boxes.

  292. Mary Chez

    Because they would be so useful and the colours would brighten up my kitchen

  293. Holly

    I’m buying my first home, this would be a lovely addition to my new kitchen.

  294. @FoodieQuine

    I’d like to win because I’m getting a new kitchen and I need some new utensils to match

  295. Paul

    Funky and really useful, why wouldn’t you want to use these?!?

  296. Lin Young

    my kitchen would love these – so would I

  297. cathy cockburn

    This prize would mean my lovely daughter will have all she needs at uni to make herself lovely healthy meals

  298. Ellen H

    I love silicone products so easy to use and they don’t stain and wash well and I really love how colourful they are too!

  299. Audrey Tebbs

    I have a set of new pans that I don’t want to scratch

  300. Anne Wallwin

    i’m not the best cook and need all the help i can get!

  301. kay panayi

    to help with my baking hobby

  302. Ursula Hunt

    I move house on the 24th the same day it ends and it would be a great moving in present

  303. mrs linda gill

    they just look great ! yes please!

  304. Alison Spence

    I would love to win these for my daughter who is just about to move into a new flat x

  305. janet brown

    How nice is This

  306. winnie

    i’d love to have some colourful tools in my kitchen! 🙂

  307. Erica Price

    Getting a new kitchen and could do with some new kit.

  308. Lora McGinlay

    I would really love some new, good quality tools. My best spatula has just split and my colander is leaving black enamel bits in my pasta. A decent, sharp knife would be brilliant too!

  309. Jacqui Napier

    Just moved into a new home and need some utensils to get started!

  310. Sarah

    They are so colourful and useful

  311. Chloe Metcalf

    Love the style of these – fingers crossed I win 🙂

  312. ashley smith

    i would love to win this to give to my mum as she always cooks for the family x


    I’d love to win because I keep making do with my utensils and they are pretty dire! A great, bright new set would be magic!

  314. Kieran

    to use in the kitchen

  315. Nikki

    I’m hopefully moving soon and I need some new kitchen equipment 🙂

  316. Tracey Gwynne

    I would love to win these utensils as I have inherited a lot of my old plain stainless steel ones from my parents, aunts etc. I have never considered treating myself to a new set, and much as they are still useful, I would really love to have a fun new set to move into my new home with and start fresh. They look like they would last a lifetime so it would be lovely to pass them on myself after many happy occasions cooking with them.

  317. silvia zimbone

    Because They are so cute!!!

  318. Natalie White

    I am moving into a new flat with my boyfriend and I’m on the lookout for some lovely stuff to fill our new kitchen with 😀

  319. Karen Whittaker

    I’d like to win to add some colour and pzazz to my kitchen!

  320. sam

    would look lovely in my kitchen

  321. Wendy Collard

    I would love to win so I can do some more baking with the kids. These are vibrant and funky and will definitely add to having a fun experience 🙂

  322. Juliet Kavanagh

    These look lovely and fresh!

  323. sarah burchell

    I really enjoy baking and would love this new set mine are all very old and faded

  324. Edward Guerreiro

    I would like to win this prize, specifically, for the rolling pin. As, at present, I don’t own one, and I am tired of using a bottle of wine to roll out my pizza dough.

  325. andrea clowes

    am in desperate need of new utensils!

  326. Patricia Glover

    Would actually make me want to cook!

  327. Ritu

    They are very pleasing to look at and would motivate me to do even more work in kitchen !

  328. emma coakes

    I would loe to win so i can bake with my daughter in the summer

  329. Denise Davies

    Have taken up baking. And need to get some new equipment .


    saving up to get a new kitchen so need a splash of colour in it while it looks very bland & brown!

  331. Rebecca Gregory

    I wouldn’t have to worry about letting my other half loose in the kitchen with these utensils as he wouldn’t scratch my pans with them.

  332. Lynne OConnor

    I love the bright colours and the practical storage design

  333. Antony McBride


  334. David Haig

    They’re nice and modern, bright and colourful-they’d brighten my kitchen up nicely!

  335. Kat Lucas

    I would love to have these for my Step Daughter as she is registered blind and the bright colors and cool to the touch would help her do a bit more cooking for herself.

  336. Sarah Maclean

    Because I desperately need new utensils in my kitchen!

  337. Lorna Craig

    Some of my stuff was wedding presents and I’ve been married 42 years! Now this is embarrassing to admit ( not that I’ve been married 42 years!) and I think I should def get some new stuff! lol

  338. Keira Dempsey

    I can win!

  339. rockychip

    These lovely utensils are so colourful and they would go with my multicoloured kitchen

  340. Garry Hawkins

    My wooden utensils are shagged!

  341. mary

    I love special price these items…:)

  342. mary

    niceee #competition…:) perfect 4 my kitchen special I’m a spatula!!! loved….:)

  343. melanie allen

    great for teaching kids to bake love the colours

  344. laura banks

    we’ve got some really old looking utensils but a lovely brand new kitchen so these would brighten it up

  345. Kat Fensom

    I would love to win these fantastic products. A lot of things I don’t have which would be great to start baking with my toddler.

  346. Sheryl Keene

    I love teaching my daughter how to cook but some of my utensils are a quite worn. These would really get her excited about learning how to cook.

  347. jacqui brett

    I am moving house and most of what we had is damaged, so thats why id love to win this prize!

  348. Lauren

    I’d love to win as I live in a very small flat and these look fab at space saving…….and would brighten up my kitchen no end!

  349. Yasmin Matin

    So I can have some funky kitchen utensils!

  350. Barbara mcgibben

    Beautiful and useful!


    I appreciate good quality tools for the kitchen.

  352. John Jones

    All of my kitchen gear is old and broken. The colander is melted, I roll pastry with a bottle, I have no measuring cups and I want to expand my cookery skills.

  353. kellyjo walters

    I love any thing kitchen and I love the bright colours

  354. arthur humphreys

    nice colours

  355. Jed Harper

    My wfe would love some of these colourful utensils for the kitchen!

  356. laura jones

    i love to bake for myself and the family but a lot of my equipment has seen better days so it would be lovely to have new equipment to make my cakes with

  357. Mr Danny Cox

    Because my little boy loves helping with the cooking.

  358. Tom York

    Bring on the zing

  359. Jennifer Dyson

    Would love to win this to aid cooking with my eldest son – we both love a good baking session

  360. Irene Wright

    because like everyone who has had the same kitchen for a while, some of my utensils are looking a bit old and tired so it’s time for a change. These ones look ‘just the ticket’

  361. Rachel Cameron

    Love how these brighten up the kitchen!

  362. Alexandra Mercer (Life of mummy)

    It so bright and cheerful

  363. Valerie Seal

    Our utensils have got rather grey
    We need some colour TODAY!

  364. Judith Lightfoot

    I would love to win these as they look so modern & well designed

  365. Steve Woodrow

    Being a retired Chef, I know a good thing when I see it, this stuff is Uber Cool!!

  366. judith

    great comp guys , fingers crossed . x

  367. Herbert Appleby

    I’d like to in this to protect my lovely non stick pans

  368. samj

    My kitchen utensils are so old and boring, these ones would really brighten up my kitchen:)

  369. David Collinson

    Great prize

  370. June Etherington

    I would like to win this prize because I like quality & colour in my kichen. Great prize.

  371. karen hutchinson

    I am a useless cook – I can’t even boil an egg – I once forgot to put any water in – perhaps If I had some nice equipment it might inspire me !

  372. Cath English

    I’d love to win these utensils as I’ve basically inherited my Gran’s kitchenwares. Everything I use is circa 1955!!!!! Would love some modern items in my kitchen!!!

  373. kim neville

    I would like to win these for my daughter who is moving into her first home soon and just what she needs

  374. Roger Bufton

    Just retired need a new hobby,

  375. sandra hastingd

    I would like to win this prize because i love the colour of the utensils.It would bring some much needed colour to my kitchen.t

  376. Isabel O'Brien

    I am moving house and would like some lovely new things for my kitchen.

  377. Tracy Nixon

    I don’t have some of the utensils and I adore the bright colours!!!

  378. melanie stirling

    These would be so useful for me,especially as eldest son is back from uni,cooking at all times of the day and night.I keep running out of utensils!

  379. Lynsey Clayton

    A lovely and rather colourful prize. 🙂

  380. Angela Spicer

    I need new kitchen equipment so this would come in very handy

  381. Tracey Peach

    Because I am a terrible cook & need all the help I can get

  382. Sisley

    I love colourful kitchen gadgets and these are beautiful 🙂

  383. Heather Haigh

    I’ve just started injecting a variety of brightly coloured accent bits and pieces into my kitchen and these would look superb. And be very useful too of course.

  384. Sallyanne Gooch

    Love the bright colour. They would love fab in my kitchen for my OH to use.

  385. Charlotte Wills

    I would like to win because I am trying to build my kitchen wares so i cant start my own home baking goods company, would love to able to bake and sell my food

  386. ceril Roberts

    Would love to win these especially the measuring spoons!

  387. elaine dale

    it would be very useful for cooking with the grandchildren, they would love the bright colours

  388. Gillian Holmes

    It would brighten up my kitchen

  389. Laura Tonks

    I would love some fab colurful utensils they would look brill in my kitchen xxx

  390. Jean Bolsover

    As you have said, they would be easy to find in the kitchen drawer. I also like that they are silicone so they won’t scratch my non-stick pans and trays

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