Squires Kitchen Silicone Ice Cream Moulds Bundle Giveaway – Closed

Ice Loliy Silicone Mould, Blackforest Ice Lolly

When I found out about these new Silikomart Easy Cream Ice Cream Moulds from Squires Kitchen I got very excited and even more so when I was offered 2 different moulds and some Squires Kitchen’s Ice Cream Dipping Chocolate. Squires Kitchen have also kindly offered to give the same bundle to one of my readers!

Ice Loliy Silicone Mould, Blackforest Ice Lolly

Up until now my kitchen has been completely devoid of any silicone and after my near disaster Valentine’s Chocolates I realised that silicone is a vital product where moulding is concerned. Here’s what Squires Kitchen has to say about these Italian moulds: “ Silikomart moulds are made from the highest quality FDA-approved, food-grade silicone and are virtually indestructible, suitable for use in the freezer, microwave and dishwasher and resist stains and odours. These moulds do not need to be oiled, buttered or greased before use.”

Ice Loliy Silicone Mould, Blackforest Ice Lolly

I found these moulds a joy to use, you just pour you ice cream into the mould, slide in the lolly stick and place in the freezer. I made my own Cherry Vanilla Ice Milk based on my Strawberry Vanilla Ice Milk recipe (I froze the excess in a tub) but even if you don’t have an ice cream maker the moulds come with an instruction booklet full of tasty recipes which can simply be poured straight into the moulds. Each pack of moulds makes 4 ice creams. The Ice Cream Dipping Chocolate was also simple to use as you just break it up into a tall narrow vessel and microwave gently until melted. There were no nasty ingredients in this chocolate and it tasted delicious. We had plenty left over so managed to decorate a large punnet of cherries as well.

Ice Loliy Silicone Mould, Blackforest Ice Lolly

The moulds retail at £13.50 each and the Squires Kitchen Ice Cream Dipping Chocolate Dark retails at £5.85.

For your chance to win this bundle worth £32.85 tell me what flavour ice lolly you would make first in the Rafflecopter below.

How to enter:
Complete the Rafflecopter form below to confirm your entries made via blog comments, Twitter, etc.
This giveaway will close at midnight on 05/09/2013.
Please read the Terms and Conditions below.
Winners are announced on the Rafflecopter form after the prize has been claimed by the winner.
First timers: Please watch how Rafflecopter works(video)! It is 46 seconds long. It explains everything.
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and conditions:
Only open to UK participants over the age of 18.
There is 1 prize of a Silikomart Easy Cream Ice Cream Chocostick Mould, Silikomart Easy Cream Ice Cream Heart Mould and Squires Kitchen’s Ice Cream Dipping Chocolate Dark (rrp £32.85). There’s no cash alternative and the prize is not transferable. No part or parts of the prize may be substituted for other benefits, items or additions.
Instructions form part of the terms and conditions. Entries using any software or automated process to make bulk entries will obviously be disqualified. The winner will be picked at random using software and then contacted by email. If you win and then don’t respond to this email within 7 days then another winner will be picked. The prize will be delivered to the winner as soon as possible after you have e-mailed your delivery address.

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Squires Kitchen for the above prize which I received to sample, all opinions are my own and I was not paid for this post.

Ice Loliy Silicone Mould, Blackforest Ice Lolly


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  1. Paul Wilson

    It’ll soon be the weather for this.

    1. Camilla

      I hear we have 6 weeks of good weather coming our way:-)

  2. Paul Wilson

    Great lollies.

  3. Jessica Cocks

    Cookie Dough – always the best!

  4. Sylvia Paul

    It would have to be my absolute favourite, Caramel.

  5. Kate Williamson

    Rasberry and vanilla

  6. Kate Williamson

    How fab are these, can’t beat a good home made ice cream.

  7. Stacey D

    Nice and innovative way of making desserts even more fun 🙂

  8. hannah massingham

    Strawberry and lots of chocolate!

  9. Linda Hobbis

    An old fashioned Raspberry Ripple.

  10. Christina Hall

    Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and just a teeny, teeny bit of chocolate

  11. sue sergeant

    fresh mint and belgiom choc chip yum



  13. Jo Maxted

    have to be chocolate!

  14. Emily Hutchinson

    Definitely strawberry!

  15. Alison Turner

    Blackcurrant 🙂

  16. Belinda Matthews

    I love Mango

  17. Sally Cochrane

    These are fab! I’d make a mango and passion fruit ice cream – I’m obsessed with tropical flavours recently!

  18. Emma Baker

    lemon & lime

  19. Dani

    Mint choc chip

  20. Laura Davies

    Choc n mint

  21. Carla Hovell

    Commented on: Avocado with Prawns and Balsamic Dressing Recipe Post https://www.fabfood4all.co.uk/avocado-with-prawns-and-balsamic-dressing/#comment-208638

  22. Carla Hovell

    Coffee, to put a spring in my step

  23. Samantha Borley

    Chocolate and raspberry yoghurt ice cream lollies – yum!

  24. Amy Ripley


  25. Ursula Hunt

    Raspberry- my absolute favourite 🙂

  26. Janice Street

    I would make mint chocolate chip

  27. moira stewart

    these would be sooo coooool!!!

  28. Solange


  29. kirstie kenton

    Wow these are great ,so much fun.

  30. sharon williams

    strawberry and raspberry with almond milk

  31. Georgina Ball

    Mint choc chip

  32. Karen Harrison

    Chocolate mint.

  33. Mickie Bull


  34. Samantha Fernley

    Commented on Strawberry, Raspberry & Redcurrant Jam

  35. Samantha Fernley

    I’d make vanilla and blackberry icecream

  36. Faye Huntington

    Oh my gosh yours look incredible! I would make caramel lollies.. or at least something that resembled caramel – the trying would be fun though 🙂 With love, Faye xx

  37. Anne Nash

    Strawberry yoghurt

  38. angela

    my first ones would have to be for grownups only so chocolate vodka!!

  39. Aimee / Wallflower Girl

    I LOVE these! I think I’d make a raspberry flavour ice cream and dip it in some dark chocolate – that would be heaven…

  40. michel

    baileys cream

  41. Mama Syder


  42. Becky John

    Raspberry ice cream

  43. Katie W

    Strawberry and chocolate my favourite two flavours

  44. angela sandhu


  45. Louise


  46. Heather Shaw


  47. Louise Hart

    Cherry and chocolate yummy!

  48. Inga

    I’d have half chocolate and half raspberry 🙂

  49. Felicity Smith


  50. Vicki Sherman



  51. Danielle Graves


  52. Annie Costa

    I’d probably make a raspberry and lime flavor first.

    1. Annie Costa

      I’ve commented on your Yogurt & Parmesan Chicken Breasts recipe.

  53. Jessica Powell


  54. Michael Clyma

    rocky road, – maltesers, marshmallows and Turkish delight yum yum

  55. Karen Railton

    strawberries and cream

  56. Jazz

    Mint choccie chip, or Scottish tablet 😀

  57. Tammy Tudor

    has to be chocolate 🙂

  58. Samantha Gunn

    Banana 🙂
    Never find it anywhere and I love it!

  59. andy harris


  60. Anne Bethell


  61. Adele Hill


  62. Beky Austerberry


  63. Diane Moston

    Banana ice cream

  64. Sophie Hocknull

    Id make a coffee one!

  65. Mariana Tarkulicova

    my favorite… Strawberry!!!!

  66. rozsarg

    These look delicious would love to try and make them for my girls if I did manage it they would be very impressed

  67. Jen @ Blue Kitchen Bakes

    Chocolate chip

  68. Janet King

    Strawberry and white chocolate

  69. Natalie Phillips

    Raspberry and white chocolate

  70. Christina Field


  71. Sarah Birkett

    banana sounds good

  72. simone

    chocolate 😀

  73. abigail edkins

    mint choc

  74. Hannah Oneill

    Raspberry or loganberry

  75. Margaret


  76. KIRAN


  77. Carol Peace

    I would make Strawberry

  78. HANNAH

    Chocolate caramel!

  79. Caroline H

    Mint choc chip

  80. leanne williams

    Lemon and lime

  81. Holly Smith


  82. Phil Darling

    Raspberry ripple

  83. Aysha Khan

    Banana and raspberry 😀

  84. Val Swift


  85. belinda porter

    I would try chocolate thank you

  86. justine meyer


  87. Sharon mead

    blackcurrant ripple

  88. Harpal Kaur

    choc chip ice cream

  89. Louise A

    Mint chocolate!

  90. Amy

    Mint Chocolate

  91. Stacey


  92. Emma

    Coconut ~& Strawberry 🙂

  93. Louise Reeks


  94. Tracey Peach

    Banana & Chocolate

  95. Janice Mackin


  96. Aleksandra

    For me orange gelato or mint & chocolate ice cream. Yum 🙂

  97. Ashleigh Allan

    Good old vanilla!

  98. judith eddington

    Strawberries and cream ice cream

  99. philip hall


  100. Anne Wallwin


  101. katrina day-reilly


  102. Laura Silver

    Mint Chocolate Chip… obviously… Since its the most delicious flavour ever. lol.

  103. Vanessa

    Choc chip mint.

  104. Jennifer Carroll

    milk and dark chocolate and strawberry 🙂

  105. Angela K Webster

    Organic strawberry, organic coconut milk and raw chocolate. *drool*

  106. Steven Bufton

    Chocolate & Vanilla ice cream with clotted cream fudge pieces. 🙂

  107. teressa oliver


  108. Christopher Powell

    Mint Choc Chip, my favourite flavour ever.

  109. Ursula Bingham

    Caramel is my favourite.

  110. Sarah Davies

    Rhubarb and ginger

  111. Ursula Bingham


  112. ellen darlington

    Banana & Chocolate

  113. tamalyn roberts


  114. Laura Farren

    Strawberry N vanilla

  115. Sonya Ritchie

    oh the strawberry and chocolate looks sooooo fab xx

  116. Karen Barrett

    strawberries and cream

  117. clair downham

    chocolate for the kids

  118. Claire C

    I would make Black Cherry, it’s my favourite. It’s so yummy.

  119. kim plant

    strawberry and mint yoghurt x

  120. Helen T

    I’d make strawberry and rhubarb ice creams with soya yoghurt first (and then possibly banana and berry, or lemon and coconut).

  121. JoJo Young

    Mint choc chip

  122. Jess

    I think I’d make mint, as it’s lovely and refreshing!

  123. Melanie C

    Mint Choc Chip 🙂 x

  124. greta blacklock

    chocolate ice cream yummy

  125. evette murphy

    I would make strawberry ice cream, because it’s the easiest and I’m not so good in the kitchen.

  126. I commented on Specunana Chocolate Brownies

  127. Anne McCutcheon


  128. Jennifer McMahon

    Black cherry

  129. Ceri Sell

    Pistachio ice cream – my favourite!

  130. Alison Johnson

    Strawberry is my favourite.

  131. Anthony Webster

    Raberry ripple

  132. Paul Robinson

    Vanilla & Strawberry

  133. Tracey Woods

    Very Nice

  134. catherine

    brown bread ice cream

  135. Tam B

    Would have to be strawberry with a hint of mint.

  136. Helen F

    I would make Strawberry with chocolate flavour yum!

  137. Mandy Waller

    would have to be chocolate

  138. Hazel markland

    Raspberry as I have LOADS on my allotment !

  139. Amanda Barnes


  140. kayleigh beirne


  141. Jane Paddey

    Rum and raisin

  142. silviaz80


  143. Alexander Winton


  144. Alexander Winton


  145. jae baker

    peanut butter or salted caramel yummy icesream

  146. Antoinette

    Nutella, Banana fugesicle

  147. Katherine L

    Strawberry and basil 🙂

  148. h f grein


  149. Karen Whittaker

    I’d make fresh raspberry with orange juice lollies

  150. Amy Jacobson

    White chocolate ice cream! Its my favourite flavour and hardly anywhere sells it

  151. Sue Obrien


  152. Helen Atkins

    lemon and lime

  153. Jed Harper

    Fizzy orange 🙂

  154. elaine dale


  155. Jean Bolsover


  156. Sean Hoggard


  157. Petr


  158. abby carroll

    would make coffee and chocolate yum

  159. Jo Glasspool


  160. kim neville


  161. Sara B

    i’d make blackberry and choc-chip frozen yoghurt

  162. Audrey Tebbs

    Raspberry and cream lollies would be my choice

  163. Keith W


  164. sue




  166. Brenda Mitchell

    Strawberry and black pepper

  167. Carla Rodrigues

    pineapple and mint, people have no idea how delicious it is!!!!

  168. Samantha Jerome

    Has to be 🙂

  169. Clinton Madden

    Black Cherry!

  170. Roger Bufton

    Lemon & Mint

  171. Helen Dickinson

    Lemonade and strawberry!

  172. Debi Gillard


  173. Jane English @ Family Clan Blog

    I’ve commented on your post “How to make Fondant Rose Biscuits ” Lovely idea.

  174. Jane English

    OOO Would have to be summer berries, we have an abundance in the garden at the moment.

  175. Tracy Hanley

    Vanilla and straberries

  176. Leanne Bucknall

    I would have to be summer berries at this time of year 🙂

  177. Erika Holt

    I would make a mint gluten free ice cream, using the fresh mint that I grow in my garden.

  178. Kellie Faggle McIntyre

    Choc and pineapple!

  179. Kay panayi

    Strawberry and Banana

  180. winnie

    watermelon! 🙂

  181. Silvia Fugate

    I would mix strawberry and vanilla

  182. Maya Russell

    Chocolate flavoured icecream would be the first.

  183. Liz Thomas

    Lemon and Basil from Diana Henry’s Crazy Water Pickled Lemons

  184. Lynsey Buchanan

    strawberry & Cream

  185. Herbert Appleby

    maple syrup and pecan with glace charries

  186. Alice

    I would make chocolate biscuit ice cream 😀 Or maybe popping candy!

  187. Choclette

    Strawberry for sure – made some recently and it was so good I can hardly describe it.

  188. Frances hopkins


  189. laura banks

    i’d have a go at choc mint chip

  190. Jayne T

    my children would love these, I would make strawberry and chocolate

  191. cathy creighton

    these r amazing,me and my girls would have hours of fun

  192. Janine Phillips

    Coffee flavour x

  193. Serena

    I would start simple with vanilla but add in some fruit to make it nice and Summery! Peaches and strawberries to start, yum!

  194. June Etherington

    I would try Chocolate & cream with a touch of vanilla.

  195. Sarah

    Vanilla and nutella, yum!


    These look fab – would love to try making my own heart shaped ice lollies!

  197. Tracy Nixon

    Commented on Simple Ratatouille

  198. Sara Goodman

    I love the combination of strawberry & banana, so I would make a yummy s&b icecream. The moulds are fab!!!

  199. Tracy Nixon

    Vanilla!!! Then I can add sauce and sprinkles!

  200. FionaK

    It would have to be a classic vanilla

  201. adrian price

    raspberry ripple

  202. maria molly taylor


  203. Julie Jenkins Jessup

    I would love to try these. I have a birthday on 17th sept so would make them for all my friends

  204. sweetpea65

    Strawberry with fresh strawberries.

  205. Angela

    Love these moulds and raspberry would be my first flavour.

  206. Jayne Sullivan


  207. Melody Williams

    Ooops, my daughter loves banana’s so our first ice-creams would be banana 🙂

  208. Clare Webb

    Raspberry ripple!

  209. Melody Williams

    These look fantastic! We’d love to win please x

  210. Mark Whittaker

    Left a comment on Mixed Tomato Chutney ( um I am assuming you meant comment here to tell you I had xxx )

  211. melanie stirling

    strawberry and banana

  212. Debbie Grinstead

    Lemon and lime

  213. L A Young

    wow – kids would love these

  214. Mark Whittaker

    I love strawberry and ginger icecream

    1. Mark Whittaker

      Sorry about the confusion – my fault 🙂 . I put the chrystallized ginger , with syrup, in the cream overnight then make the ice cream custard with it as usual with some vanilla in it too. It gives quite a gentle sweet ginger/vanilla flavour . I then strain it before freezing ( as the family dont like “bits” though I quite like them) I start to freeze it and ripple it with the strawberry sauce after its set a bit. I really like it , though might not to every-ones taste. I went through a mad experimenting stage last summer when I discovered putting pepper on strawberries enhanced their flavour and fresh strawberries in chilli chocolate. I wondered whether any other hot combinations might work. I think this does , but the sweet honey mustard one certainly didnt . I said it was a mad phase lol. First attempt the mustard curdled the cream then I tried powder – did get a cream but no …still absolutely disgusting !

  1. Strawberry, Banana & Custard Ice Lollies - Fab Food 4 All

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