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Spiced Apple Lattice Pie for #BritishPieWeek

In association with British Gas This week I’ve teamed up with British Gas to champion the lost art of home economics and at the same time celebrate British Pie Week which runs from 6 – 12th March. British Pie Week has been running since 2007 and celebrates all our wonderful pastry enrobbed creations. I can’t …

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Italian Minced Beef Plait – so quick & easy to prepare!

In association with Wahl Italian Minced Beef Plait I have a really simple and easy recipe for you today, Italian Minced Beef Plait. I was very happy to be approached by Wahl who asked me develop a hearty meal using the Wahl James Martin Grind and Chop which is available in Argos. I can’t tell …

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Rhubarb & Blueberry Tarte Tatin

So yesterday I found myself with some rhubarb I’d bought reduced and had a great idea to make sorbet, until I realised that my ice cream maker base wasn’t in the freezer so that idea went out the window. Then I thought about making a rhubarb cake but I have a couple of really good …

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Cheesy Fish Chowder Pie

After taking a pack of fish pie mix out of the freezer the other day I had no idea what I was going to make with it. By tea time I was googling for inspiration and came across my own Fish Pie recipe (fancy that) but realising I had some puff pastry that needed using up …

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Sweet Chilli Sausage Plait

In celebration of British Sausage Week which runs from 2 – 8 November, I decided I wanted to make a sausage plait. I have to admit that I’ve been intrigued by them ever since watching Nanny Pat on The Only Way is Essex as it seems to be her signature dish. (Did I just say …

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Leftover Pastry Banana Nutella Pinwheels

My favourite way of making quiches is with puff pastry and I always have some left over. Often I’ll make some extra egg mixture to make mini quiches for the children’s packed lunches or maybe do some cheese straws. The other day though I decided I would make some peanut butter and jam pinwheels I’d …

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Apple & Marzipan Dumplings

I have many fond childhood memories of Peter’s Tea Room and Baker’s Shop in Weybridge and all the cakes and delicacies are etched in my memory. One such treat I remember seeing in the window and occasionally having at home was their Apple Dumplings. Louise Johncox has recreated her father Peter’s recipes in her book …

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10 Bloggers’ Favourite Recipes

I recently thought it would be really interesting to find out from a few bloggers what they cooked most from their own blogs. This was a very tough question indeed! Of course we have many favourites but the recipes we tend to make the most are the quick and easy ones where you barely need …

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Broccoli & Tomato Quiche

When I visited my grandparents as a child there was always an abundance of home cooked food but for some reason the savoury offerings have vanished from my memory (apart from the huge roast turkey dinners at Christmas). I do remember my grandmother’s pie bird though so we must have had some sort of pie! …

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Quiche Lorraine with Slow Cooked Pulled Gammon

I have been using my slow cooker more and more lately and recently came across “The Best Slow Cooker Gammon Recipe” over on This Mummy which is run by the lovely Laurenne. The whole family are completely addicted to this quick and simple recipe which you serve as pulled gammon. The best thing about it …

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