Chicken Fiesta – delicious & fabulously versatile!

Chicken Fiesta is similar to Coronation Chicken but has grapes and apricot jam for a delicious twist! @FabFood4AllToday I’m sharing with you Chicken Fiesta, an old school recipe (similar to Coronation Chicken) that I have adapted over the years.I can’t believe I’ve not shared this before! I make Chicken Fiesta every time I have some leftover chicken and grapes in the fridge but rarely ever add the cream and when I haven’t had apricot jam in the house I’ve used mango chutney which goes equally well. I thought I’d share the original recipe with you along with my additions eg I usually use curry powder as I rarely have curry paste. I usually use Chicken Fiesta as a sandwich filling as it’s not often have a lot of leftover chicken but recently I found myself with a large quantity so decided to serve it as a main meal together cold rice and I did add a splash of single cream as I happened to have some. If you make the original recipe below your dish will look a lot creamier due to the addition of whipped cream.

Chicken Fiesta is similar to Coronation Chicken but has grapes and apricot jam for a delicious twist! @FabFood4All


I loved Chicken Fiesta so much when I was younger that I made it for my Home Economics A Level class leaver’s party as well as my 18th birthday. In fact I made all the food for my 18th birthday dinner party and I remember one of my friends thinking that my mum had done the catering! Can you spot the tinned salmon ring in the picture? I think that was the last time I used gelatine!

Chicken Fiesta is similar to Coronation Chicken but has grapes and apricot jam for a delicious twist! @FabFood4All

Can you spot the Chicken Fiesta? Photographs taken before digital cameras were invented:-)

So if you’re having a dinner party or need to take a dish along to a buffet then I’d say make the recipe as it is below but if you just want a quick and tasty sandwich filling just use the recipe as a rough guide and cut out the cream!

Chicken Fiesta is similar to Coronation Chicken but has grapes and apricot jam for a delicious twist! @FabFood4All

I do hope you try Chicken Fiesta as it’s an absolute favourite here and never ceases to bring smiles to the faces of my family! For more buffet ideas you might like the following:

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Chicken Fiesta - delicious & fabulously versatile!
Prep time
Total time
Chicken Fiesta is a bit like Coronation Chicken only more refreshing with the addition of grapes and apricot jam! Delicious as a main meal or used as a sandwich filling.
Recipe type: Main
Cuisine: British
Serves: 4 +
  • 300 g leftover cooked chicken, skin removed & chopped
  • 100 g red & green seedless grapes, halved
  • 4 tbsp mayonnaise
  • 140 ml double or whipping cream (whipped)
  • 2 tsp curry paste (or curry powder to taste)
  • 1 tbsp apricot jam or mango chutney
  • freshly ground salt & pepper
  1. In a large bowl mix together the mayonnaise, whipped cream, curry paste or curry powder and apricot jam or mango chutney.
  2. Fold in the chicken and grapes and season to taste.
  3. Chill.
  4. Serve with cold rice and salad or use as a sandwich filling if making a smaller quantity.

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Chicken Fiesta is similar to Coronation Chicken but has grapes and apricot jam for a delicious twist! @FabFood4All

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  1. Sandra Fortune

    I’d love to try this looks delicious will be having a go though I’m not big on cooking.

    1. Camilla

      Excellent Sandra, I’m sure you’ll love it:-)

  2. Richard Eldred Hawes

    Something I will try next time I have some leftover chicken

    1. Camilla

      Excellent Richard:-)

  3. Sylvia Paul

    Mmm this looks lovely, something the whole family would enjoy x

    1. Camilla

      Thanks Sylvia, we love it here:-)

  4. Emma Gough

    what a tasty treat! – what a clever lady you’ve always been it seems 😀

    1. Camilla

      Thank you, yes Home Economics was my passion and still is:-)

  5. Leila Benhamida

    Love the flavour in this recipes. Quite refreshing and light.

    1. Camilla

      Thanks, it really is a refreshing dish:-)

  6. Margaret gallagher

    Oh you are not kidding this looks delicious
    A FEAST for all my family

    1. Camilla

      Thanks Margaret-)

  7. Cherry Edwards

    Love this gluten free recipe and so retro 1970s too !

    1. Camilla

      Thanks Cherry:-)

  8. Katie Bryson

    I’m loving how retro this is – especially the music clip on the slideshow – epic!!!! My mum made something similar to this for buffets and it’s delicious. I’m going to try making it with creme fraiche…. thanks for sharing the recipe! Fab post Camilla!

    1. Camilla

      A lot of people keep mentioning their mums LOL! Glad you like it and I did think that the music went with the Fiesta theme:-)

  9. Sarah Hunt

    I love these retro-style dishes; they just look like they’ve been made with so much effort and it makes you believe they’ll taste like they’ve been cared for! Chicken is so unbelievably versatile, and I love the fresh spin on it here – really light flavours compliment it really well and I’m tempted because of this post to review my chicken preferences; I find it so easy to cover it in a sauce and be done with it!

    1. Camilla

      Thanks Sarah, yes it’s easy to get into a groove with food but sometimes it’s good to have a fresh approach to it:-)

  10. Choclette

    Aw that’s a great photo of you. And what a very impressive spread. I thought I was pretty good at 18, but I never managed anything up to that standard.

    1. Camilla

      Aaw thanks Choclette:-)

  11. Kavey

    I used to love cooking at that age too, at uni I shared hall kitchens with others who actually liked to cook real food too rather than just hit the various canteens and cafes on campus. Love the look of this one, Camilla!

    1. Camilla

      Thanks Kavey:-) I bet you were a big hit with your uni friends:-)

  12. pebble soup

    An impressive spread. What a fun post, you clearly enjoyed writing it. I am always taken aback by the “poor” quality of analogue pictures. How things have changed.

    1. Camilla

      Thanks Solange, it was fun to have a trip down memory lane:-) Yes photography has really moved on since the days of film and getting your pictures developed at the local camera shop:-)

  13. Lucy Parissi

    Clearly you were a food blogger in the making from a very young age! Looks delicious.

    1. Camilla

      Thank you Lucy, yes I did have the ambition to be a cookery writer back then but it wasn’t as easy as it is now with the internet:-)

  14. Michelle @ Greedy Gourmet

    First time I came across a cold rice salad was when traveling as a teenager in Spain. What an eye opener! Love the sound of the chicken, paired with fruit and spices you simply can’t go wrong!

    1. Camilla

      Thanks Michelle, yes it is a fabulous dish-)

  15. Amy Fidler

    Yummy x you were very talented x

    1. Camilla

      Thanks Amy:-) I’m hoping you mean “still” as well LOL:-)

  16. Heather Haigh

    Lovely quick easy recipe with store cupboard staples too.

    1. Camilla

      Thanks Heather, yes I love this recipe:-)

  17. Helen @ Fuss Free Flavours

    Wow! I cannot believe you make that amazing spread when you were 18! So impressive!

    1. Camilla

      Well Home-Economics was my thing:-)

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