Review: Brabantia 3 Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Non Slip Base + Giveaway – Closed

I was recently lucky enough to be sent this set of 3 bowls and was just told to enjoy them by Brabantia. Well, enjoy them I have, as you can see from the pictures below, they have had lots of use since they arrived. My existing bowls were all made of glass or china and were looking a little worn and were heavy to fish out of the cupboard every time I needed one.

Cake making.

Biscuit making.

Daughter’s bread making.

The Brabantia set of Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls come in 3 really handy sizes, 1, 1.6 and 3 litre and have really useful ml measurement markers down the inside. I’ve never had that in a bowl before! The ultimate improvement over a glass bowl is the fact that these all have non slip bases so no need to secure with a damp cloth, these bowls stay put. This non slip base is also gently curved for the optimal mixing position. I also love the fact that I can remove this set of bowls from my cupboard with one hand instead of the usual crouching two handed affair that I had with my glass ones! I notice that they can also go in the dishwasher which I was surprised about but then it says on the side of the box that they are heat resistant to 220°C so putting hot ingredients in them is also no problem. Is there nothing these bowls cannot do! I made a cake the other day in the 3 litre one as I couldn’t be bothered to get my stand mixer out of the cupboard. I did think twice about putting metal mixer blades in a metal bowl and was worried about ruining it. I then persuaded myself that I was being ridiculous and sure enough the bowl looked as good as new after I washed it up – (“oh ye of little faith” I thought to myself). They come with a 5 year guarantee too!

I notice on the packaging that they can also be used as a serving bowl at the table, which I hadn’t thought of but will now do as they are so pretty to look and I constantly have a smile on my face when using them! It’s like being able to run for the first time when I only knew how to walk, these bowls really have improved my cooking experience so I would thoroughly recommend them. My mother was green with envy when she heard about them and asked if I really needed all of them – hands off mum!

The rrp on these bowls is £55 on Brabantia’s web site but I notice they are on special offer at Argos (online only) for £45.95 (not sure for how long though). So, if you need a Christmas or birthday present for the special foody person in your life I think this would make a lovely gift, as I know if my husband had bought them for me, I would have been over the moon.

Now I’ve whet your appetite, I thought it would be extremely selfish of me not to go back to Brabantia and ask for a set of bowls to give away to one of my readers. Being the lovely people they are, they said yes.

For your chance to win simply fill in the Rafflecopter below.

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  1. Alexandra McGahey

    I would love to win these bowls as I’m ashamed to say I don’t have any mixing bowls anymore! I had one large pot mixing bowl left up until a couple of weeks ago when one of my little ones knocked a pan into it and unfortunately, it cracked right down the middle. I must admit, it’s usually me who breaks dishes at home as I’m ever so clumsy sometimes! I’d love a set of stainless steel bowls to prevent breakages! Me and my eldest child love baking cakes and making food together so these would be really handy in our home and much easier all round than mixing in our dessert bowls as we are doing at the moment!

  2. Alisa

    I really need some bowls with a specific functional use like these…

  3. Jayne K

    They’re very durable with useful assorted and stacking sizes

  4. Lesley Bain

    These bowls sound fantastic. Brabantia is a great make and I know they would last forever. At the minute when baking with my children we have to share two old cracked casserole dishes for the mixing hehe, these would mean we could have one each – and for the first time a bowl that is made for the purpose! 🙂

  5. Scott Caldon

    You can never have enough mixing bowls. These look fantastic quality and will be exceedingly durable

  6. Jenny Rogers

    This is a quality product and would be a great addition to any kitchen.

  7. Margaret

    At the moment my only mixing bowl is an old-style glass one. Its served me very well for several years and I would actually be a bit sad to replace it (is it wrong to get attached to a mixing bowl lol!) but my 5 year old has started ‘helping’ me in the kitchen and I do worry about it being too heavy for her and smashing if she drops it.

  8. Angie Hoggett

    I can never find a mixing bowl when I need one so these would be brill!

  9. Deborah Bird

    I would love to win these bowls as i love making cakes and i have some really cheap plastic mixing bowls at the moment, would love to replace them with these, they look fab!

  10. emma perry

    these look wonderful! I need these so much as the only mixing bowl I had cracked all along the bottom because it was plastic and I used a metal fork for whisking…bad move!

  11. Charlotte Manning

    I would like to win these they are perfect.

  12. Lorraine Carter

    Could have done with these when making all my christmas cakes-I have a three tier wedding cake to make for a friends wedding soon nd she wants three different flavour caks so thes would be ideal!Want!

  13. Lani Nash

    I think this would be very useful for my weekend baking

  14. Laura Hadland

    These look fab for a spot of baking. Reckon I could whip up some cakes and a nice bit of icing afterwards iin these!

  15. Rachel Blackburn

    because i would love to own some quality kitchen equipment

  16. Sarah Parker

    I love cooking with my kids and these would be perfect to update the old bowls weve been using

  17. Gloria Hartley

    I would absolutely love to win these i only have plastic bowls but these look excellent quality

  18. tinkertink2010

    I only have a big plastic one – plus I like the sound when whisking in a metal one! xoxo

  19. Joanne Crosby

    One of my new year’s resolutions this year was to spend more time in the kitchen, baking. Winning these bowls will help me stick to my resolution as they are the sort of bowls that would encourage me to bake more just so that I can use them often.

  20. James Aspey

    to match my kitchen

  21. Lorraine Anderson

    Lovely bowls

  22. Cheryl Lovell

    I would love to have some quality kitchen items for once!

  23. Lesley Cohen Wright

    They are much more hygenic that plastic and wont chip or break like glass

  24. Joanne Blunt

    I’ve never had a decent set of mixing bowls (just some plastic ones from IKEA) even though I love cooking and baking. These look fantastic and I’m sure they would make my food taste better.

  25. Rachael Marsden

    I would love to win these, i love baking and never have the right size bowl to hand and couldn’t afford to buy these

  26. Jamie

    I would love to make Meringue but we only have plastic bowls so does’t work well 🙁

  27. Sandy Port

    I’d like to win these as I suffer from fibromyalgia and joint hypermobility meaning I struggle lifting heavy things and am prone to dropping things – the number of pyrex and china bowls i’ve smashed by dropping them is unreal.

    These would be great as they are nice and light weight and wouldn’t damage too much by dropping them

  28. phillippa lee

    I would love to win these bowls because they remind me of a time when i was a chef. I would be inspired to cook again.

    1. Camilla

      When I worked in catering the bowls were never this good but they were big and stainless steel:-)

  29. donna baxter

    these will be great for my baking. so much better than my plastic bowls

  30. Natalie Henderson

    I love cooking and these would be used every day!! 🙂

  31. Peter Hopkins

    My partner loves baking on the weekends so these would be greatly appreciated.

  32. Lindsey Dudgeon

    My 5 yr old son is just getting into cooking, so having bowls that dont slip would be fab, plus it means we can make more as we would have more bowls.

  33. Lora

    They look brilliant, so practical. I’m butter fingers at the best of times even when I don’t literally have buttery fingers, and I wouldn’t have to worry about smashing these when getting them in and out of the awkward corner cupboard as I do with my glass bowls. I’m not lucky enough to own a stand mixer either so my bowls see a lot of use and they’re scratched to bits.

  34. amanda pickering

    because they look so smart and would be useful for so many things

  35. Helen Aiken

    I’d love to win these bowls as they look very stylish and I’d also be able to relax when baking with my daughter and not need to worry about her accidentally dropping the bowl.

  36. sian hallewell

    I’ve been making lots of bread lately and I could do with a bowl to make it in, currently using a casserole dish!

  37. Matt Brooks

    They would look great in my kitchen

  38. rebecca leon

    because I have cheap nasty plastic ones which desperately need replacing!

  39. Alice Beaumont

    The mixing bowls I have are really old and worn and I recently got a new mixer for christmas so it’s only fair to treat it to some new bowls to mix the mixture in!

  40. marjoleine kok

    I realized over Christmas how lacking in bowls I was, and had to borrow from family !!! So these would be perfect x

  41. Bex Allum

    I don’t own any so always beg & borrow from my mother she would be grateful more than I if I won these 🙂

  42. Emma Farrell

    I have just bought my 1st house so these would really help get my baking started.

  43. Ruth Hedges

    I’m in need for some good quality bowls and the measuring markers will come in very handy! Great Prize! x

  44. Michelle Edmonds

    My bowls spend most of their time at my Stepdaughters. Winning these would mean I can say keep those I have some shiny and new ones!

  45. Tal L

    Really need these bowls


    I would like these bowls to mix all the ingredients together to make fantastic cakes!

  47. Choclette

    It’s the being able to remove from the cupboard with one hand appeals, although I like the non slop bases too.

  48. jen louise jackson

    I have just got my first house and my kitchen lacks alot of equipment! These would be great

  49. Kelly Hooper

    Umm im ashamed to say that I dont actually own any mixing bowls, if im doing any baking I use the plastic jug I make yorkshire pudding mix in. I keep meaning to buy one but theres always something else that needs buying and they keep being put back 🙁

  50. Charley Foulds

    would be FAB for cooking!

  51. Gemma Clark

    i don’t own any decent mixing bowls and these look fab…also we do a lot of baking so would come in super handy 🙂

  52. Georgie

    I have just started baking with my children, but I only have a glass bowl. These would be perfect as I can let the little ones do more mixing without worrying about breakages.

  53. Jeanette Downing

    I love to bake with my little gorl and have just broke my old pot mixing bowl.

  54. Jo Hutchinson

    They are easy to use and clean and if I drop it it won’t break.

  55. Denise S

    would love to replace my plastic and glass mixing bowls , the glass bowl has been used so much its scratched all over and i melted the rim of the plastic ones in the microwave melting chocolate, oops. my bowls have a hard life. These do look hardy.

  56. Hazel Rush

    I’d love to win them because I can’t break them! I always end up breaking my glass mixing bowls!

  57. Vicki Smith

    They would really help with my cupcakes/brownie making. One bowl is never enough!

  58. Christopher Bell

    I love a bit of baking but cant really justify spending more pennies on it than what I’ve spent on my cheap plastic bowls! Now I know it doesnt make any difference to the taste doing them in these sexy bowls….but it WOULD make my biscuits and cakes taste better! FACT!! 🙂

  59. Jo Kelly

    I can never have enough bowls – shame I DON’T have enough! These would be amazing as I’m often making things & have no bowls or broken bowls. I have glass bowls which are too heavy & plastic ones which are too, er, poo!

  60. Mark Rayner

    To give as a gift to the wife as she would really like some.

  61. sarah eastham

    I have a set of plastic ones, the biggest has a crack in, so i need a fancy new set 😀

  62. Gemma

    Because I’ve just smashed a bowl and this would save me buying a new one lol!

  63. Jade Vine

    They would be a great addition to my baking collection.

  64. Katy spence

    My husband seems to think plastic bowls are for when the children are poorly not for baking! I have thrown out 4 this year! Would be really nice to cook with good quality tools!

  65. Phil Gilbert

    I love baking desserts and these bowls look really sturdy and would be perfect for mixing.

  66. Lorraine Crighton

    I’ve glass bowls at the moment and they always seems to get scratched these look much better

  67. Natalie

    I would like to win these bowls as our only mixing bowl was cheap and plastic and my accident prone husband left it on the electric oven the other day and the glass was still hot from use. The result? A very wonky melted unusable piece of plastic!

  68. Christine Mutter

    These look really modern and hygenic and would look great in my kitchen

  69. ros easton

    They won’t break!

  70. Ali Thorpe

    Last year I discovered my passion for baking and cooking in general and I am building up a great cupboard of equipment. These would be a fab addition and would get oodles of use!

  71. Jodie C

    My brother will love these, he is always moaning we don’t have good bowls lol

  72. Mark Robinson

    We would love to win these fab bowls. We do loads of baking with our kids and these would make life soo much easier for us all

  73. alison c

    Although i have a passion for baking i have only ever owned a mixed set – 1 i bought myself – 1 my mum gave me when i first moved out of home !! These ones look fab !

  74. Paula Phillips

    I want to start doing my own baking and these would be a great help to get me started.

  75. Lindsey Jones

    My son loves baking so these would be perfect for him.

  76. Julie Fisher

    These look great. I don’t have a decent mixing bowl to my name. Perhaps if I won these I might bake a bit more!

  77. Suzanne Cooke

    I love to bake with my daughter but our glass bowls always make me a little worries, these would be perfect

  78. Sarah H

    These look so much nicer to use than my old plastic bowl!!

  79. kayleigh dudley

    im going to be a first time mummy this year, and baking seems like the perfect way to pass on time when on maternity leave, i have no equipment so this would be a great starter haha

  80. Leanne Court

    They will stop me from trying to mix cakes in my casserole dish, as we dont have any mixing bowls!

  81. Stephanie Whitehouse

    Not sure about using them for serving, but I love the idea of the non-slip base on my shiny worktops

  82. Kimmie Alex

    I’d love these because my ones at present are chipped and were handed down to me by my mum! I need some shiny new ones to reignite my passion for baking x

  83. shirley Giles

    Love these ! so useful, heat resistant and can pop in the dishwashe too ! a baker’s best friend, many thanks x

  84. melanie crumpton


  85. Mark Whittaker

    I have been baking for a few years and have finally got an oven that cooks evenly (my old one always brown without cooking through) , so now am going full steam ahead and baking two or three times a week, These would be such a boon to my ambitions. Currently its bread that has got me obsessed !

  86. Alison

    Id love to win these as I currently have only one mixing bowl which means I have to keep washing up when I am cooking

  87. Kirstie Vaughan

    because my 7 year old daughter and her friends keep taking my plastic ones and making mud pies …… they are slowly getting stained a lovely brown colour 🙁 If I won these I could let her keep the plastic ones and I would have some of my own as long last 🙂

  88. kerry s

    they would come in really useful and look stylish and hard-wearing too.

  89. Patricia

    Added to a new board on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/trishowen/happy-food-links/

  90. diva1977

    They will be durable and much more practical than my current stoneware ones when cooking with my son

  91. Patricia

    I’d love the bowls because they look so professional, tough and smart. All my bowls and dishes ned updating and these would be a great start.

  92. Bonnie Brooksbank

    Only just started baking, so these would come in handy.

  93. Joanna Sawka

    My old bowls need replacement

  94. Alice Hindley

    These would be great to use when my young grandchildren are around as I don’t like to use my glass bowls when they visit

  95. leanne phillips

    i hve just finished a cupcake making course and these would be perfect to make them in for my new home baking business xx

  96. Mrs Maureen Williams

    I’m using two old scratched glass bowls at the moment, and I’m feeling quite ashamed of them after seeing these smart shiny Brabantia bowls.

  97. Jo Wakefield

    So I can do more baking and cooking

  98. Jean Bolsover

    I find glass bowls are sometimes heavy & I’m always afraid of dropping them!

  99. Hayley F

    so i can bake lots of cakes x

  100. Jenna

    In baking, I always end up having to wash my 2 mixing bowls over and over!

  101. Ruth Grover

    Great prize. A New Year and some new bowls….fantastic !

  102. Jayne B

    I could do so much with these. They are both stylish and very practical

  103. Jenny

    My New Years resolution is to do more baking – and these bowls would be extremely useful for that!

  104. Emily Jayne Phipps

    Good quality – long lasting.

  105. Susie M

    I do a lot of baking and bread making and really like the idea of non-slip bowls. I often forget until it’s almost too late!

  106. Kirsty Common

    so i can make cakes

  107. Tamara Payne

    Would be fab to have extra bowls as I make a lot of bread and use the bowls to prove the bread.

  108. Kirsten Barthy

    I’m going to be a mum next month and better start getting into cooking and baking – what better way than with lovely equipment

  109. Carolynn Crabb

    I have been married for 31 years and the pyrex bowls I am using were wedding presents! I think a nice lightweight set of replacements would be ideal.

  110. Lila B taylor

    I’ve just started to get a real love for baking, but my equipment is sorely lacking, these bowls would be ideal!

  111. Michelle Becker

    I’d love to win these so as to perfect my meringues and pavlovas 🙂

  112. Cheryll H

    I’m revamping my kitchen and trying to get a stock of really good cooking utensils – these would be perfect 🙂

  113. Blake Ahearne

    they look awesome

  114. leanne newsome

    They’d make baking so much easier

  115. Melanie Gardiner

    I’ve only really started to enjoy cooking over the last few years and now I’m always loving new equipment.

  116. Rachel

    would be great for me to practice my baking

  117. Michelle

    These bowls look like a great addition to any kitchen. Versatile, hard wearing and also look good!

  118. Rebecca Woodroof

    give my mum a late christmas present

  119. Wendy Tolhurst

    Would love to win these as I enjoy baking and these bowls are a good size and easy to keep clean!

  120. olivia kirby

    My daughter has really got into baking and we don’t have any decent bowls.

  121. naomi

    because they look great and love the idea of the non slip base

  122. sarah pearce

    my kids are always breaking the pots so need some more durable and also they look great for kids am stood like a wally holding the bowls when my daughter is baking,as the bowls i have got left slide all over the place!!


    I’d love to win these as they look virtually unbreakable and I’m really good at smashing my crockery!!

  124. Suzanne sendell

    Its a brand I trust

  125. Denise Whiskin

    Probably end up using them for everything. From prep bowl, quick wash bowl to mixing banana bread mix.

  126. Lese

    I have a VERY old Kenwood Chef that I usually use to make meringues in but the bowl is ceramic and I’m frightened of breaking it as they are not that easy to replace so would like to win these bowls as they would be perfect for making meringues in

  127. Caroline S

    I’ve started making my own bread and – as I’m still saving up for a breadmaker – I’m doing all the mixing, kneading and proving by hand. Having one of these bowls would make life a lot easier because my current mixing bowl is really light and doesn’t have the stability I need. I also destroyed a plastic container with an electric paddle beater when I was making christmas cupcakes!

    1. Camilla

      I had a bread maker and sold it last year at a car boot sale. I just found it took up so much space and making bread by hand is much more fulfilling and you don’t get that annoying hole in it where the paddle sits. I’d rather have a good set of light useful bowls over a bread maker any day! I wish it had been one of these bowls and not the tiny glass one that I dropped on New Year’s eve just before my guests were arriving!

  128. emmajo

    Because my plastic bowls have had it.

  129. Deborah Wheeler

    I’ve only got 1 plastic one and it’s not much good as it moves around and is very light


    would love to do more baking but with only 1 bowl it makes it a bit tricky, could def put these to good use 🙂

  131. Helen Grayson

    i love cooking and baking. Ive just moved back home and my mum only has really old bowls. It would be great to have some nice new hygienic metal ones for all my cake baking needs! xx

  132. Karen Whittaker

    Currently using two plastic Halloween bowls as my metal and china ones are all tarnished or broken!!

  133. katie skeoch

    My New Years Resolution is to think more about what I feed my lovely family – these would go a way in making it happen 🙂

  134. Paul Witney

    I love to bake with my daughters, so these would be a great ‘unbreakable’ addition to my kitchen

  135. Sarah Boxer

    To match my Brabantia bin!

  136. Mark Barlow

    These bowls look awesome, and a great way to start my baking adventures in 2013

  137. Anne Thompson

    Great sizes, would be so useful and if they stay put even better, no chasing bowls about.

  138. Beverley

    Because I do a LOT of cooking and baking and at the beginning of this year, my delightful husband broke my huge faithful pot mixing bowl that I’d had since doing my City and Guilds. He bought me plastic ones as replacements – well! They’re already full of score marks from whisks, herb choppers, knives etc and I’m refusing to use them as I don’t believe they’re hygienic! I would love a quality set.

  139. Michael Saunders

    Just moved into a new flat with my partner and we’re looking to do more home cooking, so these would be useful.

  140. Judith Eddington

    they are nice and safe when cooking with my toddler grandson

  141. Elizabeth

    Yes please! My mixing bowls are a dreadful assortment of plastic charity shop finds – I would love to own a proper nice set. 🙂

  142. Sheila Sloan

    I would love these to use in my new kitchen in my new house!

  143. Sue Bowden

    My well used and old glass bowl broke in half on Christmas Eve, got thrown out along with my proffiterole mix, so everyone had to make do with mince pies – so these would be most welcome in my kitchen x

  144. catherine plant

    i am hoping to get a new kitchen soon so these would be perfect for it.

  145. anthony martin

    moved from my dads reently and have bare essentials plus a silicon baking set i just bought, love cooking but would love some good kitchenware to make the task more simplified and pleasurable please x

  146. Sue Bell

    I have moved, and going to become more practical in the kitchen and cook more from scratch, 3 lovley mixin bowls to start my collection of kitchen equipment would be fab



  148. Angela L White

    I would like to win as my new years resolution is to learn to bake and this would help get me kitted out with right equipment.

  149. Carolin

    I would like to win them because I love baking with my 3 year son, from pancakes over cookies to cakes, we do them all together and we cant ever have enough equipment 🙂

  150. izzy

    im a poor student

  151. Diana Cotter

    I’d love to feel like the contestants on Master Chef as I whisk a perfect egg white.

  152. Laura Cooper

    I have started doing a lot more baking recently and only have a cheap plastic mixing bowl so I would love these to make baking more enjoyable.

  153. Shiela Seymour

    I’ve had my bowls since Adam was a lad! Due for some new trendy ones I think

  154. Julia Gray

    I love baking and that fab non-slip base would be a great help.

  155. Melanie C

    I love baking and I lack storage space so these bowls would be perfect xx

  156. Roger Simms

    Tr]hree super bowls need a home in ouyr kitchen

  157. Tony Allan


  158. jamesmum

    i need new bowls, mine are really old. x

  159. Tami Anderson

    I love baking and really need some new mixing bowls!

  160. Mr Colin Wright

    I love cooking. These bowls would be ideal!

  161. Laura Caraher

    I love cooking and could do with a proper set of bowls and these look great 🙂

  162. Diane Carey

    My mixing bowls are old and as the review says, glass ones are heavy to get out of the cupboard and to handle. They look attractive and the measurements on them are a good idea. It’s also a good idea to have more than one so you don’t have to keep washing up

  163. suejok

    I am keen to start baking again after a few years of giving it up when I became single. Gave all my mixing bowls away!

  164. Alan C

    I like to bake and would like a decent set of bowls

  165. victoria metcalfe

    ild love to have them ready to make a christmas cakie in next year…. each year i say i will then run out of time!

  166. Natasha Corder

    Fab giveaway! The bowls would be very handy as I dropped my favourite mixing bowl the other day and it has a crack in it 🙁 I make a lot of cakes so they would be very handy!

  167. Renate Kriegler Edwards

    Haven’t started the Xmas baking yet (!) and all my baking stuff is still in storage after a big move… besides, my mixing bowls are plastic yuk

  168. moonkitty

    My daughter has really taken to baking, she goes to a class every week with one of the contestants from British Bake Off last year and made our Christmas cake there. She really wants to keep baking and as she also has Asperger’s Syndrome it’s great to see her doing something other than playing games on the laptop! Thanks for the review.

  169. shortbreadjh

    love to bake and these would do me a treat

  170. rebecca austerberry

    I would use them to improve my kitchen!!

  171. Maggie

    I like stainless bowls and everything always seems to mix so well in them, they are the professionals choice too.

  172. Susan el Carter

    I would love to win these as stainless steel is easy to get scrupiously clean so that my egg whites will whisk properly into stiff peaks for meringues and lemon meringue pie which is a favourite.

  173. wendy stanger

    to cook with my kids as would be less disasters!!! @kikicomp

  174. jwulff

    I would like to win these because I’ve just started out with baking really and I haven’t acquired the kit so this would be perfect for me.

  175. Nicoletta

    I would like to win these bowls because they are so much handier and safer than glass, and they look great!

  176. Karen

    Because I can make my boyfriend bake me lots of gingerbread if I had those to bribe him with

  177. Andrena Harrison

    My bowls are old and heavy, and not child friendly either

  178. Sam

    I need new bowls as my melamine ones are cracked and fit for the bin. These are lovely.

  179. Kavey

    These look beautiful, I have one really old glass mixing bowl and one very heavy old-style cream pottery one but these would be ace!

  180. Brenda Wilkes

    Great prize – my hubby is the chef in our house so if I won I’d be in his good books!

  181. Frances Haslam

    These would be ideal for baking up Christmas goodies 🙂

  182. Giulia Greco

    I love mixing and cooking

  183. Jenna Parrington

    I have just taken up baking and these would be so handy as I have a shortage of things that I need!

  184. Emma Carter

    I’d love to win these as my 4 year old daughter has now developed a shared love for baking so these would be fab for when we cook together – much more practical than my glass bowls!

  185. laura banks

    so that i could use them for my baking

  186. Tracy Grant

    I only have plastic bowls, my meringues, never turn out right, but I’ve heard metal bowls are loads better, so please save my meringue

  187. Bridget Anderson

    You cant get much better than Brabantia and I would love to be able to get some to make cakes with my two girls.

  188. Jane English

    I always seem to run out of bowls when doing my monthly bake & these would be a fantastic addition to my kitchen.

  189. Avril

    nice prize

  190. Lucy Reynolds

    I’d love to win these, as I do a LOT of baking and my poor old glass bowls are looking a bit tired (they’re also far too heavy and make me extremely nervous when washing them up – no dishwasher sadly, just a teeny tiny sink!). The fact that its a set of 3 would be perfect – I’d hang on to the big one, give my mum the middle one as she loves to bake as well (but only for herself and my dad) and my bake-shy sister would have the little one to get started with 🙂

  191. Sharon Hingley

    I would actually love to win them for my sister. She is always baking goodies for school, friends and fund raising and her equipment gets used so much an upgrade would be very much appreciated.

  192. Jane Townson

    Would love these for when I’m baking as mine look really old now.

  193. ashleigh

    my ones are so old so would love some new ones!

  194. just what i need

  195. Lucy robinson

    I would love to give these to my Nan as she is a fab cook and these would be lovely for her.

  196. Theresa Davenport

    Great prize, good luck all.

  197. redrosemummy

    I really struggle with mixing bowls, I just don’t have a big one. These look great.

  198. Donna Mitchell

    I’d love these as I really enjoy cooking and couldn’t justify spending £55 on bowls.

  199. Annette Stephens

    i need a new set of bowls, mine have chips in them everywhere!

  200. Sarah R

    I need these bowls as I currently have white plastic ones that are starting to look a bit worn and yucky 🙁

  201. kate knight

    my new years resolution is to cook more instead of buying ready meals and this will help!

  202. Sarah Fawcett

    This year I’ve started my own cupcake business and at the moment I’m using some old Tupperware bowls that are over 20 years old!! As I haven’t yet made enough profit to start investing in new equipment, I would love to win these fab bowls, they’d be just the job for whisking up all manner of creations 🙂

  203. Gemma Mills / Chamberlain (MyMillsBaby)

    They look great for baking x

  204. Ness Gorton (@baggiesbabe69)

    I’ve only got 1 very large bowl, & it get’s used for everything.

  205. Karen de Ronde

    I’ve got a tiled floor in my new kitchen so have said goodbye to a couple of my porcelain bowls – by accident, so at least these would stay in one piece!

  206. cathy James

    we do alot of cooking but havent got decent mixing bowls, they are fab with measurements on them too

  207. Jo Boyd

    I’m feed up with chasing bowls up and down the side, and a tea towel underneath still doesn’t cure it, so non-slip bases would make my life much easier!

  208. Victoria N

    As they would replace my old set from Woolworths that are starting to look a little stained.

  209. Julie Picton

    Make chocolate cake

  210. sandi

    Because all my bowls are either ancient and fragile or plastic. I have nothing dishwasher safe and these look so stylish

  211. Jen

    I don’t think you can have too many mixing bowls, I always seem to need an extra one when I’m being very creative (i.e. messy!)

  212. stephen Butcher

    teaching my 8 year old to bake. these would make a great xmas present

  213. miriam krutska

    i love baking which means my bowls are now bit old . this one would be great addition .

  214. Mickie Bull

    I have a lot of Stainless in my kitchen so these would add to it

  215. Sophie F

    I would love to win these because they’d make a great present for my nan that has wanted some like these since her birthday last year!

  216. Richard R

    They would be great as they would take the bumps and knocks that would break a normal bowl

  217. Zoe Homes

    What a great idea – especially the non slip base. These would definitely help keep messes to a minimum.

  218. Sarah Morris

    I love to cook and my mixing bowl is some horrible plastic cheapy thing, I would love some good quality kitchen products and this would be a great start.

  219. sallypoole53

    Perfect for some winter baking with my girls

  220. Liz B

    A set of MATCHING bowls? Luxury !

  221. Rainie Bish

    I like the non-slip base it would be a great help

  222. Matt Hudson

    they look great and our plastic ones are getting old!

  223. Georgia McAllister

    They look lovely as well as useful.

  224. Darius Dragasius

    Would make a nice present for my wife

  225. katiewmuk

    These look so stylish, slick and so much better than the plastic bowl I currently use!

  226. Mark Wilson

    Lovely set of bowls!


    perfect for christmas, never have enough bowls at christmas, and these are fantastic

  228. shane weir

    I just love shiny things

  229. Barbara Bunning

    Just moved house and the kitchen is bigger, so need to fill those cupboards! lol

  230. melanie stirling

    These look great and I never have enough bowls!

  231. Andrea Jefferson

    Just what I need mixing bowls excellent prize

  232. Rebecca Hall

    Wow – the look fab. And just after I smashed my favourite mason cash bowl.

  233. Solange

    I’d like to make some cupcakes

  234. lyn b

    They look very professional, and like the idea of the markings, that there are three which stack would be a great added bonus.

  235. ClaireG

    My gran taught me to bake and I always use a damp cloth underneath my bowl – I would love to be able to stop having to do that and look a bit more professional 🙂

  236. angela sandhu

    Because my bowls are cheap plastic ones which are getting all scratched and look awful now!

  237. maxineflossy

    I’d love some bowls that didn’t fly off the counter when I was whisking!

  238. Ges Southwoo

    I would love these bowls as my daughter has taken an interest in cooking, but we are not as well equipped as her school so she doesn’t experiment as much as she would like too.

  239. Gary Humphrey

    I would use these myself as i love cooking

  240. Jay Hill

    I would love to win these as my New Year resolution is to learn to cook and bake……a workman needs good tools!

  241. Rachel Ray

    Because my son wants to start joining in baking sessions with his big sister and I need more mixing bowls so everyone can mix!

  242. Lesley-Ann Dunn

    Because I’ve only ever used plastic mixing bowls before and they keep breaking/splitting!

  243. Adele Hill

    I love cooking and these sound fantastic

  244. hayley

    for my hubby

  245. susan cameron

    My cat would be delighted.having dropped my old pottery bowl near him.It exploded into shards,missing him by inches!

    1. Camilla

      My cat dropped a marble kitchen towel holder which smashed, lucky they have 9 lives!

  246. holly

    because me and my mum love to cook

  247. Nicola Blacker

    I love baking and would use these bowls virtually everyday for years to come.

  248. Catarina Baptista

    Perfect for everyday preparing food and baking! would love these as i need some

  249. Amy Ripley

    They would be very sturdy for my daughter to hold!

  250. cecelia Allen

    I love baking and have never enough equipment and Brabantia are fab quality too. I particularly like the measure marks on the inside, really useful.

  251. kayleigh bates

    Id love to win this becasue it looks hard wearing, my daughter could join in making cakes

  252. Paul Green

    to make some cakes

  253. Jill Webb

    They look great and so much better than my old plastic ones

  254. John Mills

    My girlfriend is a keen baker and this would be great for a christmas present. May push her to apply for great british bake off!

  255. Rachael G

    I would love these, as I love to bake and have just started to make my own bread by hand (instead of using the bread machine). This means that my mixing bowl usually has dough proving in it and I can’t make a cake until it’s done (and washed up!).

  256. Denise

    These look so useful for my family, love getting the kids involved in cooking and these would be well used.

  257. JO JONES

    I would love baking even more with these bowls

  258. Lynsey Buchanan

    I love baking and need some large bowls

  259. Sarah

    I would like to win these bowls as our single bowl isn’t enough anymore for all the baking we are doing lately!

  260. Jamielee Norris

    Unfortunately my mum thought it would be a good idea to do baking with my daughter which led to the bowl being broken and cake mixture all over my kitchen wall. therefore id love these bowls to replace the one that got broken haha

  261. Svetlana Lemantovic

    love cooking

  262. Gary Topley

    I would like to win these bowls as I don’t have any, and they would come in handy when I am teaching my daughter how to cook/bake.

  263. Paul Wilson

    I’m diabetic and getting more into preparing my own food. These bowls look perfect for that.

  264. jennifer thorpe

    Because we’re really getting into baking and only have one mixing bowl 🙂

  265. lynn ward

    I love to cook all the time so these will be brill x

  266. Dawn Harding

    The only bowl I own was my grandmothers, which does the job, but to have my own set would be fab. I sooo need some new bowls.

  267. nicola

    bake a yummy lemon cake

  268. Al MacInnes

    My partner loves to bake. These would be absolutely brilliant for her.

  269. cheekychicken24

    Because mine weigh an absolute ton! My smaller ones are pyrex, and my bigger mixing bowls are the old style brown and cream china ones. They’re in a high cupboard and are sooo heavy!

  270. Simon Harris

    Would love to win

  271. Allan Smith

    because I need new bowls.

  272. kerry Locke

    I tend to develop a case of dropsies every time I try to bake – these would be perfect for my butter fingers!

  273. Emma Jackson

    I’m ashamed but I just love shiny things 😀

  274. Louise Turner

    I love cooking and have various bowls depending on what I am making. The review of these Brabantia bowls is great and I know need some. Here’s hoping!!

  275. Tracy Nixon

    I love baking but can only ever afford the basics – I would love to own some luxury items so when I bake and cook, I feel like a proper mummy chef!

  276. Karen Lloyd

    I love baking with my 4 year old son but I’m really worried about my heavy bowls being dropped and him hurting himself, or the bowls being damaged. Having metal bowls would make me feel a bit more relaxed when we are baking.

  277. Barrie Phillips

    I would love to own one.

  278. Phil Darling

    I’ve lost my old pudding bowl and need a new haircut

  279. Hilda Hazel Wright

    They would look great in my spaceage silver kitchen!

  280. Elizabeth Kidger

    A great design and very practical, a perfect addition to my kitchen and with their measuring markers and non-slip bottoms a great aid when cooking.

  281. Heather Haigh

    I love shiny new things for the kitchen – in the way other women like shoes!

  282. Andy D

    Look so easy to clean

  283. Rachel

    These look brilliant and would be great for making cakes!

  284. Tricia

    I am about to make mince pies and these bowls would be very useful.

  285. Nicole

    My favourite bowl cracked and I can’t find a bowl that I really like. These bowls look great

  286. James

    I’ve love to win these bowls for my girlfriend who loves baking :). I’m considering sending her on The Great British Bake Off and these would help her reach the show for sure!

  287. Shona

    Brabantia make good quality stuff and these would last longer than the ones I have at the moment.

  288. C Hui

    They looks nice and would make good replacements for my current set.

  289. Alfie Davidson

    I need these to replace the Pyrex bowl that “The dog” broke yesterday

  290. Sarah Welsh

    I need some stylish order in my kitchen!

  291. Stephanie Tsang

    I’d love to win these because they look good and are great quality.

  292. Brigitte Leprince

    I would like to win these because I adore baking but survive at the moment with some old mixing bowls that my mother gave me. These look modern and hygenic too!

  293. Farhana Haque

    My glass one is really not suitable for all the fun baking sessions with my toddler!

  294. Lucy

    We have not long moved into our first home and would love these bowls for cake making!


  295. Alana Walker

    I’m struggling with my current bowls at the moment, inherited from my grandma :s

  296. Deborah Munn

    My daughter has just started making her own bread. So I would give them to her

  297. Kathleen marsden

    I only have a plastic mixing bowl at the moment so these would be fantastic

  298. Kelly Koya

    so i can make lots of lovely cupcakes

  299. Gavin

    I’ve only got nasty plastic mixing bowls.

  300. Gillian Holmes

    They look very useful.

  301. Sarah Miles

    They look very smart and much better than the chipped old bowl I use!! Love Brabantia stuff…

    1. Camilla

      Fingers crossed:-)

  302. Katrina Day-Reilly

    I love baking and a decent set of bowls would be amazing

  303. hannah oneill

    I love cooking and these bowls would be ideal!

  304. Hazel Rea

    I do a lot of cooking and baking and have almost dropped my heavy glass bowls on several occasions while getting them out of the cupboard. These would be so much easier – and they don’t slip which is wonderful!

    1. Camilla

      Funnily enough, I was thinking of mentioning that of course they wouldn’t smash if you dropped them, might bounce:-)

  305. Gerald Ludlow

    Need to improve my kitchen equipment

  306. Susan Ellams

    cause metal bowls are great fro merigues

  307. mellissa williams

    to make some cakes and they look really useful !

  308. Annie Taylor

    I’ve just come back from the Good Food Show, if I’d seen bowls like these I more than likely would have bought them, very handy for an errr enthusiastic cook like myself. If I won I’d be bowled over, but the bowls wouldn’t – they’d stay upright 🙂

    1. Camilla

      They are brilliant!

  309. Sandra Clarke

    All my bowls are old so it would be lovely to have some new ones!

  310. Jane Willis

    OOOH! I’ve just come through from the kitchen for a break after making mayonnaise and chasing my bowl all over the worktop, so what perfect timing! I need these bowls so I don’t have to do that chasing.

    1. Camilla

      Yes, you sound in need indeed!

  311. Corina

    I love cooking and these sound really useful.

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