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The official SPAM® Appreciation Week starts on 5th March 2016 and to get the party started there will be a SPAM® Can Tour (fresh from a successful tour of the US) which will start in Liverpool and go on throughout the summer. Fans of SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham can bring the whole family to visit the specially designed eye catching airstream van and sample the increasingly popular SPAM® Fries which are appearing in popular restaurants across the country. Regional chefs and special guests will also be on hand at some of the venues to show just how versatile SPAM® Can be!
SPAM Can Tour 2016

As well as eating there’s lots of fun to be had with family and friends! How about having your photo taken in the Giant SPAM® Can or even playing the specially created SPAM® Can Alley game at the more family orientated events. Fans can round off their day by bringing home a free commemorative tour lanyard that shows the various ways SPAM® Can be enjoyed, from the ultimate breakfast fry up to traditional favourites such as SPAM® Hash, plus a free branded trolley coin that can be used in all major UK supermarkets.
SPAM Can Tour 2016 Airstream Van

It’s 75 years since SPAM® Products came to the UK and as they were originally manufactured in Liverpool this is where the SPAM® Can Tour will start. Visiting eight locations across the UK in 2016, the confirmed dates for the are:

  • Liverpool: Paradise Place 5-7 March
  • London: Classic Car Boot Sale, Kings Cross 16-17 April
  • Shropshire: The Caravan Club Festival and Food Event 28-29 May
  • Birmingham: Foodies Festival 3-5 June
  • Sunderland: International Airshow 22-24 July
  • Cheshire: CarFest North 29-31 July
  • Blackpool: Air Show 7-8 August
  • Hampshire: CarFest South 26-28 August

If you can’t make the SPAM® Can Tour but would like to join in the fun then why not make the SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham Fries at home for you and your family!


4.8 from 37 reviews
SPAM® Fries
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
SPAM® Fries - recreate this luscious treat in you own home!
Recipe type: Snack
Cuisine: British
Serves: 4
  • 1 x 340g can of SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham - cut into ½" sticks
  1. Preheat oven to 350f 180c/160c Fan.
  2. Spread the SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham sticks on a baking tray and place on top shelf of preheated oven for approximately 12 minutes until golden but not crisping up.
  3. Serve in an empty SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham can with a selection of dips.

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You can also take part in my giveaway, there are two SPAM™tastic BBQ Hampers worth £50 each up for grabs! The hampers are packed with outdoor eating essentials including a bucket BBQ, recipe booklet, apron, spatula and three tubs of SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham. Just fill in the rafflecopter below and tell me in the comments what your favourite SPAM® dish is?

SPAM™tastic BBQ Hamper GiveawayEntry details:
Complete the Rafflecopter form to confirm your entries made via blog comments, Twitter, etc.
This giveaway will close on 25/04/16.
Please read the Terms and Conditions below.
Winners are announced on the Rafflecopter form after the prize has been claimed by the winner.
First timers: Please watch how Rafflecopter works (video)! It is 46 seconds long. It explains everything.
If no form is showing, hit refresh and it should appear.
Complete the form or your entries will not go into the draw.
Mandatory entries need to be completed first so leave a blog comment before you try and complete any of the other methods of entry.
Do you want more chances to win? Come back daily and after tweeting about the giveaway fill the form in again.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Terms and conditions:
Only open to entrants from UK mainland over the age of 18.
There are 2 separate prizes of SPAM™tastic BBQ Hampers worth £50 each. There is no cash alternative and the prize is not transferable. No part or parts of the prize may be substituted for other benefits, items or additions.
Instructions form part of the terms and conditions. Entries using any software or automated process to make bulk entries will obviously be disqualified. The winner will be picked at random using Rafflecopter and then contacted by email. If you win and then don’t respond to this email within 5 days then another winner will be picked. The prize will be delivered to the winner as soon as possible after you have e-mailed your delivery address.
I am running this giveaway on behalf of SPAM® who will be responsible for sending the prize to you if you win. Please don’t say you have liked the post and followed me on Twitter and Tweeted if you haven’t as I will check and fairness is my middle name!


For more chances to win you can also head of to Fuss Free Flavours!

NB: Post commissioned by SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham who have provided the prizes and recipe.

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  1. Sarah

    I love spam! Totally will have to do this 😀

    1. Camilla


  2. Robyn Clarke

    Spam sandwich, toasted with cheese

  3. Lyn

    Spam and egg sangwich

  4. Natalie Gillham

    Spam egg and chips

  5. Kerry Webber

    We love it chopped into small pieces and added to a cauliflower cheese bake.

  6. Nicola Phipps

    Spam Fritters! Xx

  7. Diane Duggan

    Spam and egg pasties

  8. Brenda Wilkes

    Unadventurous I know but I love Spam and tomato sandwiches!

  9. Keeley Shaw

    Has to be Spam fritters. Love them.

  10. Esme mccrubb


  11. Pauline Black

    Spam fritters. Dad used to make them for us all the time! He loves spam!

  12. Claire Elizabeth Noke

    Deep fried Spam Fritters!!! Sooooo bad for you, they are just good !! 😛 xx

  13. Dawn Chapman

    I love fried spam, mash, peas and cheese sauce! Don’t tell anyone!

  14. Nancy Bradford

    The spam dish I grew up with and love is spam fritters.

  15. Lisa Lewis

    spam fritters – love them!

  16. Jo McPherson

    Spam Fritters, reminds me of my childhood

  17. jackie rushton

    Spam hash

  18. Michelle lintern

    Spam sandwich

  19. Julie Camm

    Spam fritters at school were such a treat, a big change from the usual tasteless mush we got served!

  20. Anita hargreaves

    Spam fritters rafflecopter links not blue to click on, inactive x

    1. Camilla

      I’ve just checked and all looks fine to me?

  21. Anneka Hulse

    fried spam and eggs

  22. Steven Beasley

    Spam Fritters are my favourite

  23. simon hardy

    love it with egg and chips!

  24. Michelle Wild

    Spam fritters.

  25. Joanna Orr

    We love the South Korean dish Budae jjigae (it’s known as Army Stew) – our lads wife is S Korean and we cook it often – so simple too

  26. Chris kendall

    Spam egg and chips yummy

  27. Saran Benjamin

    Spam fritters yum yum

  28. samantha mason

    spam fritters

  29. Antonia Richardson

    Spam Fried Rice

  30. Pam Francis Gregory

    Got to be Spam Fritters!

  31. Spencer Wright

    Spam & cheese omelette sandwich. Delicious!

  32. Mike Salisbury

    Spam fritters. It’s also my favourite bait for catching Carp, the fish LOVE it.

  33. Sue Harrison

    Spam hash with made with new potatoes, any leftover cooked veg and spring onions

  34. Claire Willmer

    It has to be baked eggs, sweet potatoes, mushrooms and spam chopped in 🙂 perfect one pan dish

  35. Beverley Cousins

    Cheese and ham fritters with added spicy.

  36. Alison Burns

    I love chopped potatoes, sliced onions and chopped spam cooked together and then i add 2 eggs to mix it up its amazing worth a try yummy 🙂

  37. cat

    spam fritters

  38. laura stewart

    Chopped in with mac and cheese- delish!!!

  39. Emma Boulton

    100% Spam fritters. Lots of childhood memories from local chippy. Hard to come by now so make my own. Love spam.

  40. Rennene Hartland

    Mine has to be Spam fritters

  41. Dale Dow

    Spam Frittatas are gorgeous with melted cheese

  42. Ruth Wollerton

    I love a spam omelette – yummytastic. Thanks

  43. elaine stokes

    it has to be spam fritters

  44. Mark allen

    Well it’d have to be the S.L.T. Spam, Lettuce and Tomato. Super.

  45. Lisa Mcalley

    Toast and baked potato xx

  46. lynn neal

    Spam fritters

  47. Andrew Emery

    Meat loaf for me – yummy ❤️

  48. carys thorp

    spam fritters! although i love spam and pickle sarnies!

  49. Kate Sabin-Burns

    chopped up and put into cheesy pasta

  50. gemima taylor

    Spam with melted grated cheese on top grilled just so the cheese is slightly crispy.

  51. Christine Hobbs

    I love to make spam fritters, fried egg and beans its the perfect start to a busy day especially on a holiday where we have more time to enjoy a cooked breakfast

  52. Simone Kilshaw

    fried, then put on toast with brown sauce, nommy.

  53. Karen Barrett

    I like to use Spam in omlettes

  54. Kathryn Cox

    Loaded mash potato with spam and melted cheese

  55. Andrew Hindley

    Spam and Egg on Toast

  56. Nat Thomason

    Fried mice . Small pieces of spam fried in batter my mother in law who was German named them 🙂

  57. claire little

    spam fritters

  58. Natalie Crossan

    Spam fritters

  59. Sam parkes

    Spam fritters or spam. Egg and chips yum!!

  60. chris bull

    Spam and pickle pie 🙂

  61. matt allison

    Spam fritters

  62. sarah


  63. Jane Middleton

    Egg omelette with Chopped Pork and Ham

  64. stacey bell

    spam toastie !

  65. Adrian Bold

    My favourite is spam fritters. Or just spam and lettuce sandwiches.

  66. Eleanor Powell

    its got to be Spam fritters

  67. donna l jones

    my favourite is spam fritters

  68. Monika Suchonska

    spam fritters

  69. Penelope Hewitt

    My favourite is SPam, Egg and Chips

  70. Jayne K

    Spam fritters and chips

  71. Debbie Preston

    Spam Brunch Frittata

  72. michelle thompson

    its got to be spam fritters love um

  73. lorraine keita

    love spam. never tried it this way. I’m looking forward to trying it x

  74. Sheri Darby

    Spam Fritters

  75. Jennifer Rhymer

    Barbecued Spam Skewers are delicious!

  76. helena clark

    i love it in pasta!

  77. Mike Gerrie

    Sliced and fried, then stick it between 2 slices of toast with tomato sauce, plain and simple

  78. Charmian Filewood

    Has to be the old school Spam Fritters #HappyDays!!

  79. Karen Dixon

    Spam fritters

  80. Susan Jackson

    Spam egg and chips

  81. Dee Griffiths

    Spam egg and chips

  82. Melanie

    Spam fritters

  83. Miss Tracy Hanson

    Very yummy in a carbonara, and our favourite is seared in fried rice. 🙂 Both gorgeous! 🙂

  84. Dawn Hull

    Spam pie with mashed potatoes and Winter veg.


    Spram fritters with a salad really nice

  86. Jenny Barker

    Spam fritters for me all the way what a classic !!!!

  87. Michelle Ptak

    We love Grilled Spam sandwiches for breakfast.

  88. Dolly

    like spam on toast mmmm

  89. Elspeth MacMillan

    I slice some into an omelette very tasty

  90. Helen

    spam fitters

  91. Logan

    Spam and eggs – perfect combo!

  92. Vickie Jackson

    Spam fritters!! I hadn’t tried Spam until a few years ago…. I feel like I missed out on part of my childhood!!

  93. tricia cowell

    Spam fritters for me

  94. Jenny Jones

    Spam & Potato Omlette mmmmmm

  95. Lorraine Rogers

    Spam fritters

  96. Paul Aislabie

    Spam, eggs & new potatoes

  97. Andrea Johnson

    spam spam spam spam eggs spam spam spam beans spam spam spam and spam.

    It wasn’t an exact quote……

  98. Tania Atfield

    Chilli spam and eggs

  99. Stuart Boyd

    Span Fritters 00%

  100. Vicky Loveday

    Spam fritters, peas and mash. Delicious.

  101. Emma Schofield

    It’s got to be Spam fritters x

  102. tina edwards

    spam fritters

  103. Allan Fullarton

    spam fritters and chips

  104. James Holyland

    Diced spam with macaroni cheese


    spam fritter cheese and brown sauce toastie ( in a toastie machine)

  106. Susan B

    Like others, my favourite is fritters but my mother used to vary the batter and add vegetables which we all enjoyed.

  107. MichelleD

    Spam fritters with egg and chips

  108. Susan Sargent

    Love Spam fritters

  109. Beccy Rowley

    Spam fritters

  110. Lindsay Taylor

    Spam omelette

  111. joanne torrance

    spam fritters and chips

  112. Amanda Gregory

    Spam and scalloped potatoes is a great recipe.

  113. Simon Keeping

    Spam hash is superb, I would recommend to anyone.

  114. Sarah Wilson

    Spam, egg and chips!

  115. kimberley ryan

    That would have to be spam fritters, they are just delicious

  116. Teresa Lee

    Grilled Spam, scrambled eggs & tomato with toast

  117. Juli Savage

    Spam fritters with chips and baked beans

  118. Rebecca Allen

    spam, egg and chips

  119. Isabelle Smith

    spam fritters xxx

  120. Rebecca Morton

    Spam, egg and chips

  121. carole n

    spam fritters and chips

  122. Greig spencer

    Spam Fritters, and i like them with baked beans and mash ,mmmmmmm


    spam egg and chips mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  124. Hayley Elvin

    My favourite is the classic spam fritters, can’t beat them 🙂

  125. Karen Laing

    Spam Fritters,you make an ordinary batter,coat the sliced pieces of Spam then deep fry until light and golden,absolutely fabulous x

  126. Zac Farley

    It has to be fritters every time i love em

  127. Mandy Marshall

    Spam fritters

  128. tracy james

    spam fritters were always my fav as a child…

  129. Eileen Sumner

    Fried spam with fried eggs and baked beans

  130. euphoriabuzz

    Spam kebabs for me so versatile and the options are limitless

  131. Darren Harrower

    spam fritters

  132. Jan butler

    My favourite is fried spam for breakfast

  133. Calyn Allum

    I just love it fried with an egg on top. If not that, thinly sliced and crisped up in a sandwich

  134. Becci cleary

    A firm favourite in our house that I love to make is SPAM, Eggs, Homemade Chunky Chips and Beans with Heinz Ketchup- everyone loves it when they see the spam coming out

  135. Karen Langridge

    With mash and beans but seeing the potential to jazz it up now! Thanks for the competition x

  136. Angie Hoggett

    It’s got to be the classic spam fritter!

  137. jane watson

    Fried eggs spam and toast. Beans yummy xc

  138. Andrea A

    Spam fritters

  139. John Tingay

    Lightly fried thick slices in a sandwich for breakfast. It’s also great on a pizza.

  140. Victoria Prince

    Spam Sandwich!

  141. Margaret Beardmore

    deep fryed spam and chips


    Nothing fancy just grilled with mash and garden peas

  143. Hazel Murphy

    Spam fritters , deep fried in batter.

  144. Jo Hutchinson

    Spam fritters with egg and chips

  145. Lyndsay Didcote

    Spam Fritters with a cheese dip!

  146. Christina Palmer

    Spam fritters with egg and chips or for a quick snack slice the spam and put it on top of toast and then top with cheese and pop it under the grill till the cheese melts

  147. Kathleen Bywaters

    I love a spam fritter with egg and chips! 🙂

  148. Lynn Nelson

    Spam fritters – the food of my youth 🙂

  149. Lindsey loftman

    Grilled with fried egg

  150. kathryn morris

    I use spam as bacon alternative to my carbonara. Delicious!

  151. charlie snow

    Spam and cheese toasties with tomato soup

  152. Liam Bishop

    A big hash! Made from potatoes, onions and of course Spam.

  153. Patricia Avery

    We enjoy grilled Spam and salad whenever we go camping 🙂

  154. Lindsey Stuart

    My family love spam, in the summer we have spam with salad and homemade creamy coleslaw
    Recently we have been enjoying spam with a fried egg in a nice soft glasgow roll very tasty

  155. Alisdair

    Spam fritters and mash.

  156. Elisabeth Ries

    Diced and mixed in with cheese macaroni.

  157. Sayj Trivedy

    Spam Fritters

  158. aaron broad

    Spam fritters are my fave

  159. abby gower


  160. Simon Emery

    Spam fritters

  161. sarah fielding

    spam fritters

  162. Samantha Fernley

    The OH likes Spam fritters.

  163. Victoria R Morrison

    in a bagel with cheese mayo and lettuce =]

  164. Yet Another Blogging Mummy

    I like it cooked as part of a hash best

  165. cathyj

    use it in omlette

  166. katie w

    has to be spam fritters

  167. amanda

    Spam fritters

  168. Kate Knight

    spam fritters

  169. Lisa Wilkinson

    Spam Fritters

  170. Vicky Varley

    I love spam chopped into cubes and added to egg fried rice with sweet and sour chicken, yum!!!!

  171. jayne hobson

    spam and chips

  172. Scott Fallon

    spam and eggs

  173. Rachel Butterworth

    Chicken, Spam and Leek pie.

  174. Rebecca Austerberry

    Spam fritters

  175. Rachel

    I actually just love spam fritters with chips and gravy, old school but amazing x

  176. helen warrener

    it has to be a great fry up with spam,eggs,mushrooms and hash browns and beans

  177. Heather Haigh

    spam and eggs

  178. Emily Hutchinson

    In a toasted sandwich, with brown sauce

  179. Mark Richmond

    Spam with egg and chips

  180. Laura

    Fried spam sandwiches with the bread dipped in the pan to half fry it… mmmm.

  181. Kelly L

    Spam and eggs!

  182. Hayley Lynch

    Spam hash … made in the same way as corned beef hash

  183. charlotte

    fried in a pan then mixed with pasta and some mayo mm

  184. sarah cotton

    Grilled original SPAM (with a massive helping of SPAM) on toast made with Roberts bakery toastie bread, heaven on toast!

  185. Barbara

    Spam fritters

  186. Pauline Hill

    spam fritters. IN A SANDWICH

  187. Matt McAndrew

    Goes beautifully in a sandwich

  188. Tracy Gladman

    A hash!

  189. Melissa Crowe

    in a sandwich with brown sause yum

  190. Rie Tetley

    A spam omelette – delicious!

  191. Jo Carroll

    Toasted Spam sandwiches with melted cheese…heaven!

  192. Alice Wadsworth

    I love spam gravy and chips! Yummy

  193. Angela smith

    I like it fried, with scrambled egg a slice of cheese, red Leicester is the best, all in a breakfast muffin with lashings of tomato sauce – scrumdiddlyumptious

  194. Hekna

    When I was in primary school they used to serve a spam and baked bean pie. I loved it!

  195. christine watkins

    fried spam on toast with cheese 🙂

  196. Solange

    Spam fritters

  197. Janet Robertson

    Spam fritters

  198. Anita hargreaves

    Fried spam fritters and eggs and chips

  199. Tina Holmes

    Cheese and potato pie with spam

  200. catherine burke

    Spam fritters. Sliced Spam covered in batter mix and fried Mmmm

  201. Rachael Mccadden

    SPAM, Egg & Chips

  202. Steve Dickinson

    grilled with egg and chips

  203. S Bufton

    Spam fritters with chips

  204. Lyla

    Small cubes of cooked spam mixed into rice with some soy sauce makes a nice dish to add to the salad buffet at the BBQ

  205. Olga carpenter

    Spam fritters are my favourite

  206. Corinne Peat

    Spam fritters

  207. Henry Little

    Spam Egg Chips & Beans!

  208. leanne weir

    has to be fritters

  209. iain maciver

    spam fritters

  210. claire woods

    Spam fritters

  211. Ruth Tesdale

    Spam and eggs

  212. Nikki Hunter-Pike

    i love a cold spam sandwhich!

  213. Renee Armstrong

    Fried Spam, Egg and Chips


    Far East Spam Balls x

  215. Karen

    Spam and brown sauce toastie

  216. Helen M

    I hate the stuff but my Dad loves it cold with salad, cold with boiled potatoes (yuck!), as spam fritters, spam pasta bake, spam omelette, spam hash… he lives on the stuff and he’s 82 but looks 50. I’m starting to think it might be some kind of wonder food!

  217. clair downham

    spam mashed potaoto and beans

  218. Johanne currie

    Spam fritters are my fav x

  219. Ruth Harwood

    perfect for a special recipe lasagne 🙂

  220. Louise A

    spam fritters served with baked beans and mashed potato

  221. ruth robinson

    i love it as spam hash with fried eggs and yum yum we usually serve with baked beans total comfort food

  222. Pauline Wilson

    Spam fritters, who knew there were so many ways to serve it

  223. Bob Clark

    Spam fritters and chips

  224. carolyn joyce

    I like it fried and served with toast, egg and beans for breakfast

  225. kaye talvilahti

    I love love spam fritters, they are one of my all time favourite guilty pleasures

  226. Lynsey Buchanan

    Spam and mash potato

  227. Maggie Coates

    Spam fritters. I remember them since school dinners.

  228. Jim M

    Spam Fritters

  229. Chrissie Curtis

    Homemade Spam Fritters!

  230. aj

    deep fried spam

  231. jennifer thorpe

    spam fritters with potato wedges, peas and mayo

  232. Kim Styles

    sweet and sour diced Spam and brown rice – it is yummy

  233. milli

    Love spam fritters!

  234. Helen Stratton

    I like it grilled and in ciabatta with salad.

  235. Ray Dodds

    Spam fritters

  236. lyn Burgess

    Spam and potato hash with beetroot or baked beans on the side.

  237. Terri Cramb

    spam fritters

  238. Laura Pritchard

    Bleugh! I hate it but I’d love to win this for my spam-mad husband who loves fritters!

  239. Tom Humphries

    Spam Fritters

  240. Lisa Everaert

    Spam Fritters = gorgeous!

  241. Michael Griffin

    have always loved spam fritters

  242. Richard Tyler

    beer battered friters

  243. Gwyn Sharps

    Spam fritters and egg on toast with black pepper and tomato sauce is my fave

  244. Georgina Ingham

    My Nan used to always make Spam fritters with a fried egg (overlooked) & fried potatoes. I hated it with a passion. Only just rediscovering how good Spam can be.

  245. Kelsey

    Spam Sandwich!

  246. kate steeper

    spam n eggs ….just drool at the thought


    Spam pasta salad

  248. Samantha Ackland

    My favourite Spam recipe is Spam Carbonara where I use cubed Spam in the place of the ham.

  249. Allan Smith

    Spam fritters

  250. Eva Vida

    I love Spam fritters

  251. Stacey Leigh

    Can you improve on a Spam and red sauce sandwich? Such a throwback treat xx

  252. kate @veggie desserts

    My mum loves spam fritters!

  253. Tracy Newton

    I love spam in an omelette

  254. Nicola Biven

    I love Spam sandwiches with branston pickle mmmm !

  255. Jo m welsh

    Spam fritters are my favourite

  256. Emily Knight

    Got to love a spam fritter! Best thing ever!

  257. Adele L

    Spam fritters

  258. abigail edkins

    spam fritters with cheese and beans

  259. Frances Heaton

    Spam, mushrooms and Onion pie, with lovely gravy. Delicious

  260. Stevie Smith

    sliced spam and fried egg butty with brown sauce

  261. Jean Ward

    Spam dipped in batter & deep fried with a fried egg, chips & tomato!!!!!

  262. Tracey Belcher

    Has to be deep fried spam fritters

  263. Marycarol

    Love spam fritters with egg & chips x

  264. Karen Davey

    i like fried spam and eggs , reminds me of being a kid 🙂

  265. Paula Burnside

    Spam on toast

  266. Stephanie Lear

    Chopped Spam Fritters in pitta bread with tomato sauce!

  267. Juliet Kavanagh

    Spam fritters – has to be!

  268. Lisa Evans

    Spam pasta bake

  269. Nathalie Taylor

    Has to be Spam Fritters but loving the look of the fries.

  270. Iris W

    I have not had spam in a long time my favorite was always spam, egg and chips




    Spam fritters and fried egg

  273. JAY SINGH


  274. Lorna Kennedy

    Spam fritters for me too 🙂

  275. Claire Davies

    I love their own recipe for SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham Popcorn – it sounds strange but is strangely delicious! I also love SPAMonara 🙂 Brilliant competition 🙂 Thank you ever so much.

  276. Mark Palmer

    Spam fritters

  277. Judiff

    Spam fritter – it was my favourite at school dinners and I still love them.

  278. Cecelia Allen

    I prefer it cold with a salad but spam fritters are nice or with pasta

  279. tracy steer

    pan fried spam with fresh salad wraps

  280. melanie stirling

    Spam,egg and chips.

  281. Maureen Parker

    spam fritters but the new garlic one is mmmmmm to die for .

  282. patrick quilty

    spam fritters with egg and chips

  283. Robert Williams

    Fried Spam with cheese on top with a layer of brown sauce barm cake mmmm nom nom nom

  284. Nicola hughes

    Spam fritters

  285. Diane Jackson

    Love spam fritters

  286. Susan Smith

    Spam fritters, used to have them as a child, and i now give them to my children

  287. David Powell

    Spam and Pineapple fritters!

  288. Teresa Ammon

    Spam Fritters

  289. Eliz M

    haven’t had spam since primary school but it was spam fritters in those days

  290. alan burrows

    Spam fritters

  291. Kim M

    Used to like Spam fritters at school x

  292. Joanne Beale

    I love it grilled and put in a sandwich

  293. Deborah P

    A bit of spam along with the rest of a gloriously healthy full english breakfast!

  294. winnie

    spam fritters!

  295. Ellie potter

    Spam fritters with chilli sauce

  296. laura stewart

    spam, chips and egg x


    Spam fritters are delicious

  298. Jane Willis

    SPAM satay. A funny little place in Hong Kong used to serve it and I often stopped in for some while I was shopping, and I’ve made it at home a couple of times. I really ought to put a recipe on my blog!

    1. Camilla

      Yes Jane, please do:-)

  299. lydia


  300. sarah bramble

    spam and pineapple!

  301. Keith Hunt

    beer battered friters

  302. wendy collard

    Spam Friters or toasted spam and cheese sandwich

  303. Sarah

    Fried spam and cheese toastie dipped in ketchup! Yum!

  304. Laura Todd

    Spam chips look great for a treat

  305. Paula Readings

    Spam salad.

  306. suan watts

    I like it on sandwiches

  307. Gaynor Robertson

    my fave is spam and red sauce sandwiches 🙂

  308. emily

    spam fritters!

  309. kim wallace

    Spam fritters

  310. KATHY D

    Spam fritters – an old favourite from when I was a child

  311. Angela Paull

    I love fried Spam – used to have it as a kid with chips and egg 🙂

  312. Jean Garrett

    Spam Fritters every time.

  313. Kevin Honey

    Spam Fritters

  314. Tracy Hanley

    Only ever had spam fritters

  315. Jim Kerr

    Its been so long since I’ve had Spam, my mother used to make battered Spam fritters when I was a lad.

  316. karen cowley

    Spam Fritters x

  317. joanna butler-savage

    the old favourite fritters

  318. Julie T

    The Breakfast Muffinwich, very tasty.

  319. Rachel Craig

    Family like spam fritters and spam sandwiches.

  320. Emma walters

    another fritters fan here, my boys love them too

  321. Tracy Nixon

    Spam fritters with baked beans!

  322. Carla S

    We live to have it in toasted sandwhiches instead of ham and my partner and kids love the cook from frozen spam and cheese hamwhiches!!

  323. sharon martin

    would definately have to be a spam fritter

  324. Becca @ Amuse Your Bouche

    Haha I love this idea, I wonder what else you could make fries out of. My family always used to enjoy spam sandwiches when I was growing up!

  325. Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes

    How fun are these! Good luck to everyone that enters the giveaway!

  326. jamie millard

    spam fritters too

  327. Claire Jessiman

    SPAM Fritters for me please! My fave school dinner.

  328. Lucy @ BakingQueen74

    75 years of Spam, I would never have known!

  329. laura banks

    spam fritters with lots of cheese

  330. Clare Webb

    Spam fritters – yum!

  331. Gill Saunders

    SPAM, Egg & Chips

  332. Hester McQueen

    Cheats stovies!

  333. cheryl pasquier

    You can’t beat spam fritters for a retro taste of school dinners !

  334. Margaret Clarkson

    My favourite is spam fritters.

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