SPAM® Potato Rosti, the SPAM® Can Tour & a Giveaway!

In association with SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham
SPAM® Potato Rosti - Fab Food 4 All

The world’s most iconic meat is celebrating 80 years as a global brand this year and what better time to celebrate than with the official SPAM® Appreciation Week, 6-12 March 2017, a time when SPAM® fans can come together and their share their stories.

SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham is so versatile and certainly more than just a square meal! SPAM® Can… be sliced, diced, chopped, grilled and fried to make delicious quick and easy meals and snacks. Why not try SPAM® as a pizza topping or crisped up and mixed with melted cheese for SPAMTASTIC™ potato skins. I love it fried and tossed into a salad with garlic croutons!

SPAM® Can Tour - Fab Food 4 All

Following its debut last year the popular SPAM® Can Tour is returning for a second year, launching in Liverpool on 6 May and touring the country until the end of August. The specially designed, eye-catching airstream will be serving up free SPAM® samples, giving away recipe ideas, plus exciting opportunities to obtain limited edition merchandise. To celebrate SPAM® Appreciation Week, there’s also a chance for fans to win a VIP trip to the Liverpool event and be special guests on the first tour stop. Check out Spam’s website from 6 March for full details.

Dates for the SPAM® Can Tour 2017 are

LIVERPOOL Paradise Place 6-8 May

GLASGOW Buchanan Street 3-4 June

LEEDS city centre 8-9 July

SUNDERLAND Airshow 21–23 July

BLACKPOOL Airshow 12- 13 Aug

CARDIFF St David’s Centre 26-27 Aug

If you can’t get along to any the venues then why not make SPAM® Potato Rosti (image and recipe courtesy of SPAM®) to feel part of the festivities at home. You can find tips on how to cook perfect poached eggs here if you need them.


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SPAM® Potato Rosti
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
SPAM® Potato Rosti are a lovely ida for a light lunch
Recipe type: Main
Cuisine: British
Serves: 2 to 4
  • 1 x 340g can of SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham, cut in to small cubes
  • 4 x large eggs (for top)
  • 1 x medium egg, beaten
  • 2 x medium sized potatoes
  • 2 tsp chopped parsley
  • 50 g unsalted butter
  • ground black Pepper
  • parsley or thyme to garnish (optional)
  1. Place cubes of SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham in a frying pan and fry until slightly browned.
  2. Peel the potatoes and partly cook by boiling for ten minutes.
  3. Then grate the potatoes on bigger side of cheese grater.
  4. Melt half of the butter.
  5. In a large bowl mix together the grated potato, beaten egg, fried SPAM® cubes, parsley and a little black pepper.
  6. Melt a little butter in a frying pan.
  7. Fry 4 large spoonfuls of the mixture for six minutes (or until golden), flip over and fry for a further six minutes.
  8. Meanwhile (towards the end of frying) poach four eggs and then place one on each rosti.
  9. Garnish with parsley or thyme if using.
  10. Serve and enjoy.

Here are some more recipes to try out during SPAM® Appreciation Week and beyond – enjoy!

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SPAM® Giveaway - Fab Food 4 All

SPAM® have kindly offered my readers the chance to win 1 of 5 sets of SPAM™tastic goodies which include an apron, slicer (for slicing SPAM®  and a spatula. To enter just finish the sentence “My favourite way to serve SPAM® is ….” via the Rafflecopter and in the comments section below. If you don’t enter via the Rafflecopter you won’t have entered.

Entry Details:
Complete the Rafflecopter form to confirm your entries made via blog comments, Twitter, etc.
This giveaway will close on 06/04//17.
Please read the Terms and Conditions below.
Winners are announced on the Rafflecopter form after the prize has been claimed by the winner.
First timers: Please watch How to Enter a Rafflecopter Giveaway (video)! It is 38 seconds long and explains everything.
If no Rafflecopter form is showing, hit refresh and it should appear.
Complete the Rafflecopter form or your entries will not go into the draw.
Mandatory entries need to be completed first so leave a blog comment before you try and complete any of the other methods of entry.
Do you want more chances to win? Come back daily and after tweeting about the giveaway fill the form in again.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Terms and conditions:
Only open to entrants from UK mainland over the age of 18.
There are individual 5 sets of SPAM™tastic goodies to win. There’s no cash alternative and the prize is not transferable. No part or parts of the prize may be substituted for other benefits, items or additions.
Instructions form part of the terms and conditions. Entries using any software or automated process to make bulk entries will obviously be disqualified. The winner will be picked at random using software and then contacted by email. If you win and then don’t respond to this email within 5 days then another winner will be picked. The prize will be delivered to the winner as soon as possible after you have e-mailed your delivery address.
I am running this giveaway on behalf of SPAM® who will be responsible for sending the prize to you if you win. Please don’t say you have liked the post and followed me on Twitter and Tweeted if you haven’t as I will check and fairness is my middle name!

A 200g tub is available from Sainsbury’s and the 200g and 340g cans are available from all major UK supermarkets.Why not follow SPAM® on twitter @OfficialSPAMUK or on Facebook!

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SPAM® Potato Rosti - Fab Food 4 All

NB: Post commissioned by SPAM® who have provided the prizes and recipe.

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  1. Deborah Mackenzie

    To be honest I have never tried Spam. We normally buy Corned Beef and even that I dont eat very often. However, I love the sound of this recipe and will be getting some Spam next shop

    1. Camilla

      Fab Deborah:-)

  2. Merlinda Little (Glimmer of Hope)

    Naked! As it is like how I eat it since I am a kid =)

  3. Susan Hoggett

    My favourite way to serve SPAM is as a spam fritter with homemade chips

  4. Angela Smith

    My favourite way to serve spam up is fried with a soft egg in bread, or use as soldiers with a soft boiled egg

  5. Angela Smith


  6. Keith Edward Ripley

    I like it sliced on buttered home made warm bread with lots and lots of crunchy onions. Can’t beat the fusion of tastes

  7. Sarah Rees

    My favourite way to serve SPAM is fried with some salt and pepper served with some soft boiled eggs on top

  8. Angela Pagan

    With egg and chips and a dollop of tomato sauce!

  9. Rachel Butterworth

    Fried on a sandwich. Simple and delicious. Perfect.

  10. Tracy Newton

    My favourite way to serve spam is chopped up in a spam ceaser salad. Great for making the night before and taking to work the next day

  11. Rebecca Browne

    Real chips and fried eggs 🙂

  12. Mark R

    Simply fried with egg and chips and perhaps some baked beans

  13. Steve Dickinson

    grilled with chips and egg

  14. Lesley Hamilton

    Chop into chunks fry in little oil then make an omelette, using the spam tomatoes

  15. Erica Price

    With some scrambled egg on a slice of buttered toast


    My favourite way to serve SPAM is in an Omlette diced with cheese and tomato.

  17. Angi Turley

    My favourite way to serve spam is to fry it then put it on toast and smother it in baked beans

  18. Jeremy Andrews

    My favourite way to serve SPAM is to fry it, fry and egg and then place in a bun.

  19. Katie Skeoch

    In a fritter with a poached egg & some avocado

  20. Ruth Harwood

    with some dauphinoise potatoes and some garden peas as it sounds divine with a touch of bbq sauce!!

  21. Donna Caldwell

    Through my Mac and cheese with cherry tomatoes and sometimes mushrooms

  22. michelle thompson

    My favourite way to serve SPAM is grilled with egg and tomatoes so yummy and a dollop of ketchup

  23. Michelle Johnson

    My favourite way to serve spam is in spam fritters served with bubble and squeak and lots of ketchup

  24. Deborah Walker

    SPAMbled Egg on rye toast, with lashings of BBQ sauce

  25. Hayley Lynch

    The old fashioned way as crispy fritters x

  26. Jayne Sullivan

    My favourite way to serve SPAM is a thinly sliced piece deep fried in a fritter.

  27. Jayne Sullivan

    As a child I used to eat spam in a fritter from my local fish and chip shop !

  28. Lorna Ledger

    in a taco, with kidney beans, onions, and chillis, ooooh yeah! x

  29. cathyj

    My favourite way to serve SPAM is in an omlette

  30. Mel Turner

    Spam and beans in a jacket potato

  31. Ian Garstang

    My favourite way to enjoy SPAM is part of a full English breakfast

  32. Emma Price

    In a spam fritter just the way my nan used to make!

  33. Tracey Parker

    Spam fritters with chips and mushy peas classically simple

  34. Alexandra oliver

    with dippy fried eggs!

  35. Jo Carroll

    My favourite way to serve Spam is thickly sliced in a butter sarnie…can’t beat it! 😉

  36. christine taylor

    with pasta and curry sauce x

  37. Lynne Oconnor

    Spam fritters were always my favourite school dinner and I’ve never grown out of them



  39. Jan Bennett

    Great recipe!

    1. Camilla

      It is isn’t it Jan:-)

  40. Ailsa

    Spam fried with mashed potatoes and onions

  41. Phil Darling

    My favorite way to serve spam is as Soam fritters – doesn’t get better that that

  42. steph lovatt

    fried on a sandwich with lashings of brown sauce

  43. Fiona K

    My favourite way to serve SPAM is in a salad with new potatoes and salad cream

  44. Solange

    With fried eggs and baked beans.

  45. Lynsey Buchanan

    My favourite way to serve SPAM is with Mashed potato

  46. Susie Wilkinson

    My favourite way to serve SPAM is in fritters with mashed potatoes

  47. cheryl hadfield

    I love spam on toast with egg

  48. Mary Hutton

    With fried eggs and baked beans x

  49. Kat Lucas

    I like to use Spam is in Spam has served with fried eggs on top

  50. sandy

    is… diced with hard boiled eggs in a white sauce in a flaky pastry turnover. Nom nom nom!

  51. Jules page

    I love mine made into fritters with chips and beans.

  52. Susan Smith

    Spam fritters, love them

  53. Caroline Bourne

    My favourite way to serve SPAM is with chips and beans

  54. S Bufton

    My favourite way to serve SPAM is as SPAM fritters

  55. Amy Pest

    spam mash and cheese

  56. leanne weir

    As a fritter with chips, peas and bread and butter

  57. Keith Hunt

    Great to make fun tacos on the move in my motorhome.

  58. Denise Cross

    I love spam simply grilled and served with chips and egg

  59. Ray Dodds

    As Spam fritters with chips and tomato sauce

  60. Sheena Batey

    Spam fritters which reminds me of my childhood teatime.

  61. Michelle @ Greedy Gourmet

    Rosti, yes. Spam…. never tried it! Love the concept though!

  62. Iris W

    I have not had Spam in ages but love it with chips, egg and beans

  63. Dave F Barker

    is delicious Spam fritters, I dip slices of Spam in batter and deep fry

  64. Dave F Barker

    Super would be fab if I was lucky enough to win thanks for a great giveaway

  65. Tristan

    My favourite way to serve spam is in a sandwich with some lettuce and tomato! It’s the way my grandparents used to make it for me.

  66. pete c

    is fried, with some baked beans and a tasty omelette

  67. Laura Pritchard

    My favourite way to serve SPAM is with mashed potato & beans!

  68. laura banks

    My favourite way to serve SPAM is spam fritters and chips

  69. Natalie White

    In pasta bake 🙂

  70. Silvia Prizzi

    With bread and mayo

  71. Kate Knight

    My favourite way to serve SPAM is with chips and beans

  72. Lisa Wilkinson

    As a fritter but with tempura batter

  73. abigail edkins

    in cold slices with baked beans on the side

  74. Alan Burrows

    SPAM chips

  75. Choclette

    Clever idea to add spam to a rosti. I haven’t had one of those for years and yet they are so good.

    1. Camilla

      Well SPAM are clever and I can’t wait to try this;-)

  76. Maya Russell

    I like to serve spam sliced up and spiced with a little chilli powder.

  77. Maya Russell

    My favourite way to serve spam is sliced and spiced!

  78. ken wilkinson


  79. Kristy Brown

    Cold with fluffy chips, fried eggs and peas!

  80. Jane Willis

    My favourite way to serve Spam is on a sandwich with Branston pickle. Somebody laughed at me the other day for having said that on one of the other blogs running a similar competition, but it’s perfectly true, and I don’t see why it should be the least bit incompatible with being a lover of good food!
    Also, you’ve got me singing the Spam song.

  81. Lisa Parker

    Spam fritters as they remind we when my aunt used to cook them for me x

  82. Lisa Parker

    Spam fritters

  83. Emma Gough

    I love it grilled on toast with mayo and tomato sauce and melted cheese! yummers 😀

  84. kim wallace

    fritters with baked beans chips and an egg

  85. iain maciver

    I love spam with egg and chips yummy

  86. William Critchlow

    Spam grilled with grilled cheese slices in a sandwich

  87. Gillian Hitchen

    Fried with an egg and brown sauce

  88. kim plant

    My favourite way to serve SPAM is with eggs x

  89. Hayley Atkins

    My favourite way to serve Spam is as a delicious Spam fritter,whilst singing the Python Spam song!

  90. Susan Jackson

    My favourite way to serve spam is fried in a little oil with a full english breakfast

  91. Jennifer hull

    In a sandwich with pickle..fab

  92. Elizabeth Smith

    My favourite way to enjoy SPAM is yet to be discovered because I don’t think I’ve ever tried it!

  93. Margaret Clarkson

    is delicious Spam fritters, I dip slices of Spam in batter and deep fry

  94. Claire Johnson

    Wow what a lovely way to enjoy Spam

  95. MM

    covered in batter and deep fried!

  96. Peter Watson

    Chopped and mixed with Bubble and Squeak.

  97. Brad Start

    Fried Spam sandwiches with ketchup on a Saturday morning.

  98. Harline Parkin

    Fried spam black pudding egg sarni

  99. Nicola Smith

    My favourite way to serve spam is fried with chips!

  100. Rachel Craig

    My favourite way to serve spam is in brown bread, as sandwiches. Wonderful with afternoon tea.

  101. Janice

    Love rosti, this is so creative

    1. Camilla

      A creation from SPAM Janice and yes very creative:-)

  102. Elisabeth Ries

    My favourite way to enjoy SPAM is chopped and diced with scrambled egg on toast

  103. Bob Clark

    fried with chips and of course spam and spam

  104. Lorraine Tinsley

    I haven’t had SPAM for ages, but I used to love it sliced and fried in a pan on bread with loads of ketchup!

  105. Sarah Ann

    My favourite way to eat SPAM is with chips and beans.

  106. sharon mead

    My favourite way to serve SPAM is with fried eggs and chips with loads of salt and vinegar

  107. Lorna Kennedy

    My favourite way to serve SPAM is in a lovely crispy batter and deep fried 🙂

  108. Clare Nicholas

    You certainly can’t beat a spam fritter. Not that the kids would eat it lol

  109. Hazel Rea

    My favourite way to serve SPAM is with a fried egg and potato bread. Very satisfying!

  110. kim jackson

    In a sandwhich with brown sauce 😀

  111. Sam Rhodes

    My favourite way to serve SPAM is in buttered bread as a sandwich, or with fried egg, beans and chips!

  112. Andrea Upton

    My favourite way to serve spam is with some pasta, like a carbonara

  113. Maggie Coates

    I remember having spam fritters at school dinners. I just to find them yummy

  114. Becky John

    My favourite way to serve SPAM is as a spam fritter.

  115. Jennifer Bruce

    My favourite way to serve SPAM is on bread and butter with my Nan for company. It’s her absolute favourite

  116. Cherry Edwards

    With some hot grilled Halloumi cheese and chilli sauce

  117. sam macaree

    My favourite way to serve SPAM is with a runny egg

  118. Tracy Nixon

    My favourite way to serve SPAM is to slice it thinly and add it to rice, sweetcorn, peas and red peppers to create a savoury rice dish!

  119. Tracey Peach

    Fried with chips & baked beans easy quick & tasty 🙂 x

  120. Kim M

    … in a spam fritter – reminds me of school dinners – served with beans and chips x

  121. Lorna Craig

    In a Spam and mature cheese toastie with Branston pickle. Yummy!

  122. melanie stirling

    “My favourite way to serve SPAM® is with fried eggs and chips.

  123. rebecca beesley

    My favourite way to enjoy SPAM is with egg on toast. Simple yet yummy.

  124. Tony Metcalfe

    I’d like to win the Keevil & Keevil Weekly Meat Box because they’d look fab in my kitchen, and I love Spam.

  125. Irene Wright

    maybe the instructions are not quite right so:
    I would like to win this prize because I really need a new apron for using in the kitchen

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