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Nut Roast (vegan & gluten-free) – perfect for Christmas!

In association with The Vegetarian Society Nut Roast (vegan & gluten-free) Today I’m bringing you a festive Nut Roast from The Vegetarian Society Cookery School. I was thrilled when The Vegetarian Society got in contact with me and asked me to re-create one of the schools Christmas dishes. As many of you know my daughter …

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Banoreo Cheesecake – vegetarian, no-bake, perfect for entertaining!

Banoreo Cheesecake Today I’m bringing you a vegetarian Banoreo Cheesecake or Banana & Oreo Cheesecake (it was a toss up for the name)! There’s a bit of a story attached as to how it came about! My daughter became a vegetarian recently so not all the recipes she’s given for Food Tech at school are …

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Chocolate Melting Moments – incredibly moreish!

Chocolate Melting Moments Today I have updated my Chocolate Melting Moments recipe with some better photographs as it really did deserve better than my amateur attempt from years ago! When I left college it wasn’t any of the teachers I was going to miss but my regular fix of Chocolate Melting Moments that weighed heavy …

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Kids’ Favourite Recipes + Tips to get them Eating!

In association with Dura Forge from Prestige Kids’ Favourite Recipes + Tips to get them Eating Recently Prestige asked if I’d like to share some parenting tips with my readers to celebrate the launch of their new Dura Forge range of pans. So of course my thoughts immediately turned to food! Do you have a …

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Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Pancakes – incredibly delicious!

Today I’m bringing you my Gluten Free Chocolate Chip pancakes. I had never used gluten free flour before so spent the weekend experimenting after picking up a bag at the weekend. My soda bread experiment turned into something more akin to a concrete frisbee, edible straight out of the oven but not a few hours …

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Egg, Leek and Potato Curry

Last night I went to cook some pork chops but inspired by Jacqueline of Tinned Tomatoes, hubby said he wanted to have a Meat Free Monday. Well, only too happy to oblige I went to the fridge for some veggie inspiration. There were lots of leeks in the fridge as well as eggs and potatoes …

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Spelt Banoffee Flapjacks with Dark Chocolate

It was my mother’s birthday last week and one of the home baked treats we had was a lovely chocolate flapjack. I came away with the recipe (it was one from her head) and decided to give it a makeover. I was toying with adding apple but on seeing a very ripe small banana in …

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24 Cracking Egg Recipes

With Easter just around the corner I’ve been thinking a lot about eggs (and maybe the odd chocolate one) as not only do they signify new life but they are one of my favourite versatile foods. With this in mind I thought I’d ask some fellow food bloggers for their “eggcellent ” creations which will …

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Vegan Banana Cake

Seeing a drawer full of over-ripe frozen bananas in the freezer the other day I decided that it was high time that I put them to use. As we’re trying to have a “healthier” January I decided against any of my usual Banana Cakes and set about searching for something suitable. After a quick flick …

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10 Healthy Recipes to get you motivated!

10 Healthy Recipes After the excesses of Christmas there is always much talk of diets, detox and New Year’s resolutions. I’m not really a fan of any of these things especially the term diet. To me diets were invented to sell books, classes etc and the problem with them is that as soon as people …

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