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Bacon & Potato Layer Bake – pure comfort food!

Bacon & Potato Layer Bake NB: I have brought my Bacon & Potato Layer Bake recipe up to date with some better photographs as its so popular and deserved better. Enjoy! Bacon & Potato Layer Bake is another dish that I grew up eating, it’s totally yummy and a great hit with the whole family. …

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Easy Cheesy Jalapeno Soda Bread – so incredibly tasty!

It’s autumn which means it’s very much soup weather and every soup deserves a good helping of crusty bread. My Easy Cheesy Jalapeno Soda Bread takes just minutes to prepare and is the perfect soup accompaniment or is great as part of a cold table. If you’ve never made soda bread the only thing you …

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Chilli con Carne Tacos – a quick & tasty family meal!

Sponsored content for Schwartz Chilli con Carne Tacos I don’t remember exactly when I had my first Chilli con Carne but I’m pretty sure it was made using Schwartz Recipe Mix. My mum cooked most of our meals from scratch but I remember a friend of hers recommending the Schwartz Chilli con Carne Recipe Mix …

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Easy Cheesy Pulled Chicken Wraps – your way! #CheeseRules #LoveCheese

In association with Cathedral City These Easy Cheesy Pulled Chicken Wraps made with Cathedral City Mature Cheddar, slow cooked pulled chicken thighs and your favourite sauces are so quick and easy to prepare, your family will love them! Cathedral City, makers of the nation’s favourite Cheddar, have recently enjoyed a relaunch with new packaging and …

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Cheesy Courgette Omelette

Today I bring you my Cheesy Courgette Omelette, something I often make at the weekend for our lunch but had never thought to post until one of my Facebook followers asked for the recipe! But before I get onto omelette I just want to say sorry for the unscheduled break from posting! After taking a …

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Cheesy Fish Chowder Pie

After taking a pack of fish pie mix out of the freezer the other day I had no idea what I was going to make with it. By tea time I was googling for inspiration and came across my own Fish Pie recipe (fancy that) but realising I had some puff pastry that needed using up …

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Rainbow Chard Soufflé

I was lucky enough to pick up 2 packets of Rainbow Chard for pennies on one of my recent bargain shops; it’s becoming like a lucky dip and I never know what I’ll come home with! I’ve never been one for planning my meals for the whole week so having to come up with new …

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Cajun Chicken Fajitas with Schwartz Perfect Shake

We love spicy food  in our family so when Schwartz sent me some of their products recently I made a bee line for the Cajun Perfect Shake Herb & Spice Blend! Initially we tried it out on some chicken breasts on the BBQ sliced in half horizontally rubbed in oil and the dusted with the …

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Spicy Black Turtle Bean Burgers

The other day I came across a bag of black turtle beans that had recently gone out of date at the back of my cupboard. I’d been sent them last year and at the time I created some delicious Flavours of Brazil Turkey Burgers with Bacon and Pineapple. So a huge wave of guilt came …

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Chilli SPAM & Eggs

When SPAM Chopped Pork and Ham asked me to come up with a recipe suitable for camping using its easy to open tub, I jumped at the chance. I may have only camped in my garden but I have watched a lot of ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” so feel like I’m an …

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