Easy Lemon & Elderflower Curd

Today I am thrilled to share with you my Easy Lemon & Elderflower Curd! I must have been living under a rock all this time as I have seen Elderflowers mentioned over the years on the internet but never thought that they were something that I would have growing close by. It seemed like there …

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Summer Fruits Jam

It’s that time of year where gardens, allotments and fruit farms are heaving with all manner of gorgeous summer fruits. With this in mind I have developed Summer Fruits Jam. Everyone in my family loved this jam as the combination of strawberries, cherries, blueberries and rhubarb complimented each other beautifully. In fact I had wanted …

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Veggie Frittata plus 9 quick & easy egg dishes

In association with British Lion Eggs I don’t know about you but sometimes meal times in our house have to be a really quick affair. There can be a spate of school meetings etc that all seem to occur bang in the middle of dinner time so a quick solution is needed! This is when …

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Cherry Jam – simple and delicious!

Ever since I made my first jar of jam a few years ago I became hooked on jam making and have gone on to win a couple of 1st prizes at our local parish show. So every summer I look forward to gluts of fruit that seem to come my way. Sometimes it’s from family …

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Rhubarb & Blueberry Tarte Tatin

So yesterday I found myself with some rhubarb I’d bought reduced and had a great idea to make sorbet, until I realised that my ice cream maker base wasn’t in the freezer so that idea went out the window. Then I thought about making a rhubarb cake but I have a couple of really good …

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Strawberry, Banana & Custard Ice Lollies

Last week was half term so I found myself taking a week off from recipe development to recharge my batteries. Sometimes you just have to take your foot off the pedal or you run out of gas! So with renewed enthusiasm and the sun’s rays beating down I decided it was high time I developed …

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SuperFast Thermapen 4 Review & Giveaway worth £60

Sometimes a new kitchen gadget comes into your life and it’s a complete game changer. One such gadget for me has been the SuperFast Thermapen 4 Digital Thermometer! It has allowed me to make recipes I had never been able to make successfully before eg fudge and also given me complete peace of mind when …

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Baked and Barbecued Thai Chicken Thighs

In association with Thermapen Today I’m bringing you my recipe for Baked and Barbecued Thai Chicken Thighs which I have been working on this last week. I love Thai Green Curry so decided to develop a marinade based on this dish. I hear we are due a heat wave this shortly, so with that in …

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Win a Joseph Joseph Extend™ Expandable Dish Rack rrp £50

Is your sink area looking a bit drab? Is you dish rack looking tired, cracked, chipped or faded? Well mine was so I was really pleased to receive this Joseph Joseph ExtendTM expandable dish rack with draining plug. With its state of the art modern design and robust build it will transform your sink area to one …

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Best Ever Chunky BBQ Relish & a BBQ Meat Feast! #PowerofFrozen

In association with Iceland It’s always tempting fate to say it’s barbecue season because as we all know the British weather has a mind of its own and we can several different seasons of weather thrown at us in just the space of a week. One thing that is certain however is being able to …

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