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Creme Egg Chocolate Cake – moist and delicious!

Creme Egg Chocolate Cake My son turned 18 this week, I know, I don’t look old enough you’re going to say (just humour me) so of course I had to bake him a birthday cake. My daughter likes to mix things up when it comes to her birthday cake choices but my son’s favourite is …

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Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Pancakes – incredibly delicious!

Today I’m bringing you my Gluten Free Chocolate Chip pancakes. I had never used gluten free flour before so spent the weekend experimenting after picking up a bag at the weekend. My soda bread experiment turned into something more akin to a concrete frisbee, edible straight out of the oven but not a few hours …

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Creme Egg Chocolate Fudge

Easter is nearly upon us so I felt had to do something fun and different to my previous Easter posts so I put my brain to work and came up with the idea of Creme Egg Chocolate Fudge! This recipe might come in handy if you find your household with a glut of eggs and …

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Monster Pancakes

To celebrate the release of Hotel Transylvania 2 which is out now on Digital HD and on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray & DVD 15th February I was asked to create a pancake recipe for Shrove Tuesday, so I came up with these scary Monster Pancakes. If you’d like to know more about the film here’s a …

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Golden Syrup & Clotted Cream Croissant Pudding

So it’s January and the trend is that everyone tries to eat healthier after the indulgence of Christmas! Well I’ve never been very good at trends and with this cold snap we’re having at the moment I do think a comforting pud is just what’s needed right now! With all my bargain shopping I sometimes …

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Rocky Road Fudge using the Thermapen 4 Digital Thermometer

My last dalliance with fudge was over a year ago and was a resounding flop. I didn’t own a digital thermometer back then so when I boiled my fudge to the “soft ball” stage I was testing by hand and obviously got it completely wrong so the resulting fudge never set and was more like …

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Pancake Day Recipes, tips and how to get your fair share!

So Shrove Tuesday is upon us again so I thought I’d share my 3 favourite Pancake Day recipes along with some from fellow bloggers plus some tips to make the day go smoothly! Last year I made a Chilli Pancake Stack which I have to say was out of this world and the family went …

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Blueberry & Banana Pancakes (American Style) + Oxo Good Grips Review

As a blogger for Oxo I am privileged to receive products which often push me to make things that I haven’t ever thought to make before. So when I received a kit for making pancakes (items actually sold separately) I wanted to do something a little different and inspiration came from watching “This Morning” when …

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Yorkshire Puddings with Ice Cream & Golden Syrup

Since 2008 the first Sunday of every February has been designated British Yorkshire Pudding Day and this year falls on 3 February. I have to admit that I mainly make Yorkshire Pudding batter for my Toad in the Hole recipe and tend to chicken out of making actual Yorkshire Puddings. So when Mermaid sent me …

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Treacle Tart – “How to Feed Your Family for £5 a Day” by Bernadine Lawrence

I made this Treacle Tart as part of my review of “How to Feed your Family for £5 a Day” by Bernadine Lawrence. For book review click here. This Treacle Tart is encased in a beautifully short sweet shortcrust pastry and was enjoyed by all who ate it! I took the opportunity to use the …

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