Leftover Pastry Banana Nutella Pinwheels

My favourite way of making quiches is with puff pastry and I always have some left over. Often I’ll make some extra egg mixture to make mini quiches for the children’s packed lunches or maybe do some cheese straws. The other day though I decided I would make some peanut butter and jam pinwheels I’d …

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Chilli SPAM & Eggs

When SPAM Chopped Pork and Ham asked me to come up with a recipe suitable for camping using its easy to open tub, I jumped at the chance. I may have only camped in my garden but I have watched a lot of ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” so feel like I’m an …

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Simple Fat Free Spinach Soup

Sometimes you know you have been over indulging in the wrong types of food and you just want to put the brakes on and treat your body to something really nutritious, tasty and simple. So with this in mind I made this Simple Fat Free Spinach Soup the other day. I thought I’d try making …

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Win a VonShef Multifunctional Soup Maker from Domu rrp £99.99

I’m very excited to announce a fabulous giveaway from the lovely people at Domu for a VonShef Multifunctional Soup Maker. Not only does it make smooth and chunky soup in under 30 minutes but you can also make smoothies, hot chocolate, dressings and even steam eggs. There is a very thorough instruction manual with plenty …

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Spelt Banoffee Flapjacks with Dark Chocolate

It was my mother’s birthday last week and one of the home baked treats we had was a lovely chocolate flapjack. I came away with the recipe (it was one from her head) and decided to give it a makeover. I was toying with adding apple but on seeing a very ripe small banana in …

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Spiced Almonds

Do you have a bucket list of dishes that you’ve never made and keep meaning to get round to? I do and one such dish (or should I say snack) was flavoured roasted nuts. I remember my mother being very impressed at a party she went to where the host made some spiced nuts and …

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Salmon, Dill and Caper Linguine

When Lindeman’s asked me to develop a recipe with the theme “Capturing Sunshine” my mind immediately turned to seafood and pasta because you can’t help but think of sunshine when you think of Mediterranean food. With the sun now making regular appearances it won’t be long before it’s warm enough to dine Alfresco, relax in …

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Sunny Picnic Quiches

To celebrate the release of ‘Annie’ on Blu-ray and DVD on Monday 27th April I was challenged to come up with a suitable recipe. The film stars Jamie Foxx, Quvenzhané, Wallis and Cameron Diaz who bring the film up to date for a whole new generation. “The sun will come out tomorrow” is a famous …

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Apple & Marzipan Dumplings

I have many fond childhood memories of Peter’s Tea Room and Baker’s Shop in Weybridge and all the cakes and delicacies are etched in my memory. One such treat I remember seeing in the window and occasionally having at home was their Apple Dumplings. Louise Johncox has recreated her father Peter’s recipes in her book …

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Strawberry & Coconut Milkshake

Having over-looked some strawberries in the fridge last weekend and feeling under pressure to use them as soon as possible I decided to make a milk shake with some of them. My daughter loves milkshakes and they usually involve bananas as strawberries tend to just get eaten whole here (or made into jam)! To give …

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