Most Popular Recipes of 2017

Most Popular Recipes of 2017 - Fab Food 4 All

The Most Popular Recipes of 2017

I think I missed doing a round-up of my most popular recipes last year due to work commitments so I’m bringing back this tradition this year. I do love to look back on what my readers have been enjoying in particular and as usual it’s no surprise to see jam featuring heavily but with 6 out of the top 10 I do think that’s a record this year – jam is slowly taking over it seems. I must admit I am jam obsessed so I’m glad that my passion for jam making is being received well and judging from all the lovely questions I get via the comments or via e-mail there are lots of you taking up jam making and I’m always really happy to help. I only started out on my jam making journey in the last 5 years and after winning a prize at the local Parish Day with my first jam creation (Peach & Apricot Jam) I was totally hooked!

My ethos for my other recipes is to make budget friendly, family recipes that don’t keep you in the kitchen for ages as we all have busy lives. Therefore it was lovely when one of my Twitter followers recognised this recently and said “love your recipes… great food, practical, delicious & usually fast which for me is fab.” So what were Fab Food 4 All’s top 10 recipes of 2017 I hear your cry! Well hold on to your hats and read on and then I’ll let you know what the top recipes were from some of my fellow food bloggers too!

Cherry Jam, simple and delicious! Fab Food 4 All


1. Cherry Jam 

I made this Cherry Jam in 2016 as I found a cheap tray of cherries and it’s always been my hubby’s favourite flavour. It completely flew under the radar but in January of this year I decided I was going to nail Pinterest and from May onwards my Cherry Jam was soaring! The number one spot has usually been taken by my Damson or Blackberry & Apple Jams so it’s lovely to see a newcomer to this spot and it’s such an awesome tasting jam too!

Damson Jam with my tip for pitting Damsons easily! @FabFood4All

2. Damson Jam

I originally made my Damson Jam in 2013 with damsons from my parents tree which I had pretty much ignored whilst growing up. However with my new passion for jam making I made a bee line for my parents’ damson and was so shocked when this recipe took off the way it did and it’s proved extremely popular every year since. This year I decided the post needed a makeover as the photographs were from before I had a professional camera – jam makers don’t seem to care but I wanted to do this popular post justice!

Easy Blackberry & Apple Jam - Fab Food 4 All

3. Easy Blackberry & Apple Jam

My Easy Blackberry & Apple Jam also had a makeover this year which was long overdue as again it was originally made in 2013. This jam came about after I’d been out foraging and was pretty tired so I wanted to just quickly make some jam on my return. On Googling and checking out recipes in books they all seemed to call for 2 pans to cook the blackberries and apples separately which seemed like nonsense to me, “why not just stagger the cooking times” I thought to myself. So I used one pot and it seems that everyone else liked this idea too! If you’ve never had Blackberry & Apple Jam you have been missing out, it is simply divine, I love the lightness that the apple gives it!

Kale Soup - Fab Food 4 All

4. Kale Soup

I’m not sure why I didn’t call this Kale & Carrot Soup as I think it’s the carrot that makes this Kale Soup a hit since it takes away the kale’s bitterness. It’s also healthy and low in fat so I can see why this took off! This recipe came about after finding a bargain bag of 1p kale in my local supermarket. I’m very much a reactive recipe creator, I like to solve a culinary conundrums on the hoof so nothing spurs me on more than a cheap glut of something I come across!

Bacon & Potato Layer Bake - Fab Food 4 All

5. Bacon & Potato Layer Bake

I grew up eating Bacon & Potato Layer Bake and this is my version of my mum’s dish – it’s just the ultimate comfort food. This recipe also got a much deserved re-shoot this year and has featured in many of my end of year top tens!

ActiFry Chicken Thighs, chicken in a bun, salad, cheap, quick, easy, dinner, recipe

6. ActiFry Chicken Thighs & other quick recipe ideas for when you’re tired! 

I can see why my ActiFry Chicken Thighs recipe is in the top 10, who doesn’t like crispy chicken thighs? Most of us lead busy rushed lives and can suffer from tiredness around the time we need to be cooking! This simple recipe which uses just 3 ingredients is perfect for such occasions and is far quicker and cheaper than sending out for a takeaway!

One Pot Minced Beef Hotpot

7. One Pot Minced Beef Hotpot

Another comfort dish, my One Pot Mince Hotpot is totally delicious and once it’s prepared you have an hour to yourself while it cooks. Best of all it’s packed full of vegetables so no additional cooking is involved and there’s just one pan to wash up!

Easy Seedless Raspberry Jam - Fab Food 4 All


8. Easy Seedless Raspberry Jam

My Easy Seedless Raspberry Jam came about because my hubby doesn’t like seeds, so after many requests for a seedless jam I finally relented (oh and I may have come across some bargain punnets of raspberries). The colour if this jam is quite amazing and it tastes fabulous too!

Simple Blueberry Jam - no pectin, ,just 3 ingredients! Fab Food 4 All

9. Simple Blueberry Jam

I had never had Blueberry Jam before but a few bargain punnets of blueberries back in January put that right. Oh my, it is simply amazing, so if you ever come across a bargain or have your own blueberry bush I can’t recommend this jam highly enough!

Simple, fast, easy, preserve,

10. Quick One Punnet Strawberry Jam (Prize Winning)

I have fond memories of my Quick One Punnet Strawberry Jam which I never intended to enter into the local Parish Show but a Cherry & Apple Jam I attempted to create turned to concrete so I grabbed a jar of my strawberry jam to take along instead thinking it would be far too boring to win any prize. Well I was totally wrong and was so thrilled when it picked up 1st prize. I recommend this jam to anyone wanting to attempt jam for the first time as you can make it in a normal sized pan and it’s so quick and easy. Beware you will get hooked if you aren’t already!

Well those were the most popular recipes of 2017 on my blog but what were the most popular recipes on fellow food blogs. I asked some food blogging friends and here are their most popular posts of 2017!

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this run down of the most popular recipes on Fab Food 4 All during 2017. It just remains for me to wish you a very Happy New Year and I look forward to sharing more culinary creations in 2018 with you! xx

Breaking news! Just found I had done a review last year (was getting mixed up with anniversary post which I once missed) so here is the pin so you can see 6 recipes have stayed in the top 10 (some re-shot so look different)!

Top 10 Recipes of 2016 - Fab Food 4 All

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  1. Janice

    I see that Jam dominates the most popular recipes again this year. Looking forward to seeing what you make for 2018. Thanks for including my most popular recipe for Scotch Broth.

    1. Camilla

      Thanks Janice, I also look forward to your creations in 2018:-)

  2. Jo Allison / Jo's Kitchen Larder

    Happy New Year Camilla! Fantastic jam galore in your top 10! Love it! I have only ever made simple strawberry jam and damson jam which were really nice but then I had a disaster with marmalade which completely put me off “jamming”. You make it all look so easy that I might have to give it a go again especially that we do love jams in our house. All the best for 2018!

    1. Camilla

      I had a burn disaster once Jo and it taught me to always stir the jam very regularly, haven’t burned any since. Do hope you give it another go as you can’t really go wrong if you stir well and do your chilled plate test until the jam forms a gel like crinkle-) Happy New Year xx

  3. Ceri Jones

    Looks like you’ve had another Jam packed year Camilla. Literally! 🙂 Looks like you’ve found your forte, Here’s to another one in 2018. Thanks for adding my balls!

    1. Camilla

      Thanks Ceri, wishing you a fabulous 2018 too:-)

  4. Lucy

    I am not surprised to see so many jam recipes here, you really are the queen of jam! Look forward to reading more recipes in 2018 from you.

    1. Camilla

      Thank you Lucy, I’d best go off and polish my crown LOL-)

  5. Corina Blum

    Happy New Year! You really do have some lovely jams Camilla. I’ve never tried jam making and we don’t even eat a lot of it but just looking at all these I’m beginning to feel a little tempted!

    1. Camilla

      Happy New Year Corina. Aaw, thank you, jam making is so rewarding, you really should try it and it makes a great gift-)

  6. Christina | Christina's Cucina

    You are the jam queen! I just want to dive in! Thanks for adding my doughnuts! Happy New Year, Camilla! To many more delicious recipes in 2018!

    1. Camilla

      Aaw, thank you Christina, wishing you a very Happy New Year too:-) Looking forward to more of your delicious recipes in 2018! xx

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