Quick Tom Yum Soup with Poached Egg

Quick Soup, Tom Yum, King Prawns, Poached Egg

I had been meaning to post this recipe for a long time as I used to make it so often and then just fell out of the habit. Today I noticed a lonely jar of Tom Yum Soup Paste at the back of the cupboard and remembered I had a few mushrooms that needed using up so knew exactly what to do. It was lunch time but none of us had had breakfast so I was going to do poached eggs on toast for my daughter and then decide that I would also add a poached egg to the soup as it’s not a million miles away from what the Chinese do with their omelette on dishes!

Not only is this soup really tasty and spicy but it’s probably the quickest soup in the west and the east!

King Prawns, Poached Egg

Just add a garnish of chopped coriander and enjoy!

Quick Tom Yum Soup

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Quick Tom Yum Soup with Poached Egg
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
A hot and spicy soup with king prawns, noodles, tomatoes, mushroom and a poached egg with a coriander garnish.
Recipe type: Main
Cuisine: Chinese
Serves: 3
  • 5 Minute Tom Yum Soup with Poached Egg
  • 600 mls Boiling water
  • 9 Baby plum tomatoes
  • 3 Chestnut mushrooms, sliced
  • 1 ½ Sheets of medium noodles
  • 4 generous tsp Tom Yum Soup Paste
  • 18 King Prawns
  • Small handful of fresh coriander leaves, chopped
  • 3 Eggs
  • Splash of distilled white vinegar
  1. Place all the ingredients except the coriander, eggs and vinegar into the boiling water (use a kettle) bring to the boil and then simmer until the noodles and prawns are cooked (about 4 minutes).
  2. Meanwhile lower the eggs one by one into a saucepan of boiling water with a splash of vinegar.
  3. Cook for 4 minutes for a slightly runny centre, then remove with a slotted spoon and drain on some kitchen paper.
  4. Divide the soup between 3 bowls, place the egg on top and garnish with the chopped coriander.

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  1. slinky

    This looks and sounds amazing!

    1. Camilla

      We had it all the time at one stage, must make it again soon:-)

  2. Ursula Hunt

    This is a hearty looking soup

  3. Ursula Hunt

    would never have thought to put an egg i soup but it looks scrummy

    1. Camilla

      They do it on Chines soup – well omelet anyway!

  4. Margot @ Coffee & Vanilla

    So now I know that the Tom Yum soup is! Lovely recipe Camilla 😉

    1. Camilla

      Thank you Margot:-)

  5. 95pride

    looks great!however, tom yum is not from china, it’s a thai dish

    1. Camilla

      Well thank you for putting me straight;-)

  6. Geoffrey Clark

    That looks very tasty

  7. Anne Dalzell

    Anything with a poached egg wins my approval!

  8. William Gould

    Soup look good, but as I don’t even like baked beans juice anywhere near my egg, his is a no-no!

    1. Camilla

      The egg is not necessary you could just leave it out:-)

  9. Ursula Hunt

    looks like a great recipe

  10. Victoria

    Poached eggs are the best – what a good idea to add one.

  11. Paul Wilson

    Don’t think I’ve ever had soup with a poached egg in, could be nice.

    1. Camilla

      Try it, you’ll be blow away:-)

  12. Hafsah

    I love tom yum, so i might give this a try! 🙂

  13. Maya Russell

    It looks so warming and healthy – lots of protein.

  14. Tracy Nixon

    Cool thanks! I have a few eggs that need to be eaten so I might follow your recipe again today to use them up! Went down well last time!

  15. Heather Haigh

    I think this would be perfect for lunch today – can’t wait to try it. 🙂

  16. Paul Wilson

    I’m so bad at making poached eggs like that.

  17. This looks lovely but I don’t like some of the ingredients

  18. tinkertink2010

    Looks yum never had Tom Yum soup before – sounds right up m street though! xoxo

    1. Camilla

      It’s highly addictive:-)

  19. Tracy Nixon

    Something a little different thank you!

  20. Eat Well & Sleep

    I love poached eggs but I’ve never seen them served on soup. Is this common? I usually have them on toast so there’s something to soak up the yolk. What happens when the yolk breaks here? Do you just let it leak out into the soup? This seems so unusual I want to make it purely for the curiosity. I feel like I’ve been missing out on something significant 🙂

    1. Camilla

      As I think I mentioned it was just something that happened as I was making poached eggs for my daughter and as I know the Chinese often stick a scrambled egg pancake on their food I decide to do this. I’ve never seen it done before either but it really went well; you don’t have to put it on but it makes for a more substantial meal:-)

  21. Karen

    That is one bowl of seriously delicious soup! I am a real soup addict and this looks fab! Karen

    1. Camilla

      Thanks Karen! If you like hot & spicy it’s one for you:-)

  22. Ang

    I love how quick this is to make. I just need to keep an eye out for the paste as I’ve never seen it before.

    1. Camilla

      Thank you Angela, I get mine in M&S but have also seen it in Tesco!

  23. Camilla

    I buy mine in M&S but I’ve also seen similar in Tesco!

  24. Jacqueline @How to be a Gourmand

    Well that truly is fusion cooking isn’t it? A spicy bowl of warmth to heat you up on the colder Winter days. Reminds me of my Thai cooking lessons (without the egg, of course :-)) – a classic starter and reasonably healthy too. Like how you have added noodles to bulk it out a bit.

    1. Camilla

      Thanks Jacqueline, yes with the noodles it makes for a satisfying lunch which is why they got added along the way:-)

  25. Alex Ryder

    This looks so good! Ive never used Tom Yum soup paste, can you get it from normal supermarkets? Will keep my eyes peeled!

    1. Camilla

      Thanks! I use the M&S one but have seen similar in Tesco:-)

  26. serialcrafter

    Now here is a funny thing. I just don’t like eggs with tomato, not sure why. I don’t mind them with raw tomatoes but tomato ketchup or cooked tomatoes with eggs are not for me. But I would eat the soup without the egg it looks delicious.

    1. Camilla

      That’s fine Janice as we’d never had it with egg until today and it is delicious all by itself:-) Delia does a lovely chilli eggs dish which you wouldn’t eat either then! I didn’t eat raw tomatoes until I was about 15 and could never eat them by themselves only in a salad.

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