Win the Joseph Joseph Nest 100 Compact Food Preparation Set rrp £100 – Closed


Win the Joseph Joseph Nest 100 - Fab Food 4 All

I have long been a fan of Joseph Joseph kitchenware who are known for their innovative design, practicality and quality. So when the lovely people at Joseph Joseph got in touch to offer my readers a prize from their range I scoured their wonderful website and as soon as I came across Nest 100 it was love at first site. This compact food preparation set just ticks all the boxes for me, it’s smart, compact and extraordinarily useful.

Nest 100 is a neatly stacking system containing 2 mixing bowls with non-slip bases (the smaller one having a handy pouring lip), a sieve, colander and 5 measuring cups ranging from 1tsp (5 mls) to 1 cup (250mls). These are things that I use every day as a cook and at the moment mine take up a large amount of space spread around my cupboards and drawers. To have them all in one neat stack is just the best storage solution ever! The stainless steel used in the bowls, sieve and colander is high grade 18/8 to ensure exceptional durability and the finish just looks so sleek.

Win the Joseph Joseph Nest 100 - Fab Food 4 All

Imagine baking and having everything you need in one place – genius!

So if like me you love the idea of owning the Joseph Joseph Nest 100 compact food preparation set worth £100 then simply finish the sentence:

“I’d like to win this prize because ….”

Win the Joseph Joseph Nest 100 - Fab Food 4 All

How to Enter
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This giveaway will close on 21/01/16.
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and conditions:
Only open to entrants from UK mainland over the age of 18.
There is one prize of a Nest 100 worth £100. There’s no cash alternative and the prize is not transferable. No part or parts of the prize may be substituted for other benefits, items or additions.
Instructions form part of the terms and conditions. Entries using any software or automated process to make bulk entries will obviously be disqualified. The winner will be picked at random using software and then contacted by email. If you win and then don’t respond to this email within 5 days then another winner will be picked. The prize will be delivered to the winner as soon as possible after you have e-mailed your delivery address.
I am running this giveaway on behalf of Joseph Joseph who will be responsible for sending the prize to you if you win.
Please don’t say you have liked the post and followed me on Twitter and Tweeted if you haven’t as I will check and fairness is my middle name!

NB: All the views in this post are my own and I have not received any payment from Joseph Joseph but will be receiving NestTM 100.

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  1. George Williamson

    Fabulous, looks great

  2. steph lenehan

    we went on the joseph joseph site last week sas we need new everything the products are fab but so expensive this would be a nice win

  3. Karen Painter

    It’s styled for beauty and made for duty!

  4. Alisa Moore

    …I think their products are stylish

  5. Phillip James Davies

    A multi-purpose, space saving, easy to clean, innovatively designed kitchen essential. 😉

  6. Su Brett

    I love Joseph Joseph & would love to win this set for my new kitchen, compact, smart and stylish

  7. Natalie Crossan

    I love Joseph and Joseph products xx

  8. loretta mcdonald

    Awesome giveaway thanks for the opportunity

  9. Nicole S

    this would fit so well in my tiny tiny kitchen!

  10. Angela Paull

    I love Joseph & Joseph products and these look like they would take care of all my baking needs so I could have a bit of a cupboard clear out

  11. Gerald Thomas

    this would cut down on space in my cupboards

  12. Emma

    These look really useful and Joseph Joseph is a good brand .

  13. Wendy Smith

    It is beautifully designed, compact , practical and most of all useful

  14. Eva Appleby

    I would love to win because this would be a handy space saver

  15. Pauline Wilson

    I have pledged to start cooking proper meals more, I have just bought a slow cooker and would love these to help with my new recipes

  16. Chris Fletcher

    My kitchen is so small – these would be a godsend! They look fab too – i’d be able to clear out all the old clutter

  17. Natalie Gillham

    I would love to win this set for my new kitchen as I am lacking in kitchen equipment

  18. Michelle Jenkins

    I love baking and my cupboards are full of my baking stuff so this set will fit in my kitchen perfect.

  19. Susan Carruthers

    My son wants me to bake more and this practical and stylish set would encourage me! I really like Joseph Joseph, they are such good quality and innovative designs.

  20. christine westlake

    I would love ti win this prize because our church has a fundraising event for lent ,we have to grow £10, I oplan to bake cakes with hubby, so this would be fantastic

  21. Spencer Broadley

    I love cooking and this looks fantastic, especially as a new addition to my new home 🙂

  22. Lauren Old

    It would help me when I move out and have my own kitchen!

  23. Meena Hindmarch

    I love Joseph joseph stuff!

  24. Melanie

    Would love these as I have a very small kitchen and space is a premium

  25. Kim Styles

    I would like to win this because Joseph Joseph products are durable quality prducts at affordable prices and thats what I like for my kitchen

  26. Rachel O'Leary

    I would love to win this because baking makes me happy and all my family love my cakes

  27. g

    who wouldn’t. JJ are TOPS!!!!!!

  28. Samantha McDonough

    I have a very small galley kitchen and this would save so much space for me. Plus I love Joseph Joseph.

  29. Susan Jackson

    I have a small kitchen with limited storage so this would be an ideal addition

  30. Lara Latchem

    I would love to win this to give to my Bro from when he moves into his own home later this year x

  31. Sarah Williams

    ..it would be great to have some fab utensils and equipment to bake with my young family.

  32. Rebekah Jones

    I have the smallest kitchen ever and have two little cupboards to store pans, baking equipment etc in … I love to bake but I just cant as I cant keep all my equipment xxx

  33. Natalie Tamara

    Great giveaway! I would like to win this prize because…. I have a small kitchen and too many odd sized bowls that won’t stack (no matter how hard I try ;))

  34. mike proffitt

    Its so stylish and neat

  35. Liz Mitchell

    New years resolution to be tidier would be helped greatly by this set!

  36. jessica cook

    I have very little cupboard space in my kitchen so this would be great

  37. allison sullivan

    we are a baking family with 4 children who always like to make nice new things all the time,having these would help with measuring easier with our youngest daughter and be more helpfull for them

  38. Denise S

    my son is at uni and learnt to cook these would probably be donated to him as storage is tight and they would be great for him to try all the receipes we have taught him

  39. Rachel B

    it looks great and would be a fantastic space saver.

  40. Emilia nastaly-howard

    I’d love to win it as my kitchen is very old and dated, would like to have some new fantastic kitchen utensils 🙂

  41. Steven Montgomery

    I love my home cooking 🙂

  42. Emily Hutchinson

    With a lack of storage space, the fact they stack is just brilliant for space saving!

  43. antonia richardson

    my son is doing food tech at school and these would come in very handy for both of us

  44. Sheila Hodgson

    to win this set would be a thrill
    it’s stylish, versatile and looks brill !

  45. c

    Stylish and organised is exactly what I need in my kitchen. That’s assuming James Martin is still not available..

  46. Shirley Giles

    This space saving, sleek Kitchen friend would certainly change my bake days for the better

  47. Natasha R-M

    The innovative non-slip bases are a sensible idea and the stacking system would be a real space-saver – I would appreciate owning them.

  48. Jason Tolliss

    Love to bake and my kitchen is so small with storage at a primium.

  49. claire little

    would be great to use

  50. Kerry Kilmister

    I am finally having my kitchen torn out and overhauled – everything is old and dated. This would be a great kitchen set for my new kitchen

  51. Ellen Stafford

    I love baking and I love how these compact together to save space

  52. Karen Howden

    I would love to win because I deserve it,

  53. Debbie Preston

    I would like to win these because they are a great idea to make best use of cupboard space and look great as well

  54. Jennifer Carroll

    I have limited space and this is handy and space saving

  55. phillippa lee

    I would love to win this prize because I have a miniture kitchen. I love to cook and I love to use fantastic tools. It makes everything easier.

  56. Lucy Camilla

    This stacking system would be fantastic for my small kitchen!

  57. Monika S

    Joseph Joseph utensils are so stylish

  58. Dawn Hull

    I would like to win this prize because….it is so compact! It would free up some room in our kitchen.

  59. Deborah Bird

    I love doing a lot of baking and cooking and this would save a lot of space in my cupboards!

  60. Natasha Corder

    It’s a handy space saver ideal for me and my small kitchen!

  61. sandy ralph

    it would save space in my kitchen which would be handy alone abacus my kitchen is so small, it would be so useful too in all the baking that I love to do

  62. Joanne Blunt

    Every time I open my kitchen cupboard everthring falls out as there is not enough room. This would make life a lot easier.

  63. Susan Freeman

    it keeps everything together instead of being scattered all over the kitchen as they are in mine at the moment!!

  64. Tracy Ashwin

    My cupboards are full of plastic tat. This would change all that and give me more space in my cupboards and would last many years to come. Love Joseph Joseph products.

  65. Karen Froud

    I love Joseph and Joseph products – they are the best and this would look great in my brand new house and new kitchen.

  66. Catriona Pavey

    I need some motivation to cook more!

  67. Katie

    I’d like tow in because it’s nice and compact and saves space.

  68. Angela Sandhu

    Perfect for my baking

  69. claire fawkner

    I love gadgets and gizmos in the kitchen

  70. Tamsin Dean

    a lot of my stuff is so old it is in major need of an upgrade

  71. gemma newton

    I’d love to win this because I do alot of baking and this would come in very handy!

  72. jacqueline knights

    It would be so useful and save so much space – really stylish as well.

  73. Claire Nelson

    I haven’t seen these before but they look great and I love the other Joseph Joseph products I have.

  74. cheryl hadfield

    i would love these bowls as a lot of my accessories and equipment has seen better days

  75. su williams

    my son and daughter in law, who have been living with us, are moving into their new home so this would make the perfect present for them and their compact kitchen, I’m sure they would love such a useful and space saving gift and experiencing the avalanche of pots and pans in my kitchen when you open a cupboard door 😉

  76. Catherine Stannard

    ……I think i’ve i don’t start organising my kitchen my husband may divorce me!

  77. charlotte hoskins

    It looks like a compact way of organising my very disorganised kitchen!

  78. Cat Davies

    I’d like to win because we’re moving into a new property soon, with very little storage in the kitchen. This is so functional, yet stylish and I would love to have it there.

  79. Margaret Abram

    I love Joseph Joseph products and particularly love their space-saving items as I have very little storage.

  80. Tania Atfield

    Love to win because my kitchen stuff is so old now

  81. Christine Hobbs

    They are durable, storable and adorable. Everything for a busy session in the kitchen is stacked in one place and they store so easy in the cupboard making it less cluttered. Utensils as good as these encourage cooking and good old fashioned back to basics home baking but with simplicity. I have the chopping boards and use them daily.

  82. Susan Race

    I have a really small kitchen so this would be so useful as I don’t have much storage space 🙂

  83. Jeanette

    This is a great idea. I have very limited space and I have different shaped cooking accessories that are hard to stack and then all just end up in a mess

  84. Karen Smith

    I need to tidy my cupboard as I am short on space and this is a brilliant space saving set

  85. Amy Jo McLellan

    I need to get better at cooking 🙂

  86. EJ Dunn

    I would like to win because I am moving into my first flat next weekend and so need some good quality kitchen items.

  87. Eleanor Powell

    I would like to win because these are incredibly stylish and take up so little room. I bake a lot but dont have much room to put things

  88. Rahela

    I do a lot of baking and this would be so handy. Right now my cupboards are a mess and I can never find a sieve when I need one!

  89. Jacqui Rankine

    Good and tasty food is my vice.
    Cooking in the kitchen for my family is my pleasure. This prize would be thoroughly appreciated.

  90. Dolly

    Having a new kitchen so some me Joseph Joseph Nest would be Amazing

  91. Michelle Wild

    It looks chic just like me and my kitchen.

  92. Debra Ford

    This would make a fab space saver

  93. Sarah Rowland

    This would be very handy in my kitchen as most of my space is taken up with kids toys and other halfs bits and bobs

  94. Aimee Wright

    It would save me lots of space in my tiny kitchen!

  95. Lora

    I always drool over Joseph and Joseph stuff. They look great and are really practical, especially as we have a small galley kitchen and storage space is limited. Unfortunately I don’t own any yet because I can’t justify the price

  96. Kerry W

    I would like to win this prize because then I could put all my old mismatched bowls on Freecycle so I could make way for a gorgeous matching set that is easy to store!

  97. Lyndsey Jones

    I would like to win this prize because they look really stylish and they would save me loads of space. At the moment I have all sorts of things in different cupboards and I can never find the right thing at the right time!

  98. Patricia Avery

    Because it would be lovely for my daughter-in-law to use in her newly fitted kitchen. They have a wonderful looking one but all but the food cupboards are bare as they have run out of money to stock up on kitchenware.

  99. Lisa Mauchline

    I don’t have much storage space so these would be perfect

  100. littlekipling

    I have a teeny tiny cottage kitchen, but I cook a lot!

  101. Barry Rowlings

    I would love to win

  102. Fiona Mallard

    I love Joseph Joseph products and having a tiny kitchen means not having space for much stuff – storing this would be easy though!

  103. Neil Hutchings

    Because i have about 5 bowls different colours, 2 sieves, no measuring cups and too much junk, I could bin a few things and save a load of space!

  104. Deborah Miller

    Because the bowls I have are getting worn out, and some new ones from Joseph-Joseph would last me a very long time. Awesome quality.

  105. Rena Plumridge

    It would be a joy to get them out and use them

  106. lynn neal

    My kitchen needs updating and these would be these would be the perfect starting point!

  107. Cheryl O'Sullivan

    Because it looks so neat and tidy

  108. Keshia Esgate

    I am short on cupboard space and love baking!

  109. MichelleD

    I’ve not much cupboard space, this would be a very stylish solution to keep lots of bits I use for cooking!

  110. Lizzy Cooper

    this would be so handy in my kitchen, it’s pretty empty ;(

  111. Emily Jayne Phipps

    Just been told I have to go gluten free and am also allergic to eggs – GUTTED! However – this now inspires me to be creative in the kitchen! Hopefully these would help me with my new lifestyle! 🙂

  112. Ruth Wollerton

    For all things bright and beautiful, tasty and yummy Joseph helps to make them all with style and beauty. My kitchen is crying out for some beautiful items. Thank you

  113. Lisa Rhodes

    it will match the rest of my Joseph Joseph things in the kitchen

  114. rachael marsden

    I love baking and cooking so I would use these such a lot

  115. Alison MacDonald

    I love baking but don’t have huge amount of storage space these would be perfect 🙂

  116. Hayley Todd

    I am in desperate need of new kitchen equipment as mine is years old and is verging on disgraceful! This set would also be perfect for storage as it won’t take up too much room in my cupboard!

  117. Teresa Lee

    I love to bake and these are a perfect space saver

  118. Victoria Prince

    I would love to win these because I don’t have a lot of storage in my kitchen and this is such a fantastic collection of some of the things I use most. Plus I am good at breaking glass bowls, so a definite advantage there!!

  119. Jordan Bentley

    I’ve just moved home and it would make a great homewarming gift!

  120. Katherine Coldicott

    I love the design of these & I love to cook.

  121. Charlotte Bell

    I would love to win because I’ve just moved into my first house with my boyfriend and I’m really enjoying cooking and discovering new things to use in the kitchen

  122. Pauline Dring

    I love cooking and have a small kitchen. This set would be lovely as I have Joseph Joseph products on my list of things to buy if I had the resources.

  123. Tim Woolfenden

    Love to Win this because it is compact and neat- the complete opposite to our kitchen where we can often struggle to find the items we need! The perfect solution

  124. Bridget Willard

    I would really love to win this set. I am an new baker and need new utensils to help my baking run smoothly

  125. debra applegate

    It would make my baking drawer look so much more neat and tidy

  126. Leslie Evans

    I would like to win so I could Give It to my Next Door Neighbour as she is a great cook.

  127. zoe somerfield

    I could really do with some new bowls etc, I’m just too tight to buy any 🙂

  128. zoe somerfield

    I could really do with some new bowls etc, I’m just too tight to by any 🙂

  129. kelly townsend

    because this would look great in my kitchen and would get loads of use. the space saving design is very useful as I have a small kitchen.

  130. Jane H Shaw

    What a very useful and fabulous product, would look great in my kitchen thanks

  131. Jenny Jones

    these would be great and really useful around the kitchen when I’m baking my cakes or bread

  132. John Frost

    It looks so good and I would use them regularly

  133. Tony Weston

    It will look cool like a piece of art

  134. judith

    I’d love to have something so stylish in my kitchen! baking is my favourite hobby and to be able to measure in cups would open up a whole host of recipes!

  135. Aaron Milne

    i ‘ve had no luck at all recently with winning anything

  136. Emma Ridgway

    I have very limited storage so this would be really handy.

  137. Mark T

    I would like to win this prize because I love cooking and these would help me in the kitchen.

  138. Tim Millington

    I would love to win this prize. I love to look up recipes on line. I have kitchen scales but lots of recipes give measurements in spoons and cups

  139. Hayley Mulgrove

    I would love to win because they my kinda style and look great and i would get good use of them

  140. Jen Shearer

    I have got a set of plastic Joseph Joseph bowls which I love. Couldn’t justify upgrading to this fab set so winning a set would just be the icing on the cake.

  141. Chris S

    I would love to win this fantastic set because I love to bake and have lots of how,s etc but they are cluttered in my drawers. Joseph Joseph products are so classy and this set in particular is ideal. It’s perfect because there is so much included but it takes up minimal space. My fingers are crossed!

  142. gemma

    Now my children are a little older and have stopped using my pots and pans as a drum kit, it would be nice to have some new special kitchen items just for me.

  143. Hannah Igoe

    I do lots of baking and my bowls are not up the the challenge currently so I would love some that are!

  144. Kat Allinson

    I love cooking and baking with my daughter and these would be perfect for my small kitchen as they don’t take up much room

  145. Emma Price

    It’s awesome and I would probably use it every day!!

  146. Caroline Smith

    I have a tiny kitchen so this would save me so much room!

  147. Maureen Williams

    I’ve recently received some Joseph Joseph ware, and discovered what lovely quality products they are. I especially like this prize because it’s so space saving and neat to store away (and a big improvement in my existing cookware!)

  148. Elisabeth Ries

    We have a small kitchen and these will save space.

  149. Sheri Darby

    It would enable me to cook better and reduce clutter

  150. Averil Lea

    I have used my pots and bowls for many years and it would be really nice to have some new ones to cook with x

  151. Jayne K

    It would be great for my daughter’s tiny kitchen

  152. Emma Schofield

    My Kitchen equipment is looking a bit bare at the moment so it doesn’t give me much motivation to be very adventous in the kitchen. This would just help to give me a boost and get creative again.

  153. michelle thompson

    i love this very compact and very fancy

  154. Kirsty Woods

    i love cooking and these look fab

  155. cat holdcroft

    It is very happy functional kitchen piece that wound fit perfectly with my cooking needs

  156. Vladimir Biskup

    This would fit my kitchen well

  157. Sarah Pearce

    Everything in my kitchen is odd be great to have at least one matching set of something!!!


    my cuboards are a state and i need to throw out most of whats in there.

  159. Donna Caldwell

    I love baking and cooking and Joseph Joseph is one of the best quality kitchen gadgets Also as they all fit inside one another it would be a great space saver

  160. Dale Dow

    we have a mis-matched set of pans etc and they don’t all fit together, this would save so much space x

  161. Pat Healy

    These look so well designed, stylish and practical

  162. Moany Mike

    Space is an issue in our kitchen, probably due to all the gadgets and cooking tools accumulated over the years 🙂

  163. Melanie Southey-Hill

    Because my kitchen cupboards are a mess so these would be great so I can get rid of the clutter 🙂

  164. Julia P

    I have very few cupboards in my kitchen, and therefore storage is at a premium, so these would be brilliant for me.

  165. emma franklin

    This would make my cupboards a lot tidier!

  166. Romana Richards

    I would like to win this prize because I have so much stuff in my kitchen. Odds and ends Feel free to contact us for further information.om distant long gone grandmothers, all mis-matched but very useful. , like you, use it all the time but it is time to give it away to off-spring as I am downsizing to a smaller place where I need to economise on space but not on my cooking!

  167. Lisa Wilkinson

    Because my little girl has just started to get interested in watching and helping e cook and this will be great for our preparation.

  168. Frances Darvill

    I would like them so that when I open the cupboard door the bowls don’t jump out and hit me 🙂

  169. Samantha Atherton

    I’d love to win this because I love cooking & baking but my kitchen has very little storage space so it’s very hard to find a place for everything, So anything that saves space is great by me.

  170. Helen Langston

    I should win this competition because this would be ideal in my small kitchen and enable me to do more baking with my sons.

  171. tracey nock

    I would love to win this prize because I absolutely adore Joseph and Joseph products.

  172. Suzanne

    Wow, what a super idea. It would be perfect for our campervan holidays. Everything you need in very little space.

  173. Emma Wolski

    I have just had a new kitchen put in and it needs some new bowls as the old ones now look tatty in there!

  174. Suzie W

    I love cooking and baking but I don’t have much storage space!

  175. Bridgette West

    All the bowls I have are hand me downs from my Mum, they have been wonderful but I need a new set to create new vegetarian masterpieces 🙂 gl all great prize

  176. Charlotte Cottam

    because it would store wonderfully in my little kitchen

  177. elaine stokes

    I have just re-found my passion for baking, but my kitchen has very little storage space and these would be perfect for me to use and store

  178. Geoff Hibbert

    I’ve only got a tiny kitchen with very limited cupboard space.

  179. Louise_tweets_

    My kitchen itself is terribly sad looking – at least my kit could (should??!!!) be fabulous!

  180. Linda Toth

    I spend half of my life in the kitchen

  181. Caroline Blaza

    I would love this because it is so useful and space saving….perfect for my kitchen.

  182. Debbie

    I have been eyeing this up since I first saw them and have not had the spare pennies to get a set.

  183. Jan H

    How could i fail to make something wonderful with this set from Joseph Joseph

  184. Paula Phillips

    I do a lot of baking and my children like to help and we tend to use loads of bowls and things at the same time.


    I would like to win this prize as its great space saver

  186. Barbara Handley

    My friend is going to teach me to bake and I would like to have the best equipment to learn with.

  187. Liane

    this would look lovely in my kitchen

  188. John Naylor

    I moved home last month and all my kitchen contains is a fridge, microwave and oven.
    Everything else was left behind.

  189. c tindale

    Because I have just moved into my first home so need kitcheware!!

  190. Jessica Hutton

    Because I am forever re organising the cupboards. It drives me insane when they are cluttered so this would be wonderful xx

  191. Sharon L Johnson

    i would love this and also it would be awesome for my kids too x

  192. Hannah Smith

    I just broke my big baking bowl the other day and need to replace it before my Grandma’s 80th in March as I’m responsible for making the cake!

  193. Liz

    because my kitchen is teeeeny and I get scared of dropping things every time I have to struggle and extract something from my uneven stack of bowls, colanders etc!

  194. Pat

    Such a stylish piece of kit. I just feel a better cook when using Joseph and Joseph stuff.

  195. Petra Hora

    I really love baking and cooking.

  196. Gareth Rees

    I want to measure up to the best

  197. Angela Williams

    baking is my passion and the correct equipment is essential

  198. Steve Miles

    My kitchen is tiny

  199. Jo McPherson

    I have the Joseph and Joseph chopping boards and they are great, would love to add to my collection

  200. Kirsten Barthy

    I need these as my cupboards are overfilled with odd bits and pieces that don’t stack at all

  201. Sarah S

    I would like to win this prize because space is tight in my kitchen and these are not only space-saving but incredibly useful too.

  202. Kerry Brown

    I would like to win because my kitchen is full of the cheap stuff I bought when I first moved in, mostly cracked and battered kitchen tools haha

  203. Tony

    It’d free up so much space in my groaning cupboards!

  204. Damian Thomas

    I always guess at recipes and end up going wrong and have to start over so this would be great

  205. Joanne Hover

    This looks fantastic and will look very stylish in my new kitchen!

  206. Sharon Saunders

    I’d like to win this prize because all my kitchen stuff is cheap and old! Plus having something as lovely as this would inspire me to do some great cooking !

  207. karen clapp

    all compact for space saving and looks unique and is handy for making treats 🙂

  208. sarah fielding

    Me and my boyfriend are moving in together soon and need cooking essentials so this would be great!

  209. Rebecca griffits

    I would love to win this as in love anything by Joseph Joseph. This is also a great space saving tool

  210. Angela Carey

    I would to win this for my son at uni, who love to cook but has little storage space in the house he shares

  211. milli

    Excellent space saving kitchen aid.

  212. donna browne

    I’ve always wanted one of these x

  213. Harry Sutton

    We need to organise our cookware.

  214. Susan B

    they are so stylish that I would be tempted to leave them on display after I had used them! Like others, I have a mix of nasty old ‘odds and ends’ bowls that I have to send a search party into the kitchen cupboards to find.

  215. Michelle Cooper

    I am currently decorating my kitchen and these would be a lovely addition

  216. Diane Jackson

    I’m finally having a new kitchen fitted soon after waiting 23 years, so it would be lovely to fill my cupboards with some smart kitchenware 🙂

  217. Diana

    Because I always wanted one! 🙂 x

  218. Michelle Sykes

    I would love to win, I have four children and am a foster mum as well so am constantly baking and this would make life so much easier

  219. Marie Byrne

    I would love to win this as I’ve just moved out of my parents house so now have no utensils with which to do any baking so this would be amazing

  220. Emma Whittaker

    Would love to win this for my other half, he loves cooking and baking and this should make life easier for him looking at the state of some of our equipment in the kitchen 🙂

  221. Jane Middleton

    it’s perfect for my kitchen which has limited work surface and cupboard space

  222. Sarah prescott

    I need some more as my dog chewed one of mine.

  223. Sarah Rees

    It looks like a fantastic kitchen accessory set – I could do with a few new bits in the kitchen, Alot of my stuff is getting old and needs a bit of updating

  224. Rhiannon

    Bakes and cakes taste so much better when made with stylish and funky products!

  225. Michelle Ptak

    I would love them as I use my bowls a lot but I’m down to my last one!! Recently I used one in the microwave and it cracked as I didn’t realise it was not to be used in there!!

  226. Polly Power

    Space saving and very practical in kitchen. Love this idea


    It would look fab in my kitchen

  228. Greig spencer

    it would help me cook lots of lovely goodies

  229. Anne Plumb

    This set is so compact and shiny. Great for use in my smallish kitchen especially stored as it is meant to be with everything together!

  230. Naz

    I’d love to win this as I’ve tried low fat ad sugar free baking in the past (for health reasons) and this set would help me get back into baking.

  231. Julie Foster

    I So Love this Joseph & Joseph Set , its Perfect ? Easy to Store & All different Sizes & Mesurements To Help Aid me & My Family with our Baking & Cooking . 🙂

  232. Nick @ Bakingbeardy

    We’re moving and I’d love a fresh start!

  233. donnal Jones

    would love to win this as i love baking

  234. Michelle Moore

    My cupboards are like Arkwrights Till and only the door keeps everything from falling everywhere! This fabulous set would allow me to throw out my old stuff and leave me with a much more organised cupboard. Love it!

  235. Caligulacabbage

    Because I accidentally dropped the wife’s Cornish mixing bowl over Xmas…

  236. cheryl price

    I would love to win as ive got your chopping board set and knife set this would be a welcome addition!

  237. Wendy

    I’d love to win because I just LOVE JJ stuff :))

  238. Joanna Orr

    My lad 7 his g/f have just moved out of ours into a studio flat. Spaces is limited & they’re starting from scratch. I know they love to cook (mainly Korean food) & bake, so these would be really handy!

  239. Tina Deacon

    i’d love to win these because we don’t have much storage space in our kitchen so would be perfect and also would love some good quality to my kitchen

  240. Caroline Scott

    I would love to win this because I adore Joseph Joseph kitchenware and I have knives, jugs, strainers, scoops, spatulas and scales but I don’t have any mixing bowls! So I’d love to add these to my kitchen collection

  241. Jacqueline Buckley

    I just pasted in the tweet box without copying the link properly, sorry.here is the correct link: https://twitter.com/mimamac/status/687741803882221568 (14/01)

  242. Lola

    I’m a new first time mum (Harry, four and a half weeks old) and I would love to win this prize because I want to become a cool baking mummy!

  243. Irene Wright

    I have started to do a lot more baking these days. In my early 20’s & 30’s I baked regularly but then stopped. Don’t know why. Maybe because I was too busy or just because I started travelling the world. Now I’m retired and have the time, home made goodies are the best. I’ve always cooked dinner from scratch & am now enjoying baking once again. Trouble is, I don’t have enough bowls – or the right size ones. These look ‘grand’ but out of my price range – only on a pension.

  244. Karen Nagle

    Our kitchen is tiny with very little storage space so something which is so compact yet with so many useful items in it would be perfect for me. I’ve also just turned vegan and am doing so much more cooking than previously so this would be a great help for all of my culinary endeavours.

  245. Denise Walker

    fantastic styling; it fits in well, integrated in my kitchen, no one can tell
    Im also busy working mum of today, this prize would help in every way

  246. Sally Hales

    What a fabulous prize, this would be a lovely asset to my kitchen:-)

  247. Audsley Ben

    i want to bake more but dont have enough equiipement!

  248. Sylvia

    would be great as my kitchen is tiny and I could save so much space wiith it.

  249. Katy Peri

    Looks great

  250. Caroline Hooper

    This would be incredibly useful as we have a small kitchen and space is a priority!

  251. Alison Macdonald

    I’ve recently discovered a passion for baking! These look so easy to clean and store neatly – ideal for my kitchen x

  252. Amy Eastwick

    My kitchen equipment is getting so old but I never seem to get round to replacing things!

  253. Christine Hall

    I have recently retired and have started being creative and experimenting with my recipes.

  254. Fiona Hunt

    This is a great solution for the baking revolution,

  255. Eileen Sumner

    Because they have style and are space saving

  256. Becky John

    They have a very sleek design, and are very practical and space saving.

  257. brenda heads

    I have some Joseph Joseph kitchen ware and it is such good quality so would love some more.

  258. Ian Youngman

    They look a very useful tool for the kitchen

  259. Freya

    I have a small kitchen and a distinct lack of storage space

  260. Sam McKean

    I am trying to cook everything from scratch this year!

  261. Jennifer Smith

    I would like to win because I REALLY need to do more home cooking!!

  262. ann smith

    These look so useful and so easy to store -I really need to sort out my cupboard where I keep my cooking things as some are old and worn out and would be great to start off a new collection with this set. Thanks for chance to win

  263. Emma Wallace

    I have a tiny kitchen with very little storage and this set just looks amazing, and full of things I need having not long moved into the house. They really look the part too!

  264. naomishaw

    I’d love to win this as we have just moved to a smaller house to be nearer our grandchildren so trying to squeeze in all the glass bowls etc we have is a double problem as they take up space and are vulnerable – the floor is ceramic tiles! This set would mean I could bake with them without regularly panicking.

  265. Rachel Smith

    I absolutely love everything Joseph Joseph and I recently damaged my set I’ve had for a few years so thins would be a great set to get me back in the flow!

  266. Rebecca Alderson

    The cups and bowls I have now are looking a little worse for wear, they could definitely do with updating!

  267. Ann Williams

    I’d love to have a co-ordinated set of bowls. My kitchen has always contained a hodge podge of inherited items and those bought along the way to suit a need and nothing stacks or slots into place at all.

  268. Pauline Dring

    I’d like to win this prize because I covet Joseph Joseph kitchen ware, it looks to be the best.
    If I win these gorgeous bowls, I’ll put them to the test.
    I’ll whisk them through their paces, beat them briskly with a spoon.
    I’m sure they’ll last a lifetime and save me a small fortune.

  269. Sharon Buchalter

    I would have the perfect accessories and no excuse for not preparing fab food 4 all!

  270. Rachel S

    My kitchen is very untidy!

  271. sue

    I could bake with style…

  272. Barbara Jane Shaw

    It would match all my other Joseph Joseph products! love their cookware!

  273. Angie Hoggett

    I love cooking and baking and I always find having really good kit definitely makes everything much more easier and efficient!

  274. Emily Biggs

    Im moving out in september and have literally nothing for a new kitchen!

  275. Emily Biggs

    Looks great!

  276. Karen R

    We are always short of cupboard space and have loads of different brands of bowls – we could get rid of them and create more orderly cupboards that would be so good!

  277. carole Hiscock

    Sleek design!

  278. felicity smith

    these just look so cool and way more stylish than anything I currently have

  279. denise cross

    I need something compact for our new van – these would be perfect

  280. Jen

    I need mixing bowls and half of my measuring spoons have gone walkies.
    I’m doing my own baking now that I’m gluten free, so this would be awesome. 🙂

  281. Sarajevo Williamson

    This would be a great space saver and help keep all my bakingware organised. To help would my increased baking passion and my kitchen won’t know what’s hit it!

  282. Ashley Thompson

    I really need some new kitchen accessories

  283. samantha price

    what a compact idea for a small space

  284. Ann Skamarauskas

    it will make a great house warming gift for my nephew and his girlfriend 🙂

  285. kate kathurima

    I would like this as would go nicely in my cupboard and also look great

  286. Sarah Ruse

    Like all Joseph Joseph products it is a fantasctic design and would reduce the clutter in my overstuffed cupboards.

  287. Carly M

    This would be great to help me get into baking more and the stacking system would be great for my small kitchen

  288. Anthea Holloway

    It would make my life so much easier with everything in one place and super quality too!

  289. Christina Palmer

    I love cooking and would make great use of these

  290. caroline kelly

    They look fab 🙂


    I would love to win this prize because i love kitchen gadgets 🙂

  292. Gillian McClelland

    I love Joseph joseph products as they are such good quality. Would love these bowls as they are such a great space saver idea and I have a really small kitchen.

  293. Laura Asplin

    I love having stylish Kitchen stuff

  294. sam keeton

    Christmas ruined most of my very old cooking pans so i would be grateful to restock. Maybe new pans would tempt me to cook more 🙂

  295. Kate Crane

    I NEED the space in my kitchen cupboards. I have plastic bowls everywhere I’d dearly love to ditch. This is the perfect space saver.

  296. Stephanie Ward

    I would love to win because i have only just started buying Joseph Joseph kitchen items and this is next on my list. It would be so helpful in the kitchen and would save me so much space in my small kitchen.

  297. Caroline Toner

    They would save so much space and they look so good plus it would be great to have some new matching bowls

  298. Julie

    My new years resolution is to cook from scratch more to save money and eat a bit healthier, these would be a God send!

  299. carina pope

    I would like to win because my partner and i are moving in together and are on the look out for lots of lovely new kitchen stuff!

  300. Clare Bluett

    I have limited storage in my kitchen and also am looking to reduce the use of plastics (due to environmental concerns) so the design of this system appeals for that reason.

  301. Sarah

    I have no space in my kitchen and this is ideal!

  302. Helen Moulden

    It may inspire me to cook more!

  303. Juli Savage

    Very practical and stylish and space saving – would love these to compliment my kitchen

  304. sarah

    i need these for my tiny kitchen space, really practical

  305. maria mair

    I would love to win this as it’s so gorgeous and would look great as well as being so practical and easy to store.

  306. Michelle Carlin

    I recently moved house and my new kitchen is smaller than my last one, so this would be a great way to save space.

  307. Karen Mitchell

    I would like to win the Joseph Joseph nest 100 because this is a daily problem in my kitchen finding spaces to store things. I could empty the pan cupboard, shelves, hooks and anything else that has a spare inch to put things on and just use Joseph Joseph nest 100, lots more room for delicious ingredients rather than the pots n pans

  308. Hazel Murphy

    I would like to win this prize because I have a small kitchen and this space saving baking kit all fits together

  309. carolyn joyce

    Our kitchen is TINY and space is precious so these would be perfect

  310. greg davies

    i would love to win this prize because i don’t have the room and it’s a brilliant piece of functional design that would save loads of space – but also because i sadly don’t have the money spare to buy one at the moment. it’s a lovely bit of kit! maybe one day 🙂

  311. Elisa Trueman

    I’m unorganised especially in the kitchen and this would help me to get my kitchen sorted

  312. Kristy Brown

    I would love to win as these are ideal for my small storage space

  313. david cavender

    i would like to give them to my parents

  314. Judith Allen (@JudeVFR400)

    I would like to win this prize because it’s so stylish and practical. And we don’t have a very big kitchen. It’s really lovely.

  315. Anne Bethell

    I`m short on storage space and these would be great for saving space.

  316. Alisha

    Who doesn’t want to own a Joseph Joseph! The set is beautiful. I would be baking in style for sure!

  317. Donald McLeman

    I would like to win this prize because I have a small kitchen that thanks me for saving space 🙂

  318. Antonia

    I am short of cupboard space, so a neat set like this would be brilliant.

  319. Christine Lockley

    I’d love to win as these are sleek and stylish and great for anyone with a lack of kitchen space (like me)

  320. Morowa Brenya

    There is a limited amount of space in the kitchen I use, also Joseph & Joseph are awesome!

  321. lisa ann tebbutt

    great give away look fab in my kitchen


    Who wouldn’t! Its perfect for any kitchen including mine!

  323. Natalie Charman

    I am moving in with my boyfriend soon and will need to buy everything. Winning this would be a great start.

  324. Kirsty Norton

    I love baking but never can be bothered as my mixing bowls are stuck in the back of an awkward cupboard!

  325. Samantha Baker

    I would like to win this prize because I have recently bought my first home with partner of 5 years – we are mega happy but super hungry due to lack of cooking utensils! The Joseph Joseph set would be an ideal dream for us! Thank you for the opportunity.


    such a great idea my pots and pans are bursting out of my cupboards and drawers

  327. rebecca nisbet

    all my bits are hand me downs from the mother in law, there old and tatty and would love some new ones to spruce up my love for cooking again.

  328. Joanne pinder

    I would love to win these to give as a gift to my sister who is moving out of our parents home and into her 1st ever house so is starting from scratch and she loves cooking and baking so would really love these.

  329. Christine Caple

    I am having a new kitchen this year, and I hoping to get lots of new things for it

  330. susan surgeoner

    Would keep my cupboards so much tidier! I just need to teach my husband how to use them 🙂

  331. Emma Ellams

    I would like to win this prize because one of my goals for this year is to do more baking 🙂

  332. marion morgan

    these will be a great space saver on my new houseboat, when we have finished kitting her out.

  333. Julie Ward

    They are great space savers, hoping to get a new kitchen soon and all my stuff is antique

  334. Chelsey Hollings

    I love Joseph and Joseph products and do not have this one.

  335. Andy Kadir-Buxton

    This would be great in our small kitchen.

  336. Colin Gault

    Its world class merchandise

  337. laura miller

    because these are fabulous and upto date items i love them very stylish

  338. carole nott

    it has a great selection of different sizes for all uses

  339. Liz

    My daughter has one of these sets and they are fabulous to use and transport. Amazing design.

  340. Linda Thorn

    I love this product as it is neat and tidy to keep in a small kitchen

  341. Stevie

    I’d like to make some nice pancakes.

  342. Kelly L

    It would be really handy and I love how it all fits together so neatly!

  343. don erwood

    because in our small kitchen these would be a great spacesaver

  344. Sheila Reeves

    I’d love to win as it would really help with my reorganisation of my kitchen, and keep everything neat & tiday

  345. Jenna Dick

    It is a great space saving solution.

  346. Allan Wilson

    Biggest Joseph & Joseph Fan

  347. tracey grevatt

    I am a rubbish cook and need all the help I can get!

  348. Emma Nixon

    I have minimal storage space in my kitchen and this would give me a lot of useful equiptment which can be stored compactly.

  349. katie w

    we are moving into our own place which has a smaller kitchen

  350. Rachael Walton

    In a new house you need new bowls and I’m all about that this year!!

  351. Victoria Morris

    Would love to win this as I never seem to have the right size bowls when I need them and have loved every Joseph Joseph product I have bought so far!

  352. sam

    I love Joseph Joseph stuff and have admired these for ages.

  353. Alison Joyce

    I love baking and all my baking stuff is looking really tatty.

  354. P Wendy Clayton

    this just makes so much sense, I have a mismatch of bowls that never quite fit inside each other, measuring spoons that seem to hide and are never where I think they are, sieves that are squashed out of shape and I think the colander was last seen in a sand pit!!!

  355. Ashley Phillips

    I would love to win this as I love baking and space is at a premium in our kitchen. Fantastic prize.

  356. justine meyer

    because this would hopefully make me a demon in the kitchen x

  357. Margery Lumsdaine

    I would love to win this prize because … I could do with saving space in my kitchen, my colander retains water like a bowl, and my sieve has been use for noodles by my daughter :-$

    Thanks for the chance 🙂

  358. Laura Marshall

    I’d love to win this because I’m slowly growing a collection of Joseph Joseph stuff in my house – it’s so funky and clever!

  359. Leanne V Mckenna

    I love JJ stuff and I’ve recently taken up baking 🙂

  360. Bridget Daley

    I would love to win then I could clear out the clutter in my Cupboards as it would be combined into one Teeny Weeny Space and save scrambling around for a bowl

  361. Gill Barwood

    We are a family of keen cooks, but with limited storage space in our kitchen. This set is so neat, ingenious and stylish, it’s perfect for us.

  362. John Smith

    I love baking and this looks fantastic

  363. michelle o'neill

    my grandaughter and i love baking x

  364. Carole Paton

    My new kitchen is my pride and joy and I only want to have beautiful things in it like this Joseph Joseph set.

  365. chloe brill

    I love baking so this would be great

  366. Karen Whittaker

    because my son has just gone to University and started doing lots of cooking, so this would be great for him.

  367. Beverley Cousins

    These would be amazing, this way i would know where everything is!…got a head like a sieve lol

  368. Jean Bolsover

    Not only do I need mixing bowls but I love the way these are easy to stack in thee cupboard using less space

  369. Angela

    I would love to win because I love Joseph Joseph products and my kitchen is small so I need organisation.

  370. Jemma edge

    I’m moving house and would love to have these new items in my kitchen cupboards! X

  371. kallie maile

    Great prize, fingers crossed 🙂

  372. Helen W

    i would love to win this prize because i am building up lots of kitchen bits for when my son and his girlfriend move into their house and this would be brilliant

  373. Melanie Chambers

    I’d love to win, not only would these be perfect for my compact kitchen but also because I recently ‘donated’ a lot of my kitchenware to my son and his girlfriend. They recently got their first place and I wanted to help but quickly realised I probably gave them too much and left myself short on some essentials.

  374. David Clarke

    I had been looking around for a stainless steel mixing bowl as plastic bowl have stain marked (unremovable) when I mixed oil fishes like as sardine & tomato and vingar, also I usual measured food by eyes, which is not ideal when I need to make cheese sauce by use cornflour, it can go wrong easily as the sauce can turn to too thick and too hard to stir around or too thinner to be sauce, etc, so this will my godsend prize

  375. Tracy

    Such a stylish looking set and really useful. I would love to own this set as you can never have too many bowls.

  376. Suzanne Drummond

    i love to cook and bake things from shortbread to cakes and quiches and these bowls will be great

  377. Graeme Macmillan

    A fantastic prize which will make my life easier and tidier.

  378. sofia s.

    i love cooking but i have not any joseph&joseph utensils yet – they’re amazing!

  379. sharon martin

    i’d love to win as i love baking and have just started to teach my girls but have a very small kitchen with little storage so this would help enormously

  380. Keith Hunt

    I always buy cheap kit that never lasts and i just love the look of the set.

  381. Jade

    My kitchen needs space saving gadgets. This is perfect

  382. Eileen Teo

    This will save so much room in my kitchen.

  383. Stephen Fowler

    Please include me in the draw, thank you for providing the competition and good luck to all who enter.

  384. Lucy Weatherley

    I would like to win this prize because I would give it to my sister who has a tiny kitchen and needs to cook more!

  385. Pam Francis Gregory

    Space is tight in my kitchen!

  386. JOANNE Heath

    Absolutely gorgeous I love these and they are ideal for my small kitchen!

  387. Hana

    I would love to win because its just what I need and want! Since its stacable and my kitchen space is limited its simply perfect for my needs!

  388. Nikki Hunter-Pike

    It would save an awful lot of cupbaord space!

  389. Katy Stevens

    I do lots of baking and with a new baby on the way I need all the kitchen space I can get!

  390. Claire Ward

    Because it would be perfect to help me organise my kitchen

  391. Sarah Tilley

    Because I love cooking but I cause such a mess, would love to be able to be more organised in the kitchen

  392. Carol Emmett

    Because my kitchen is tiny and my baking ‘bits & bobs’ are many – anything that helps me fit everything in is welcome !

  393. Sian hallewell

    I’d like to win because I love baking and cooking, so these would be perfect for me.

  394. wendy malone

    we have smaii kitchen sides so these would be helpfull . my husband has just started baking to help after an illness.

  395. Zach Hudson

    My kitchen is quire small and have so many mismatch items filling it up. These would solve some of the issues!!!!

  396. lynn r

    I do lots of baking and never seem to have enough bowls or containers. My cupboards would also be less cluttered.

  397. Jamie Millard

    because I love joseph joseph so much, have so many items, but not these.

  398. Kerry Locke

    because it looks the perfect solution for a my small Kirchen

  399. Catherine Gregory

    I am always baking and rhese would be a perfect addition to my baking kit 🙂

  400. Jodie W

    i really like the Joseph Joseph design, and already have the knife and chopping block set in my kitchen.

  401. Esme mccrubb

    really useful and nice to look at

  402. Rebecca miller

    I’d love to win. I’m moving house in January and this would be fab for my lovely new kitchen!!

  403. Cathy O

    Such a fab set.

  404. cathyj

    this would get me orgnised when cooking

  405. mama syder

    I would like to win this prize to help me cook more delicious meals for my family.

  406. paul mcdonnell

    i would love to win this asd i have just taken up baking at the age of 65, never to old to learn,

  407. Kathleen Bywaters

    I love baking and these would be super useful to have to hand in the kitchen!

  408. Andrea A

    There’s never enough work surface when baking so this compact set would be fantastic.

  409. Sam Swain

    My baking needs all the help it can get!!

  410. kate knight

    I love the design and it will be so useful

  411. aaron broad

    I would like to win this prize because I would like to learn how to cook

  412. mimamac

    I’ve got no room in my kitchen and I love to cook

  413. Lili

    Joseph Joseph designer Nest, beautiful, practical, the best.

  414. Katherine McDonald

    it is beautiful!

  415. LORNA W

    Have a tiny kitcheb so this would be the perfect space saver!

  416. Lesley Bambridge

    I have a tiny kitchen, and a lot of higgledy-piggeldy bowls : )

  417. Wendy Smith

    When I pull something out of my kitchen cupboards everything falls out! Also Joseph Joseph is renowned for quality products that I will enjoy using.

  418. claire

    My kitchen is so small I need all the space-saving help I can get!

  419. Kim M

    …it would be perfect in my new kitchen

  420. Cherished By Me

    I have a tiny kitchen and this is the perfect space saving solution

  421. Felicity Smith

    because it basically looks way cooler than anything else in my kitchen xx

  422. Hayley

    I’d like to win becaus this would go well in my kitchen full of lots of other Joseph Joseph kitchen toys!!

  423. Susie Wilkinson

    I would like to win this prize because I live in a flat with a very small kitchen, so storage space is at a premium, at the moment there are bowls all over the place taking up valuable space!

  424. Tania Watkins

    My cupboards are full and this would streamline them!

  425. Katie Rose

    Love baking with my daughter 🙂

  426. Solange

    I would love to do more baking using the latest equipment.

  427. kaye talvilahti

    Have a few JJ products as we have a very small galley kitchen, would love to add these to them xx

  428. Sarah

    Joesph Joseph never sacrifices function over form. Each piece always looks beautiful and has the user in mind.

  429. G Keegan

    I have just refitted my kitchen and these would look fantastic in there!

  430. Will Bisset

    I would like to win this prize because we only have a small kitchen with little cupboard space; this nest is a great space saving design! And the Joseph Joseph products are innovative, great quality, and well made.


    I love baking with my grandchildren & these would come in very useful as they hardly take up much room in my small kitchen..

  432. Victoria Thurgood

    This would help alot with baking

  433. Kaci Soderstrom

    I want to do more baking and I need something that doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen as space is limited.

  434. Matt McAndrew

    Cooking is my favourite thing to do in the whole world and I love using the latest equipment!

  435. chantelle

    I love cake

  436. Jennifer Toal

    All my kitchen equipment is so old and takes up too much room

  437. Joan Apperley

    I love the quality of Joseph products, plus this would be a great space saver for my kitchen.

  438. Scott Fallon

    because i want to win this for my Mum and Dad’s kitchen

  439. elizabeth ferguson

    because we have a wedding next year and these would be the perfect present xx

  440. Laura Baker

    This would be great for my tiny kitchen. I’m always looking for storage solutions when it comes to kitchenware and this looks perfect.

  441. Lesley Bradley

    it’s such a brilliant space saver and stylish too

  442. Katy Komping

    I would like to win this prize because I have an absolutely miniscule kitchen so this would be a great space saver!

  443. Fran Light

    I would love to win because this set would make the perfect present for my baking loving, quality appreciating Mum!

  444. karen

    just received a lovely joseph joseph chopping board and would love this to go along with it, looks fab!

  445. Darrell

    I have bowls of every shape, size & colour. It would be great to take them all down the charity shop and start a new 🙂

  446. Hayley Lynch

    I have a tiny kitchen so this means i can have the tools without worrying about the space to store xx

  447. Katherine L

    I would love this prize because I love Joseph and Joseph products, they are always on my wishlists. This would replace my mismatched, odds and sods set of bowls and measuring cups … a very welcome addition to my kitchen 🙂

  448. Michael Rattray

    I love Joseph Joseph. Top quality.

  449. Rachel Butterworth

    I love baking with my nephews and these would be perfect.

  450. Rachel Howlett

    It’s practical, useful, stylish and wouldn’t take up too much space in my tiny kitchen so I would love to win it!

  451. Tammy Tudor

    It seems like a genius invention and I would love to try as it would be so useful

  452. Steve Dickinson

    It looks like a great space saver!

  453. Lauren Prater

    I love cooking but I lack all of the tools!

  454. claire woods

    I love the way you can have all this baking stuff but it doesn’t take up much room in the cupboards.

  455. tracy baines

    I would love to win as don’t have much space for storage in the kitchen and these would be ideal

  456. Sus // roughmeasures.com

    I would like to win this prize because I have such limited cupboard space in my kitchen on the boat! I need space saving things like this lovely set!

  457. Vicki Wilson

    I’d like to win this prize because I own some Joseph Joseph kitchenware, so know the quality of their wares. Plus you can’t swing a cat in my kitchen and am an avid baker, so these would save some much needed space 🙂

  458. clair downham

    theres not enough room in my cupboards so this would be fab

  459. Kads Life

    …the bowls looks awesome & I love Joseph Joseph products!!

  460. Erica Price

    It would free up space in my kitchen cupboards.

  461. Rebecca Howells

    I love Joseph Joseph stuff – they are high quality products. I just can’t afford any! So would love to win some! (@PeanutHog)

  462. Diane Nicholl

    i always keep meaning to bake but by the time I have sorted through my cupboards and found all the bits and pieces I need, I have often lost my enthusiasm. Every time my husband washes up and clears away, the cupboards are rearranged and when I reach for where an item should be it’s not there. This set would be great wash dry, then re-stack, wherever he hides it I only have to find one thing.

  463. Kellie Faggle McIntyre

    I love all things gadgety -this would be a fab addition to my kitchen

  464. Katie Kingsbury

    My current baking stuff is what I had as a student and that was a very long time ago!

  465. Anthony Webster

    I love this nest system and I want to win it

  466. sharon smith

    so i can give it to my daughter,as she needs things for her kitchen

  467. Paul Smith

    i’d give it to my mum who loves cooking

  468. Maggie Ali

    My sister is getting married in January and it would make a wonderful present 🙂

  469. Mary Chez

    I love the design

  470. Gillian York

    nice and handy

  471. Ema J Lowe

    I would like to win as I am needing some new bowls. the 2 I use have seen better days.

  472. Fleur

    I’d love to win because I have very little space in my kitchen and these nest bowls look gorgeous

  473. Corinne Peat

    I don’t have a lot of storage space so this would be great for my kitchen!

  474. Martina Evans

    I would love to win this fab prize as I am in need of a new baking set!

  475. Louise Asekokhai

    Because I love Joseph Joseph kitchenware and this is one set I do not have already.

  476. Brian Chapman

    …my kitchen cupboards are small, and as the things we have don’t stack neatly, it’s essentially a mini-avalanche every time I open a cupboard door.

  477. Deb Alexander

    I would love to win this because it is beautifully designed and easy to store and I SOOOO need this for baking 🙂

  478. Eb Gargano

    …I have no space left in my kitchen cupboards and these could be the perfect solution plus they look gorgeous!!

  479. Kat Lucas

    I would love to win as I bake a lot for family and friends and as my stepdaughter just moved into her own flat, she liberated my kitchen of things she “needed”

  480. Nicki Ramsay

    I love the way the bowls all stack together so compactly. It would solve my kitchen storage problem, my cupboards are rammed at the moment

  481. Elaine Woolgar

    Love the clever design of these bowls. Perfect for a tiny kitchen (like mine) 🙂

  482. Lyla

    this would be really helpful because I have little storage space in my kitchen

  483. leanne weir

    My current mixing bowls are ancient

  484. Ian Goodyear

    Compact and ingenuitive. Who would not want these in their kitchen?

  485. Louise Smith

    Joseph Joseph Products are amazing, they are fairly expensive but worth the money. Would love this.

  486. Nicola Tayler

    …well just look at it – it’s possibly the most stylish set I have ever seen. My cupboards would welcome it with open arms – it will actually keep them tidy and we even be able to find everything we need in one place!

  487. Paula Burnside

    What a FAB idea. I would love not to have the fight with all the pans in the cupboard to find the bowl I need.

  488. Dominika

    This is so nice! Definitely entering this giveaway!


  489. christina kennedy

    I am always using bowls to cook with, store food with & not only do these look good, they store away nicely

  490. Fiona K

    My daughter, son-in-law and baby girl have just moved into a new flat where the kitchen is quite small, so this would help them make better use of their storage space.

  491. Heather T

    These look very space saving as as I have a tiny kitchen would help me out a lot

  492. Carole Walker

    A great range of sizes but taking up so little cupboard space who wouldn’t love these

  493. Laurie Hughes

    Because I’m moving house soon, into my first place I will call home! So id love to replace my old kitchen items too!

  494. Angela McDonald

    I love being in the kitchen so these would come in handy for all of my cooking & baking needs!

  495. Codie

    Woah! These would be such a game changer! I’m one of those terrible people who stacks up everything very precariously and just shuts the door, hoping for the best, haha x

  496. Victoria Wise

    I would love to win this prize as I am in need of a new baking set! I have a very small kitchen so space is limited and this would be perfect. 🙂

  497. tracey ryder

    these would be fab and easy to store

  498. emily omara

    i always see these and think how clever they are, they really save space!

  499. Stephanie Whitehouse

    They are so pleasing to look at. I can imagine being pleased every time I took them out of a cupboard

  500. Teresa Sullivan

    I have a very small kitchen and need compact things in it!

  501. karen cowley

    I have a small kitchen so would be ideal and since having my baby i am determined to be cooking more homemade meals x

  502. Sarah P

    It looks awesome and i’d enjoy using it

  503. Richard Tyler

    who wouldn’t want to win this, looks so useful 🙂


    I do a lot of baking and always seem to need more bowls than I have & the fact that they are stackable means a more room in the cupbaoards

  505. Emily Clark

    I always make a massive mess when I cook, and this might help me to be a little tidier!

  506. Kathy Cakebread

    this will be great as we dont have much room in our kitchen

  507. danielle jupp

    This is lovely and tidy I have a small kitchen so this would be perfect and this is soo handy 😀

  508. Ali

    These are stunning – so expensive but so practical! I would love to win them!

  509. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops

    This looks great, so sleek and clean and tidy. Great giveaway

  510. Jessica Howliston

    I would love to win as I love baking and I am slowly replacing all of y basic kitchenware for good quality items so this would be amazing! x

  511. Anthony Martin

    I love to cook and create but the kitchen is getting full sofor storage, utilisation and functionality what a brilliant set

  512. Jill Webb

    Because it would look fab in my kitchen

  513. Alison Johnson

    I love cooking & baking & I only have 2 bowls so end up using plates & breakfast bowls! It would be lovely to just have a set of bowls purely for my use when needed.

  514. Wendy A

    This set looks so stylish! I have a few Joseph and Joseph items and my kitchen cupboards and drawers look so much better since I started replacing old items with this fantastic brand. This set would be a vital addition to my kitchen!

  515. Rachel

    Oh what a fabulous prize, I am a huge Joseph Joseph fan though I only own a lemon juicer lol, so it would be nice to add to my collection of one x

  516. Suzanne Brown

    I love baking! Every time I put a bowl down I get a cat in it, which can be a problem – but these stylish bowls are full even when they are empty…perfect!

  517. Joanne

    Such a convenient, concise, compact kit deserves to be cooked with creatively! Brilliant to have everything to hand in one essential product 🙂

  518. June Etherington

    This is lovely. Living in a flat space is precious so this would give me quite a bit of extra space. I use the items almost every day. Very stylish items. Having said that you wouldn’t expect anything less from Joseph Joseph.

  519. Sarah Lee

    I love baking and this would save a lot of cupboard space for me!

  520. Clare H

    i need all the help i can get in the kitchen

  521. sue rushworh

    i need thisi prize because I need all the help I can get

  522. Michaela Jennings

    I’ve just started baking and cake decorating and these would be very handy as I don’t have much equipment at the moment

  523. Becky Duffy

    I would love to win these because they would get used so often in our kitchen, we never have a bough bowls for cooking, preparation and serving and I think these would be perfect for all three 🙂

  524. Elisa Trueman

    I want to improve my baking skills, but when I realise I don’t have everything I need I quickly lose momentum. This set would give me the inspiration I need to bake a masterpiece! x

  525. Joanne Lyttle

    I would love to win this because it has everything you need for use in the kitchen and iis so space saving and looks lovely too.

  526. Jessica McDonnell

    This product sounds great. I can imagine it being really handy for those with limited space in their kitchen x

  527. Ane S

    I would like to win because I need an incentive to learn how to cook

  528. ashley smith

    id love to win this as my nana loves joseph joseph products x

  529. christine shelley

    My daughter has learning difficukties and has just started a catering course, it would be lovely for her to have her own bowls to practice witth

  530. Jen Rogers

    Love Joseph Joseph goods would love some for my grandaughter who has just set up home

  531. Stacey Melia

    We are just about to buy our first house so could do with all the help we can get 🙂

  532. StressedMum

    I would love to win this as I love cooking and baking and this will make it much more enjoyable x

  533. Lisa Pond

    My daughter loves banging pots / pans and bowls so she would be happy and I would be thrilled to have new ones to help bake with 🙂

  534. lois levy

    Our kitchen is so small every item has to earn its space, so this fantastic set will fit in perfectly x

  535. Jo Meichtry

    I would like to win this prize because they will be perfect for all the baking that my daughter and I love to do and we always seem to run out of mixing bowls. Great space savers aswell.

  536. Karen Laing

    I would love to win this as I love Joseph Joseph.I’ve managed to buy a few of their things but there’s so much more I’d like.It’s just so well made and well designed.Fingers crossed I may be lucky x

  537. sarah rees

    looks like it would be a great addition to my kitchen

  538. ali thorpe

    I have some Joseph & Joseph and their products are fab. This looks so neat and tidy too.

  539. jennifer thorpe

    it would make baking time a dream

  540. Abbie Smith

    My partner and I are finally buying our first home after the first one we tried to buy burnt down!! We love baking so this would be a fantastic addition to our new kitchen x

  541. Emma

    I’m prepping for uni, and I am in serious need of stylish kitchenware!

  542. Holly Boyd

    They are so stylish and I have very littke room in our tiny kitchen

  543. Eva Vida

    I would like to win this prize because I love cooking and baking and as I have a very small kitchen,I would store them easily.Thank you fore the chance

  544. Maureen findley

    i love these products

  545. Paul Mellor

    This would make a great gift for my daughter as she is moving into her first house very soon

  546. C Kennedy

    Because my cupboards are absolutely brimming with cookware and we really don’t have the space for it all, I have to reshuffle all the cupboards every time I buy something new. This set looks amazing for space saving, plus I absolutely love Joseph Joseph stuff because it’s such good quality and so innovative (I currently have their bin on my Christmas wishlist)

  547. Tina Holmes

    Me and the kids could use them

  548. Ickle Pickle

    What a great product – I haven’t heard of this brand before. Fab competition. Kaz x

  549. S Bufton

    Because these products sound fantastic and I would love to try them.

  550. Tracy Horrex

    my kitchen cupboards are fit to bursting would be great to win with Joseph love the idea that they take so little storage

  551. Jason

    I’d like to win this prize because I love Joseph Joseph and baking so it is absolute perfection for me!

  552. Rob

    We’ve just moved house and trying to fit in the random collection of bowls we’ve gathered over the years is proving difficult. We need to replace some, too. This set would be perfect! :o)

  553. helen tovell

    of the space saving and the quality of these products

  554. Kasia

    It’d be perfect for my small kitchen!

  555. Mary L

    These would be ideal for my small kitchen

  556. Becca Staples

    I would love to win to get some organisation into my kitchen. Thanks for the giveaway x

  557. Sue Nicholl

    I’d love to own a set of matching mixing bowls, my kitchen holds a variety of mismatched size and coloured bowls that neither look pretty or measure accurately. A new precise set would be perfect. X

  558. Michaela Hannah

    It would make an amazing christmas present for my in laws who absolutely love cooking and baking

  559. Sally Collingwood

    They are so beautifully designed.

  560. Anne-Marie Wigley

    I would like to win this because I’m redecorating my kitchen and this would look fab 😀


    I need some new bowls and these look great!

  562. shaheen

    I love how these nest into each other and save on space in my already packed kitchen.

  563. Phil Darling

    Joseph Joseph Rocks! It combines function and form perfectly

  564. Ewan Bell

    Great prize

  565. gemma brown

    it’s a fantastic spacesaver and great quality

  566. Susan Crosswaite

    My kitchen is really small with limited storage and Joseph Joseph products are so cleverly designed to take up as little space as possible

  567. Andrea Lemin

    I would love to win because I love cooking and baking and these would look great in my kitchen!

  568. Cassie

    I would lobe to win because love cooking and I love Joseph joseph plus this bowl set will mean I can try more of the great recipes on fabfood4all

  569. Aidan Clark

    I’m about to move out of my parents’ house so I need kitchen gear – and space will be at a premium so a compact set like this would be perfect!

  570. Natasha Mairs

    I have never heard of this brand before, so would love to win to try them out

  571. Sarahann Tonner

    They would be perfect for my kitchen!

  572. Holly Gibson

    As a student I don’t have much storage space, but I really love to bake, it’s my way of relaxing after a long and difficult day on placement

  573. Sharon

    This set would be perfect for my small kitchen.

  574. Jackie ONeill

    Make cooking so much easier having this handy compact set, love Joseph products so would love to have this in my kitchen

  575. Caroline Clarke

    I would love to win this because I LOVE baking, but my pans are all different sizes and take up so much room, I’d rather have a beautiful tidy nest set!

  576. Emily Knight

    I’d love to win as we haven’t bought any new kitchenware for ages, and our kitchen could do with an update!

  577. Helen Gossage

    I love to bake and I love this set

  578. Ruth Harwood

    I have limited space and this would be an awesome addition and help make cooking more of a pleasure xx

  579. chris hunt

    because who wouldn’t love this new, beautiful set of kitchen equipment? I wish I had had something like this when I moved into my first flat.
    It would make a lovely present but also would be the key piece of equipment in my kitchen and be used daily.

  580. debbie patching

    it would be a lovely surprise

  581. Cathy Glynn

    This would give me so much more storage in my cupboards, love them x

  582. caroline walliss

    I would love to win this amazing prize becuase having a large family makes kitchen space very limited, this looks like it could be the answer to all my problems, thanks.x

  583. Curtis Cleary

    I’m awesome!

  584. Kate Loader

    I’m moving into my new home next month, and I’d love this to go in my new kitchen!

  585. lyn Burgess

    Because they are so stylish as well as being very practical. I would love them in my kitchen.

  586. Lola Bellouere

    It would be great in my new kitchen x

  587. Tracy Webster

    Considering how little kitchen space I have, this would be perfect for saving space! And because it nests, it means that they’ll never get lost!

  588. Stella

    I have never heard of this brand before but this set looks like a great one to have.

  589. Edward Guerreiro

    I love Joseph Joseph products. They are so beautifully designed.

  590. Caroline H

    I love cooking and baking. The evening meal is actually quite a relaxing part of my day and I love to get a cake going at the weekend but the “cupboard of doom” where all the mixing bowls, measures, etc live is a minefield and I’d love to streamline it!

  591. Sarah Davies

    I’m a huge Joseph Joseph fan. I love how they make functional things with such style. And so cleverly designed to be space saving too. Very important for me due to lack of cupboard space.

  592. Sarah

    I’m all about space saving in my tiny kitchen. I would love to win these!

  593. Dean Willoughby

    Would love to win this great set for our son. He is only 11 and has asked for a Cake Mixer for his Christmas present this year as he loves cooking. This set would a great addition to help him achieve the fantastic results he gets with his baking.

  594. Herbert Appleby

    its an awesome space saver I my kitchen is tiny

  595. Lorraine Tinsley

    This would save so much space in the cupboard and it would be amazing for when I’m making my daughter’s birthday cake

  596. Davina Mellon

    I’d love to win because me and my husband are saving for our first home and need all the help we can get 🙂

  597. Claire Willmer

    I love baking and cooking and think this would be a great way of getting my two girls more involved with cooking!

  598. Karis

    I have a small kitchen so these would be great for me.

  599. Rachel Morgan

    so neat and tidy, love it

  600. rebecca beesley

    despite revamping my kitchen a few years ago and more than doubling my cupboard space i still run out of space – these would fit so neatly in a cupboard but look good enough to leave out on the worktop so i think i would do that if i was lucky enough to win!

  601. Lydia Frew

    My daughter has the coloured set and it is just fantastic! It will stop my husband complaining that nothing fits in the cupboard anymore. So it will create a peaceful and harmonious house.

  602. Iona Cornish

    My current mixing bowls are ancient

  603. Eliz M

    compact and essential – looks fab

  604. rominy colville

    apparently all I ever do is cook…

  605. JoJo Young

    I’d love to win as I love baking and this set would be everything I’d need!

  606. Lorna Kennedy

    I have limited cupboard space, so this would be fantastic!

  607. cheryl pearson

    I love the idea they all stack neatly and with limited cupboard space, this would be ideal

  608. Stephanie Tsang

    I would love to win because these are space saving.

  609. Sarah Morris

    I have fairly crammed cupboards and this will make life a little easier, now that I have taken an interest in baking and cooking more.

  610. Julie Booth

    I would like to win as my daughter is getting married and she loves Joseph Joseph kitchen ware

  611. aj

    it contains a lot of things that I don’t have.

  612. Hazel Rea

    I cook everything from scratch due to family allergies and this takes up so little room and is so useful.

  613. Sarah Davison

    Because my daughter is now starting to enjoy baking and she is very good at it, however our utensils are now showing their age and need to be replaced

  614. Bob Clark

    My kitchen is so untidy that this may help me reform

  615. Helen Garner

    These would be great for cooking with my little boy

  616. Sue Harrison

    My kitchen utensils are old and worn. These would be a fab replacement.

  617. Simon C

    this would be brilliant for our kitchen — we have a mish-mash of bits and pieces; they take up far too much space and never quite the right thing. Would be great to have something easily organised like this.

  618. Fanny Tran

    My partner does love his baking and I love eating the results so it would be a great present for him and me 😛

  619. Kelly Glen

    I only have a few basic kitchen utensils so this would be ideal

  620. Louise Hayward

    Because my kitchen is tiny and anything that stacks together is fab!

  621. Suzanne

    This ideal kitchen package is compact, stylish and practical, would facilitate meal preparation and make cooking a real pleasure.

  622. Iris W

    …because I love cooking and gadgets. This neat set is missing in my kitchen.

  623. Victoria N

    As I’ve recently revamped my kitchen and these would help complete it

  624. paul martin

    only have a small kitchen so this would be great

  625. Ellen Nixon

    I’d love to win these – They are so cool and so versatile

  626. Beky Austerberry

    I also have a small kitchen so the more space saving gadgets the better

  627. charlotte

    we are just moving into a new home so it would be a great addition 🙂

  628. Winifred Davidson

    A brilliant space saving idea..

  629. Jodie Cook

    I have admired the design of these for years (such clever design!), so would love to finally own one.

  630. darren hay

    This would be a brilliant present for my mum

  631. TAM b

    Cooking for a large family in a small kitchen can cause a few problems. This would be a great solution,

  632. hannonle

    because of the awesome space-saving design and that they just look awesome cool! I would love to bake with these!

  633. Fiona K

    My kitchenette is small so this would be practical and ideal for making treats

  634. varsha

    I have limited kitchen storage space so these compact bowls would be very useful for family dinners.

  635. fozia Akhtar

    Because I need to organise myself

  636. Alexia Horn

    I’m off to uni soon and this would save me so much money!

  637. Rhonda

    My boyfriend wants to cook more home made things, he’d love this prize!

  638. charlotte

    because my kitchen is tiny! But I love cooking. The plethora of bowls takes up most of my cupboards, and would love to get it a bit tidier

  639. Lucy I

    I don’t have enough cupboard space in my kitchen so this would be a great space saver

  640. Kelly Mobbs

    I have a tiny kitchen and these would be perfect for me

  641. Heather Haigh

    As well as being so useful and compact I just love how stylish this set looks too. And no more scarbblling around in drawers for different measuring spoons and cups.

  642. Zoe G

    This would be great in my kitchen, I have lots of problems with storage so would be able to store easier

  643. Peter Hewitt

    It would sharpen up the look of my kitchen whilst helping me to make better food

  644. Rebecca England

    Tiny kitchen – perfect multi purpose and stylish set. I’d love it

  645. Laura Chapman

    ….we struggle (and argue) over kitchen and cupboard space, so this would be absolutely perfect as it would neatly fit together in one cupboard.

  646. Zenath

    ..because I need compact kitchen utensil and equipment for my limited storage space

  647. Janice O'Connor

    I love to cook with quality cookware and ingredients.

  648. Vicky Limerick

    my cupboards are such a mess and nothing fits in correctly together

  649. Lea Mavin

    These would be ideal for my small kitchen

  650. David Paterson

    Would be a brilliant present for my wife

  651. Vanessa Cox

    I’d love to win because I love great kitchen accessories. I spent most of my time cooking and baking!

  652. lynn mitchell

    this would be fantastic for my daughter as she has to prepare and cook all of her food from scratch due to having extreme allergies.

  653. laura stewart

    because im a good cook

  654. Jo

    I have just left home and need to stock up my cooking equipment

  655. Sarah Brokenshire

    Because these look perfect for freeing up some space in my manic kitchen x


    have just got back into baking and need some new equipment

  657. J Element

    It is such a handy and stylish prize

  658. Andrea Fletcher

    The space saving idea’s are brilliant.

  659. Michelle lintern

    Having professional cookware might hopefully make my cooking prize winning too.

  660. Rosie Thomas

    I need new bowls for cooking and these are so stylish

  661. kelly wheelhouse

    I would like to win this prize because I have a small kitchen and this would be fab for space keeping

  662. Henry Little

    they look really useful and handy!

  663. Terrie-Ann Wright

    I have always loved Joseph Joseph products, they are so innovative and space saving, as well as looking so stylish. This set is amazing and would really solve the space issues that I have in my cupboards. It would come in so handy, and would be so well used.

    Whoever wins this competition is one lucky bean!

  664. Erica M

    Perfect for a small kitchen and a great look too.

  665. Claire Redfern

    These would look so good next to my new Joseph Joseph knives – I don’t know how I ever managed without them 🙂

  666. jaime miller

    I’d like to win this prize because I can make lots of nice homemade treats for my new born when he starts weaning.

  667. carol phile

    I would like to win because my kitchen is also compact and this would save vital space

  668. Sharon Maplesden

    These look fantastic would be so helpful! Thank you so very much for this fantastic competition xXx fingers crossed xXx

  669. Anthony G

    I like practicality and I don’t like clutter, so this would be ideal 🙂

  670. Valerie Harbut

    Quality, versatile and space saving too – this set is just perfect for my tiny kitchen space.

  671. Vivien Taylor

    I’d like to add style to my kitchen

  672. 4

    Because I’d like to add style to my kitchen

  673. Jessica Powell

    We have a tiny kitchen so this set would make all the difference!

  674. kimberley ryan

    it would be amazing to have that extra space available in my kitchen cupboards, with 5 children around it is certainly needed. it would also be fabulous to have the right ‘tools’ for the job, the measuring cups would be brilliant

  675. Monica Gilbert

    I have a really small kitchen and need ways to control the clutter while cooking nice food.

  676. LynneH

    These are so stylish, as well as incredibly useful

  677. Pauline Simpson

    I would love these because they are so compact & easy to store in my small Galley kitchen

  678. Louise Gazeley

    This is the Perfect ”Fit” for my Cupboard sized Kitchen !!

  679. Sheena Widdowfield

    I’m refurbing my kitchen and need to replace my 10 year old kitchen ware!!

  680. Simon Grundy

    I only have one pair of hands and that’s not enough !

  681. Suzanne O'Neill

    I have a small kitchen and this is a practical and tidy way to have all the kitchen utensils i need.

  682. Amica Grant

    I love to cook and could do with some new kitchen bits

  683. Jodi hill

    I love to bake with my son, but don’t have a lot of storage space! 🙂

  684. Julie Tift

    I would be delighted to be able to do my baking with such wonderfully made products.


    I always prefer quality products .

  686. Lucy D

    I’m dreading cooking Christmas lunch for my in-laws (10 of us) in my tiny kitchen. These would make the job a little more enjoyable!

  687. Julia Nicholls

    I would like this prize because the set is both stylish and very practical. It’s ideal for a small kitchen like mine.

  688. Lynn Woodcock

    It’s so tidy and looks great!

  689. Julie Cook

    would be wonderful to have a neat stack of matching bowls

  690. Laura Pritchard

    I currently only have one mixing bowl so have to bake using saucepans as mixing bowls as well!

  691. jayne hall

    it would be very useful in the kitchen

  692. Jade Hewlett

    I love baking and this looks fantastic

  693. Jennifer Haden

    I’d love to win this as my kitchen is literally the size of a closet! A small walkin closet, only one person can be in at a time. I can’t have much in there, so it’s nice to have nesting things or things that save space.

  694. Samantha Scaldwell

    Because i’d love to do a bit more space saving in the kitchen and this would help with organisation too! (my kitchen needs it)

  695. Ness Gorton

    It makes sense for the bowls to be stacked & in my tiny kitchen space is at a premium!

  696. Jane Willis

    I would love to win because a keen cook can never have enough bowls, but lots of bowls usually means lots of space – these are the perfect solution

  697. sarah hayes

    I dont have any of these products and they would make my life so much simpler when cooking or baking.

  698. Valerie Seal

    I’d like to win these because I never have enough bowls in my kitchen.

  699. Sarah Parkin

    I’d like to win this prize because I love the style and practicality of Joseph Joseph Nest 100 Compact Food Preparation Set and I’ve promised my family to make cakes if I win 🙂

  700. Anita hargreaves

    Would be thrilled to #win this competition #GoodLuckEveryone

  701. Paul Wilson

    I’d like to win because it’s a great prize and would be extremely useful in my kitchen.

  702. Janet Rumley

    … I need to be more organised in the kitchen xxx

  703. Debra Berzangi

    Id like to win because id like to bake with my daughter more and also it saves a lot of space in my small kitchen!

  704. Clare Webb

    Because I love baking and with very little storage space in my kitchen these would be amazing!

  705. Robyn Logan Clarke

    I love baking but have a tiny kitchen with not much storage space, love how these stack up and dont take up much room at all.

  706. Nancy Bradford

    I would love to win these clever little bowls.. I’m sure they would improve my cooking and organising (which needs lots of improvement).

  707. melanie stirling

    They look so useful and don’t take up much room in the cupboard.

  708. Mark Richmond

    Lack of cupboard space in my kitchen so anything that saves space is great.

  709. Nicola Holland

    Really want to get cooking with my kids

  710. tracy sinclair

    They would come in so handy in the kitchen and look so stylish, would love to use them x

  711. tracey

    what a fantastic competition!

  712. lynsey Buchanan

    It would be really handy to use when baking

  713. Laura Tonks

    I love Joseph Joseph stuff!!! This would be fab!

  714. Corina

    It might just help me to be stylish in the kitchen too.

  715. kady newell

    I’ve just got into baking and this would make a fab start to my kitchen equipment 🙂

  716. pete c

    taking up so little space, it`s safe, practical and would be so useful for my baking needs

  717. Mandy moore

    It looks fabulous

  718. Carriecakes

    Lovely giveaway! Would love to own some decent bake-wear! 🙂 Thank-you!

  719. Steve Dickinson

    I need all the help I can get !

  720. Samantha Stroud

    I love to bake and one can never have enough bowls!

  721. Melinda Winship

    food glorious food, this would make it even better 🙂

  722. Georgina Jacobs

    I’m baking for my son’s school this year and this would be fabulous addition to my kitchen to help me out. I’m also on caking baking duty for the family christmas so this would be so fabulous x thank you

  723. Isabel O

    Because I have always wanted to own something by Joseph Joseph, it’s the sort of thing I eye up in Lakeland but never buy since I am just a single girl living alone and I think I’m not worth the expense.

  724. Andrea Goodheart

    “I’d like to win this prize because ….

    …these Joseph bowls look stacks better than my current kit!”

  725. Lynne OConnor

    this would be perfect for my tiny kitchen

  726. terina davidson

    fantastic prize

  727. Laura @ KneadWhine

    I’m moving to a new hpuse with a gorgeous new kitchen where the rubbish mixing bowl I have will feel out of place and sad.

    Do it for the mixing bowl. Not me.

  728. kellyjo walters

    I love anything kitchen esp joseph and joseph

  729. Hester McQueen

    I would like to win this prize because I love Joseph Joseph products. This would be particularly helpful as I love baking. Love stainless steel. Love the way they all fit together – take up less room in my kitchen cupboards which means my cupboards will be tidier. Stylish & innovative.

  730. Juliet Kavanagh

    This would be so useful, and it’s stylish too!

  731. Joanne Beale

    These would come in handy and won’t take up too much space for storage

  732. sima halimi

    joseph joseph is the best

  733. Katherine Teff

    I would like to win this prize because it is so utterly stylish and also will take up less room than my current mis-matched paraphernalia in my cramped cupboards.

  734. Susan Lloyd

    It would look lovely in my new kitchen (if it ever gets finished)

  735. iain maciver

    I love to win this because I need help in them kitchen


    it would be perfect for my compact kitchen with limited storage

  737. winnie

    i love Joseph joseph products


    Would come in very handy with my baking – I could do with some good quality bowls!

  739. Chevaune Stanley

    I have such a small kitchen, and every time I open a cupboard I am met with something falling out!!! This would be fabulous, one thing to lift in and out and everything I need fitting into it!!

  740. Serena La Pietra

    ….I’m using my grandmothers old kitchen mixing sets. Battered, chipped and about ready for the big bin in the sky.

  741. Christine Sunter

    I know just the person who’d love this as a Christmas Present!

  742. Katherine Wedge

    it’s so stylish

  743. suzanne Drummond

    i would love these bowls to add some quality and spohistication to my new kitchen

  744. Patricia Dewey

    I have a small kitchen and do lots of baking. This would save me space and time and would be so useful.

  745. Nicki Evans

    Because it is stylish as well as practical and won’t take up much storage space.

  746. Christine Dodd

    I love to have an organised kitchen

  747. Pat Stubbs

    I’ve always love Joseph Jospeh products and would like to add to my currently very small selection

  748. Jan Beal

    This is an amazing prize for a small kitchen – it would certainly ease storage problems and how great to get everything you need in one fell swoop!

  749. Sue Harrison

    Having all the necessary equipment neatly in one place would be a huge boon and would help the kitchen stay a lot tidier

  750. Lynne Durkin

    The products are such good quality and store away lovely and compact.

  751. Sinead ORourke

    I would love to give this to my sister for her birthday.

  752. Lindsey Clegg

    I’m seriously short on cupboard space in my kitchen, but am always baking up afternoon tea treats for my family and friends, so this would be the perfect solution for me

  753. Sue Caton

    I’d love to win this because we don’t have all that much kitchen storage space so this is a brilliant way to keep everything!

  754. Alica

    I love baking and have a tiny kitchen! so this would be great 🙂

  755. john lackson

    nice prize

  756. Maxine G

    There is never enough room in the kitchen for all the things you need, so this space-saving set would be great – and they won’t get chipped like some of my old ceramic bowls!

  757. Tracy Nixon

    I would like to win this prize because….I love Joseph and Joseph products and it would be great for when I am baking with my children!

  758. Jonathan Mason

    I love cooking and this looks like it would be one of the most useful items in the kitchen, also, I love Joseph Joseph kitchen utensils – they are beautifully designed, functional and look great.

  759. Gill

    I’ve yet to discover JosephJoseph!1

  760. Samantha Fernley

    Would love to win this as it is so compact for the kitchen cupboard and really handy for baking.

  761. Charlotte Moore

    Because I love cooking and this looks great

  762. Roger Bufton

    It would be nice to have some thing that I could ues other than just goung by weight.

  763. Tony Metcalf

    It’s a simple but brilliant idea that’ll get lots of use in my kitchen.

  764. laura banks

    it would be so handy and easy to use when i’m baking my cakes

  765. Elaine Savage

    It’s such a classy set and will stack so well in my limited cupboard space

  766. Tracey Peach

    I would like to win this prize because….I am going to try & do more cooking & baking in the new year & this set of Joseph Joseph Nest 100 will inspire me to start

  767. Helen Thurston

    it’s an amazing set – looks good, high quality and space saving – love it x

  768. Katie Skeoch

    Love joseph Joseph products for their quality & practicality!

  769. Lisa Williams

    I would love this I am a bit Joseph Joseph fan and am in the process of trying to get some degree of order back in my kitchen and this is the kind of space saving I love everything is there taking no more space than it needs to and its stainless steel so really hygienic too 🙂

  770. Kat Glynn

    I would like to win because I love Joesh Joseph products, they are so stylish! I have the exact same set but in the plastic multi coloured version which have been well used. x

  771. Vikki

    I’d love to win this because I’ve got a housemate moving in in January and I’m desperately trying to compact/downsize my belongings!