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Best Ever Chunky BBQ Relish & a BBQ Meat Feast! #PowerofFrozen

In association with Iceland It’s always tempting fate to say it’s barbecue season because as we all know the British weather has a mind of its own and we can several different seasons of weather thrown at us in just the space of a week. One thing that is certain however is being able to …

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Poor Man’s Crispy Duck (Pulled Hoisin Pork Tortillas)

Do you ever find that when you try and find that pair of shoes, or go looking for your child’s size in school uniform or need to find some inspiration you just can’t find it. It seems the harder you try to find these things the more evasive they become like a cruel trick. It’s …

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Sunny Picnic Quiches

To celebrate the release of ‘Annie’ on Blu-ray and DVD on Monday 27th April I was challenged to come up with a suitable recipe. The film stars Jamie Foxx, Quvenzhané, Wallis and Cameron Diaz who bring the film up to date for a whole new generation. “The sun will come out tomorrow” is a famous …

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24 Cracking Egg Recipes

With Easter just around the corner I’ve been thinking a lot about eggs (and maybe the odd chocolate one) as not only do they signify new life but they are one of my favourite versatile foods. With this in mind I thought I’d ask some fellow food bloggers for their “eggcellent ” creations which will …

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Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables – as a main or side dish!

This is a dish I have been making for years and it’s one I make when I just don’t really feel like cooking but want the family to still have something healthy to eat. It’s not an exact recipe set in stone but an idea to use up whatever vegetables you have lurking in your …

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Chilli Prawn and Pasta Salad

Chilli Prawn and Pasta Salad, Healthy, seafood, shellfish, packed lunch, cold food, dinner, lunch

My daughter has been nagging me for a long time to make pasta salad because if we’ve ever had to buy lunch out this is what she chooses over a sandwich. So one night feeling inspired I thought about what flavours would work well together and so my Chilli Prawn and Pasta Salad was born. …

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Spicy Bacon & Baked Bean Casserole

It’s funny how you can forget about recipes over the years and this is one of those which my mum always used to make which I had completely forgotten about until recently – I think it started off life as a bacon recipe card. I have made a few tweaks to this Mexican style dish, …

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Slow Cooked Chicken Italian

Today I bring you Slow Cooked Chicken Italian! The longer you own a piece of equipment the better your understanding of it grows and that is very true of my slow cooker. For a long time I took it as gospel that I had to follow the manufacturer’s instructions about only ever putting hot liquids …

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Roasted Tomato, Red Pepper and Chorizo Soup

Yesterday I found myself with a glut of vine tomatoes, peppers and a pack of chorizo and knowing that I had to go to my son’s school in the evening I decided soup and cold food would be the perfect solution. I have tried making a roasted tomato soup before but without stock and it …

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Simple Pork Fried Rice

Simple Pork Fried Rice Chinese New Year falls on 31 January this year and marks the start of 15 days of celebration. This year is the year of the horse which is said to bring prosperity and wealth (well I think we could all do with some of that)! We have been lucky enough to …

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